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  British and Other Navies in World War 2 Day-by-Day
by Don Kindell

ROYAL NAVY SHIPS, January 1942 (Part 2 of 4)

HM ML.187, Fairmile B motor launch (Navy Photos, click to enlarge)

on to Part 3, Western Approaches Command


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Nore Command - Dover Command - Portsmouth Command - Plymouth Command







(Flag C-in-C Vice Admiral Sir George H D’O Lyon KCB ashore at Chatham)


Sub-Areas - Humber, Yarmouth, Harwich, Nore



Base Depot Ships - PEMBROKE I, PEMBROKE II, PEMBROKE IV (Lt Cdr T A Herriott Rtd), all at Chatham, WILDFIRE (Rear Admiral G A Scott DSC Rtd) at Sheerness


Accommodation Ship - PEKIN at Chatham


Auxiliary Anti-Aircraft Ship - ship CONQUEROR (Lt Cdr E M McCausland Rtd) arr Clyde 23 Dec


RN Training Establishment, Gravesend (administered by Commodore RNB Chatham) - GORDON (Act/Cdr J R Bubb Rtd RNR) at Gravesend


16th Destroyer Flotilla (based at Harwich) - COTSWOLD (Lt Cdr P J Knowling) at Harwich, EGLINTON (Cdr C A de W Kitcat) arr Harwich 29 Dec, HAMBLEDON (Lt Cdr J R Barnes) arr Humber 1 Jan, MACKAY (Capt J P Wright DSO) arr Harwich 1 Jan, MONTROSE (Lt Cdr W J Phipps) arr Scapa Flow 22 Dec, QUORN (Lt E A F Drought) arr Harwich 1 Jan, SOUTHDOWN (Cdr G N Loriston-Clarke, Lt J B Marjoribanks from 15 Jan) arr Harwich 27 Dec, WALPOLE (Lt Cdr J H Eaden) dep Humber 1 Jan, WHITSHED (Lt Cdr W A Juniper) at Harwich, WINDSOR (Lt Cdr the Hon J M G Waldegrave DSC, Lt D H F Hetherington from 13 Jan) arr Humber 1 Jan, WORCESTER (Lt Cdr E C Coats) arr Scapa Flow 22 Dec


21st Destroyer Flotilla (based at Sheerness) - COTTESMORE (Lt Cdr J C A Ingram) at Sheerness, GARTH (Lt Cdr J P Scatchard) dep Rosyth 31 Dec, HOLDERNESS (Cdr F J C Halahan DSC, Lt A J R White from 13 Jan) dep Humber 30 Dec, MENDIP (Lt Cdr G N Rolfe DSC) dep Rosyth 31 Dec, MEYNELL (Lt Cdr W H Farrington) dep Humber 27 Dec, VESPER (Lt Cdr P W F Stubbs) dep Humber 30 Dec, VIVACIOUS (Lt Cdr R Alexander) arr Sheerness 24 Dec, (refits and repairs), CAMPBELL (Capt D.21 Capt C T M Pizey DSO) at Chatham refitting to comp 17 Jan, CATTISTOCK (Lt R M W MacFarlan) at London repairing to comp 3 Jan, VANESSA (Lt (E) A L Hobden) at London in care and maintenance, repairing to comp in Jan.


1st Anti-Submarine Force (based at Harwich) - corvettes KITTIWAKE (Lt Cdr K G Tucker OBE RNR) arr Harwich 28 Dec, PUFFIN (Lt H Kirkwood) dep Harwich 31 Dec, SHELDRAKE (Lt R C Watkin) at Sheerness, (refits and repairs), MALLARD (Lt Cdr D Parsons RD RNR) at Tilbury repairing to comp 13 Jan


Attached Destroyer - French LA MELPOMÈNE (French crew) at Harwich


2nd Anti-Submarine Force - corvettes GUILLEMOT (Lt S R Le H Lombard-Hobson) at Harwich, SHEARWATER (Lt T H Garwood) dep Harwich 1 Jan, WIDGEON (Lt Cdr L A White RNR) arr Humber 1 Jan


Sloops - Dutch FLORES at Tyne, GRUNO at Chatham repairing (both Dutch crews)


4th Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers FITZROY (SO, Cdr A C A C Duckworth) arr Faroes 26 Nov, ALBURY (Lt J S Gordon-Christian) dep Aberdeen 13 Dec, ELGIN (Lt Cdr F G Tidswell DSC RNZNVR) arr Faroes 29 Dec, LYDD (Lt C M Partridge) arr Faroes 14 Dec, ROSS (Lt K A Gadd DSC RNR) dep Aberdeen 13 Dec, SALTASH (Lt Cdr R B Chandler) dep Scapa Flow 11 Dec, SUTTON (Lt H S Duval) dep Aberdeen 1 Jan, (refits and repairs), KELLET (Cdr J C Richards) at London repairing, PANGBOURNE (Lt Cdr G Dibley RNR) at Aberdeen care and maintenance repairing to comp late Jan, SELKIRK (Lt Cdr W H Twemlow OBE RNR) at Tyne repairing to comp 23 Jan


Convoy Leader - Dutch ex-minelayer DOUWE AUKES (Dutch crew) at Sheerness


Gunboat - LOCUST (Lt Cdr W J Stride Rtd) at Sheerness


Monitor - EREBUS (Capt H F Nalder) dep Freetown 26 Dec


Survey Ships - FRANKLIN (Lt Cdr H P Price DSO) arr Harwich 10 Dec, GULNARE (Lt Cdr E G Irving, Lt Cdr W M Passmore from 5 Jan) arr Clyde 24 Nov, SCOTT (Cdr K St B Collins DSC) arr Scapa Flow 1 Jan




HUMBER (Sub Area)

(Rear Admiral R V Holt CB, CSO, MVO Flag Officer in Charge, Humber)



Base ships - BEAVER I (Capt E M Palmer DSC Rtd) at Grimsby, BEAVER II (Cdr E L D Bartley Rtd) at Immingham


Minelayer - PLOVER (Lt Cdr R H Johnson) at Portsmouth





Air-Sea Rescue Service - RAF steam trawler No.439 at Bridlington, rescue craft STARDUST at Humber





Base Ships - BEAVER at Grimsby, BEAVER II at Immingham


Minesweeping Depot Ship - COLONSAY at Grimsby


Captain Minesweeping Yacht - danlaying yacht OMBRA at Humber


Motor Launch for Capt Minesweeping - ML.211 at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 12 - minesweeping trawlers DOROTHY LAMBERT, GRAMPIAN, JAMES LAY, SUMA, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 16 - minesweeping trawlers ALAFOSS, LOCH ERIBOL, LOCH LEVEN, WELLSBACH repairing to comp mid Jan, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 17 - minesweeping trawlers KURD, LOCH ALSH, SOLOMON, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 19 - minesweeping trawlers ACHROITE, CLEVELA, FILEY BAY, MONIMIA, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 20 - minesweeping trawlers ELBURY, GOTH, NEGRO, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 21 - minesweeping trawlers BRITISH, ERITH, SEAMIST, WITHERNSEA, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 28 - minesweeping trawlers CONCERTATOR, LOCH BUIE, OCEAN VIEW, SIR JOHN LISTER, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 29 - minesweeping trawlers RIGHTO at Portsmouth with defects to comp 10 Jan, DARTHEMA at Grimsby, DALMATIA at Tilbury repairing to comp 12 Jan, REBOUNDO at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 34 - minesweeping trawlers CRANEFLY, DANE, EQUERRY, GADFLY, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 40 - minesweeping trawlers ALMANDINE, SANDRINGHAM, French CAP D’ANTIFER repairing to comp 12 Jan, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 41 - minesweeping trawlers TEROMA, WILLIAM CALE, both at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 50 - minesweeping trawlers BOTANIC, FYLDEA, MARETTA, SARPEDON, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 57 - minesweeping trawlers CERESIO, GREEN HOWARD repairing, GUNNER, HATANO, OHM, THOMAS ALTOFT, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 72 - minesweeping trawlers COURSER, MEROR, ROSE OF ENGLAND, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 77 - minesweeping trawlers ARNOLD BENNETT, CHALCEDONY, GREGORY, TERVANI, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 110 - minesweeping trawlers BEN MEIDIE, ROLLS ROYCE, VARANIS, WAR DUKE, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 111 - minesweeping trawlers CAYRIAN converting to comp 17 Jan, BRACON DENE, RECONO, REMEXO converting to comp 17 Jan, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 112 - minesweeping trawlers D W FITZGERALD, GWENLLIAN, KASTORIA, WILLIAM BELL, all at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 113 - minesweeping trawlers DRUMMER BOY at Hull converting to comp 10 Jan, FAZENTA at Grimsby


Minesweeping Group 134 - minesweeping trawlers NAB WYKE, LACENNIA, both at Hull converting to comp 8 Jan


Minesweeping Group 137 - minesweeping trawlers ESTRELLA DO MAR at Port Edgar


Minesweeping Trawlers (ungrouped) - ARCTIC HUNTER, BLACKWATER, CLOUGHTON WYKE, CAPE SPARTEL, all at Grimsby


LL Maintenance Yacht - SHEILA at Grimsby




Minesweeping Drifters -BENACHIE, SILVER SEAS, both at Grimsby


Motor Attendant Craft - MAC.6 (ex-MTB.19) at Grimsby refitting


Mine Recovery Vessel - drifter FISHER BOY at Grimsby


Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - trawlers WARLAND (armed with 12 pdr gun), SHERATON (6 pdr), EVERTON (3 pdr) repairing to comp 7 Jan, ORVICTO (3 pdr), French MONIQUE CAMILLE (65mm), naval auxiliary boats GOLDEN ARROW III laid up in care and maintenance, NORMARY, all vessels at Grimsby




Upper River Patrol Vessels - motor fishing vessels BETTER HOPE, CLARA, ENTERPRISE, PEGGY, PRECISION, PREMIER, TRIUMPH, all at Immingham


Wash Patrol - patrol craft ALICIA at Grimsby, CHANCELLOR, RO-BEDA, WINGCLIFFE, all at Boston


Coastal Force Base Ship - BEAVER III at Immingham


11th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.187, ML.189, ML.190, ML.191, ML.193, ML.194, ML.214, ML.230, all at Humber


Examination Service Vessels - ARLETTE, BELTON, FLIXTON, RED SKY, all at Humber


Eagle Ships - GOATFELL, SCAWFELL, both at Humber


Balloon Barrage Vessels - drifters CREAGH MHOR, EBOR JEWEL, GENERA, STUDENT PRINCE, WENGEN, Dutch CLEON, LIBERTY, TALONA, THORA, Belgian motor fishing vessels ALEX GABRIELLE, JORDEANS, British dumb barges LEEDS LUMINARY, LEEDS METEOR, LEEDS POLAR, all at Humber


Kite Balloon Servicing Vessel - KILLINGHOLM at Humber




Boom Defence Tender - WAYSIDE FLOWER at Boston


Netlaying Drifter - PECHEUR at Boston


Degaussing Mobile Wiping Unit - drifter OCEAN GAIN, tenders NEW CLEE, SKYLARK II, all at Hull


Tender to Shore Degaussing Wiping Station - CANADA at Hull


River Traffic Control - naval auxiliary boats BENNAN, WAPPY II, both at Humber


Duty Boats - NAIRNSIDE at Humber, temp attached, French FEE DES EAUX at Shoreham


Water Boat - CORCYRA at Hull fitting out.


Air-Sea Rescue Service - RAF high speed launch HSL No.144, motor anti-submarine boats MA/SB.25, MA/SB.26, MA/SB.29, all at Humber


Salvage Vessel - French NESSUS at Yarmouth






Wells-on-Sea (Wells-next-the-Sea)


Air-Sea Rescue Service - RAF steam trawlers No.349, No.350, both at Wells





Base ship - WATCHFUL at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Base Ship - MIRANDA (Capt Minesweeping) at Yarmouth


Capt Minesweeping Accommodation Ship - MAHELAH at Yarmouth


Motor Launch for Capt Minesweeping - ML.264 at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Trawler - CAPE MELVILLE at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 10 - minesweeping trawlers ARKWRIGHT, BEN EARNE, MILFORD PRINCESS repairing, MILFORD QUEEN, all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 11 - minesweeping trawlers CONTENDER, IRVANA, SOLON, all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 13 - minesweeping trawlers BLIGHTY, CHARLES DORAN, CLOTHILDE, COTSMUIR, all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 14 - minesweeping trawlers CARDIFF CASTLE, EPINE, STAR OF ORKNEY, THEIR MERIT, all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 15 - minesweeping trawlers AVON STREAM, MADDEN, PRINCESS MARY, TAMORA, all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 31 - minesweeping trawlers BRACON MOOR, CARISBROOK, CURTANA, all repairing, GEORGE ROBB, all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 114 - minesweeping trawlers LADY STANLEY at Yarmouth repairing


Minesweeping Group 115 - minesweeping trawlers HORTENSIA repairing, MARANO, French NADINE, ORIZABA, all at Yarmouth


Minesweeping Group 146 - minesweeping trawlers FLYING WINGS, PORTIA converted for hot climates, ROTHERSLADE, French CONGRE, all at Yarmouth


LL Trawlers (ungrouped) - POST BOY, EARL KITCHENER, both at Yarmouth fitted for hot climates


Minesweeping Drifters - FEASIBLE at King’s Lynn, SILVER CREST at Yarmouth


LL Drifters - GENIUS at Yarmouth, MARGARET HYDE at Lowestoft, LORD RODNEY at King’s Lynn, OVERFALL at Yarmouth


Ttender to Minesweeping Vessels - WALDEMAR at Yarmouth repairing


Coastal Forces Base Ship - MIDGE at Yarmouth


5th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - MTB.42 at Portsmouth paid off, MTB.43 at Cowes paid off repairing to comp 30 Jan, MTB.44, MTB.45, both at Dover temp attached to Dover Command, MTB.46 at Buckie, MTB.47, MTB.48, both at Dover temp attached to Dover Command


12th Motor Gun Boat Flotilla - MGB.313, MGB.315, MGB.318, MGB.320, MGB.321, MGB.323, MGB.326, MGB.327, all at Yarmouth


16th Motor Gun Boat Flotilla - MGB.319, MGB.325, MGB.329, MGB.331, all at Yarmouth, MGB.332 at Poole repairing, MGB.333 at Yarmouth, MGB.334 at Poole repairing, MGB.335 at Portland


1st Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.185, ML.205, ML.206, ML.207, ML.220, ML.222, ML.224, ML.339, ML.450, all at Yarmouth


13th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.195 at Grimsby, ML.196, ML.197, ML.198, ML.200, ML.201, ML.202, all at Yarmouth, ML.204 at Immingham repairing, ML.294 at Yarmouth


Degaussing Mobile Wiping Unit - drifter ROSE HAUGH at Yarmouth, tenders MON PLAISIR, Norwegian TANEVIK, both at Yarmouth


Examination Service Vessels - MILLWATER, SIR E P WILLS, French VENTOSE, all at Yarmouth


Blockship - VINA at Yarmouth


Balloon Vessel - OMEGA at Yarmouth


Wreck Location Trawler - VALESCA at Yarmouth




Air-Sea Rescue Service - rescue craft KING DUCK, MUSKEETA, both at Yarmouth, THALABA at King’s Lynn in care and maintenance refitting to comp 30 Jan, motor anti-submarine boat MA/SB.1, RAF high speed launches HSL No.124, No.130, landing craft R.102, R.113, all at Yarmouth





Base ship - MINOS at Lowestoft


Patrol Service Central Depot - EUROPA at Lowestoft


Minesweeping and Patrol Depot Ship - MARTELLO at Lowestoft


Motor Launch for Cdr Minesweeping and Patrol - ML.253 at Yarmouth


Minesweeping and Patrol Group 7 - minesweeping trawlers GALVANI, LOWTHER, NIBLICK, WELBECK repairing, all at Lowestoft


Minesweeping and Patrol Group 8 - minesweeping trawlers BEN BHRACKIE, EVELYN ROSE, GLEN KIDSTON, SUNSPOT, all at Lowestoft


Minesweeping and Patrol Group 9 - minesweeping trawlers OSAKO, SARONTA, SETHON, STAR OF PENTLAND, all at Lowestoft


Minesweeping and Patrol Group 80 - minesweeping trawlers BEN ROY, CRAIGMILLAR, KING EMPEROR, MORAVIA, all at Lowestoft


Minesweeping and Patrol Group 82 - minesweeping trawlers ALFREDIAN, EUCLASE, MEWSLADE, all at Lowestoft


Minesweeping and Patrol Group 83 - minesweeping trawlers DHOON, FLORIO, both at Lowestoft, LOVANIA at Yarmouth


LL Drifters - GOLDEN NEWS, OCEAN BREEZE, both at Lowestoft


Armed Patrol Vessel (with 12 pdr) - NORLAND at Lowestoft


Tug - NESS POINT at Grimsby


Trawlers - CONTROLLER, FORT ROSE, STRATHRANNOCH, STRATHGARRY, STRATH MAREE, all at Lowestoft laid up in care and maintenance


Whalers - SHILA, SHOVA, SILVA, all at Lowestoft laid up


Naval Auxiliary Boat - GOLDEN ARROW II at Lowestoft paid off and laid up


Coastal Force Base Ship - MINOS II at Lowestoft


1st Motor Gun Boat Flotilla - MGB.69, MGB.70, both at Oulton paid off repairing, MGB.71, MGB.72, both at Lowestoft paid off repairing, MGB.73 at Greenock reconstructing, MGB.100 at London paid off repairing to comp 14 Feb


5th Motor Gun Boat Flotilla - MGB.14, MGB.15, both at Poole, MGB.16 at Lowestoft, MGB.17 at Norwich repairing, MGB.18, MGB.19, both at Oulton repairing, MGB.20, MGB.21, both at Lowestoft


7th Motor Gun Boat Flotilla - MGB.86 at Lowestoft, MGB.87 at Norwich repairing, MGB.88 at Lowestoft, MGB.89 at Oulton, MGB.91 at Lowestoft, MGB.93 at Inverness paid off repairing to comp 28 Feb


6th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.145, ML.146, both at Lowestoft, ML.147 at Oulton repairing, ML.148, ML.149, ML.150, ML.151, ML.152, both at Lowestoft


Air-Sea Rescue Service - rescue craft CHOCTOWS at Liverpool, QUICKSILVER at Lowestoft to be laid up, SEA ROBIN at Stranraer, motor anti-submarine boat MA/SB.33 at Lowestoft


Air-Sea Rescue Training - training craft AERO MARINE II at Lowestoft, VIVACITY at Oulton Broad repairing


Examination Service Vessels - CAPRICE, WOODBRIDGE, both at Lowestoft


Boom Defence Vessel - STRATHSPEY at Lowestoft


Inshore Escort Duties - armed patrol yacht UMBRIEL at Lowestoft


Harbour Duties - harbour craft SYLVIA, WINGS OF THE MORNING, both at Lowestoft


H L (presumably Harbour Launch) Training - naval auxiliary boats BLUE EAGLE, BROOKE, GOLDEN EAGLE, MOIENA, both at Lowestoft



HARWICH (Sub Area)





Base Ship - BEEHIVE at Felixstowe


Coastal Defence Base Ship - BEEHIVE at Felixstowe


1st Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - MTB.14 at Brightlingsea repairing to comp 7 Jan, MTB.18, MTB.71, both at Felixstowe, MTB.72 at Harwich repairing to comp 7 Jan, MTB.100 at Felixstowe


4th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - MTB.22 (SO), MTB.29, both at Brightlingsea under repair, MTB.30, MTB.31, MTB.32, MTB.34, all at Felixstowe, MTB.69 at Thames repairing to comp 28 Jan, MTB.70 at Portsmouth paid off under repair


6th Motor Gun Boat Flotilla - MGB.58 at Brightlingsea repairing to comp 7 Jan, MGB.59 at Brightlingsea paid off repairing to comp 7 Jan, MGB.60, MGB.61, both at Felixstowe, MGB.63 at Brightlingsea repairing to comp 11 Jan, MGB.64, MGB.65, MGB.67, all at Felixstowe


51st Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.100 at Felixstowe, ML.105 at Ipswich, ML.106, ML.110, both at Felixstowe


Boom Defence Vessels - ALIDA at Felixstowe, ASTROS at Grimsby, CADELLA, OCEAN EDDY, TUNISIAN, all at Felixstowe


Boom Defence Tenders - KENTISH HOY, MAUD, PORTHOS, NANETTE II to be laid up at Teddington, all at Felixstowe


Kite Balloon Vessels - JOCKETTE II, PAPAKURA, WANDA, all at Felixstowe


Deben River Patrol - SYLPH on River Deben


Air-Sea Rescue Service - RAF high speed launches HSL.116, HSL.134, both at Felixstowe



Ipswich Minesweeping and Patrol Forces


Minesweeping and Patrol Group 78 - minesweeping trawlers DONNA NOOK at Ipswich, FRANC TIREUR at Humber repairing, MARY A HASTIE, OYSTERMOUTH CASTLE, WYOMING, all at Ipswich


Minesweeping and Patrol Group 79 - minesweeping trawlers FAIRWAY, GEORGE ADGELL, HAYBOURNE WYKE, LIBERATOR, LORD BEACONSFIELD, all at Ipswich


Minesweeping and Patrol Group 81 - minesweeping trawlers ARMANA, COMMANDER EVANS, KINGS GREY, PATTI, all at Ipswich



Auxiliary Patrol Vessels based at Ipswich


Armed Patrol Depot Ship - BUNTING (Lt Cdr Minesweeping and Patrol) at Ipswich


Motor Anti-submarine Yacht (for use of SO Armed Patrol) - TARRET at Ipswich


Armed Patrol Trawlers - STRATHELLIOT (armed with 2 pdrs) at Ipswich, paid off refitting to comp 17 Jan, allocated for servicing special defences, ADONIS (armed with Lewis guns), both at Ipswich


Armed Patrol Yacht - FREELANCE at Ipswich


Armed Patrol Drifters (with machine guns) - JEANNIE MACKINTOSH at Ipswich, MARE at Wivenhoe, SARAH HYDE at Ipswich


Naval Auxiliary Boats - BARBARA at Thames fitting out to comp end of Jan, reallocated to Milford Haven, GOLDEN ARROW IV, HILLFRANOR, KAREN II, MARAIME, MATOYA, MY BABE II, NAIAD ERRANT, ORELLANA, REDA, all at Ipswich



Other Vessels based at Ipswich


Eagle Ship - EMPEROR OF INDIA at Harwich


Examination Service Vessels - DUNEDIN, HILDA COOPER, M H STEPHENS, all at Harwich




Servicing Vessels - CORSAND, FLOUNDER, HOMELY, PANSY, PAULINE, PERCY, RAY JOHN, V 10, all at Felixstowe


Ammunition Barges – AIREDALE, BERYL, D’ARCY, EDME, INDIA, MYSTERY, all at Harwich


Harbour Duty Vessels - MADELEINE, MOLLIE, VILLA, all at Harwich


Torpedo Recovery Vessels - OCEAN SCOUT, SUNBEAM II, both at Harwich


Degaussing Mobile Wiping Unit - degaussing mobile wipingvessel TORCHBEARER, tender JUMBO, both at Harwich


Degaussing Range Boat - EDINE at Harwich


Fire Floats - naval auxiliary boats JACK SNIPE at Ipswich, LITTLE MARINER at Harwich


Admiral’s Barge - LONDON PRIDE at Ipswich


Liberty Boat - Norwegian VESTSTEIN at Granton


Harbour Defence Patrol Craft - patrol craft ALDIC, ALISDAIR, TITAN, all at Harwich





Base ship - BADGER at Harwich


1st Anti-submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers SAPPHIRE (SO), BASSET, TURQUOISE, all at Harwich


19th Anti-submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers GREEN FLY, KINGSTON OLIVINE, both at Harwich, LADY PHILOMENA at London refitting to comp 24 Jan, LORD PLENDER at Harwich


Minesweeping Depot Ship - EPPING at Harwich


Motor Launch for Capt Minesweeping - ML.216 at Harwich


Minesweeping Yacht - LEXA (Capt Minesweeping) at Harwich


12th Minesweeping Flotilla - paddle minesweepers QUEEN EMPRESS (SO), DUCHESS OF ROTHESAY, LORNA DOONE, all at Harwich, PRINCESS ELIZABETH at Lowestoft


30th Minesweeping Flotilla - danlayers SIGNA, SPINA, both at Harwich


Minesweeping and Patrol Group 4 - minesweeping trawlers CASWELL, CORENA, STELLA LEONIS, STELLA RIGEL, all at Harwich


Minesweeping and Patrol Group 5 - minesweeping trawlers EDWARDIAN at Grimsby, FIREFLY at Harwich, LORD MELCHETT at London refitting to comp end of Jan, RED GAUNTLET at Harwich


Minesweeping Group 51 - minesweeping trawlers ARLEY, JOHN CATTLING, MOUNT KEEN, OKU, all at Ipswich


Minesweeping and Patrol Group 56 - minesweeping trawlers BERBERIS, STOUR, TEHANA, all at Harwich


Minesweeping and Patrol Group 58 - minesweeping trawlers EDWARD WALMSLEY, THOMAS LEEDS, both at Harwich


Minesweeping Group 116 - minesweeping trawlers ETRUSCAN, EXYHANE, RAYMONT, WAR WING, all at Harwich


Minesweeping Group 117 - minesweeping trawlers DE LA POLE, EARL ESSEX, STAUNCH, WILLIAM STEPHENS, all at Harwich


Minesweeping Group 118 - minesweeping trawlers CEYLONITE at Harwich, JOHN STEPHEN at Port Edgar


Minesweeping Group 119 - minesweeping trawlers ABRONIA, AVOLA, both at Yarmouth, TORNADO at Woolwich paid off refitting to comp 6 Jan, French CHARLES VAILLANT at Harwich


Trawler (Ungrouped) - minesweeping trawler OGANO at Port Edgar







Base Ship - NEMO at Brightlingsea


Accommodation Ship - TERMINIST at Brightlingsea


LL Drifters - JEANNIE LEASK at Rowhedge, MARIE ELENA at Brightlingsea


2nd Division Mine Recovery Vessel - SAILOR KING at Brightlingsea laid up


Harbour Tug - PORTREEVE at Brightlingsea


Examination Service (armed with 6 pdr) - armed patrol yacht GIROFLEE, LAUREATE, both at Brightlingsea


Liberty Boats (civilian manned) - BRITANNIA, CLACTON GAZELLE, NEMO II, all at Brightlingsea, GRACE DARLING at West Mersey laid up


Auxiliary Patrol Vessels (armed with 6 pdrs) - patrol drifters EADWINE at Brightlingsea, EVENING PRIMROSE at Wivenhoe paid off under repair to comp 24 Jan, JOHN ALFRED, LORD KEITH, REIDS, RESTART, RIG, SILVER DAWN, TRUE FRIEND, all at Brightlingsea


Naval Auxiliary Boats - DELPHIS, FLY AWAY, HAMFORD, MINOTAUR, PAULETTA, all at Brightlingsea, GAY VENTURE at East Molesey laid up, GREY MIST at Brightlingsea laid up


Harbour Launches - GOLDEN ARROW I at West Mersey laid up, KINGFISHER II, KINGFISHER IV, SEA JOKER, all at Brightlingsea


Air-Sea Rescue Service - rescue craft ARO, ECLIPSE II, FAST LADY to be laid up at Teddingham, MIKE (T.16), PATRICIAN, PATROIT, all at Brightlingsea, RESTLESS at Northam


7th Landing Craft Flotilla - landing craft R.83, R.110, both at Brightlingsea, R.101, R.104, both at Sheerness, all on air-sea rescue, R.84, R.99, both at Brightlingsea under repair, R.102, R.113, both at Yarmouth on air-sea rescue


8th Landing Craft Flotilla - landing craft R.159, R.160, T.10, T.12, T.17, T.18, all at Brightlingsea


 [Editors Note: the development of the many types of landing craft in World War 2 is a complex subject, made more so by the lack of standard designations until later in the war, when the more familiar LCM, LCT, LCA, LCVP etc appeared. The R-boats above and listed later in this section along with “Eureka” landing craft, have a relatively straightforward history, although even here, there is uncertainty about the meaning of the British “R”.


The starting point was the “Eureka” landing craft developed by American boatbuilder Andrew Higgins – the Higgins-boat, and known as the Landing Craft Personnel (Large) – LCP(L). Numbers were bought by the Royal Navy as R-boats – first ordered in late 1940. Whether or not this means that the British installed bow ramps, hence the designation “R”, or not, is not known. The fact that many of the British Eureka’s were used for air-sea rescue suggests they were the original, faster model, in which case the R might possibly be for Rescue.


Certainly the Americans added a narrow ramp in 1942, and the LCP(L) became the LCP(R) – (Ramped). A later development, with the steering position moved aft and a full-width ramp added, was the Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP), which could carry vehicles or troops in time for D-day.


It would appear that the R-boats extant in the Royal Navy in early 1942 were eventually named LCP(L)’s, which is how they appear in reference books on WW2 landing craft.


Presumably the four T-boats listed above, refer to tank landing craft, but their type has not been identified. They were not Landing Craft Mechanised (LCM), as LCM/(MLC – the original abbreviation)’s 10, 12, 17 and 18 were lost at Narvik and Dunkirk, and it is doubtful if they are the earlier, but much larger Landing Craft Tank, especially as LCT.10 and 12 had been lost by now.]


Ammunition Barges - AGNES AND CONSTANCE, ALASKA, both at Brightlingsea


Coal Barges - EMILY, KARDOMAH, both at Brightlingsea




NORE (Sub Area)





Auxiliary Patrol Vessel - PAPPILLON at Burnham laid up in care and maintenance





Base ship - LEIGH at Southend


Boat Pool – (1) steam drifters LORD ANSON at Southend, OCEAN LOVER at Thomas refitting, (2) Belgian motor fishing vessels BASIL GEORGES, ELIZABETH GUILBERT (P.3), both at Southend, LIEGE at Thames repairing to comp 2 Jan, DE HOOP, (3) tugs LADY SYBIL, NICHOLAAS, SUN II, SUN III, SUN V, SUN VIII, WILLIAM RYAN, all at Southend, (4) steam launch HAVENGORE at Southend, (5) naval auxiliary boat LIBERTY at Thames fitting for foreign service to comp mid Jan


Kite Balloon Tender - CRETACRE at Southend





Accommodation vessel - MONARCH at Tilbury


Naval Auxiliary Boats - FELIX, GRILSE, KINUNA under repair to comp 22 Jan, MAIMONDE, SAYONARA I, SAYONARA II, WANDERBIRD, WHITTINGTON, all at Tilbury


Tugs - GULL, JOHN WILSON, both at Tilbury


Repair Vessel - THAMES BRITANNIC at Tilbury


Tender to Repair Vessel - EXILE at Tilbury





Base Ships - PEMBROKE IV, YEOMAN, both at London


RN Training Establishment - GORDON at London


Minesweeping Group 124 - minesweeping tugs SALVO at Thames, SERVITOR at Gravesend, SHAKO at Thames, SOLITAIRE at Gravesend


LL Drifters - CONSOLATION, ROSEBUD, both at London


S Drifters (meaning of S not known) - minesweepers ASCONA, GIRL PAT, LICHEN, mine detector PLUMER, all at London


Minesweeping Craft - COLLETTE, NEW PRINCE OF WALES I, both at London


101st Minesweeping Flotilla - motor minesweepers MMS 14, MMS.15, MMS.16, MMS.17, all at Gravesend


Minesweeper Attendant Craft - TILBURY HOPE at Gravesend


Minesweeping Tugs - ALCIS at London, ANSAY, BESS, GENERAL IV, all at Gravesend, EXERTION at Chatham, INA ROSE, ISLEWORTH LION, RODEO, SCYTHE, SEABY, all at London


Echo Sounding Yacht - MYRIS at Gravesend


Mine Watching Service - mine watching craft WATER GIPSY at Thames


Naval Control Service - Naval control craft MELITA at London


Canteen Service - canteen service craft MULLION at London


DEMS Vessels - naval auxiliary boats MARAMA, REPLY, both at Tilbury, SAJO at London, SILVER VANITY at Tilbury


Degaussing Mobile Wiping Unit - degaussing drifter OCEAN GUIDE at London, tender CANVEY BELLE at London


Tenders to Shore Degaussing Wiping Station (civilian crews) - tenders FAWN, SADIE, both at Tilbury, dumb lighters ALBERT, JOE, MAUD, all at London


Thames Auxiliary Patrol Vessels (all under FO i/c London) - base ship TOWER at London, naval auxiliary boat TESSIMA at Westminster


Balloon Barrage Vessels - tug GROVE PLACE at Barking Reach, dumb barges A.3, A.4, A.5, G.2, G.3, G.4, all at Barking Reach, MARJORIE at West India Dock





Accommodation Vessel - WORCESTER at Greenhithe




Tugs - VIGILANT, VIVACITY, both at Greenhithe


Motor Fishing Vessels - Belgian ST PIERRE (P.4), DE DRIE GEZUSTERS (P.8), both at Greenhithe, LUCIENNE CHRISTIAN (P.11) at Tilbury fitting out


Repair Craft - MELISSA at Greenhithe



Thames Auxiliary Patrol - Cliffe




Tugs - DIDO, MAUD, both at Cliffe


Motor Fishing Vessels - Belgian RENAISSANCE (P.1), ZEE MEEUW (P.7), CLARA SIMONNE (P.10), all at Cliffe


Naval Auxiliary Boats (laid up) - BLUEBIRD, CORA, BOU SAADA, DREAMLAND, ENDURANCE, MISCHIEF VACUNA, WANGANUI, all at Teddington in care and maintenance, VIVACE at Thames fitting for foreign service to comp 22 Jan





Medway Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - FEDALMA II, JONG, LAZY DAYS, REIGATE II, SNOW BUNTING, WAIRAKEI II, all at Chatham


Medway Mine Watching Pool - naval auxiliary boats CACHALOT, CURLEW, ELLALINE, GREY DAWN, LAVINIA, ONA, USANCO, VEDETTE, WIMA, WEST BREEZE, all at Chatham


Degaussing Mobile Wiping Unit - dumb lighter CALAIS at Chatham





Base ship - WILDFIRE at Sheerness


Minesweeping Depot Ship - ST TUDNO at Queensborough Pier, Isle of Sheppey


Motor Launch under Capt Minesweeping - ML.221 at Ipswich under repair


Minesweeping Group 2 - minesweeping trawlers RICHARD CROFTS at Sheerness, RUDILAIS at Harwich, SORANUS at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 3 - minesweeping trawlers BERNARD SHAW, MILFORD PRINCE, WARDOUR, all at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 30 - minesweeping trawlers HEROINE, PETER CAREY, ST OLIVE repairing to comp 6 Jan, WINDWARD HO, all at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 120 - minesweeping trawlers SATURN at London paid off in refit to comp 17 Jan, SUNLIGHT at Humber


Minesweeping Group 121 - minesweeping trawlers BEN GLAS, FENTONIAN, SANSON, all at Sheerness, TOCSIN at London


Minesweeping Group 122 - minesweeping trawlers ELSIE CAM at Thames, LIBERIA at Harwich, LYBIAN, MALACOLITE, both at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 123 - minesweeping trawlers AMROTH CASTLE, DELPHINUS, PELAGOS, all at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 172 - minesweeping trawlers INVERCAULD, ZAREBA, both at Harwich


Minesweeping Drifters - ARCADY, GIRL NANCY on general service duties, GILt EDGE, RENASCENT, all at Sheerness




Minesweeping Attendant Craft - SEAMASTER at Sheerness


Target Towing Vessel – MAC.1 at Sheerness


Echo Sounding Yacht - ALOUETTE II at Sheerness


Motor Minesweepers - MMS.1 at Sheerness, MMS.8 at Rotherhithe refitting, MMS.19, MMS.40, MMS.41, MMS.44, MMS.45, MMS.53, all at Sheerness, MMS.54 at Peterhead, MMS.56 at Rotherhithe, MMS.59 at Sheerness, MMS.68 at Lowestoft, MMS.79, MMS.82, MMS.113, all at Sheerness


Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - Belgian motor fishing vessels FRIEDA at Sheerness





Harbour Defence Patrol Craft - patrol craft AMALFI, CHRISTOBEL II, MA JOIE II, all at Sheerness


Armed Drifters - CONSTANT FRIEND at Sheerness, OCEAN RETRIEVER at Ramsgate refitting to comp 17 Jan, OCEAN TOILER, OCEAN TREASURE, PEACEMAKER, PHYLLIS ROSE, all at Sheerness, Belgian OCEAN’S GIFT at Rochester


105th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.1001 at Thames refitting to comp 12 Jan, ML.1008, ML.1010, ML.1020, ML.1021 repairing to comp 10 Jan, ML.1024, ML.1036, ML.1070, all at Sheerness repairing to comp 8 Jan


Channel Mobile Balloon Barrage Vessels (under operational orders of C-in-C Nore and base on Sheerness) - BUNGAY, DEAL, HASLEMERE, ROEBUCK, SAMBUR, Belgian ASTRAL, French FRATTON, MAMMOUTH, PINGOUIN, PINTADE, all at Sheerness




Boom Gate Vessels - BV.1 at Sheerness, BV.2 at Thames repairing, BV.5, BV.10, BV.18, all at Sheerness, CORONATIA, FIELDGATE, both at Holehaven, MOORGATE at Sheerness


Boom Defence Vessels - BUCKINGHAM, COLLENA, both at Sheerness, SARBA at Holehaven


Boom Defence Tugs - HARTY, KESTREl, both at Sheerness


Boom Defence Tenders - naval auxiliary boats COLONIA, GLITTER II, QUEEN OF SOUTH I, QUEEN OF SOUTH II, all at Sheerness, SILVEEN at Whitstable


Mooring Lighter - SPARSHOLt at Sheerness


Examination Service Vessels - KEVERNE, RIVER LEVEN, ST KATHERINE repairing to comp 17 Jan, all at Sheerness


Yacht (unallocated) - ADVENTURESS at London refitting to comp 17 Jan




Barrage Balloon Yacht - MEDEA at Sheerness


Barrage Balloon Vessels (Thames Estuary) - barrage balloon vessels ARROW, BETTY HUDSON, DOROTHEA, EILEENA, HELEN OF TROY, INNISSHANNON, JAMES M, KATHERINA, MARY III, Dutch RIAN, SAXON, SPARTON, all at Sheerness, dumb barges SCOTT, WESTERN, both at Sheerness, servicing vessels BRITISH QUEEN, DENTON, SEATOW, THE MILLER, WILFRED, all at Sheerness


Mark VI Balloon Maintenance Vessels - “A” Barge, “A2” Barge, both at Sheerness, CRETEACRE at Southend, DAPHNE, GOODWIN, HELEN BIRCH, all at Sheerness, PIPER II at Southend, SCROBY, VERA, both at Sheerness


Naval Auxiliary Boats - NAYLAND, QUEEN BOADICEA II, both at Sheerness to join Boat Pool


Air Sea Rescue Service - rescue boats BISMILLAH II at Brightlingsea repairing, JAMARNA, MISS LITTLEHAMPTON, R.101, R.104, all at Sheerness, STINGRAY at Oban, YVA at Ramsgate



Herne Bay


Air Sea Rescue Service - rescue boats DANDY at Herne Bay





(Vice Admiral Dover Vice Admiral Sir Bertram H Ramsay KCB, MVO Rtd ashore)



Base ship - LYNX at Dover


Motor Launch (for SO Minesweeping Cdr L J S Ede DSO) - ML.297 at Dover


Minesweeping Group 46 - minesweeping trawlers ALEXANDRITE (Ty/Skipper G D Barker RNR), ANDRADITE (Ty/Lt E S Brookes RNVR), WATERFLY (Act/Ty/Lt Cdr R W Hawes RNVR), all at Dover, YASHIMA (Chief Skipper A W Bowles RNR) at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 61 - minesweeping trawlers ADAM (Ty/Lt R Mowbray RNR), BROCK (Ty/Skipper W J Tiller RNR), LOIS (Skipper J S James RNR), WIGAN (Ty/Lt H V Howard (proby) RNR), all at Dover


Minesweeping Group 125 - minesweeping trawlers ATHENIAN (Ty/Skipper T A Phillipson RNR, Ty/Skipper J Reid RNR from 2 Jan) at Ramsgate, KINGSCOURT (Ty/Lt P R D Tutt RNVR), RONSO (Ty/Lt A R Emmett RNVR), both at Dover


Minesweeping Group 126 - minesweeping trawlers CLYTHNESS (Ty/Lt L J Wyatt RNVR), ONETOS (Ty/Skipper A H Tucker RNR), TAIPO (Ty/Lt M Low RNVR), all at Dover


LL Drifters - PLAYMATES (Ty/Skipper G Corney RNR) at Dover, WILLING BOYS (Skipper C E Coble RNR) at Ramsgate


Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - yacht CONIDAW (armed with Lewis guns, Lt P M Jones RNR) at Scapa Flow, drifters GOLDEN SUNBEAM (Ty/Skipper A M Lovis DSC), NETSUKIS (Ty/Skipper A G Bensley RNR), REVERBERATION (Ty/Lt J S P Symons RNVR), UT PROSIM (Skipper J W Tomlinson RNR), all armed with 3pdr guns, all at Dover


Coastal Force Base Ship - WASP (Act/Cdr J Sanders at Dover


2nd Motor Gun Boat Flotilla (alternate base Ramsgate) - MGB.6 at Poole, paid off repairing to comp 20 Jan, MGB.7 (Ty/Sub Lt R A Duder RNZNVR) at Poole repairing to comp 14 Jan, MGB.8 (SO, Lt G D K Richards) at Dover, MGB.9, MGB.10, both at Poole, paid off repairing to comp 31 Jan, MGB.11 (Ty/Lt T G Fuller, RCNVR) at Thames repairing to comp 4 Jan, MGB.13 at Poole, paid off repairing to comp 31 Jan, MGB.74 (Ty/Lt G B Boissard RANVR) temporarily attached, at Dover


14th Motor Gun Boat Flotilla (part) - MGB.322 (Ty/Lt J H Hodder RNVR) at Dover, MGB.324 (SO, Lt K A Cradock-Hartop), MGB.328 (Ty/Lt H P Cobb RNVR), MGB.330 (Ty/Lt D C Sidebottom RNVR), all at Dover


Senior Officer’s Motor Torpedo Boat - MTB.49 at Southampton repairing to comp 12 Jan


11th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - MTB.50 at Weymouth, MTB.51 (Sub Lt W I C Ewart RNVR) at Dover, MTB.52 at Weymouth, MTB.53 at Southampton repairing, MTB.54 (Ty/Sub Lt R B Adams RNVR) at Dover, MTB.55 at Weymouth, MTB.56 (Norwegian crew) at Dover, MTB.102 at Portsmouth, MTB.103 at Northam, MTB.105 at Portsmouth paid off


12th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla (on completion of working up at Dartmouth to be laid up at Portsmouth) - MTB.327 (Ty/Sub Lt F L Tomlinson RNVR), MTB.328 (Ty/Sub Lt A D Foster RNVR), MTB.329 (Ty/Lt L F Ramseyer RNVR), MTB.330 (Lt M J A Keyworth), MTB.331 (Ty/Lt D G H Wright RNVR), MTB.345 (Ty/Sub Lt D Mortimer RNVR), all at Dartmouth


50th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.101 (Ty/Lt H W Paton RNVR), ML.102 (Ty/Sub Lt T J Mathias RNVR), ML.103 (Ty/Sub Lt M C Waylen RNZNVR), ML.104 (SO, Act/Lt Cdr E M Norman DSC RNR), all at Dover, ML.108 at Lowestoft paid off


Echo Sounding Yacht - CHICO (Ty/Lt J Mason DSC RNVR) at Dover


Air Sea-Rescue Service - motor anti-submarine boats MA/SB.23, MA/SB.24, MA/SB.31, MA/SB.32, all at Dover, MA/SB.49 at Cowes paid off repairing, RAF High Speed Launches No.122, No.123, No.146, No.147, all at Dover


Boom Defence Vessel - FALCONET (Ty/Lt J R Radley RNR) at Dover


Balloon Barrage Vessels - barges ALPHEUS, HALCYON II,, dumb barges COUNT, LOODSMAN, MARQUIS, PREMIER, servicing vessel LILLY OF LAGUNA (no COs listed), all at Dover


Degaussing Mobile Wiping Unit - drifter DICK WHITTINGTON (Ty/Electrician Lt S Robinson RNVR) at Chatham, tenders LADY ESSE (no CO listed) at Chatham, LIV (no CO listed) at Dover




(Naval Officer in charge Capt A F W Howard DSO Rtd)


Base ship - FERVENT (Capt S Hopkins Rtd) at Ramsgate


Harbour Patrol Boats - FERVENT, PROVIDENCE (Ty/Lt E R Dalby RNR), SABINA (Ty/Sub Lt G J Bates RNVR), SALVOR (no CO listed), all at Ramsgate


Air Sea-Rescue Service - motor attendant craft MAC.2, fast motor boat WHITE MARLIN, RAF high speed launches HSL No.120, No.127, No.131, No.149, all at Ramsgate


Yacht - SPITFIRE III at Emsworth paid off


Fast Motor Boat - MIREILLE at Ramsgate paid off




Folkestone (RNO)


Local Air Sea-Rescue Service - fast patrol boat BLUEBIRD (Ty/Sub Lt J D Caldwell RNVR) at Folkestone






(Flag C-in-C Admiral Sir William M James KCB, ashore at Portsmouth



Base ships - DOLPHIN (Admiral Sir Max K Horton KCB, DSO, Admiral Submarines ashore), MARSHAL SOULT (Capt R E W Kirby DSO Rtd, Trawler Base), VERNON (Rear Admiral B Egerton Rtd, Torpedo and Experimental Establishment), VICTORY I, VICTORY II, VICTORY III (Act/Cdr G F H Owles DSO, DSC Rtd), VICTORY IV (Cdr J H C Minter Rtd), all at Portsmouth, VICTORY V (Rear Admiral H O Reinhold CB, CVO Rtd) at Southampton


First Destroyer Flotilla (D.1 ashore at Portsmouth), BERKELEY (Lt H A Stuart-Menteth), BLENCATHRA (Cdr J H Rucke-Keene DSC), both at Portsmouth, (refits and repairs), FERNIE (Lt Cdr A H P Noble, Lt H B Acworth from 9 Jan) at Portsmouth refitting to comp 14 Jan, PUCKERIDGE (Lt H B Acworth) at Pembroke docked.


Destroyer - WHEATLAND (Lt R de L Brooke) arr Scapa Flow 1 Jan


Auxiliary Netlayers - ATALANTA (Act/Ty/Lt Cdr W S Harrison DSC RNR) at Southampton, MINSTER (Act/Lt Cdr J D Hodgman RNR) at Scapa Flow


Controlled Minelayers – M.1 at Harwich, M.5 at Portland (no COs listed)


Anti-Submarine Vessel (former sloop) - FOXGLOVE (Lt (E) J W Tribbeck) at Portsmouth repairing under dockyard control


Admiralty Cable Ships - DUNAVON (Ty/Lt J A Sherriff RNR) arr Rosyth 29 Dec, French MONDARA (Cdr B L Vinden RD RNR Rtd) at Portsmouth


Former Minesweeper (for salvage duties) - salvage vessel TEDWORTH (Lt Cdr C H Warren MBE Rtd) at Clyde refitting to comp 7 Jan


Survey Ship - CHALLENGER (Cdr W C Jenks OBE) at Bathurst



Schools and Training Establishments


Navigation School - minesweepers ALRESFORD (Cdr R E C Dunbar Rtd), SALTBURN (Act/Lt Cdr R M Naylor RNR), both at Portsmouth


Gunnery School - Training Establishment EXCELLENT (Capt H A Packer) at Portsmouth, Motor Boat 72 (no CO listed) at Falmouth


Torpedo School - Training Establishment VERNON (Rear Admiral B Egerton Rtd) at Roedean, motor torpedo boat BLOODHOUND (Ty/Lt L G W White RNVR) at Portland, mining tender NIGHTINGALE (Lt H Dean), torpedo discharge lighter TL.1 (former VESUVIUS, no CO listed), both at Portsmouth


Tenders - Dutch BATAVIA II at Loch Ewe, MULAN at Portsmouth (both Dutch crews)


Signal School - Training Establishment MERCURY (Capt G H Warner DSC) at Portsmouth


Experimental Department - depot ship MERCURY II at Haslemere


Accommodation ships - yachts MURAENA, Dutch MECKLENBERG, both at Portsmouth



Other Portsmouth Ships


9th Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers SIDMOUTH (SO, Cdr H T Rust), BANGOR (Lt Cdr A E Coles RNR), both arr Harwich 29 Dec, BLACKPOOL (Lt Cdr G Mowatt RNR) at Portsmouth, BRIDLINGTON (Lt A G McCrum) at Portsmouth refitting to comp 7 Jan, BRIDPORT (Lt Cdr F J G Hewitt DSO) arr Harwich 29 Dec, BUDE (Lt Cdr J D L Williams) at Portsmouth, RHYL (Lt W L O’Mara), ROMNEY (Cdr R H V Sivewright Rtd), both arr Harwich 29 Dec


Auxiliary Fleet Repair Ship - ANTONIA (Engineer Cdr J W Renshaw Rtd) at Portsmouth fitting out to comp end of Jun


Accommodation ship for riggers - LUPIN (no CO listed) at Portsmouth under dockyard control


Yachts - VICTORIA AND ALBERT (Lt (E) H J Phillips Rtd) at Portsmouth in care and maintenance


Depot ship (MNBDO 1) - MARTIAL (Capt J A V Morse DSO) at Portsmouth


Auxiliary Submarine Depot Ship - WOLFE (Act/Capt W G A Shuttleworth Rtd) at sea (temp used for special service)


Trawlers Base ship - MARSHAL SOULT (Capt R E W Kirby DSO Rtd) at Portsmouth


Miscellaneous ships in dockyard control - light cruiser BELFAST (Cdr (E) F H Lee) repairing to comp at the end of Oct, cruiser FROBISHER (Capt J F W Mudford) rearming to comp 10 Feb, both at Plymouth



26th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers ARCTIC PIONEER, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, LORD WAKEFIELD, French ASIE paid off repairing to comp 10 Jan, all at Portsmouth




Motor Launch for SO Minesweeping - ML.347 at Portsmouth


Minesweeping Attendant Craft - MAC.7 (ex-MTB.40) at Portsmouth, paid off under repairs, work suspended.


Minesweeping Group 24 - minesweeping trawlers DEODAR (SO), ACACIA, BLACKTHORN, BAY, all at Portsmouth, BIRCH aground in St Margarets Bay, OLIVE at Southampton, PINE at Portsmouth, WALNUT at Sheerness


Minesweeping Group 55 - minesweeping trawlers MILFORD DUCHESS (SO), CYPRESS, CEDAR, IJUIN, SAWFLY, all at Portsmouth


Minesweeping Group 127 - minesweeping trawlers AVALANCHE at Southampton repairing, REGARDO at Portsmouth


Minesweeping Group 128 - minesweeping trawlers MILFORD KING, OUR BAIRNS, both at Portsmouth, TOKYO II, French CHASSE MARIE repairing, both at Southampton


Trawler (ungrouped) - REVELLO at Southampton paid off under repair


LL Drifters - BEN AND LUCY at Portsmouth repairing to comp mid Jan, B T B at Newhaven refitting to comp end of Jan, French ELIZABETH THERESE at Portsmouth


Motor Minesweepers - MMS.5, MMS.6, MMS.7, all at Portsmouth, MMS.22 at Southampton, MMS.29 for docking to comp mid Jan, MMS.30, both at Portsmouth, MMS.46 at Southampton, MMS.55 at Portsmouth


Danlaying Yacht - SARGASSO at Portsmouth for duty with 9th Minesweeping Flotilla


Trawlers - EXCELLENT at Portsmouth, STRATHCOE X, both at Portsmouth


1st Division Mine Recovery Flotilla (attached to VERNON) - mine recovery vessel ESMERALDA at Plymouth


Echo Sounding Vessel - SIR SYDNEY at Portsmouth


Accommodation Vessel for Anti-air Craft Gun Crews - yacht OUTLAW at Portsmouth


Coastal Force Base Ship - HORNET at Portsmouth


3rd Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla (Training Flotilla) - MTB.24, MTB.25, both at Southampton paid off under repair to comp in Jan


6th Mtor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - MTB.35 at Thames paid off under repair to comp end of Jan, MTB.36 temp detached, MTB.38 at Dover, MTB.218 at Portsmouth paid off under repair to comp 17 Jan, MTB.219, MTB.220, MTB.221, all at Dover. Of these, MTB.38, 218, 219, 220, and 221 temp attached to Dover Command


Motor Torpedo Boat - MTB.74 at Portsmouth


Motor Launch (Special Service) - ML.107 at Bursledon paid off refitting to comp 20 Jan


2nd Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.112, ML.113 (SO), ML.114, ML.116, ML.117, ML.118, ML.119, ML.120, ML.171, all at Portsmouth


40th Motor Launch Division - French ST ALAIN (ML.247), ST GUENOLE (ML.245), ST RONAN (ML.123), ST YVES (ML.246), all at Portsmouth


14th Motor Gun Boat Flotilla (part) - MGB.312, MGB.314, MGB.316 (SO), MGB.317, all at Portsmouth


Boom Defence Vessels - BARCOMBE, BARRAGE, CORONET, ERNA, LOCH LAGGAN, REIGATE, ROGATE all at Portsmouth, French NOTRE DAME DE MONT LIGEON at Portsmouth, ROULE at Southwick repairing to comp 10 Jan


Boom Defence Tender - French naval auxiliary boat RAPIDE III at Portsmouth


Special Service - steam drifter PRESENT HELP at Southampton


Tender to Shore Degaussing Wiping Station - MAID OF KENT at Portsmouth


Degaussing Range Boat - INEEN DHU at Portsmouth


Training Centre - NORTHNEY (late SLC.1) at Hayling Island


Kite Balloon Vessels - ALICE HAWTHORNE, BUCKLER, both at Portsmouth, DIANA at Hamble under repair, HILDEGARDE, KORTANEAR, both at Portsmouth, Belgian ANNA LEOPOLD at Portsmouth


Balloon Barrage Vessels - ANETTE, BASTELLE, COLLETTE, HUNT, KANTARRAH, PAM, SALADIN, YC.4, YC.396, all at Portsmouth, tenders LORETTE, French PETREL IV, OWEN, REDSTART, VERONY II, all at Portsmouth


Fire Float - MINORU II at Portsmouth


Minesweeping Attendant Craft - MAC.3 (ex-MTB.3), MAC.4 (ex-MTB.4), both at Poole converting for target towing duties


Maintenance of Buoys and Floats - French trawler PATRIE at Portsmouth


Diving Boat - French LA SALICOQUE at Portsmouth


Target Vessel - French CH.98 at Portsmouth


Naval Control Service (NCS) Tender - QUEEN OF THE FLEET at Portsmouth repairin





Base ship - FORWARD at Newhaven


Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - Belgian motor fishing vessel MASSABIELLE, PRINS BOUDEWIJN

French L’APPEL DE LA MER, SAUVEUR DU MONDE repairing to comp end of Jan, VERS LE DESTIN, British yacht ALIANORA, all at Newhaven


Inshore Patrol and Tender (to KING ALFRED) - yacht DUNLIN (armed with 6 pdr) at Newhaven


Coastal Force Base Ship - FORWARD II (ex-WHITE SPRAY) at Newhaven


9th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla (to form up at Dartmouth) – MTB.201 at Portsmouth, MTBs 202, 203, 204, 222, 223, 229, 240, all to join on completion


5th Motor Launch Flotilla (for air rescue work), ML.137 at Newhaven, ML.138 at Southwick repairing to comp 17 Jan, ML.139, ML.140, ML.141, ML.142, ML.143, ML.293, all at Newhaven


Naval Auxiliary Boats (harbour duty boats) - KARINA, VANESSA, WHITE WINGS, all at Newhaven, SPITFIRE at Hamble laid up


Tug - CARDY at Newhaven


Examination Service Vessel - Belgian RESISTANCE at Newhaven


Air-Sea Rescue Service - RAF High speed launches No.126 at Newhaven, No.145 at Calshot repairing,

Eureka landing craft (on loan from 1st Eureka Flotilla) R.129, R.147, both at Newhaven





Air-Sea Rescue Service - yachts IDAHO on loan from Newhaven, WARRIOR at Shoreham, Eureka landing craft (on loan from 2nd Eureka Flotilla) R.125, R,119, both at Shoreham


Accommodation Ship - VALHALLA at Shoreham


Examination Service - yachts BRITISHER at Thames refitting to comp 15 Jan, MYVERA III at Shoreham


RNVR Base Ship - KING ALFRED at Hove, training tenders( to KING ALFRED on Shoreham Canal), OCELOT, FALCON II, WONDER, BENITA, all at Shoreham


Vessels Laid Up - Belgian motor drifter JOSEPH, Belgian motor fishing vessel MARIE THESESE DEBRA, British yachts MIGRANT, SIGRID, naval auxiliary boat FEVRIER fitting out, all at Shoreham





Air-Sea Rescue Service - yachts ADELINE, CLARICE, KITTIHAWKE, RAMILLE, Littlehampton, Eureka landing craft (on loan from 2nd Eureka Flotilla) R.94, R.156 all at Littlehampton


Naval Auxiliary Boats - FURY, RUDA, VITA, all at Littlehampton laid up





Depot ship - TORMENTOR at Warsash


1st Eureka Landing Craft Flotilla - R.80 at Bembridge temp on air-sea rescue duties, R.81, R.85, both at Littlehampton temp on air-sea rescue duties, R.86 at Warsash, R.87, R.93, both at Shoreham temp on air-sea rescue duties, R.95 at Bembridge temp on air-sea rescue duties, R.147 at Newhaven temp on air-sea rescue duties


2nd Eureka Landing Craft Flotilla - R.88 at Southampton repairing, temp on air-sea rescue duties, R.94 at Littlehampton temp on air-sea rescue duties, R.96 at Warsash, R.118 at Newhaven, R.119 at Shoreham temp on air-sea rescue service, R.124 at Bembridge temp on air-sea rescue service, R.125 at Shoreham, R.145 at Newhaven temp on air-sea rescue service


Eureka Landing Craft - R.1, R.19, R.128, all at Warsash, R.129 at Newhaven, temp on air-sea rescue service, R.152, R.154, R.155, all at Warsash, R.156 at Littlehampton, R.157 at Warsash


 (see earlier notes for “Eureka” landing craft)





Harbour Defence Patrol Craft

Solent Patrol


Depot Ship - MELISANDE at Hamble


Spithead Division - patrol craft AHOLA, ANKH, LAHLOO, SERIOLA, all at Hamble


Calshot Division - patrol craft BOUNTY, NAVICULA, NONETA, all at Hamble


Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, Division - patrol craft ELNA, CARYANDA, EILA II, THELE, all at Yarmouth, IOW


Spare Boats - patrol craft ELNA, LENOLA, LETNA, SEMITA, TAMAHINE, all at Hamble



Captain Motor Launches Accommodation Ship - ALEXANDRA at Portsmouth


Motor boats for Service with Capt Motor Launches - PHILANTE at Hamble


Naval Auxiliary Boat - PRINCESS at Hamble in care and maintenance


Yacht - LOTIS at Hamble laid up





Base ship - VICTORY V at Southampton


Balloon Barrage Vessels - balloon barrage vessels (mobile) ALITA, CARMENITA, DORITA, POLITA, dumb barges ELING, FW.14, FW.15, TOTTON, WEATHERLAND, French HOPPER 26, HOPPER 63, servicing Craft BLACK BESS, GELYCE, GONDOLIER PRINCE, SKYLARK, French STIFF, all at Southampton


Examination Service Vessel - ANNE at Southampton paid off


Boom Defence Vessels - French GIRAFE paid off, ORANAISE, NOVICE, all at Southampton


Boom Defence Gate Trawler - TROJAN at Warsash


Boom Defence Tender - Belgian Tug No.29 at Warsash


Southampton Water Patrol and Despatch Boats - motor boats ALUSIA paid off, CRISIS, LOGICIAN, SAFEGUARD, TRENORA paid off, WATER BEETLE paid off, all at Southampton


Armed Patrol Vessel - French POURQUOI PAS at Southampton laid up


Dumb Barge Range Tender - French URVILLE at Southampton


Degaussing Mobile Wiping Unit - wiping vessel WHIP at Southampton, dumb lighter tender BECK at Southampton


Anti-aircraft Guard Ship - SAFEGUARD at Southampton





Examination Service Accommodation Ship - FOINAVON at Culver, reallocated for foreign service


Examination Service Vessels - GIRL VIOLET at Newhaven, WYDALE at Culver, VADNE at Southampton laid up


Extended Defences Officer (XDO) Naval Auxiliary Boat - BETSIE JANE at Culver (relates to controlled minefields)


Naval Auxiliary Boat - SNIPE at Culver


Air-Sea Rescue Service - yacht SIR WILLIAM HILLARY, motor anti-submarine boat MA/SB.34, both at Culver, RAF high speed launches HSL No.103 at Calshot (Training Duties), No.112 fitting out for foreign service, No.119 at Gosport



Cowes, Isle of Wight


Chasseur Base Ship - French DILIGENTE at Cowes


Chasseur Flotilla - French AUDIERNE (CH.41, French SO ) repairing to comp end of Jan, BAYONNE (CH.10), BENODET (CH.12) in alterations to comp end of Jan, BOULOGNE (CH.11), CALAIS (CH.13), CARENTAN (CH.5), all at Cowes, DIELETTE (CH.14) at Southampton repairing to comp mid Jan, LARMOR (CH.42) repairing to comp mid Jan, LE LAVANDOU (CH.43) fitting for tropical service to comp mid Jan, PAIMPOL (CH.15), RENNES (CH.8), all at Cowes


Chasseur Accommodation Ship - chasseur CH.106 at Cowes in care and maintenance repairing to comp mid Jan


Air-Sea Rescue Service - French motor torpedo boats VTB.8 at Southampton, VTB.11, VTB 12, both at Cowes



Yarmouth, Isle of Wight


Auxiliary Patrol Vessel - Belgian HEKTOR FRANS at Cowes laid up


Harbour Defence Patrol Craft - patrol craft AZUR at Yarmouth, GELERT at Portsmouth


Examination Service Vessels - LAROC, LEPRECHAUN, LLANTHONY, all at Yarmouth


Naval Auxiliary Boats (Traffic Control) - ISLANDA, ONWARD III, SUMMER GIRL, all at Yarmouth


Air-Sea Rescue Service - motor anti-submarine boat MA/SB.22 at Portsmouth





 Trawlers - CHERWELL at Lymington for traffic control


Boom Defence Vessel - CLARINET at Lymington


Boom Defence Tenders - JUMSEY at Southampton, French V.3 at Lymington





Accommodation Ships – FLORINDA, SONA, both at Poole




Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - Belgian motor fishing vessels DE ROSA in care and maintenance pending reallocation, MARGUERITE MARIE LOUISE, ROGER ROBERT, ROSA ARTHUR, British naval auxiliary boats FIANOLA laid up, TROUT, all at Poole


Minesweeping and Mooring Motor Boats - GONDOLIER II, GONDOLIER III, GONDOLIER IV, all at Poole


Barrage Balloon Vessels - SKYLARK VI, SKYLARK IX, both at Poole


Air-Sea Rescue Service - rescue boats COMMODORE, EVE, both at Poole, Dutch M.78 at Ramsgate





Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - Belgian motor fishing vessels BEATRIX ADRIENNE, MARS STELLA, STRIJDT VOOR CHRISTUS, all at Salcombe in care and maintenance, French PIERRE DESCELLIER at Portland in care and maintenance, British drifters COMRADES, FAITHFUL STAR (both armed with 3 pdrs) both at Weymouth


Harbour Defence Patrol Craft - BRINMARIC at Portland, FAIRWIND at Weymouth


Examination Service Vessels - paddle vessels EXWEY,mFRESHWATER, both at Weymouth


Tenders to Examination Service - ARLEN, MARINA, both at Weymouth

Motor Fishing Vessel - Dutch MARY II at Weymouth





Base ship - BOSCAWEN at Portland


Accommodation Ship - FLINDERS at Portland


81st Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine yachts RION, STAR OF INDIA, both at Portland


Capt Minesweeping Yacht - LEANORA at Weymouth fitted for special service


5th Trawler Group (minesweeping/anti-submarine) - naval trawlers HOY at Southampton refitting, INCHCOLM, MULL, RYSA, all at Portland


Minesweeping Group 49 - minesweeping trawlers COMPUTATOR, LADY ENID, NEIL SMITH, T R FERRENS, all at Portland


Minesweeping Group 129 - minesweeping trawlers DAMITO, LEPHRETO, both at Portland, OSTA at Southampton




Coastal Force Base Ship - ATTACK at Portland


4th Motor Gun Boat Flotilla - MGB.50, MGB.51, MGB.52, MGB.53, MGB.54, all at Weymouth, MGB.55 at Hythe, MGB.56, MGB.57, both at Weymouth


4th Motor Launch Flotilla (Norwegian Division) - ML.122, ML.124, ML.125, ML.128, ML.208, ML.210, ML.213, ML.233, (all Norwegian crews), all at Portland


20th Motor Launch Flotilla (part) - ML.192 at Brixham repairing, ML.262, ML.267, ML.268, all at Weymouth


Auxiliary Patrol Vessel - Belgian trawlers CHARLES HENRI at Portland in care and maintenance


Ammunition Duties - steam drifter NOONTIDE at Portland


Degaussing Mobile Wiping Unit - drifter AMIABLE, tenders SILVER STAR, Norwegian VALDER, all at Portland


Degaussing Range Boat - ORCONERA at Portland


Boom Defence Vessel - ANDANES at Portland


Air-Sea Rescue Service - Belgian vessel MINISTER LIPPINS at Lyme Regis


Balloon Vessels - MARGO III at Portland, WAYFARER at Weymouth laid up, WEST WIND at Portland


Fire Float - drifter HURRYING ANGEL at Weymouth


Harbour Duties - tug ALLEN at Portland





Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - naval auxiliary boats ISIS at Weymouth in care and maintenance to be reallocated, LAUGHING WATERS at Bridport, LILIDA at Portsmouth, to be released at Hamble, MAUD ALARIC at Weymouth in care and maintenance to be reallocated, VAILIMA at Bridport


Air-Sea Rescue Service - rescue boat FIELDFARE at Bridport laid up





(Flag C-in-C Admiral Sir Charles M Forbes, GCB, DSO ashore at Plymouth)



Base ships - DEFIANCE (Rear Admiral R B T Miles Rtd), DRAKE I (Rear Admiral H G C Franklin Rtd), DRAKE IV (Capt A S Russell), French base ship PARIS (Capt W R Richardson Rtd), all at Plymouth


Auxiliary Destroyer Depot Ship - AURANIA (Act/Capt J W Whitehorn at Clyde repairing


15th Destroyer Flotilla (administered by Capt D. Plymouth ashore), BROCKLESBY (Lt Cdr G P Huddart, Lt M N Tufnell DSC from 12 Jan) arr Plymouth 29 Dec, CLEVELAND (Cdr G B Sayer) at Plymouth, TYNEDALE (Lt Cdr H E F Tweedie) arr Milford Haven 31 Dec, Polish KRAKOWIAK (KDR ppor T Gorazdowski), KUJIAWIAK (KDR ppor L Lichodziejewski), both arr Scapa Flow 1 Jan, (refits and repairs), ATHERSTONE (Lt Cdr R F Jenks) at Southampton refitting to comp 7 Jan


Destroyers (refit and repair) - JAVELIN (Lt Cdr G E Fardell, LCD H C Simms from 8 Jan) at Plymouth in care and maintenance repairing to comp 17 Jan, LEWES Lt Cdr L H Phillips) arr Scapa Flow 3 Jan


13th Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers BLYTH (Cdr G M Temple DSO Rtd), EASTBOURNE (Act/Ty/Lt Cdr N E Morley DSC), FELIXSTOWE (Lt Cdr C H Corbet-Singleton DSC), all arr Harwich 29 Dec, PETERHEAD (Lt W K Tadman RNR) at Harwich boiler cleaning to comp 6 Jan, POLRUAN (Lt Cdr J S Landers RNR) at Harwich boiler cleaning to comp 5 Jan, ROTHESAY (Cdr A A Martin DSC RD RNR), ILFRACOMBE (Ty/Lt Cdr H L D Hoare RNR), both arr Harwich 29 Dec, STORNOWAY (Lt C R Fraser RNR) arr Tobermory 22 Dec, Dutch JAN VAN GELDER (Dutch crew) arr Harwich 29 Dec,


Torpedo School - Training Establishment DEFIANCE (Rear Admiral R B T Miles Rtd) at Plymouth


Attached Controlled Minelayer - MENELAUS (Lt Cdr J H Evans Rtd) at Plymouth


Coding School - CABBALA (Capt E W Money OBE Rtd), Falfield, Gloucestershire


Admiralty Cable Ships - AQUILLA (Cdr A Bicker-Caarten Rtd RNR dep Milford Haven 22 Dec, LASSO (Cdr V I Griffith Rtd) dep Clyde 28 Nov, MAY (Act/Ty/Lt Cdr A Flanagan RNR) arr Portland 23 Dec, OPHIR (Lt Cdr W H W Matthew RNR) arr Plymouth 29 Nov, cable lighter X 216 (Ty/Lt R C Armitage RNR) at Portland


Cable Carrier - MARIE LOUISE MACKAY (no CO listed) at Belfast


Miscellaneous ship - Dutch ship MEDUSA (Dutch crew) at Holyhead.


Auxiliary Vessels’ Depot Ships - French COURCY (Officers of Commander Armed Patrol Vessels), PARIS, both at Plymouth


2nd Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers CORNELIAN, JASPER, PEARL, RUBY, all at Plymouth


3rd Anti-submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BEDFORDSHIRE, VICTRIX, French REINA DES FLOTS (EV Le Squin), all at Plymouth


9th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers CAPE COMORIN at Plymouth, KINGSTON ANDALUSITE at Pembroke repairing, LINCOLNSHIRE, LORD SNOWDEN, both at Plymouth


20th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers LORD ESSENDEN at Plymouth, LORD STONEHAVEN, both at Plymouth, French AMBROSE PARE at Milford Haven


34th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers ARCTIC EXPLORER, ELLESMERE, both at Plymouth, LADY ROSEMARY at Milford Haven, ULLSWATER at Plymouth


36th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers LORD HAILSHAM at Barry, LORD STANHOPE

French NOTRE DAME DE FRANCE (Dutch crew), both at Plymouth


40th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers GRIMSBY TOWN at Falmouth refitting to comp 8 Feb, HERTFORDSHIRE at Newport, MANOR at Newport refitting to comp 17 Jan, OLVINA at Plymouth, French LA NANTAISE at Swansea paid off repairing to comp 26 Jan



Plymouth, Falmouth, and Dartmouth Minesweeping Forces


Motor Launch for Senior Officer Minesweeping - ML.229 at Plymouth


Minesweeping Attendant Craft - DAHINDA II, TOM TIT, both at Plymouth


6th Trawler Group (anti-submarine/minesweeping) - naval trawlers HILDASAY, PLADDA, SHAPINSAY, SLUNA, all at Plymouth


Minesweeping Group 26 - minesweeping trawlers FIR at Plymouth repairing to comp 26 Jan, MANGROVE at Plymouth, ROWAN at Falmouth


Minesweeping Group 52 - minesweeping trawlers BRECON CASTLE, DORINDA, RADNOR CASTLE, all at Plymouth, TRANQUIL at Barry paid off refitting to comp 7 Feb


Minesweeping Group 53 - minesweeping trawlers BEN URIE at Port Talbot, BILSDEAN at Falmouth, TREVO TERCEIRO, WILLIAM MANNEL, both at Dartmouth


Minesweeping Group 74 (minesweeping/anti-submarine) - naval trawlers CORIOLANUS at Newport refitting to comp 14 Feb, FLUELLEN, HORATIO, JULIET, all at Falmouth. CORIOLANUS, HORATIO and JULIET were on loan as escort vessels


Minesweeping Group 76 - minesweeping trawlers LOCH PARK at Falmouth, LORRAINE, NIGHT HAWK, both at Plymouth, SCARRON at Newport repairing to comp 7 Jan


Minesweeping Group 130 - minesweeping trawler LORD INCHCAPE at Plymouth paid off under repair


Minesweeping Group 131 - minesweeping trawlers BERVIE BRAES at Plymouth, HATSUSE, LUDA LORD, both at Falmouth, SASEBO at Milford Haven paid off refitting to comp 20 Jan


Minesweeping Group 150 - minesweeping trawlers MOONRISE at Plymouth, SWANSEA CASTLE at Falmouth, French MONIQUE ANDREE at Falmouth refitting to comp 27 Jan


Minesweeping Group 162 - Norwegian minesweeping whalers GRIMSTAD (ex-KOS XV) at Falmouth, HARSTAD (ex-KOS XVII) at Plymouth, VARDO (ex-KOS XVIII) at Falmouth, (all Norwegian crews)


Minesweeping Group 163 - Norwegian minesweeping whalers BREVIK (ex-KOS XIII) at Plymouth, DROBAK (ex-KOS IV), MANDAL (ex-KOS XIV), both at Falmouth, (all Norwegian crews)


Motor Minesweepers - MMS.18 at Fowey, MMS.24 at Falmouth repairing, MMS.42 at Fowey, MMS.43 at Dartmouth, MMS.76 at Plymouth


Minesweeping Trawlers (ungrouped) - CHILTERN at Falmouth reallocated for service at Murmansk, INCHGOWER, POINTER, SEDDON, all at Plymouth


Minesweeping Drifters - OLIVAE at Dartmouth, SALPA at Plymouth


Minesweeping drifters - UNITED BOYS at Dartmouth, French LUCIEN COUGY at Plymouth



other Plymouth Ships


Harbour Anti-aircraft Ship - BV.7 at Plymouth


Direction Finding Calibration Yacht - CETO at Plymouth


Degaussing Mobile Wiping Units - dumb lighters NA.17, SIR GEORGE MURRAYS, tenders ST MICHAEL, SALTASH, all at Plymouth


Degaussing Range Boat - EDINBURGH at Plymouth


Cable Depot Ship - PLYMOUTH TRADER at Plymouth in care and maintenance


Minewatching Vessels - PLOUCASTEL, PORTZIC, RISBAN, all at Plymouth, QUIET WATERS at Fowey refitting to comp 24 Jan, SUSSEX COUNTY, French ABEILLE V, both at Plymouth


Harbour Defence Patrol Craft - patrol craft BLACK ARROW in care and maintenance, DUENNA, ROMARO, SUSANNAH JANE, all at Plymouth


103rd Motor Launch Flotilla (part) - ML.1009, ML.1025, ML.1034, ML.1035, all at Plymouth


Examination Service Vessels – IRIDESCENCE, STARLIGHT RAYS, both at Plymouth


Boom Defence Vessels - BARNESTONE at Scapa Flow, CHORLEY, DUNNET, ETRURIA, KUROKI, NORDLAND, all at Plymouth


Boom Defence Gate Trawlers - French trawlers BEAULNE VERNEUIL at Falmouth refitting to comp 17 Jan, CRABE, FAISAN, LA FRENE, all at Plymouth




Balloon Barrage Tenders - J N R, LAZYBONES, both at Plymouth


Kite Balloon Vessels - EBLANA II, ELRAYDA, MANON II, ONWARD II, all at Plymouth


Mooring Lighter - French FIDELE at Plymouth


Harbour Smoke Vessels - ANNIE, DREAM, E M M, FALCON, LONDON PREMIER, MACADAM, P H E, TRIUMPH, all at Plymouth


Internal Water Patrol Boat - service steam launch No.265 at Devonport


Plymouth Boat Pool - miscellaneous vessels BELLE, CAROLIN, GALLANT II, JOHN RIDD, KESTREL to be laid up, PEARL II, SEA BELLE II, SHEILA to be laid up, STELLA MARIS to be laid up, SUSAN, THELMA to be laid up, VIOLET II, WARSPITE, WHITE HEATHER, all at Plymouth


Devonport Boat Pool - miscellaneous vessels CAMORET, CARLA to be laid up, CASCADE, CAVELL, LADY BEATRICE, LAUGHING LASS to be laid up, MAY QUEEN, NIGHTINGALE, RALEIGH, RUBY to be laid up, ST GERRANS, SHAMMER to be laid up, VOSPER, all at Devonport


Special Duties - miscellaneous vessel GLOWWORM at Plymouth


Tenders to Torpedo School - CONFIANCE, REDWING, both at Plymouth





River Patrol - river patrol craft GRIF at Exmouth, JOPA at Dartmouth in care and maintenance, NORMA at Exmouth


Air-Sea Rescue Service - air-sea rescue service craft DREAM TOO, No.77 (motor yacht), both at Exmouth





Auxiliary Patrol Vessel - HINDUSTAN at Teignmouth





Examination Service Vessel - FLAG JACK at Brixham


Naval Auxiliary Boat - THEODORA at Brixham





River Patrol - river patrol boats SANGOLA, SHEILA II, both at Salcombe


Naval Auxiliary Boats - CARETTA, LEONID, both at Salcombe laid up





Base ship - BRITANNIA II at Dartmouth


Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - Belgian motor fishing vessels BLANCHE MARGUERITE, CONSCIENCE, both at Dartmouth


Coastal Force Base Ships - BRITANNIA III, French sloop BELFORT, both at Dartmouth


Coastal Force Accommodation Yacht - KILORAN at Dartmouth in care and maintenance


3rd Motor Gun Boat Flotilla - MGB.41 at Dover, MGB.42 at Brighlingsea, MGB.43 at Dover, MGB.46 (Dutch crew) at Hythe repairing to comp 7 Jan, MGB.47 at Cowes, Polish S.1 (ex-MGB 48) at Cowes paid off under repair, S.2 (ex-MGB 44) at Fowey, S.3 (ex-MGB 45) at Dover (all Polish MGBs with Polish crews)


Motor Gun Boat (not allocated) - MGB.40 at Fowey paid off repairing


Motor Anti/Submarine Boat - MA/SB.36 at Dartmouth


7th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.153, ML.155, ML.156, ML.157, ML.159, ML.160, ML.177, ML.270, all at Dartmouth


Examination Service Vessel - French GRESILLON at Dartmouth


Boom Defence Vessel - WESTLYN at Dartmouth


River Patrol - river patrol craft IMPALA, LEANDER II, SILVER ELK laid up in care and maintenance, VOTARY laid up in care and maintenance, all at Dartmouth


Naval Auxiliary Boat - HARPADO at Dartmouth laid up


Anti-Gas and Decontamination Vessel - WHITE LADY at Plymouth


Minewatching vessel - GOLDEN LILY at Dartmouth


Balloon Supply Ship - YOLANDE at Dartmouth


Naval Auxiliary Boat (attached to the RN College) - LEONORA at Southampton repairing to comp 15 Jan


Dartmouth Pool - Miscellaneous vessel 22105, AISHA II, BIRDSEYE, CALLANDIA, COLLARETTE, all at Dartmouth, DAWN II at Brixham reallocated for foreign service, DIXIE, DUNDELA laid up in care and maintenance, EILEEN, GANNET laid up in care and maintenance, GERTRUDE laid up in care and maintenance, GREENWAY CASTLE, LILIANA, PAIGNTON BELLE, PIXIE, PRESTON BELLE, ROSE MARIE, SWIFT laid up in care and maintenance, VIKING, all at Dartmouth





Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - drifter GOLDEN MILLER (armed with 3 pdr) at Fowey, motor fishing vessel OUR JOHN at Falmouth, naval auxiliary boats MEMETTE at Fowey, OTTER II at Falmouth laid up


Kite Balloon Trawler - Belgian JEANNE D’ARC at Fowey


Laid up - miscellaneous vessels OTTAWA at Caernarvon, reallocated as Fire Float at Heysham Harbour, PAMELA at Fowey


Harbour Tender - French ALBATROSS at Fowey to be laid up





Base Ship - FORTE at Falmouth


Coastal Force Base Ship - FORTE IV at Falmouth


10th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.179, ML.180, ML.181, ML.182, ML.183, ML.184, ML.186, ML.259, all at Falmouth


28th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.298, ML.306, both at Hamble, ML.307, ML.341, both at Falmouth, ML.443 on passage to Falmouth, ML.446 at Brixham, ML.447 to join on completion, ML.457 at Brightlingsea


Examination Service Vessels - ARTLETTE II, Dutch pilot vessel O.9, both at Falmouth


Tender to examination vessel - SILVER CLOUD at Falmouth


Harbour Defence Patrol Craft - NIRVANA I at Falmouth


103rd Motor Launch Flotilla (part) - ML.1013, ML.1027, ML.1033, ML.1053, all at Falmouth


Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - Belgian trawler IRMA ALICE (armed with 6 pdr) at Falmouth, French drifter ROGER JULIETTE at Truro in care and maintenance pending reallocation, British motor fishing vessels FRANCIS, NAZARENE, both at Falmouth, naval auxiliary boats PEPITA, VIXEN, GALLANT III laid up, METEOR II laid up, all at Falmouth, LANIVET at Helford laid up, MISS BRITTANY laid up, NEOPHYTE laid up, NIRVANA II to be released, all at Falmouth.




Salvage Vessels - MAGGIE LOUGH, VENTURE III, both at Falmouth


Dumb Barge - MARY IV at Falmouth


Netlaying Drifter - OCEAN SWELL at Falmouth


Degaussing Mobile Wiping Unit - Belgian ship MATHILDE SIMONNE at Cowes, British tenders ALERT, BESSIE CLARK, French DIXI, all at Falmouth


Degaussing Range Boat - MORWENNA at Falmouth


Drifters (harbour service) - ADELE to be laid up, PRIMEVERE, NORFOLD SUFFLING, all at Falmouth


Harbour Service Pool - miscellaneous vessel FORTE, INTERNOS, LYONESSE, all at Falmouth





Examination Service Vessel - French VELLEDA at Penzance


Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - French trawlers JACQUES MORGAND with defects, SUZANNE ADRIENNE, both at Penzance, British motor fishing vessels RENOVELLE no information, ROSE MARIE II at Falmouth in care and maintenance, GOODWILL, SWIFT, both at Penzance, naval auxiliary boat HINDE at Penzance



Scilly Islands


Air-Sea Rescue Service - MA/SB.27, MA/SB.28, both at Falmouth



St Ives


Balloon Tender and Examination Service - miscellaneous ships CONSTANCE, FAMILY to be released, both at St Ives





Accommodation Ship - French accommodation ship WATCHWORD at Padstow


Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - motor fishing vessels FORGET-ME-NOT, OCEAN PRIDE, OUR KATIE no information on these three, Norwegian fishing vessel TREVESSA at Holyhead, British river patrol boats EILEEN, HARMONY, J M S, JUNE, KINGFISHER III, all at Padstow in care and maintenance pending reallocation, MERRY FISH, STORM COCK, both at Padstow



Appledore, N Devon


Auxiliary Patrol Vessels - motor fishing vessels ANNIE VESTA, LERINA, T H E, all at Appledore


River Patrol - miscellaneous ship PELORUS JACK at Appledore to be laid up 


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