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  British and Other Navies in World War 2 Day-by-Day
by Don Kindell

NAVAL EVENTS, SEPTEMBER 1941 (Part 1 of 2)
Monday 1st Sunday 14th

HMAS Perth, light cruiser (Navy Photos/Bruce constable, click to enlarge)

on to SEPTEMBER 1941, Part 2


Note: all vessels and aircraft are British unless otherwise identified or implied - click for abbreviations

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Background Events - June-November 1941

Invasion of Russia, Malta Convoys, Japan prepares for war






Monday,  1 September


Heavy cruiser SHROPSHIRE with destroyers SOMALI, MATABELE, and PUNJABI (Force L) arrived off Seidisfjord at 0500, but in heavy fog only PUNJABI was able to enter port, arriving at 1045. The others ships proceeded to rendezvous with Force M (heavy cruiser DEVONSHIRE group) in 74N 8E. PUNJABI departed Seidisfjord at 1300 to rejoin Force L.



Light cruiser NIGERIA, destroyers ICARUS, ANTELOPE, ANTHONY with liner EMPRESS OF CANADA arrived at Gronfjord from Archangel to embark Norwegians from Spitzbergen.



Convoy ON.12 departed Liverpool 1 September, escorts:






 corvette HEARTSEASE, anti-submarine trawlers ANGLE, CAPE WARWICK,  ST APOLLO.



 anti-submarine trawler DANEMAN






destroyer BROADWAY, corvettes COBALT, POLYANTHUS



destroyer RAMSEY, armed merchant cruiser WORCESTERSHIRE, corvettes BUTOUCHE, GALT





convoy dispersed 14 September



British trawler HAZEL, Belgian trawler VAN OOST and tanker OLIGARCH arrived at Sveagruva, and departed on the 3rd. Following  operations EGV One and Two, these ships, plus destroyer ESCAPADE arrived at Reykjavik on the 14th.



Destroyer BEDOUIN arrived at Scapa Flow at 1830 after refitting.



Destroyer ASHANTI was docked at Rosyth to correct a defect developed on passage to Scapa Flow.



The United States Navy assumed patrol of the Denmark Strait with battleships IDAHO, MISSISSIPPI, NEW MEXICO (two of these were on patrol at a time), heavy cruisers WICHITA, TUSCALOOSA, and destroyers of Destroyer Squadron 2 - MORRIS (Flag), ANDERSON, HAMMANN, RUSSELL, SIMS, WALKE, CHARLES F HUGHES, O'BRIEN,  MUSTIN and Destroyer Division 22, GWIN (Flag), GRAYSON, MEREDITH and MONSSEN.



The flag of Commander in Chief, Mediterranean Fleet, was transferred to the battleship QUEEN ELIZABETH, while Vice Admiral Commanding First Battle Squadron  transferred to battleship BARHAM.



Motor torpedo boats MTB.68 and MTB.215 arrived at Alexandria from Haifa, but both  were out of action due to numerous serious defects. Trawler VULCAN, the MTB's depot ship, arrived at Alexandria on the 2nd.



Submarine UPHOLDER arrived at Malta from patrol.



An Italian convoy of steamers ANDREA GRITTI (6338grt), RIALLTO (6099grt), VETTOR PISANI (6339grt), FRANCESCO BARBARO (6343grt), SABASTIANO VENIER (6311grt) departed Naples escorted by destroyers DA RECCO, DARDO, FOLGORE, and STRALE. At 0025/3rd, ANDREA GRITTI was sunk in an attack by nine British Swordfish of 830 Swordfish from Malta south, southeast of Cape Spartivento. In the same attack,  FRANCESCO BARBARO was damaged by 830 Squadron Swordfish, but taken in tow by destroyer DARDO and escorted by destroyers ASCARI and LANCIERE to Messina. The remainder of the convoy arrived at Tripoli on the 4th.



Submarine OTUS departed Malta with stores, mail and 15 passengers, and later that day, unsuccessfully attacked an armed merchant cruiser in 35-40N, 18-07E. She arrived at Alexandria on the 11th.



Tuesday, 2 September


Force M, aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS, heavy cruisers SUFFOLK, DEVONSHIRE and destroyers ECLIPSE, ESCAPADE, INGLEFIELD, ELECTRA, ACTIVE and IMPULSIVE departed Sardam Bay after refuelling for a raid on a German convoy off Hammerfest on the 3rd. Senior Officer Force M transferred his flag from  DEVONSHIRE to  VICTORIOUS from 1 to 4 September when he returned to the heavy cruiser. At 0540/3rd, the force was sighted by German reconnaissance and the rendezvous with Force L was changed to 75-25N, 6-50E.



Light cruiser NIGERIA with destroyers ICARUS, ANTELOPE, ANTHONY and liner EMPRESS OF CANADA arrived at Isfjord from Archangel.


Light cruiser AURORA departed Sveagruva on the 2nd for Gronfjord.


Trawler ELM with four Norwegian prizes departed Gronfjord on the 3rd for Akureyri. The ships all arrived on the 10th to coal. They departed Akureyri on the 12th for Reykjavik, arriving on the 14th.


The Spitzbergen community was embarked on the EMPRESS OF CANADA and the town  demolished. On the 3rd, the cruisers, destroyers, and the liner departed Spitzbergen for the Clyde.


On the 4th, the cruisers were detached from the force.


At 0100/6th, light cruiser PENELOPE departed Scapa Flow to rendezvous with the ships in 62N, 05W at 1800.


Destroyer LIGHTNING departed Scapa Flow at 2200/6th to rendezvous with the force. LIGHTNING and ICARUS escorted the liner to the Clyde, arriving at 2300/7th. ANTELOPE and ANTHONY were detached to Scapa Flow, arriving at 1000/7th. Off Cape Wrath, PENELOPE was detached and returned to Scapa Flow, arriving on the 7th.



Heavy cruiser LONDON arrived at Hvalfjord from Scapa Flow, via Akureyri.



Light cruiser SHEFFIELD was detached from convoy WS.11 and proceeded to Scapa Flow, arriving on the 4th.



Light cruiser EURYALUS departed Scapa Flow for Rosyth to change a propeller, and arrived on the 3rd.



Destroyer ESKIMO departed London at 1500 on completion of refitting and arrived at Sheerness at 1845.  On the 5th, she departed Sheerness for Scapa Flow, arriving at 1515/6th.



Free French destroyer LA CORDELIERE ran aground in Scottish waters and damaged her anti-submarine dome.



P/T/Midshipman (A) J. F. Williams RNVR, was killed when his Hurricane of 759/760 Squadron crashed near North Petherton.



Anti-submarine trawler CAPE PALLISER (497grt) on Northern Patrol reported an enemy ship 20 miles 25 from 62N, 17W. Heavy cruiser BERWICK and light cruiser KENYA at Scapa Flow was brought to one hour's notice and heavy cruiser LONDON at Hvalfjord was ordered to stand by. This was later cancelled when it was determined the ship was a motor vessel.



Convoy OS.5 departed Liverpool, escorted by destroyers MANSFIELD and WOLVERINE which were detached on the 8th.


Sloop ENCHANTRESS and escort vessel HARTLAND joined on the 3rd and were detached on the 17th. Escort vessel WALNEY joined on the 6th and was detached on the 17th.


On the 17th, destroyer BRILLIANT, corvettes AMARANTHUS and ASPHODEL, and anti-submarine trawler SARABANDE joined. The destroyer, corvette AMARANTHUS, and the trawler were detached on the 18th. Corvette ASPHODEL was detached on the 20th. The convoy arrived at Freetown on the 21st.



German steamer OSLEBSHAUSEN (4989grt) was sunk by a torpedo near Obrestad. As this does not correspond to any noted sinking, she was presumably lost on a mine.



Convoy HG.72 departed Gibraltar escorted by destroyers BOREAS, FARNDALE, VIDETTE, and WILD SWAN, sloop LEITH, fighter catapult ship MAPLIN, and corvettes CAMPION, CAMPANULA, BLUEBELL, WALLFLOWER, and HYDRANGEA.


The catapult ship and destroyer VIDETTE were detached later on the 2nd.


Destroyer BOREAS was detached to refuel at Ponta Delgada, then rejoined and escorted the convoy to Londonderry.


Destroyers CROOME and VIMY departed Gibraltar on the 4th to join the convoy. Destroyer CROOME then to convoy OG.73.


On the 7th, destroyers FARNDALE and WILD SWAN were detached to refuel at Ponta Delgada and then join convoy OG.73. Sloop ROCHESTER and corvettes CARNATION, LA MALOUINE, HELIOTROPE, and MALLOW departed Gibraltar on the 4th and joined the convoy on the 8th.


Sloop DEPTFORD joined the convoy on the 10th, sloop SANDWICH, French sloop COMMANDANT DOMINE, and anti-submarine yacht PHILANTE joined on the 11th.


Destroyers CALDWELL, VANOC, VOLUNTEER, and WALKER joined on the 12th.


On the 14th, a Hurricane from catapult ship MAPLIN drove off a German Fw.200 bomber one hundred miles south of Ireland. Sub Lt C. W. Walker baled out and was picked up by sloop ROCHESTER.


On the 15th, sloop DEPTFORD was detached.


The convoy arrived at Liverpool on the 17th.



Submarine URSULA arrived at Malta from patrol east of Tripoli.



Submarine TRIUMPH arrived at Malta from patrol off the north coast of Sicily.



Convoy ST.2 departed Freetown, escorted by corvettes ARMERIA and ASPHODEL, and arrived at Takoradi on the 7th.



Wednesday, 3 September


Aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS's air strike in Operation EGV.1 against Tromso was canceled due to the lack of cloud cover.



Minelayer MANXMAN arrived from Loch Alsh. The minelayer, escorted by light cruiser KENYA and destroyer LIGHTNING, departed Scapa Flow at 1000 to laid minefield EH off Stadtlandet during the night of 3/4 September.


The force arrived back at Scapa Flow at 0015/5th.


The minelaying cruiser departed Scapa Flow later on the 5th to return to Loch Alsh.



Submarine TRIDENT, returning to Polyarnoe, unsuccessfully attacked U.566.



Destroyer WOLFHOUND was damaged by a near miss of a German air bomb in the North Sea.


The destroyer was under repair for nineteen months at Chatham.



U.567 sank British steamer FORT RICHEPANSE (3485grt) in 52-15N, 21-10W.


The steamer was slightly damaged by German bombing seven hours before U.567's attack.


Thirty six crew and five passengers were lost on the steamer. Polish destroyer PIORUN picked up twenty six survivors and destroyer GARLAND one survivor.



Destroyer ENCOUNTER departed Gibraltar for South Africa, via the Cape. She refuelled at Ponta Delgada and then joined battlecruiser REPULSE escorting convoy WS.11.


The destroyer operated off East Africa for a time.


Destroyer ENCOUNTER arrived at Alexandria on 16 October for operations with the Mediterranean Fleet.



Battleship VALIANT, light cruiser HOBART, and destroyers were at sea exercising from Alexandria during the day.



Submarine OTUS attacked a southbound convoy in 35-40N, 18-07E.


The submarine reported two hits on a steamer.



Dutch submarine O.23 departed Gibraltar for Dundee for refitting from 23 September to 4 February 1942.



Greek submarine PAPANICOULIS, on passage from Alexandria to Port Said for docking, broke down.


The submarine was towed back to Alexandria arriving during the night of 3/4 September. It was determined the submarine would be out of action for at least two months.



Greek destroyer PANTHER departed Port Said to return to Alexandria after repairs at Suez.



Italian steamer COMMANDANT BAFILE (1790grt) was lost when she ran aground near Cape Comino, Sardinia.



Thursday, 4 September


Forces M and L rendezvoused for Operation STRENGTH.



Destroyers BEDOUIN and VIVACIOUS departed Scapa Flow at 2100 to meet battleship KING GEORGE V at Oxcars Gate and provide escort for her to Scapa Flow on the 5th.



Minelayer PORT QUEBEC, escorted by destroyer NEWARK, laid minefield SN.23 A.



Destroyer RIPLEY ran aground off Flamborough Head.


The destroyer was towed off the same day. She received temporary repairs at Grimsby until 25 September and permanent repairs at Middlesbrough to 15 March.



British steamer ABBAS COMBE (489grt) was sunk by German bombing five miles north, northwest of Bardsey Island.


Four crew were missing on the steamer.



Dutch steamer TON S. (466grt) was damaged by German bombing in 52-58N, 4-55W.


The steamer arrived at Newport on the 6th for drydocking.



American destroyer GREER was cooperating with a British aircraft west, southwest of Iceland.


The aircraft dropped two depth charges at U.652 which took them to be from the destroyer.


The submarine fired a torpedo at destroyer GREER.


Destroyer WATCHMAN joined briefly at 1415 and was then detached.



An Italian convoy of steamers SIRENA (974grt), SPARVIERO (498grt), and IMPERIA (222grt), escorted by torpedo PALLADE and CENTAURO, departed Tripoli for Benghazi.


Torpedo boat PALLADE was detached on the 5th.

On the 7th, Submarine THUNDERBOLT sank steamer SIRENA fifty miles west of Benghazi.



Australian destroyer VENDETTA arrived at Port Said for escort duties to Famagusta.


The destroyer escorting British steamer SALAMAUA arrived on the 6th. The destroyer then proceeded to Haifa.



Destroyers KINGSTON and HASTY departed Beirut for Haifa.



British steamer HARPALYCUS (5629grt) was damaged by German bombing off Ashrafi Reef, Gulf of Suez.


British steamers CITY OF AUCKLAND (8336grt), ROSS (4978grt), and KING EDGAR (4536grt) were also attacked, but were not damaged.


Steamer HARPALYCUS arrived at Suez on the 5th.



Corvettes FLEUR DE LYS and AZALEA departed Gibraltar escorting tanker CORDELIA and steamer DEUCALIOIN westwards, then meeting tanker INVERLEE for inward escort.


The corvettes and tankers INVERLEE and BRITISH FREEDOM arrived at Gibraltar on the 13th.



Anti-submarine trawlers LADY SHIRLEY and LADY HOGARTH departed Gibraltar to meet tanker NOREG for inward escort.


The trawlers arrived at Funchal on the 9th; LADY SHIRLEY under tow with condenser problems.


The tanker arrived at Gibraltar on the 10th, escorted by corvette JONQUIL.



Submarine SEVERN arrived at Gibraltar from Atlantic patrol.



Submarine UNBEATEN arrived at Malta from patrol in the Straits of Messina.



Convoy SL.86 departed Freetown escorted by sloop EGRET to 24 September and corvettes ASTER and BURDOCK to 7 September. On the 7th, escort vessel BANFF joined to to 24 September and on the 8th, escort vessel FISHGUARD joined to 24 September.


Ocean boarding vessel HILARY joined on the 18th to 25 September.


Destroyers BROKE, CHELSEA, and MANSFIELD joined on the 22nd to 26 September. Destroyer VANSITTART escorted the convoy on the 24th only.


The convoy arrived at Liverpool on the 26th.



Convoy HX.148 departed Halifax, escorted by armed merchant cruiser ALAUNIA and corvettes LETHBRIDGE, SHEDIAC, and SHERBROOKE. The corvettes were relieved on7 September by destroyer RICHMOND and corvettes BITTERSWEET, CANDYTUFT, and FENNEL. Corvettes BITTERSWEET and CANDYTUFT were detached on the 10th and destroyer RICHMOND and corvette FENNEL on the 11th. On the 12th, destroyers MONTGOMERY, WHITEHALL, WINCHELSEA, and WITCH, corvettes ABELIA, ANEMONE, and VERONICA, and anti-submarine trawler ST ZENO joined the escort. Destroyer BOADICEA joined on the 13th and destroyer WITCH was detached. Destroyers BEAGLE and SHIKARI joined on the 14th and destroyer MONTGOMERY was detached. On the 15th, destroyer BOADICEA, the armed merchant cruiser and corvette ANEMONE was detached. Destroyers BEAGLE and SABRE and corvettes ABELIA and VERONICA were detached. The convoy arrived at Liverpool on the 17th.



Friday, 5 September


Battleship KING GEORGE V with destroyers BEDOUIN, VIVACIOUS, and VERDUN departed Rosyth at 0930 for Scapa Flow.


Destroyer LAFOREY departed Scapa Flow at 1230 to relieve destroyer VERDUN off Kinnaird Head. Destroyer VERDUN, on relief, returned to Rosyth.


The battleship and destroyers BEDOUIN, VIVACIOUS, and LAFOREY arrived at Scapa Flow at 2012.



Light cruisers NIGERIA and AURORA refuelled from oiler OLIGARCH and departed Seidisfjord to operate against German shipping off Norway.


On the 7th at 0130, they attacked a German convoy of German steamers BARCELONA (3101grt) and TRAUTENFELS (6418grt), escorted by German gunnery ship BREMSE, in an inlet east of North Cape.


German ship BREMSE was sunk in the action.


Light cruiser NIGERIA was badly damaged during the engagement, probably striking a Soviet mine.


Light cruiser NIGERIA was able to proceed only at eight knots.


Destroyers BEDOUIN and ESKIMO departed Scapa Flow at 0230for Seidisfjord and proceeded from that port to meet the cruisers. The destroyers met the cruisers at 2000/9th.


Heavy cruiser LONDON departed Hvalfjord at 0430/9th to assist cruiser NIGERIA, but was recalled at 2322 to return to Hvalfjord for operations against German heavy cruiser ADMIRAL SCHEER.


All four ships arrived at Scapa Flow at 2000/10th.


At 1700/11th, cruiser NIGERIA, escorted by destroyers LAMERTON and BADSWORTH departed Scapa Flow for the Tyne. En route, destroyers HOLDERNESS and MEYNELL, which departed Sheerness at 1100/11th, relieved the destroyers off May Island at 0600/12th.


The damage to NIGERIA was arrived in the Tyne on the 12th. She was repaired at Newcastle, completing on 15 December.



Destroyers ELECTRA and ACTIVE arrived at Murmansk at 0730/5th. The destroyers sailed at 1800 that day for Archangel.



Monitor EREBUS, escorted by motor launch ML.188, departed Scapa Flow at 1600 for Lerwick to carry out special trials in the Shetlands.


The two ships arrived at Lerwick at 1530/6th for trials expected to take six days.



Convoy ON.13 departed Liverpool eoscted by corvette VERONICA. The convoy was joined on the 6th by destroyers DOUGLAS, LEAMINGTON, SALADIN, SKATE, and VETERAN, corvettes ABELIA and ANEMONE, and anti-submarine trawlers ST KENAN, ST ZENO, and VIZALMA. Destroyer LEAMINGTON and trawler VIZALMA were detached on the 8th and destroyers DOUGLAS, SALADIN, SKATE, and VETERAN on the 9th. The remaining escorts remained with the convoy until it was dispersed on the 11th.



Destroyer LINCOLN arrived at Scapa Flow at 1700 after escort duty in convoy ON.10 to refuel and carry out degaussing trials.


Destroyer LINCOLN departed Scapa Flow at 1330/6th to join convoy FS 588 and provide additional escort to the Thames.



U.501 sank Norwegian steamer EINVIK (2000grt), which was straggling behind convoy SC.41,at 60-38N, 31-18W. The entire crew were rescued.



Italian submarine BARACCA sank Panamanian steamer TRINIDAD (434grt) in 46-06N, 17-04W.


Ten crew reached Oporto after twenty days in open boats.



Dutch submarine O.21 sank Italian steamer ISARCO (5738grt) twenty eight miles southeast of Ischia in 42-48N, 9-58E.


The submarine picked up twenty two survivors from the steamer and arrived back at Gibraltar on the 12th.



Submarine PERSEUS damaged Italian tanker MAYA (3867grt) from a convoy of Rumanian steamer BALCIK and tanker MAYA, escorted by torpedo boat SIRIO, which departed Piraeus for the Dardanelles on the 4th, off the Dardanelles in 39-43N, 25-57E.


Because the steamer could not be towed, she was beached.



An Italian convoy of steamers ERNESTO (7272grt), COL DI LANA (5891grt), and POZARICA (7751grt) departed Tripoli for Naples, escorted by destroyers DA RECCO, FRECCIA, FOLGORE, and STRALE. The escort was joined on the 7th by torpedo boat CIRCE.


Twenty miles north of Pantelleria, on the 7th, steamer ERNESTO was damaged by Dutch submarine O.21.


Steamer ERNESTO with destroyer STRALE and torpedo boat CIRCE arrived at Trapani on the 8th. The convoy arrived at Naples later on the 8th.



Submarine OSIRIS departed Malta for Alexandria with stores and twelve passengers.


The submarine arrived on the 12th.



American steamer STEEL SEAFARER (5718grt) was sunk by German bombing two hundred miles south of Suez near Shadwan Island.


Twenty four survivors had reached Shadwan Island by boat. These survivors were picked up by anti-aircraft ship COVENTRY. A further twelve crewman had reached Hurghada by boat. No crew were lost.



South African anti-submarine trawler PROTEA arrived at Suez from South Africa to join the 22nd Anti Submarine Trawler Group.



Convoy SC.43 departed Sydney, CB, escorted by armed merchant cruiser AUSONIA and corvettes ARVIDA, BARRIE, DAUPHIN, and HEPATICA. The armed merchant cruiser was detached on the 8th and destroyer READING and corvette PRESCOTT joined. On the 16th, destroyer READING and corvettes HEPATICA and PRESCOTT were detached. Destroyers KEPPEL, SABRE, and VENOMOUS joined on the 16th and destroyers CAMPBELTOWN, ST ALBANS, and WESTCOTT joined on the 18th. The convoy arrived at Liverpool on the 20th.



Heavy cruiser HAWKINS arrived at Durban.



New Zealand light cruiser LEANDER departed Sydney with British liner AQUITANIA (45,747grt).


The ships arrived at Wellington on the 8th.



Saturday, 6 September


Minesweeping trawler STRATHBORVE (216grt, T/Lt A. W. Johnston RNR) was sunk on a mine in the Humber.


Johnston and three ratings were killed. T/Lt W. G. Lewis RNVR,  died of wounds. Ten ratings were missing.



Destroyers CHESTERFIELD and BURNHAM collided in St John's Harbour.


There was no serious damage to destroyer CHESTERFIELD. The destroyer departed St Johns with convoys HX.149/SC 44 to Iceland. The destroyer arrived at Portsmouth on 6 October for refitting.


Destroyer BURNHAM was sent to Boston for refit and repairs. She arrived on the 17th and repairs were completed on 23 October. The destroyer departed Boston on 1 November, when she sailed for Halifax.



British trawler BRORA (530grt) was lost in a grounding in the Hebrides.



British steamer EMPIRE GUNNER (4492grt) was badly damaged by German bombing in 52-08N, 5-18W.


The steamer sank early on the 7th in 52-09N, 5-16W. The entire crew were rescued.



British steamer STANMOUNT (4468grt) was damaged by German bombing off 54D Buoy off Great Yarmouth.


The steamer arrived at Immingham the next day.



U.141 sank British fishing trawler KING ERIK (228grt) near Iceland.


The submarine reported sinking a second trawler the day before.



In an German air raid on Alexandria Harbour, destroyer KANDAHAR and destroyer depot ship WOOLWICH were damaged by near misses.

The destroyer had no time out of action.


Hospital ship MAINE was near missed. Surgeon Cdr R. W. Nesbitt, MB, FRCPI, and four ratings were killed. Fifteen ratings were wounded.



Destroyer GRIFFIN departed Alexandria to relieve destroyer KINGSTON at Haifa. Destroyer KINGSTON arrived back at Alexandria on the 7th.



Australian sloop PARRAMATTA departed Alexandria to reinforce sloop FLAMINGO operating in the Gulf of Suez. The sloop passed through the Canal on the 7th.



Submarine CLYDE departed Gibraltar on patrol. The submarine arrived back from the Atlantic patrol on the 9th.



Dutch submarine O.24 attacked Italian anti-aircraft barque CARLA (347grt) off La Spezia in 43-45N, 9-21E.


The barque was forced aground by gunfire.



Dutch submarine O.21 unsuccessfully attacked an armed merchant cruiser in the Tyrrhenian Sea.



Sunday, 7 September


Aircraft carrier ARGUS flew two Squadrons of twelve Hurricanes each to an airfield at Vaegna at 1100/7th in Operation STRENGTH.


Forces L of heavy cruiser SHROPSHIRE and destroyers SOMALI, MATABELE, and PUNJABI and M.of heavy cruisers DEVONSHIRE and SUFFOLK, aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS, and destroyers INGLEFIELD, ECLIPSE, and ESCAPADE operated nearby.



Light cruiser PENELOPE departed Scapa Flow for the Clyde to escort battleship DUKE OF YORK.


The cruiser arrived on the 8th.



Destroyer ASHANTI departed Rosyth after repairs developed on passage to Scapa Flow.


The destroyer arrived at Scapa Flow at 1545/7th to work up after long repairs.



Destroyers ANTELOPE and ANTHONY departed Scapa Flow for Rosyth for boiler cleaning.


The destroyers arrived at 0930/8th.



Convoy ON.14 departed Liverpool. It was joined on the 8th by corvettes LOBELIA, NARCISSUS, and RENONCULE and anti-submarine trawlers ARAB, AYSHIRE, and LADY MADELEINE. Destroyers BEAGLE, BOADICEA, and SALISBURY and corvette HEATHER joined on the 9th. On the 11th, destroyer SALISBURY and trawlers AYRSHIRE and LADY MADELEINE were detached and on the 12th destroyers BEAGLE and BOADICEA were detached. The remaining escorts were with the convoy until dispersed on the 14th.



Minelayer AGAMEMNON, escorted by destroyer CASTLETON, laid minefield SN.61.


After the operation, destroyer CASTLETON departed Loch Alsh for Scapa Flow at 2100/8th. The destroyer arrived at 0700/9th to dock and effect repairs to her anti-submarine fittings.



German motor torpedo boats S.48, S.49, S.50, S.52, and S.107 of the 4th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla attacked a Convoy off the Norfolk coast.


British steamer DUNCARRON (478grt) was sunk three miles east of Sheringham.


Six crew and three gunners were lost on the steamer.


Norwegian steamer EIKHAUG (1436grt) was sunk in 53-05-52N, 1-20-50E.

Fifteen crew were lost. Four survivors were picked up.



British steamer MARCREST (4224grt) was sunk by German bombing in the vicinity of 54D Buoy, two miles 90 from Yarmouth. The entire crew were rescued.



British steamer TRSAT (1369grt) was sunk by German bombing seven miles northeast by east of Kinnaird Head.


Two crew and a gunner were lost on the steamer.



British fishing trawler OPHIR II (213grt) was sunk by a mine four miles northeast of Humber Light Vessel.


Five crew were missing.



British steam trawler NAIRANA (225grt) was damaged by German bombing seven to eight miles off Myggenaes, Faroes.



Soviet destroyer SPOSOBNY was damaged by the near misses of German bombing in the Black Sea.



A German convoy of German steamers LIVORNO (1829grt) and SPEZIA (1825grt), escorted by torpedo boat FABRIZI, departed Naples for Benghazi.


At Messina, torpedo boat FABRIZI was relieved by torpedo boats POLLUCE and CENTAURO.


On the 11th, Submarine THUNDERBOLT sank steamer LIVORNO off Bougie in 31-58N, 19-23E.


The convoy arrived at Benghazi on the 11th.



Light cruiser NAIAD and destroyers HAVOCK and HOTSPUR were at sea during the night of 6/7 September to control night fighters operating against enemy aircraft which might attack Alexandria or the Canal area.



Submarine TORBAY reported an enemy submarine in 32-42N, 28-55E.


Destroyers GRIFFIN and HASTY departed Haifa, destroyer VENDETTA departed Port Said, and destroyers HERO, HAVOCK, HOTSPUR, and KINGSTON departed Alexandria to carry out anti-submarine searched in the area.


The search ended unsuccessfully. The destroyers returned to their respective ports of departure on the 10th.



Dutch submarine O.21 unsuccessfully attacked an auxiliary minelayer in the Tyrrhenian Sea.



Aircraft carrier FURIOUS with destroyers COSSACK, LEGION, ZULU, and LIVELY arrived from England.



Destroyer WIVERN departed Gibraltar for refitting in the UK.



Monday, 8 September


Destroyer VIVACIOUS departed Scapa Flow at 0800 to join destroyers LIGHTNING and ICARUS at the Clyde to escort battleship DUKE OF YORK from the Clyde to Rosyth on the 9th.


Destroyer VIVACIOUS arrived in the Clyde at 0600/9th.


At 0600/9th, battleship DUKE OF YORK, light cruiser PENELOPE, and destroyers LIGHTNING, ICARUS, and VIVACIOUS departed the Clyde for Rosyth to complete her working up.


Destroyers LIGHTNING and ICARUS were released from the escort at 1600/10th. Destroyer LIGHTNING returned to Scapa Flow and destroyer ICARUS proceeded to the Humber to commence a refitting at Immingham, arriving at 1015/11th.


Battleship DUKE OF YORK and destroyer VIVACIOUS arrived at Rosyth on the 10th. At 1900/10th, destroyer VIVACIOUS departed Rosyth to return to Scapa Flow, arriving at 0800/11th.



Mine destructor ship CORFIELD (Lt  Cdr W. J. Tucker RNVR ) was sunk on a mine two miles south of the Humber Light Vessel.


There were no casualties on the vessel.



Sloop ROSEMARY was damaged in a collision with Polish destroyer BURZA inside Milford Haven Harbour.


The sloop was repaired at Milford Haven completing on the 15th.


The destroyer was repaired at Glasgow completing on the 20th.



Aircraft carrier FURIOUS arrived at Gibraltar at 1500/7th. Twenty six Hurricanes were transferred to aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL.


Aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL and destroyers GURKHA, FORESTER, LIVELY, and LANCE departed Gibraltar on Operation STATUS. They joined light cruiser HERMOINE which had departed to the westward the evening before.


One flight of Hurricanes were flown off on the 9th. Force H returned to Gibraltar at 0900/10th.


At 1900/10th, aircraft carrier FURIOUS with destroyers LEGION, FORESIGHT, and FORESTER departed Gibraltar. At 2100/10th, aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL, battleship NELSON, light cruiser HERMIONE, and destroyers ZULU, GURKHA, LANCE, and LIVELY departed Gibraltar. On the 13th, aircraft carriers ARK ROYAL flew off twenty six Hurricanes and FURIOUS flew off nineteen Hurricanes.



Destroyers KIPLING, JAGUAR, and DECOY departed Alexandria to carry supplies to Tobruk.


Destroyers DECOY and KIPLING were damaged by near misses of German air bombs near Tobruk.


Neither destroyer spent any time out of action.


Destroyer KIMBERLEY at sea covering this operation was also near missed by bombing. The destroyer also spent no time out of action.


The destroyers arrived back at Alexandria on the 9th.



Anti-aircraft ship CARLISLE departed Suez to relieve anti-aircraft ship COVENTRY at Anchorage F at 27-49N, 33-57E.



Light cruiser NAIAD with destroyers NAPIER and NIZAM were at sea from Alexandria controlling night fighters during the night of 8/9 September.



Italian submarine MAGGIORE BARACCA was sunk by destroyer CROOME by gunfire and ramming east of the Azores, 40-30N, 21-15W. The Captain, five officers, and twenty eight ratings were picked up.


The destroyer sustained damage to her stern. Destroyer CROOME arrived at Gibralta on the 10th and was under repair from 12 September to 4 October at Gibraltar.



Dutch submarine O.21 unsuccessfully attacked a convoy in the Tyrrhenian Sea.



An American convoy departed Argentia for Reykjavik.


The convoy was escorted by battleships IDAHO and NEW MEXICO, heavy cruiser VINCENNES, and destroyers MORRIS, SIMS, HUGHES, HAMMANN, MUSTIN, and O'BRIEN of the 2nd Destroyer Squadron, NIBLACK, HILARY P. JONES, GLEAVES, CHARLES F. HUGHES, MADISON, and LANSDALE of the 7th Destroyer Squadron, and SIMPSON, MACLEISH, TRUXTON, OVERTON, REUBEN JAMES, and BAINBRIDGE.


The convoy and escort arrived on the 16th.



Vichy French light cruiser LAMOTTE PICQUETT departed Saigon for Osaka, where she arrived on the 15th for urgent repairs. She departed on the 27th escorting French steamer KINDIA (1972grt) to Saigon, where they both arrived on 9 October.



Tuesday, 9 September


Battleship PRINCE OF WALES and destroyers LAFOREY, PUCKERIDGE, ASHANTI, CASTLETON, LAMERTON, and BADSWORTH were brought to half hour's notice and battleship KING GEORGE V to one hour's notice on the report that German heavy cruiser ADMIRAL SCHEER had departed Oslo. It was later found that she was returning to Swinemunde after two unsuccessful bombing raids on her while at Oslo on the 5th and 8th.



German steamer TRIFELS (6198grt, former French SAINTE LOUISE recaptured at the fall of France, former German TRIFELS captured on 14 November 1939) was sunk by motor torpedo boat MTB.54 off Boulogne, which was part of a force of MTB.35 (SO), MTB.218 and MTB.54 (Norwegian crew commanded by Lt P E Danielsen).  MGB.43 and MGB.52 were also at sea in the Varne area. German escorting patrol vessels Vp.202 (trawler HERMANN BOSCH,  470grt) and Vp.208 (trawler WALTER DARRE, 391grt) rescued the crew.




Force M of heavy cruiser DEVONSHIRE, aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS, and destroyers SOMALI, MATABELE, and PUNJABI refuelled at Bell Sound.


Force L had been detached, accompanied for a time by heavy cruiser SUFFOLK, and was proceeding to Seidisfjord.


Force M departed Bell Sound for Operation EGV.2 on the 10th. Before sailing, the Commander of the Force transferred from heavy cruiser DEVONSHIRE to aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS.


Heavy cruiser SUFFOLK rejoined Force M on the 10th.


Aircraft carrier ARGUS, heavy cruiser SHROPSHIRE, and destroyers INGLEFIELD, IMPULSIVE, and ECLIPSE arrived Seidisfjord for refuel on the 12th. The ships departed at 2000 that day for Scapa Flow.


Force L arrived at Scapa Flow on the 14th at 0730.



Corvette CANDYTUFT, escorting convoy HX.148 with destroyer RICHMOND and corvettes BITTERSWEET and FENNEL, was damaged in 51-20N, 39-08W. Lt D. M. Hall RNR,  and T/Sub Lt H. F. T. Davies RNVR,  and nine ratings were killed when the ship's starboard boiler exploded.


The corvette was taken in tow by corvette BITTERSWEET and arrived at St Johns on the 14th. She was later taken from St Johns on 2 October for Halifax arriving on 6 October. Beyond the capacity of the Halifax repair facilities, the corvette was towed from Halifax on 8 October for New York where she arrived on 11 October.


The corvette was repaired from 11 October 1941 to February 1942 at New York Navy Yard.



U.81 sank British steamer EMPIRE SPRINGBUCK (5591grt), straggling behind convoy SC.42, in 61-38N, 40-40W.


There were no survivors on the steamer from a crew of thirty four and five gunners.



U.85 attacked British steamer JEDMOOR (4392grt) in convoy SC.42, but did not damage her.



German steamer ERNA OLDENDORFF (2095grt) was sunk in a collision with a tanker off St Nazaire.



Battleship BARHAM, minelaying cruisers ABDIEL and LATONA, and destroyers NAPIER and NIZAM were at sea from Alexandria for exercises.


A Swordfish of 815 Squadron from Dekheila ditched offshore. Minelayer ABDIEL picked up the pilot, Sub Lt D. W. Phillips and his crew after five and a half hours in the water.


The light cruisers AJAX, NEPTUNE, and HOBART of the 7th Cruiser Squadron were also at sea exercising.



British gunboat GNAT departed Mersa Matruh for Tobruk, but returned when her engines broke down.


The gunboat later proceeded to Alexandria for repairs.



Dutch submarine O.24 sank Italian steamer ITALO BALBO (5114grt) ten miles west of Elba in 42-47N, 9-57E.



Wednesday, 10 September


Battleship PRINCE OF WALES departed Scapa Flow at 1300 with destroyers LAMERTON, BADSWORTH, and PUCKERIDGE to exercise west of Hoy.


At 1330, minelaying cruiser WELSHMAN and destroyers LAFOREY and ASHANTI departed Scapa Flow to relieve the HUNT destroyers in the battleship PRINCE OF WALES' screen. The battleship and screen would then proceed to Havlfjord to prepare for operations against the German heavy cruiser ADMIRAL SCHEER which was expected to attempt a break through into the Atlantic.


Heavy cruiser LONDON was ordered to patrol the western approaches to Denmark Strait.


At 1430, battleship PRINCE OF WALES was ordered to remain in her practice area and at 2212 was ordered to return to Scapa Flow.


The ships were ordered to revert to normal notice at 2025/11th. At 2051, heavy cruiser LONDON was ordered to return to Hvalfjord.


The ships arrived back at Scapa Flow on the 11th when the operation was canceled.


Heavy cruiser LONDON arrived back at Hvalfjord on the 12th.



Minelaying cruiser MANXMAN departed Scapa Flow for Loch Alsh.



Light cruiser SHEFFIELD departed Scapa Flow for the Clyde in her return to Gibraltar.


The cruiser arrived at the Clyde on the 11th.



Destroyer LIGHTNING, en route to Scapa Flow from escorting battleship DUKE OF YORK, was in a collision with minesweeping trawler STRATHGELDIE (192grt) in 58-12N, 2-21W.


The destroyer was damaged and the trawler was badly damaged. Destroyer LIGHTNING escorted the trawler to Wick before continuing on to Scapa Flow, where she arrived at 0530/11th.

Destroyer LIGHTNING departed Scapa Flow at 1730/15th for the Clyde for repairs.



Canadian corvettes CHAMBLY and MOOSEJAW, en route to join convoy SC.42, sank U.501 in the Denmark Strait in 62-50N, 37-50W. Thirty seven of the crew were rescued, but eleven of the German crew were lost. One Canadian rating was lost after boarding the submarine prior to sinking.


U.432 sank British steamer MUNERIC (5229grt) from convoy SC.42 in 61-38N, 40-40W. The submarine claimed sinking a second steamer. The entire crew of steamer MUNERIC were lost.


U.81 made three attacks on convoy SC.42 on the 10th and claimed sinking one steamer and damaging two steamers.


U.652 damaged British steamers TAHCHEE (6508grt) and BARON PENTLAND (3410grt) in 61-15N, 41-05W.


Steamer BARON PENTLAND was sunk on the 19th by U.372.


Two crew were lost on steamer BARON PENTLAND.


Tanker TAHCHEE arrived at Iceland on the 15th in tow of corvette ORILLA.


U.432 sank Dutch steamer WINTERSWIJK (3205grt) 61-38N, 40-40W and Norwegian steamer STARGARD (1113grt) in 61-3oN, 40-30W from convoy SC.42.


Twenty crew were missing from steamer WINTERSWIJK.


Two crew were lost on steamer STARGARD. The survivors were rescued by Norwegian steamer REGIN (1386grt).


U.81 sank British steamer SALLY MAERSK (3252grt) from the convoy in 61-40N, 40-30W. The submarine claimed sinking two additional steamers. The entire crew from steamer SALLY MAERSK was rescued.


U.82 sank British CAM ship EMPIRE HUDSON (7465grt) from the convoy in 61-28N, 39-46W.


Four crew were lost on the steamer.


U.85 sank British steamer THISTLEGLEN (4748grt) from the convoy in 61-59N, 39-46W. The submarine claimed damaging another steamer.


Three crew were missing from steamer THISTLEGLEN.


U.85 made two attacks on the convoy and claimed sinking two steamers.


Canadian corvette KENOGAMI of convoy SC.42 attacked U.85.


On the 11th, U.85 sank British tanker BULYSSES (7519grt) in 62-40N, 38-50W and steamer GYPSUM QUEEN (3915grt) in 63-05N, 37-50W.


Four crew were lost on the tanker.


Nine crew and one gunner were missing on steamer GYPSUM QUEEN.


U.432 sank Swedish steamer GARM from the convoy on the 11th in 63-02N, 37-51W.


Six crew were lost on the Swedish steamer.


U.433 damaged Norwegian steamer BESTUM (2215grt) from the convoy on the 11th in 63N, 37W.


U.207 sank British steamer STONEPOOL (4815grt) in 63-05N, 37-50W, British steamer BERURY (4924grt) in 62-40N, 38-50W, and Canadian steamer RANDA (1558grt) in 63N, 37W from the convoy on the 11th.


Forty two crew were lost on steamer STONEPOOL.


One crewman was lost on steamer BERURY. The steamer was scuttled by a British warship.


U.82 sank British steamer EMPIRE CROSSBILL (5463grt) and damaged Swedish steamer SCANIA (1980grt) in 63-14N, 37-12W from the convoy. The entire crew on steamer EMPIRE CROSSBILL were lost.


U.202 sank damaged Swedish steamer SCANIA (1980grt), straggling behind the convoy, in 63-14N, 37-12W on the 11th.


There were no casualties on the steamer SCANIA.


Corvettes CHAMBLY and MOOSEJAW joined the convoy on the 11th. Later in the morning, the convoy was joined by Canadian corvette WETASKIWIN, Corvettes MIMOSA and GLADIOLUS, and anti-submarine whaler BUTTERMERE.


During the afternoon of 11 September, the 2nd Escort Group joined the convoy with destroyers DOUGLAS (SO ), VETERAN, SALADIN, SKATE, and LEAMINGTON.


On the 11th, destroyers LEAMINGTON and VETERAN sank U.207 in the Denmark Strait in 63-59N, 34-48W. The entire crew of forty one were lost in the submarine.


Destroyers ST CROIX from convoy SC.41 and COLUMBIA from convoy HX.147 joined the convoy on the 12th.


On the 12th, U.84 attacked and reported damaging a steamer in the convoy.


US destroyers SIMS, CHARLES F. HUGHES, and RUSSELL joined the convoy to allow the destroyers of the 2nd Escort Group to refuel on the 13th.


On the 16th, U.98 sank British steamer JEDMOOR (4392grt) in 59N, 10W and reported damaging another steamer.


Thirty one crew, including five gunners, were lost on the steamer JEDMOOR.


On the 19th, U.372 sank British steamer BARON PENTLAND (3410grt), straggling behind the convoy after being torpedoed on the 10th, in 61-15N, 41-05W.



U.111 sank Dutch steamer MARKEN (5719grt) at 1-36N, 36-55W. The entire crew were rescued.



British drifter CHRISTINE ROSE (T/Skipper R. W. Griffiths RNR) was lost when she grounded on Knap Rock, Argyll.


Griffiths was lost in the trawler.



German steamer JULIUS HUGH STINNES 27 (2530grt) was lost on a mine near Kolberg.



German auxiliary minesweeper M.1102 (trawler H. A. W. MULLER, 460grt) was sunk by an RAF aerial torpedo in 58-08N, 6-38E.



Battleship QUEEN ELIZABETH, minelaying cruisers ABDIEL and LATONA, and destroyers JACKAL and NIZAM were exercising from Alexandria.



Light cruiser NAIAD with destroyers JACKAL and HOTSPUR were at sea to direct night fighters.

Destroyer JACKAL rescued a party of two Army officers, three soldiers, and nine Greeks which had escaped from Greece in a caique and were making for Alexandria.



Submarine THUNDERBOLT sank Italian steamer SVAM I (388grt) in the Gulf of Sirte.



Panamanian steamer HONDURAS (4524grt) was damaged by German bombing at 28-04N, 33-29E off Suez.


The steamer was able to arrive under her own power at Zafarana.



Italian submarine TOPAZIO sank British ferry MUREFTE (691grt) in 33-12N, 34-35E.


One crewman was lost on the ferry. The survivors were picked up by Egyptian steamer TALODI (1585grt).


Destroyers KIPLING, JACKAL, HASTY, and HOTSPUR departed Alexandria and destroyers HERO and GRIFFIN departed Haifa to hunt for this submarine.


Destroyers KIPLING and HASTY returned to Alexandria on the 13th.


Destroyers HERO, GRIFFIN, JACKAL, and HOTSPUR arrived at Haifa on the 14th.



Submarine TORBAY damaged German steamer NORBURG (2392grt) in Candia Harbour.



Submarine PROTEUS arrived at Gibraltar from refitting at Portsmouth from December 1940 to 17 August. The submarine had departed Holy Loch on the 3rd.



RAF bombers from Malta damaged Italian heavy cruiser BOLZANO at Messina. Twelve crew were killed and 30 wounded.



Convoy HX.149 departed Halifax, escorted by destroyers ANNAPOLIS and HAMILTON andarmed merchant cruiser ASCANIA. Destroyer CHURCHILL joined on the 12th. Destroyers ANNAPOLIS and HAMILTON were relieved on the 13th by corvettes ARROWHEAD, CAMELLIA, CELANDINE, and EYEBRIGHT. Destroyer CHURCHILL and the four corvettes were relieved on the 20th by destroyers MALCOLM and WATCHMAN, corvettes ARABIS and PETUNIA, and anti-submarine trawlers NORTHERN GEM, NORTHERN PRIDE, and NORTHERN SPRAY. Corvette MONKSHOOD joined on the 22nd. The armed merchant cruiser and corvette PETUNIA were detached on the 24th. The convoy arrived at Liverpool on the 25th.



Thursday, 11 September


Light cruiser KENYA departed Scapa Flow for repairs in the Clyde.


These repairs were to complete repairs to damage from her collision with destroyer BRIGHTON on 25 June.


The light cruiser arrived in the Clyde on the 12th. The flag of CS.10 was transferred to light cruiser SHEFFIELD.



Convoy ON.15 departed Liverpool, escorted by destroyers KEPPEL, SABRE, SHIKARI, and VENOMOUS, corvettes ALISMA, DIANELLA, and SUNFLOWER, and anti-submarine trawlers LADY ELSA, MAN O.WAR, and NORTHERN DAWN. Destroyer VENOMOUS and corvette SUNFLOWER were detached on the 13th, destroyer SABRE on the 14th, and destroyer KEPPEL on the 15th. The remainder of the escorts remained with the convoy until it was dispersed on the 16th.



T/Sub Lt M. S. Mills RCNVR, was killed in motor gunboat MGB.67 in "action. "



British steamer CORMEAD (2848grt) was damaged by German bombing in 52-33N, 2-05E.


The steamer anchored at Great Yarmouth Roads on the 12th.



British steamer trawler WAR GREY (246grt) was damaged by German bombing off Sunderland.



U.105 sank Panamanian steamer MONTANA (1549grt) in 63-40N, 35-50W.


Eighteen crew were lost on the steamer.



Destroyers NAPIER, KINGSTON, and HAVOCK departed Alexandria for Tobruk with supplies.


On their return, Senior Naval Officer, Inshore Squadron, Captain A. L. Poland DSO DSC, took passage to Mersa Matruh in destroyer NAPIER.


The destroyers returned to Alexandria on the 12th.



Italian steamer ALFREDO ORIANI (3059grt) was sunk by British Blenheim bombers in 35-05N, 20-16E.


The steamer which had departed Petrasso on the 11th was escorted by torpedo boat CANTORE.



Light cruiser EDINBURGH (CS 18) departed Simonstown after escorting convoy WS.10 to Capetown.


The cruiser arrived at Freetown on the 17th and Gibraltar on the 21st for Operation HALBERD.



Australian destroyer NESTOR was damaged by the premature explosion of a depth charge off Bathurst.


Destroyer NESTOR arrived at Freetown on the 12th. After temporary repairs at Freetown, the destroyer proceeded to Gibraltar, arriving on the 25th. The destroyer departed Gibraltar on the 26th and proceeded to Devonport for permanent repairs, completing on 5 December.



Convoy SC.44 departed Sydney, CB, escorted by armed merchant cruiser WOLFE and corvettes LETHBRIDGE, NAPANEE, and SHEDIAC. Corvette AGASSIZ joined on the 12th. The escort which left with the convoy on the 11th were detached on the 14th when relieved by destroyer CHESTERFIELD and corvettes ALYSSE, HONEYSUCKLE, LEVIS, and MAYFLOWER. Corvette LEVIS was lost on the 20th. Corvettes ARROWHEAD and EYEBRIGHT joined on the 20th. Corvette HONEYSUCKLE was detached on the 21st and destroyer CHESTERFIELD and corvettes AGASSIZ, ALYSSE, ARROWHEAD, EYEBRIGHT, and MAYFLOWER were detached on the 22nd. Destroyers AMAZON, BELMONT, BULLDOG, and GEORGETOWN and corvettes ACONIT and HEARTSEASE, and anti-submarine trawlers ANGLE, CAPE WARWICK, DANEMAN, NOTTS COUNTY, and ST APOLLO joined on the 22nd. Destroyers AMAZON and BULLDOG and corvettes ACONIT and HEARTSEASE were detached on the 27th. Destroyers BELMONT and GEORGETOWN and the trawlers were detached on the 28th. The convoy arrived at Liverpool on the 30th.



British steamer ELLENGA departed Singapore for Penang. The steamer departed Penang on the 13th, escorted by light cruiser DAUNTLESS to 10N, 84E.


Steamer ELLENGA arrived at Madras on the 20th.



Norwegian steamer SILVAPLANA (4793grt) was captured by German raider ATLANTIS at 26-16S, 164-25W.



Friday, 12 September


Heavy cruiser DEVONSHIRE (SO Force M), aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS, heavy cruiser SUFFOLK, and destroyers SOMALI, MATABELE, and PUNJABI carried out operation EGV.2 when VICTORIOUS launched aircraft against northern Norway.


The planes reported torpedoing a 2000 ton ship and attacked several small ships at Bodo and damaged the power station in Glomfjord.


An Albacore aircraft of 832 Squadron with a crew of Lt P. F. King, Lt T. L. Seccombe, and Leading Airman W. F. Lovell was damaged by flak. The airman was slightly wounded.



Monitor EREBUS and motor launch ML.188 departed Lerwick at 0500 on completion of trials.


The monitor arrived at Scapa Flow at 1700/12th.



Heavy cruiser BERWICK departed Scapa Flow to complete machinery repairs at Rosyth.


The cruiser arrived later that day.



Light cruiser SHEFFIELD, carrying 300 service personnel, departed Greenock at 2230 for Gibraltar, arriving on the 17th at 1500.



Destroyer BADSWORTH, returning to Scapa Flow from escorting damaged cruiser NIGERIA, was ordered at 0850 to search for a downed British aircraft off Kinnaird. The search was not successful and the destroyer later arrived at Scapa Flow.



Destroyer PUCKERIDGE departed Scapa Flow at 1700 for Portsmouth following working up exercises.


the destroyer arrived at Portsmouth at 1400/14th to join the 1st Destroyer Flotilla.



Convoy OG.74 departed Liverpool and the Clyde escorted by escort aircraft carrier AUDACITY, sloop DEPTFORD, and corvettes PENTSTEMON, MARIGOLD, and VETCH.


Ocean boarding vessel CORINTHIAN and destroyer ROCKINGHAM joined on the 13th and corvettes ARBUTUS and RHODODENDRON joined on the 14th. The ocean boarding vessel was detached on the 18th.


Martlet aircraft, piloted by Sub Lt (A) N. H. Patterson and Sub Lt (A) G. R. P. Fletcher RNVR,  of 802 Squadron from aircraft carrier AUDACITY shot down the carrier's first Fw.200/21st.


Sloop DEPTFORD arrived at Gibraltar on the 25th. Corvette COWSLIP which had proceeeded independently from the UK after failing to meet the convoy also arrived on the 25th. Aircraft carrier AUDACITY and corvettes ARBUTUS and MARIGOLD arrived on the 26th with survivors from the sunken ships. The convoy arrived at Gibraltar later on the 26th with destroyer ROCKINGHAM, corvettes PENTSTEMON, VETCH, and RHODODENDRON and anti-submarine trawler LAUREL.



Convoy OS.6 departed Liverpool, escorted by destroyer CAMPBELTOWN, which was detached on the 15th.


On the 13th, destroyers WESTCOTT and ST ALBANS and sloops STORK and WELLINGTON joined the convoy. The destroyers were detached on the 17th and the sloops on the 29th.


Indian sloop JUMNA joined on the 17th and was detached on the 29th. On 1 October, corvettes CLOVER and CYCLAMEN joined and escorted the convoy into Freetown arriving on 3 October. Destroyer BRILLIANT joined on 3 October outside Freetown.



An Italian convoy of steamers TEMBIEN, CAFFARO, NIRVO, BAINSIZZA, NICOLO ODERO, and GIULA departed Naples on the 10th, escorted by destroyers ORIANI and FULMINE and torpedo boats PROCIONE, PEGASO, ORSA, and CIRCE from Trapani, and OERSEO which joined at 0600/13th.


Italian steamer CAFFARO (6476grt) was sunk by British Swordfish of 830 Squadron from Malta 105 northwest of Tripoli in 34-14N, 11-54E.


Italian steamer TEMBIEN (5584grt) was damaged by 830 Squadron attack.


Italian steamer NICOLO ODERO (6003grt) was damaged in the attack. She was sunk on the 14th by RAF bombing in 32-51N, 12-18E after the convoy arrived at Tripoli on the 13th.



Submarine UTMOST departed Malta to search for a crew of a downed Blenheim.


The crew was rescued and UTMOST returned to Malta on the 14th.



Tug TAI KOO (688grt) was sunk by a mine at 16-45N, 40-05E, between Aden and Massawa.


Twenty six crew were lost. Cdr J. R. Stenhouse DSO, OBE, DSC, RD RNR  Rtd, on passage to HMS SHEBA, was also lost. Thirty seven crew were rescued.



Australian troop convoy US.12A departed Fremantle with liners QUEEN ELIZABETH (83,673grt) and QUEEN MARY (81,235grt).



Saturday, 13 September


Aircraft carrier VICTORIOUS, heavy cruisers SUFFOLK and DEVONSHIRE, and destroyers SOMALI, MATABELE, and PUNJABI arrived at Scapa Flow at 1900/13th.



Light cruiser EURYALUS departed Rosyth for Scapa Flow, arriving later that day.



Destroyer ANTHONY arrived at Scapa Flow at 2130 from Rosyth following boiler cleaning.



Convoy ON.16 departed Liverpool, escorted by destroyers MALCOLM, SARDONYX, and WATCHMAN. The convoy was joined on the 14th by anti-submarine trawlers NORTHERN GEM, NORTHERN PRIDE, and NORTHERN SPRAY. Corvettes ARABIS and PETUNIA joined on the 15th. Destroyers BADSWORTH and LAMERTON were with the convoy on 17 and 18 September when they were detached. Destroyers MALCOLM, SARDONYX, and WATCHMAN were detached on the 19th. Destroyer COLUMBIA joined on the 19th. Destroyer SKEENA and corvettes ORILLIA, RIMOUSKI, and WETASKIWIN joined on the 20th and the corvettes ARABIS and PETUNIA and the trawlers were detached. Destroyer COLUMBIA was detached on the 24th. The convoy was dispersed on the 27th.



P/T/A/Sub Lt (A) J. A. Dowling RNVR,  and Naval Airman W. Sands were killed when their Proctor of 755/756 Squadron crashed near Stratford on Avon.



British steamer BLOOMFIELD (1417grt) was sunk by German bombing in 61-50N, 6W. The entire crew were rescued.



Submarine TIGRIS sank Norwegian steamer RICHARD WITH (905grt) off Breisund in 70-50N, 23-57E.



German auxiliary patrol boat VP 308 (trawler OSCAR NEYNABER:314grt) was sunk by a Soviet motor torpedo boat off Porkkala in Finnish waters.



Finnish coastal defense ship ILMARINEN was mined and sunk in the Gulf of Finland.


Thirteen officers and two hundred and fifty eight men were lost on the ship. One hundred and thirty two survivors were picked up by patrol boats.



Corvette PEONY arrived at Alexandria from Beirut.



British steamer EMPIRE GUILLEMOT, which had arrived at Gibraltar in convoy OG.73, departed Gibraltar for Malta escorted through the day by corvettes GENTIAN and JASMINE in Operation PROPELLER.


The steamer safely arrived on the 19th.



Submarine THUNDERBOLT unsuccessfully attacked Italian minesweeper ZIRONA off Benghazi.



Submarine THRASHER unsuccessfully attacked a steamer in the Gulf of Sirte.



Corvettes JONQUIL and SPIRAEA departed Gibraltar ecorting tanker NOREG.



Light cruiser MANCHESTER and destroyer FIREDRAKE departed Gibraltar for repairs received during the SUBSTANCE operation.


The ships proceeded for Philadelphia and Boston, respectively. They were given local escort by destroyer HEYTHROP to 25W.



Submarine TRUSTY arrived at Gibraltar from Holy Loch, where she had departed on the 6th.



Sunday, 14 September


Heavy cruiser LONDON departed Hvalfjord for Scapa Flow, arriving on the 16th.



Light cruiser PENELOPE departed Scapa Flow for Akureyri, arriving on the 16th.



Minelaying cruiser WELSHMAN departed Scapa Flow at 0900 on completion of gunnery and anti-submarine working up.


The minelaying cruiser proceeded to Loch Alsh.



Destroyers JACKAL and HOTSPUR departed Haifa for an anti-submarine sweep.


The destroyers returned to Haifa on the 16th.



Australian destroyer VENDETTA and Corvette SALVIA arrived at Famagusta with British steamer SALAMAUA.


The destroyer remained with the steamer to escort it to Haifa. The corvette proceeded to Beirut.



Submarine THUNDERBOLT unsuccessfully attacked German steamer TINOS, escorted by torpedo boat POLLUCE thirty miles northwest of Benghazi.



Submarine PROTEUS departed Gibraltar with stores for Malta.


When she did not send a message after her test dive, destroyer VIDETTE was dispatched to search for her. However, the submarine arrived back at Gibraltar on the 15th with radio problems.


The submarine was able to proceed later on the 15th.



Convoy SL.87 departed Freetown escorted by destroyer BRILLIANT, corvettes AMARANTHUS and ASPHODEL, and anti-submarine trawler SARABANDE to 16 September.


French sloop COMMANDANT DUBOC joined on the 15th and escorted to 22 September. Sloop BIDEFORD, corvette GARDENIA, and escort vessels GORLESTON and LULWORTH joined on the 16th and escorted to 6 October. The convoy arrived at Liverpool on 6 October.


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