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  British and Other Navies in World War 2 Day-by-Day
by Don Kindell


Edited by Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net

HM S/M Tally Ho (Navy Photos/Mark Teadham, click to enlarge)

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Some warships are listed with their own unit and again when detached to another




Vice Adm Sir G Frederick B Edward-Collins KCVO, KCB


Depot ship - CORMORANT (Capt C S Holland) at Gibraltar


13th Destroyer Flotilla - DUNCAN (Lt Cdr A N Rowell) arr Gibraltar 22 Jun, VIDETTE (Lt Cdr E N Walmsley) at Falmouth, WISHART (SO, Cdr E T Cooper, Cdr H G Scott from 16 Sep) dep Gibraltar 29 Jun, escort destroyers AVON VALE (Lt Cdr P A R Withers DSC) dep Gibraltar 29 Jun, ERIDGE (Lt Cdr W F N Gregory-Smith) arr Gibraltar 1 Jul, FARNDALE (Cdr S H Carlill) dep Gibraltar 24 Jun


Corvettes (attached to 13th Destroyer Flotilla) - AZALEA (Lt G C Geddes RNR) dep 14 Jun, COREOPSIS (Lt Cdr A H Davis RNVR) arr 23 Jun, FLEUR DE LYS (Lt A Collins RNR Rtd) dep 27 Jun, GERANIUM (Actg Ty Lt Cdr A Foxall RNR) arr 28 Jun, JONQUIL (Lt Cdr R E H Partington RNR) arr 28 Jun, SPIRAE (Ty Lt L C Head RNVR) arr 28 Jun, all arr or departing Gibraltar


8th Submarine Flotilla - depot ships ISKRA (Lt Cdr F D M Crackanthrorpe Rtd from 11 Aug) at Gibraltar MAIDSTONE (Capt G A W Voelcker), both at Gibraltar, submarines CLYDE (Cdr D C Ingram DSC) dep Gibraltar 27 Jun, OLYMPUS (Lt Cdr H G Dymott) arr Gibraltar 28 Jun, OTUS (Lt R M Favell) at Gibraltar under repair, to return to 1st Submarine Flotilla on comp of repairs, PANDORA (Lt Cdr J W Linton DSC) arr Ottawa 28 Jun, SEVERN (Lt Cdr A N G Campbell) dep Gibraltar 14 Jun, Dutch O.21 (Lt Cdr J F van Dulm RNN) dep Gibraltar 24 Jun, O.23 (Lt Cdr G B M Van Erkel RNN) dep Gibraltar 25 Jun, O.24 (Lt Cdr O de Booy RNN) arr Gibraltar 23 Jun


7th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers ARCTIC RANGER (SO, Cdr J H Young Rtd) at Clyde, ERIN (Actg Cdr J O Davies RNR), HAARLEM (Ty Lt L B Merrick RNR), KINGSTON CHRYOLITE (Sk G T Littey DSC RNR), LEYLAND (Lt Cdr A Wilkinson RNR), LORD HOTHAM (Sk J W Morris RNR, Actg Ty Sk F J Settesfield RNR from 20 Aug), rest at Gibraltar


31st Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers LADY HOGARTH (Ty Lt S G Barnes RNR) arr Gibraltar 26 Jun, LADY SHIRLEY (Lt Cdr A H Callaway RANVR) arr Gibraltar 16 Jun, ST NECTAN (Ty Lt Cdr H B Phillips RNR) at Tobermory, STELLA CARINA (Lt R Lockwood, RAVNR) dep Gibraltar 24 Jun


Minesweeping Group 92 - minesweeping trawlers CLYNE CASTLE (Ty Lt D K Forbes RNVR), HONJU (Sk W G Brown RNR), both at Gibraltar


Minesweeping trawlers - EMPYREAN (Pbty Ty Sk W F Salenius RNR), RETURNO (Ty Lt E R Crane RNVR), both at Gibraltar


3rd Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.121, ML.129, ML.130, ML.132, ML.134, ML.135, ML.168, all at Gibraltar


9th Motor Launch Flotilla – MLs 169, 170, 172, 173, 174, 175, 176 on passage, arrived Gibraltar 15 Jul, ML.178 to join, comp on 24 Jun 1941


Contraband Control Services - yachts ANGLIA (Lt H M Collier RNR), CHARLES MCIVER (Lt E S Hutchinson RNR), LORNA (Actg Lt R Atkinson RNR), ROSABELLA (Lt Cdr J L Clarke RNR Rtd), SAYONARA (Cdr H G Gorton Rtd), all at Gibraltar


Armed boarding vessels - trawlers ALOUETTE (Lt Lord Churston RNVR) dep 26 Jun, IMPERIALIST (Ty Lt P E Kitto RNR) dep 29 Jun, LOCH OSKAIG (Lt Cdr S Darling RANR) dep 24 Jun, SCOTTISH (Cdr S A Brooks OBE Rtd) arr 29 Jun, all arr and departing Gibraltar


Cable ship - MIRROR at Gibraltar


Tugs - ST DAY (Lt Cdr J Sharples RNR Rtd), ST OMAR (no CO listed), both at Gibraltar




Rear Adm S S Bonham-Carter CB, CVO, DSO


Depot ship - SEABORN (Actg Cdr D S Swanston Rtd) at Halifax


Battle Squadron - battleships RAMILLIES (Capt A D Read, Capt D N C Tufnell DSC from 23 Sep) arr Iceland 28 Jun, REVENGE (Capt E R Archer, Capt L V Morgan CBE, MVO, DSO from Jul) dep Halifax 21 Jun, ROYAL SOVEREIGN (Capt H B Jacomb, Capt R H Portal DSC from 26 Sep) dep Bermuda 29 Jun


Armed merchant cruisers - ASCANIA (Capt C H Ringrose-Wharton Rtd) dep Bermuda 29 Jun, AURANIA (Actg Capt I W Whitehorn) arr Halifax 26 Jun, AUSONIA (Capt G H Freyberg CBE Rtd) dep Sydney NS 19 Jun, CALIFORNIA (Capt C J Pope RAN) dep Halifax 1 Jul, CHESHIRE (Capt J M Begg Rtd) arr Bermuda 2 Jul, CHITRAL (Capt G Hamilton Rtd) dep Clyde 27 Jun, CIRCASSIA (Actg Capt E V Lees) arr Halifax 27 May, DERBYSHIRE (Capt E A B Stanley DSO, MVO Rtd, Capt C C Bell DSO Rtd from 12 Sep) arr Halifax 28 Jun, LACONIA (Capt G G P Hewitt Rtd) at St John NB refitting, MALOJA (Actg Capt V Hammersley-Heenan Rtd) dep Halifax 20 Jun, RANPURA (Actg H T W Pawsey) dep Iceland 26 Jun, WOLFE (Actg Capt W G A Shuttleworth Rtd) arr Reykjavik 28 Jun, WORCESTERSHIRE (Actg Cdr J S K Woodall, Actg Capt E H Hopkinson OBE Rtd from 2 Jul) at Liverpool refitting to comp 19 Jul


2nd Submarine Flotilla - depot ship FORTH (Capt G C P Menzies) arr 14 Jun,  submarines TALISMAN (Lt Cdr M Willmott) arr 2 Jul, THUNDERBOLT (Lt C B Couch DSO) arr 2 Jul, all arr St Johns


Attached submarine - Dutch O.15 (Lt H M L F E van Oostrom Soede RNN) at Halifax





Battlecruiser - RENOWN (Capt R R McGrigor, Capt C S Daniel CBE DSO from 26 Aug) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun


Aircraft carrier - ARK ROYAL (Capt L E H Maund) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun


Light cruiser - SHEFFIELD (Capt C A A Larcom, Capt A W Clarke from 1 Aug) at Rosyth under repair


8th Destroyer Flotilla - FAULKNOR (Capt A F de Salis DSO) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun, FEARLESS (Cdr A F Pugsley) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun, FIREDRAKE (Lt Cdr S H Norris DSO, DSC) dep Chatham 27 Jun, arr Plymouth 29 Jun en route to Gibraltar, arrived Gibraltar 15 Jul, FORESIGHT (Cdr J S C Salter) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun, FORESTER (Lt Cdr E B Tancock DSC) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun, FOXHOUND (Cdr G H Peters DSC) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun, FURY (Lt Cdr T C Robinson) arr Gibraltar 30 Jun, FORTUNE (Lt Cdr E N Sinclair, Lt Cdr R D H S Pankhurst from 7 Oct) at Chatham refitting




Adm Sir Andrew B Cunningham GCB, DSO


Base depot ships - NILE (Capt W Y La R Beverley) at Alexandria, ST ANGELO (Vice Adm Sir Wilbraham T R Ford KBE, CB) at Malta, STAG (Vice Adm Sir James M Pipon KBE, CB, CMG, MVO) at Ismailia


1st Battle Squadron (Vice Adm H D Pridham-Wipple KCB, CVO)

1st Division - battleships VALIANT (Capt C E Morgan DSO) arr Alexandria 27 Jun, WARSPITE (Capt D B Fisher CBE) dep Suez 28 Jun

2nd Division - BARHAM (Flag, Capt G C Cooke) at Durban repairing to comp 30 Jul, QUEEN ELIZABETH (Cunningham) at Alexandria


Aircraft carrier - FORMIDABLE (Capt A W Le T Bisset) at Alexandria under repair, dep Alexandria on 24 Jul for Norfolk, Va, under repair to comp 12 Dec


7th Cruiser Squadron (Rear Adm H B Rawlings OBE) - light cruisers AJAX (Flag, Capt E D B McCarthy DSO) arr Alexandria 27 Jun, ORION (Cdr T C T Wynne) damaged, dep Aden 29 Jun, repaired Mare Island, San Francisco to comp 15 Feb 1942, Australian PERTH (Capt Sir P W Bowyer-Smyth Bt) dep Alexandria on 25 Jun


15th Cruiser Squadron (Vice Adm E L S King CB, MVO) - light cruisers NAIAD (Flag, Capt W H A Kelsey DSC) at Haifa, PHOEBE (Capt G Grantham DSO) arr Alexandria 27 Jun


Light cruisers - DIDO (Capt H W U McCall) arr Durban 2 Jul for temporary repairs, repaired at Brooklyn Navy Yard, comp 31 Oct, LEANDER (Capt R H Bevan) arr Alexandria 27 Jun


Anti-aircraft cruisers - CARLISLE (Capt D M L Neame DSO) dep Alexandria 25 Jun, COVENTRY (Capt W P Carne) arr Alexandria on 27 Jun


Destroyers (Rear Adm I G Glennie, Rear Admiral Commanding Mediterranean Destroyer Flotillas) - destroyer depot ship WOOLWICH (Glennie, Actg Capt J Fawcett Rtd) at Alexandria


2nd Destroyer Flotilla (Capt H St L Nicolson)

3rd Division - HASTY (Lt Cdr L R K Tyrwhitt) dep Alexandria 2 Jul, HAVOCK (Lt G R G Watkins DSC) dep Alexandria 20 Jun, HERO (Cdr H W Biggs DSO) arr Alexandria 27 Jun, ILEX (Nicolson) at Haifa damaged

4th Division - ENCOUNTER (LCR E V St J Morgan) at Malta damaged, ISIS (Cdr C S B Swinley DSC) arr Haifa 15 Jun damaged, HOTSPUR (Lt T D Herrick DSC) dep Alexandria 20 Jun


7th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt S H T Arliss RAN)

13th Division - JACKAL (Lt Cdr R M P Jonas DSC) dep Alexandria 2 Jul, KELVIN (Cdr J H Allison DSO) at Bombay under repair, KIPLING (Cdr A St. Clair-Ford) at Alexandria repairing to comp end of Jun, NORSEMAN (Cdr F B Morris RAN, from 11 May 1942) to join, comp 29 May 1942 as NEPAL, Australian NAPIER (Arliss) at Alexandria, NIZAM (Lt Cdr M J Clark RAN) arr Alexandria 30 Jun, under repair, NORMAN (Cdr H M Burrell RAN) to join, comp 29 Sep 1941


10th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt H M L Waller DSO RAN)

19th Division - Australian STUART (Waller) arr Tobruk 1 Jul, VAMPIRE (Cdr J A Walsh RAN) under repair at Singapore comp 15 Nov, VENDETTA (Lt Cdr R Rhoades RAN, Lt Cdr C J Stephenson RAN, from Sep) arr Tobruk 1 Jul, VOYAGER (Cdr J C Morrow DSO) arr Alexandria 29 Jun

20th Division - DECOY (Lt Cdr J M Alliston) dep Alexandria 20 Jun, DEFENDER (Lt Cdr G L Farnfield) arr Tobruk 1 Jul


14th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt P J Mack DSO)

27th Division - GRIFFIN (Cdr J Lee-Barber DSO) dep Alexandria 26 Jun, JAGUAR (Lt Cdr J F W Hine) arr Alexandria 27 Jun, JANUS (Cdr J A W Tothill DSC) arr Suez 20 Jun, JERVIS (Mack) arr Alexandria 30 Jun, NUBIAN (Capt R W Ravenhill) arr Port Tewfik 13 Jun, drydocked Port Ibrahim 23 Jul to 10 Aug, then to Bombay, arr 27 Sep, under repair to comp Sep 1942.

28th Division - GALLANT at Malta under dockyard control, KANDAHAR (Cdr W G A Robson DSO) arr Haifa 27 Jun, KIMBERLEY (Cdr J S M Richardson DSO) arr Alexandria 27 Jun, KINGSTON (Lt Cdr P Somerville DSO, DSC) arr Haifa 17 Jun


Fast minelayers - ABDIEL (Capt the Hon E Pleydell-Bouverie MVO) at Alexandria, LATONA (Capt S L Bateson) arr Alexandria 27 Jun


Sloops - FLAMINGO (Cdr R J O Otway-Ruthven) dep Mersa Matruh 29 Jun, Australian PARRAMATTA (Lt Cdr J H Walker MVO RAN) at Alexandria


10th Corvette Group - corvettes GLOXINIA (Lt Cdr A J C Pomeroy RNVR) arr Malta 9 May, HYACINTH (Actg Cdr F C Hopkins RNR) at Famagusta, PEONY (Cdr M B Sherwood DSO Rtd) dep Alexandria 24 Jun, SALVIA (Lt Cdr J I Miller DSO, DSC, RD RNR) arr Famagusta 2 Jul


Corvettes - DELPHINIUM (Cdr R L Spalding Rtd) arr Alexandria 29 May, ERICA (Lt Cdr W C Riley RNR) dep Alexandria 28 Jun, PRIMULA (Lt Cdr J H Fuller RNR) arr Simonstown 30 May, SNAPDRAGON (Ty Lt R H Potter RNR) dep Bombay 27 Jun for Basrah


10th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - depot ship VULCAN (Lt H B Binks), MTB.68, MTB.215, all at Famagusta


1st Submarine Flotilla (Capt S M Raw) - submarine depot ship MEDWAY (Raw) at Alexandria

Alexandria section - CACHALOT (Lt H R B Newton DSC) arr Alexandra 28 Jun, OSIRIS (Lt Cdr T T Eumann) dep Gibraltar 24 Jun, PARTHIAN (Cdr M G Rimington) arr Haifa 1 Jul, PERSEUS (Lt Cdr P J H Bartlett, Lt Cdr E C F Nicolay from Aug) dep Alexandria 22 Jun, REGENT (Lt Cdr H C Browne, Lt W N R Knox DSC, from 19 Jul) dep Malta 19 Jun, RORQUAL (Lt L W Napier) dep Alexandria 25 Jun, due Malta 2 Jul, ROVER (Lt Cdr H A L Marsham, Lt Cdr R M T Peacock from 5 Jul) at Port Said damaged, TAKU (Lt Cdr E C F Nicolay, Lt Cdr P J H Bartlett from Aug) arr Alexandria 22 Jun, TETRARCH (Lt Cdr R M T Peacock, Lt Cdr G H Greenway from 5 Jul) arr Alexandria 28 Jun, THRASHER (Lt Cdr P J Cowell DSC) dep Malta 29 Jun, TORBAY (Lt Cdr A C C Miers) dep Alexandria 29 Jun, TRIUMPH (Cdr W J W Woods) dep Alexandria 26 Jun

Malta section - P.32 (Lt D A B Abdy) arr Gibraltar 3 Jun, P.33 (Lt R D Whiteway-Wilkinson DSO) dep Gibraltar 28 Jun for Malta, UNBEATEN (Lt Cdr E A Woodward) arr Malta 27 Jun, UNION (Lt R M Galloway) dep Malta 28 Jun, UNIQUE (Lt F D G Challis) dep Malta 28 Jun, UPHOLDER (Lt Cdr M D Wanklyn DSO) dep Malta 28 Jun, UPRIGHT (Lt J S Wraith DSC) dep Malta 28 Jun, URGE (Lt E P Tomkinson) dep Malta 23 Jun, URSULA (Lt A J MacKenzie) at Malta with defects, UTMOST (Lt Cdr J H Eaden DSC) dep Malta 17 Jun


2nd Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers ABERDARE (Lt Cdr G Nelson Emgcy) ) arr Alexandria 16 Jun, HARROW (Lt G C Hocart RNR Rtd) dep Alexandria 14 Jun


Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers ABINGDON (Lt G A Simmers RNR) at Malta damaged, BAGSHOT (Lt Cdr J F B Cage RNVR), DERBY (Lt Cdr A F MacFie OBE RNR), FAREHAM (LR W J P Church), all but one at Alexandria


Gunboats - APHIS (Lt Cdr J O Campbell DSC Rtd) arr Port Said 9 Jun, CRICKET (Cdr H V Creer RAN Rtd) damaged, to arrive Alexandria 2 Jul, GNAT (Lt Cdr S R H Davonport) arr Alexandria 21 Jun


4th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers AMBER (Actg Ty Lt S Barrie RNR) arr Port Said 13 Jun, BERYL (Mid H W du Boisson RNR) at Malta, CORAL (Lt M C English RNR) at Malta damaged, JADE (Btswn W J H Fellows) at Malta, MOONSTONE (Lt Cdr P G Britten RNR Rtd) at Alexandria


5th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers LOCH MELFORT (Ty Lt W F McAusland RNVR) dep Port Said 28 Jun, LYDIARD (Lt D M Gibb RNR) at Haifa, VICTORIAN (Actg Sk Lt M A Smith RNR) arr Port Said 30 Jun


16th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine whalers KOS 19 (Lt L H Davies RNR) at Alexandria, KOS 21 (Lt Cdr I H Wilson SANVR), both at Alexandria


22nd Anti-Submarine Group (South African) - anti-submarine whalers SOUTHERN ISLE (Lt A C Matson SANVR) dep 12 Jun, SOUTHERN MAID (SO, Lt Cdr A F Trew SANVR) arr 30 Jun, SOUTHERN SEA Lt A Thomas DSC SANVR) dep 15 Jun, all Alexandria


25th Auxiliary Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine whalers FALK (Lt H S Upperton RNR) dep Tobruk 1 Jun, HEKTOR VI (Ty Lt J Alcorn RNVR) at Capetown, KLO (Ty Lt H K Hill RCNVR) arr Alexandria 26 Jun, THORBRYN (Lt F A Seward RNR) arr Alexandria 27 Jun, THORGRIM (Lt J R Sparkes RNR) arr Alexandria 27 Jun, TORDONN (Ty Lt P J G Christian RNVR) at Capetown


28th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers KINGSTON CORAL (Actg Sk Lt I Mackintosh MBE) arr Suez 17 Jun, KINGSTON CRYSTAL (Sk J F Hall Rtd, Sk W Kirman RNR from Jul) at Alexandria, KINGSTON CYANITE (Actg Sk F A Yeomans RNR) arr Alexandria 22 Jun, WOLBOROUGH (Lt A F Harkness RNR) at Alexandria


Minesweeping Group 91 - minesweeping trawlers ARTHUR CAVANAGH (Ty Sk T W Kirby RNR) dep Karachi 27 Jun for Basrah, MILFORD COUNTESS (Ty Actg S/Lt R H Vallings RNR) dep Karachi 25 Jun for Bombay, MUROTO (Ty Sk J Willis RNR), RAGLAN CASTLE (Sk G Buchan RNR), both Suez Canal area


Minesweeping Group 109 - minesweeping whalers SKUDD III (Actg Ty Lt R L Smith RCNVR), SKUDD IV (Ty Lt K Tholfson RNR), SKUDD V (S/Lt R A N Cox RNR) all at Alexandria, SWONA (Ty Lt A C C Seligman RNR) at Malta


Minesweeping Group 142 - minesweeping whalers SOIKA (Ty Lt (E) L Olsen RNR), SOTRA (Actg Lt J M Davies RCNVR), SVANA (Ty Lt K Braa RNR), all Suez Canal area


Minesweeping Group 152 - minesweeping whalers GOS 6 (no CO listed), HEKTOR 7 (Ty Lt A J W Stead RNVR), both Suez Canal area, KAI (Ty Lt (E) W J Solheim RNR), NEBB (Ty Lt F G Cousins RNVR), both dep Durban 1 Jul for Mombasa


Minesweeping Group 156 - minesweeping whalers GOS 7, KOS 10, KOS 11, KOS 12 (no COs listed), all arr Gibraltar 18 Jun


Minesweeping whalers - GOS 2, GOS 3, both at sea en route to Gibraltar, KOS 7 arr Clyde 28 Jun, KOS 8, KOS 9, both at Clyde, (none of the COs listed)


Minesweeping Group 158 - minesweeping trawlers CORDELA (Actg Ty Sk Lt J Enevoldson RNR) arr Ardrossan 14 Jun, LORD IRWIN (Lt L L Thornton RNR) arr Gibraltar 18 Jun, LORINDA (Lt J H Seelye NZRNVR) dep Methil 30 Jun, NORSE (Ty Lt J C Staniland RNVR) arr Ardrossan 14 Jun


Minesweeping Group 400 - minesweeping drifters CRESCENT MOON (no CO listed), FELLOWSHIP (Ty S/Lt E Saul RNVR), LANDFALL (S/Lt M F B Williams RNVR), LANNER Sk G C Clarkson RNR), all Suez Canal area


Minesweeping Group 401 - minesweeping tugs AGHIOS GEORGIOS, CHRISTOS, SUVASTI, PHALIA (no COs listed), all at Alexandria


Minesweeping Group 402 - Hopper 33 (no CO listed) at Alexandria, Hopper 42 (no CO listed) at Port Said, Hopper 44 (no CO listed) at Port Said, drifter GUILIO (Ty Lt K Tholfsen RNR from Aug) at Port Said fitting out


Minesweeping drifters - AURORA II (no CO listed) at Tobruk, GIRL MARGARET (Btswn F Farmer) at Malta, PLOUGHBOY (no CO listed) at Malta beached, VICTORIA I, VICTORIA II (no COs listed), both at Alexandria


Supply ships - CHLORIS (no CO listed), RELIANT (Master C H Noel), both at Alexandria


Repair ship - RESOURCE (Capt D B O'Connell Rtd) at Alexandria


Cable ship - BULLFINCH (Actg Cdr H M Blake Rtd) at Port Said


Controlled minelayers - ALSEY (Pbty Ty Lt H A Inglis RNR) arr Aden 21 Jun, ATREUS (Cdr J D Campbell OBE, DSC) dep Alexandria 12 Jun, MEDUSA (Ty Lt P B Bruce RNR) at Malta


Netlayer - PROTECTOR (Cdr R J Gardner) arr Alexandria 20 Jun


Fleet Target Service - tug ST ISSEY (Lt J H W Howe RNR) dep Alexandria 30 Jun, trawler MOY (Lt V G Palmer) at Alexandria, drifters EDDY (Ty Sk J A J Jones RNR), SUNSET (Ch Sk R Cowie RNR), both at Malta


Special Service Vessels - GLENEARN (Lt Cdr T Hood RNR Rtd) arr Suez 10 Jun damaged, GLENGYLE (Cdr C H Petrie Rtd) dep Port Said 8 Jun, GLENROY (Capt Sir James Paget Bt Rtd) at Alexandria




Vice Adm Sir Robert H T Raikes KCB, CVO, DSO,

Actg Vice Adm A U Willis CB, DSO from 11 Aug


Base ship - EDINBURGH CASTLE (Capt E M Palmer OBE Rtd, Capt D B Nicol Rtd from Jul) at Freetown


Depot ship - AFRIKANDER (Rear Adm D A Budgen Rtd) at Simonstown


Aircraft carrier - EAGLE (Capt E G N Rushbrooke DSC) arr Freetown 20 Jun


Seaplane carrier - ALBATROSS (Capt W A Dallmeyer DSO) at Simonstown refitting


Cruisers - heavy cruisers CUMBERLAND (Capt the Hon C H E Russell) arr Sheerness 28 Jun for refitting, SHROPSHIRE (Capt J T Borrett OBE) dep Freetown 21 Jun, light cruisers DELHI (Capt A S Russell) in USA under repair to comp 12 Jun 42, DRAGON (Capt R J Shaw MBE) arr Pointe Noire 1 Jul, DUNEDIN (Capt R S Lovatt OBE) dep Freetown 27 Jun, NEPTUNE (Capt R C O’Conor) arr Simonstown 24 Jun, NEWCASTLE (Capt E A Aylmer DSC) dep Rio de Janiero 7 Jun


Armed merchant cruisers ALCANTARA (Capt J G P Ingham DSO, Actg Capt J D Harvey Rtd) on patrol, ASTURIAS (Capt H Ardill Rtd) at sea en route to Newport News, CAPE SABLE (Actg Cdr R S Barry), CITY OF DURBAN (Cdr H G Hopper), both at Freetown, QUEEN OF BERMUDA (Capt A T G C Peachey) dep St Helena 29 Jun


Sloops - BRIDGEWATER (Acing Cdr H F G Leftwich Rtd) dep Freetown 30 Jun, MILFORD (Cdr the Hon W M Wyndham-Quin Rtd) arr Duala 29 Jun, French COMMANDANT DOMINÉ(French crew) at Liverpool under repair, COMMANDANT DUBOC (French crew) at Durban under repair, PRESIDENT HOUDUCE (French crew) at Duala, SAVORGNAN DE BRAZZA (French crew) dep Aden 28 Jun


Freetown Escort Force - ARAWA (Actg Capt G R Deverell) dep Freetown 8 Jun, BULOLO (Actg Capt R L Hamer DSO) in USA under repair, CANTON (Actg Capt C A G Nichols MVO) dep Bermuda 22 Jun, due Freetown 6 Jul, CARNARVON CASTLE (Capt H N M Hardy DSO Rtd) dep Simonstown 28 May, CATHAY dep Clyde 30 Jun for Freetown, CILICIA (Actg Capt V B Cardwell Rtd) dep Freetown 27 Jun, CORFU (Capt J P Landon Rtd) at Calcutta under repair, DUNOTTAR CASTLE (Capt C T A Bunbury OBE Rtd) dep Freetown 27 Jun, ESPERANCE BAY (Capt G S Holden Rtd) at sea, MORETON BAY (Capt C C Bell Rtd) arr Clyde 21 Jun, due Freetown 11 Jul, PRETORIA CASTLE (Actg Capt A V Hemming) arr Walvis Bay 28 Jun


18th Destroyer Flotilla - BOREAS (Lt Cdr D H Maitland-Makgill-Crichton) at Freetown, BRILLIANT (Lt Cdr R C Brodrick, Lt Cdr A G Poe from 23 Sep) dep Freetown 27 Jun, HIGHLANDER (Cdr S Boucher) at Freetown, VELOX (Lt Cdr E G Roper DSC) at Freetown, VIMY (Lt Cdr H G D de Chair) arr Plymouth 15 Jun, WRESTLER (Lt E L Jones DSC) at Freetown


Corvettes - AMARANTHUS (Lt N B J Stapleton RNR) arr Freetown 21 Jun, ANCHUSA (Ty Lt P Everett-Price RNR, Lt J E L Peters RNR from Jul) arr Lagos 13 Jun, ARMERIA (Actg Ty Lt Cdr H N Russell DSC RNR) arr Freetown 16 Jun, ASPHODEL (Lt Cdr K W Stewart Rtd) dep Freetown 10 May, ASTER (Lt Cdr E Hewitt RD RNR) arr Freetown 11 Jun, BERGAMOT (Actg Ty Lt Cdr R P Chapman RNR) arr Freetown 27 Jun, BURDOCK (Lt H J Fellowes SARNVR) arr Freetown 16 Jun, CALENDULA (Lt Cdr A D Bruford RNVR) arr Lagos 22 Jun, CLEMATIS (Cdr Y M Cleeves DSO, DSC, RD RNR) arr Freetown 19 Jun, COLUMBINE (Ty Lt S J Lavis RNR) dep Freetown 27 Jun, CROCUS (Lt Cdr E Wheeler RNR) dep Freetown 27 Jun, CYCLAMEN (Lt Cdr H N Lawson RNR) dep Freetown 27 Jun, GARDENIA (Lt Cdr H Hill RNR) at Takoradi, LAVENDER (Lt Cdr J W Whayman RNR) dep Clyde 30 Jun for Freetown, MARGUERITE (Lt Cdr A N Blundell RNR) at Takoradi, MIGNONETTE (Lt H H Brown RNR) at Freetown, STARWORT (Lt C B O Shorter RNR Rtd) dep Clyde 30 Jun for Freetown, WOODRUFF (Lt T Muir RNVR) at Freetown


Free French patrol vessel - VIKING (French crew) at Takoradi


1st Trawler Group (anti-submarine/minesweeping) - trawler CANNA (Ty Lt G C L Payne RNVR) arr Freetown 30 Jun, LAERTES (Sk Lt J A Prettyman RNR) arr Gibraltar 18 Jun


6th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BENGALI (Lt F R Pike RCNVR) at Freetown, KELT (Ty S/Lt S C Callister RNVR) at Freetown, PICT (Lt Cdr W N M Faichney RNR) at Freetown, ST WISTAN (Lt H P Carse DSC RNVR), all at Freetown, SPANIARD (Pbty Ty S/Lt W B Chisholm RNVR) at Lagos, TURCOMAN (Ty Lt F R Pretty RNR) at Freetown


33rd Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers FANDANGO (Lt J A T Maishman RNR), MORRIS DANCE (Lt A Bruce RCNVR), both dep Clyde 25 Jun, RUMBA (Ty Lt N E Hendy RNVR) dep Horta 25 Jun, SARABANDE (Sk Lt L F Carlett DSC RD RNR Rtd) dep Clyde 15 Jun, SOUTHERN GEM (Actg Ty Lt D C Hayes RNVR), SOUTHERN PRIDE (Ty Lt F A Darrak RNVR), both at Belfast


Anti-submarine yacht - SURPRISE (Cdr L C Ansdell Rtd) arr Freetown 21 Jun


Minesweeping Group 93 - minesweeping trawlers GENERAL BIRDWOOD (Sk W J Taylor RNR), MAPLE (Actg Sk W G Nicholas RNR), both at Lagos, REDWOOD (Sk T H Kay RNR), ST MINVER (Capt J R C Cavendish Rtd), both at Freetown


Minesweeping Group 100 - minesweeping trawlers HOLLY (Ty Lt F Mugford RNR) arr Gibraltar 28 Jun for Freetown, RUNSWICK BAY (Ty S/Lt S Sparrow RNVR) dep Gibraltar 10 Jun, ST MELANTE (Actg Ty Lt Cdr L C Gilbert RNR) dep Gibraltar 10 Jun, SYRINGA (Ty SKipper A L Olesen RNR) arr Gibraltar 28 Jun for Freetown


Minesweeping Group 104 - minesweeping trawlers POLAR V (Ty Lt K Hendricksen RNR) arr Takoradi 26 Jun, SKUDD VI (Ty Lt (E) O M Amundsen RNR) at Takoradi


104th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.1006 (comp 4 Apr 41), ML.1014 (22 May), ML.1016 (4 Apr), ML.1018 (6 Mar), ML.1019 (30 Mar), ML.1041 (29 May), ML.1042 (7 May), ML.1052 (8 May), all at Greenock to be freighted to Freetown


Controlled minelayer - SNAKEFLY (Lt O H Pullman RNR) at Freetown


Minesweeping trawler - WILLIAM SCORESBY (Cdr H Petit-Dann Rtd) at Port Stanley


Minesweeping drifter (tender to HAWKINS) - ROYDUR (Ty Lt F R Jakeman RNVR) at Port Stanley


Trawlers - ARISTEA (S/Lt H A Crous SDF) at Capetown and Simonstown, ARUM (S/Lt H F van Eyssen SDF) at Port Elizabeth, BABIANA (Lt J V Ingram RNVR (SA) at East London, BLUFF (S/Lt O E Johnson SDF) at East London, CRASSULA (S/Lt J Alexander SDF) at Capetown and Simonstown, DAVID HAIGH (S/Lt H H Biermann SDF), NERINE (S/Lt H H van Rensburg SDF), both at Port Elizabeth


Boom defence vessels - BARBROOK (Ty Lt S Wardell RNR), BARCASTLE (Actg Ty Warrant Mech L E Miles), BOWNET (Pbty Ty Lt F Woodward RNR), all at Freetown, CONSBRO (Ty Boom Sk P Larsen RNR), LORD GAINFORD (Actg Ty Warrant Mech C W Griffin), both at Plymouth, PANORAMA (Ty Boom Sk T W Turner RNR) fitting out at Glasgow, PHYLLISIA (Ty Warrant Eng N S Morley) at Plymouth, QUANNET (Ty Lt W P Jones RNR) at Freetown




Vice Adm Sir Charles E Kennedy-Purvis KCB


Depot ships - BENBOW (Adm Sir Michael H Hodges KCB, CMG, MVO Rtd) at Trinidad, MALABAR (Rear Adm J Powell DSO Rtd) at Bermuda, MORGAN (Actg Capt C B Turner) at Jamaica, PURSUIVANT (Cdr R B Martin Rtd) at Port Stanley


8th Cruiser Squadron - light cruisers CARADOC (Capt J S Bethell) arr Bermuda 28 Jun, DESPATCH (Cdre 2nd Class C E Douglas-Pennant DSC) arr Trinidad 30 Jun, DIOMEDE (Capt D Orr Ewing) at Bermuda under repair


Dutch sloop - VAN KINSBERGEN (Dutch crew) dep Port of Spain 28 May


Canadian armed merchant cruisers - PRINCE DAVID (Ty Cdr W B Armit RD RCNR) arr Bermuda 19 Jun, PRINCE HENRY (Capt R I Agnew OBE RCN) at Esquimalt, PRINCE ROBERT (Ty Cdr C T Beard RCN) dep Suva 21 Jun


French submarine - SURCOUF (French crew) at Bermuda


Anti-submarine vessels - trawlers DOROTHY DUKE (Lt A H Gott RANVR) at Trinidad, ELK (Actg Ty Warrant Eng L W Somers RCNR) at Halifax, HUSKY (Actg Ty Lt H Freeland RCNR) arr Halifax 26 Jun, MARAVAL (Ty Lt D V Hugonin RNVR) fitting out at Bermuda, SUMAR (Actg Ty Lt Cdr C A King DSC RNR) fitting out at Bermuda, VISON (Actg Ty Warrant Eng M Nickerson RCNR) at Halifax




Vice Adm G S Arbuthnot CB, DSO


Force T

Aircraft carrier - HERMES (Capt R F J Onslow MVO, DSC) arr Trincomalee

Cruisers - heavy cruisers CANBERRA (Capt H B Farncomb MVO RAN) at Colombo, CORNWALL (Capt P C W Manwaring) dep Seychilles 26 Jun, EXETER (Capt O L Gordon, MVO) at sea, arr Aden 4 Jul, cruiser HAWKINS (Capt H P K Oram) arr Durban on 1 Jul, light cruisers CAPETOWN (Capt P H G James detached to STAG while ship under repair, rejoined 24 Sep) at Bombay under repair, CERES (Capt D M L Neame DSO, Capt H H McWilliam from 15 Jul) dep Port Victoria 26 Jun, EMERALD (Capt F C Flynn) at Singapore repairing to comp 2 Aug, ENTERPRISE (Capt J C ANnesley DSO) dep Colombo 30 Jun, GLASGOW (Capt H Hickling) arr Singapore 29 Jun, MAURITIUS (Capt W D Stephens) arr Mombasa 27 Jun


Armed merchant cruisers - ANTENOR (Capt D I McGillewie Rtd) dep Bombay 25 Jun, BOTLEA (Cdr T I Scott-Bell DSC Rtd) dep Aden 22 Jun, CARTHAGE (Cdr J W Cookson Rtd) arr Mombasa 26 Jun, HECTOR (Capt F Howard DSC Rtd) dep Aden 15 Jun, KANIMBLA (Actg Capt W L G Adams) at Bombay, RANCHI (Actg Capt Sir J M Alleyne Bt DSO, DSC Rtd) dep Durban 1 Jul


Sloops - FALMOUTH (Cdr U H R James) at Khor Kuwai, Indian CORNWALLIS (Lt Cdr W J C Hughes RIN) at Bombay


Gunboat - TARANTULA (Cdr R C Creer RAN Rtd) at Colombo refitting to comp Sep


Persian Gulf Division - Indian sloop LAWRENCE (Lt A T J Cole RIN) arr Karachi 23 Jun, gunboat COCKCHAFER (Lt Cdr R S Blacker) at Basrah


Submarine - X.2, ex-Italian (Lt Cdr P E Heathfield) at Suez


Minesweeping trawler - OVERDALE WYKE (Ty Lt N M Waldman RNR) at Colombo


Contraband Control Service vessels - CHAKDINA (Lt Cdr W R Hickey RNR) dep Aden 21 Jun, CHANTALA (Lt Cdr C E I Gibbs Rtd) dep Aden 26 Jun, SAGITTA Lt Cdr A H Straight RNR Rtd) arr Suez 28 Jun


Auxiliary minesweeping tugs - ALARM (CO not listed) at Shatt el Arab, AL HATHERA at Zanzibar, C.405 at Trincomalee, EL AFFIA, EL KEBIO, both at Port Sudan, GOLIATH at Colombo, NDOVA, NGUVU, both at Mombasa, PAUL at Port Louis, Mauritius, SAMSON at Colombo, VIRGINIE at Port Louis, Mauritius, ZEILA, ZERANG, both at Aden (none of the COs listed)


Auxiliary minesweeping vessels - AZANIA at Dar es Salaam, TRYME at Tanga (no COs listed)


Sea and river patrol vessels - MERCUR SKARBAK at Dar es Salaam, ORYX at Kilindini, VIGILANT at Dar es Salaam, motor boat at Dar es Salaam (no COs listed)


Patrol vessels - ALMA JEAN, BALANA, NFOVU (no COs listed), all at Kilindini


Boom defence vessels - BARNET (Ty Boom Sk G A Cass RNR) arr Aden 25 Jun, LUMINARY (Ty Boom Sk T Jackson RNR) dep Freetown 18 Jun for Simonstown, PLANET (Ty Boom Eng T Moore RNR) at Aden, SANDGATE, SOUTHGATE (neither COs listed), both at Trincomalee


Red Sea Division

Rear Adm R H C Hallifax CB


Depot ship - LUCIA (Actg Cdr C R de B L Townsend Rtd) at Massawa


Tender - EL WAFI at Perim


Light cruisers - CALEDON (Actg Capt H J Haynes DSO, DSC) arr Suez 19 Apr, COLOMBO (Capt C A A Allen) arr Durban 1 Jul


Armed merchant cruiser - KING GRUFFYD (Cdr E M Loly) dep Aden 22 Jun


Sloops - SHOREHAM (Rear Adm C M Graham Rtd) at Basrah, Australian YARRA (Cdr W H Harrington RAN) at Basrah, Indian CLIVE (Cdr H R Inigo-Jones RIN) arr Massawa 29 Jun, HINDUSTAN (Cdr I B W Heanly RIN) at Bombay repairing to comp 28 Jul, INDUS (Cdr E G G Hunt RIN) arr Massawa 26 Jun


Anti-submarine vessels - Indian NETRAVATI (Lt D A McDonald RIN) at Bombay, RATNAGIRI (Lt H M Clark RIN) at Aden undergoing alterations


Salvage vessel - CONFEDERATE (CO not listed) at Aden


Royal Indian Navy (attached to East Indies Command) - see Dominion and Indian Navies




Vice Adm Sir Geoffrey Layton KCB, DSO


Base depot ships - SULTAN (Rear Adm E J Spooner DSO) at Singapore, TAMAR (Cdre A C Collinson) at Hong Kong


5th Cruiser Squadron - light cruisers DANAE (Capt F J Butler MBE) arr Penang 29 Jun, DAUNTLESS (Actg Capt J G Hewitt DSO) at Singapore repairing to comp 13 Aug, DURBAN (Capt J A S Eccles) arr Singapore 29 Jun


Destroyers - SCOUT (Lt Cdr H Lambton) at Hong Kong, STRONGHOLD (Lt Cdr G R Pretor-Pinney Rtd) at Singapore refitting to comp 13 Aug, TENEDOS (Lt R Dyer) at Singapore, THANET (Lt Cdr B S Davies Rtd) at Hong Kong, THRACIAN Cdr A L Pears Rtd) at Hong Kong


Yangtze gunboats - FALCON (Lt Cdr R S Abram) laid up at Chungking, GANNET (no crew) laid up at Chungking, MANTIS at Shanghai laid up for scrapping, PETEREL (Actg Cdr H V Creer RAN Rtd, SNO Shanghai) at Shanghai, SANDPIPER (Ty S/Lt J H Taylor RNVR) laid up at Changsha, TERN (Lt Cdr M H R Crichton) at Hong Kong


West River Flotilla - gunboats CICALA (Lt Cdr J C Boldero DSC Rtd), MOTH (Ty Lt J Douglas RNR) under repair, SEAMEW (Lt Cdr N R Murch), all at Hong Kong


Gunboats - DRAGONFLY (Lt A H Diack) at Singapore, GRASSHOPPER (Cdr J S Hoffman Rtd) at Singapore, SCARAB (Lt B P Shellard) at Singapore, SCORPION (Lt Cdr G C Ashworth SSRNVR), all at Singapore


Auxiliary anti-submarine Vessels - BULAN (Ty Lt E Davies RNR), KEDAH (Lt Cdr E Neville), KELANA (Ty Lt C J Windsor RNVR), MATA HARI (Ty Lt G A Brignall RNR), PING WO (Ty Lt J Fant RNR), all at Singapore, SHU KWANG (Cdr A D Thomson DSC RNR Rtd) at Tregganu, SIANG WO (Ty Lt A Woodley RNR) at Singapore, TIEN KWANG (Ty Lt W G Briggs RNR) at Tregganu


21st Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers BATHURST (Lt Cdr A V Bunyan RANR(S)), LISMORE (Lt Cdr S H Crawford RANR(S)), both dep Aden 24 Jun


Auxiliary minesweepers - BANKA (Ty Lt A E Stephensen RNR) at Singapore, CHANGTEH (Actg Lt P R SO Spicer SSRNVR) at Singapore, GEMAS (Actg Lt P Whitworth SSRNVR) at Singapore, HUA TONG (Ty Lt O G Jones RNR) at Penang, JERAM (Lt J H Evans RNVR) at Penang, JERANTUT (no CO listed) at Singapore, KLISA (Lt H N Smyth SSRNVR) at Singapore, MALACCA (Lt J W Morphett SSRNVR) at Penang, RAHMAN (S/Lt S G W Waites SSRNVR) at Singapore, SCOTT HARLEY (Ty Lt J Rennie RNR) at Singapore, SIN AIK LEE (Lt J M Brander SSRNVR) at Penang, TAPAH (Lt Cdr G E W W Bayly SSRNVR) at Singapore, TRANG (Lt H T Rigden RNVR) at Penang, WO KWANG (Ty Lt J Robinson RNR) at Singapore


Auxiliary patrol vessels - CIRCE (Ty Lt A Brown RNR), FANLING (Pbty Ty S/Lt F Taylor RNZNVR), FUH WO (Ty Lt N Cook RNR), HUNGJAO (Ty Lt T E Mellor RNVR), LI WO (Ty Lt T Wilkinson RNR), MEDUSA (CO not listed), PANGKOR (Ty Lt T Sutherland RNR), all at Singapore


2nd MTB Flotilla - MTB.7 (LTR R W Ashby, HgKgNVR), MTB.8 (Lt L D Kilbee, HgKgNVF), MTB.9 (Actg S/Lt A Kennedy RNVR), MTB.10 (SO, Lt Cdr J G Binney Rtd), MTB.11 (Lt C J Collingwood), MTB.12 (S/Lt W E Richards RNVR), MTB.26 (Lt M J de C Carey), MTB.27 (S/Lt T M Parsons, HgKgNVF), all at Hong Kong


Survey ships - ENDEAVOUR (CO not listed), HERALD paid off Jul 1940, both at Singapore.


Controlled minelayer - REDSTART (Lt Cdr H C S C Selby Rtd) at Hong Kong


Tug - ST BREOCK (Sk J Jappy RNR) at Singapore.





Battleships - MALAYA (Capt C Coppinger DSC) at New York repairing from 6 Apr to 9 Jul, RESOLUTION (Capt A R Halfhide CBE) at Philadelphia refitting from 12 Apr to 16 Sep, RODNEY (Capt F H G Dalrymple-Hamilton, Capt J W Rivett-Carnac DSC from Jul) at Boston refitting from 13 Jun to 22 Aug


Aircraft carrier - ILLUSTRIOUS (Actg Capt G S Tuck, Capt The Lord Louis Mountbatten GCVO, DSO from 12 Aug) at Norfolk repairing from 12 May to 12 Dec


Light cruisers - DELHI (Capt A S Russell) at New York repairing from 3 May to 12 Jan 1942, LIVERPOOL (Lt Cdr G R H Smith Rtd, Capt W R Slaytor DSO from 9 Sep) at San Francisco repairing from 16 Jun to 3 Nov


Armed merchant cruisers - ALAUNIA (Actg Cdr P J Hare Rtd, Capt C A Kershaw Rtd from 29 Sep) at Boston refitting from Jun to 19 Aug, BULOLO (Actg Capt R L Hamer DSO) at Baltimore refitting from Jun to 5 Aug, LETITIA (Actg Cdr J R James Rtd) at Norfolk refitting from 30 May to 1 Dec, MONTCLARE (Capt H M Spreckley Rtd, Actg Capt L H Bayley from 25 Aug) at Boston refitting from Jun to 21 Jul


Minelayer - SOUTHERN PRINCE (Actg Capt J Cresswell) at Baltimore repairing from Jun to 12 Jul, arr Clyde in Aug


Submarine - TRUANT (Lt Cdr H A V Haggard DSC) at Portsmouth, N H, repairing 10 Jun to 31 Aug, dep 16 Sep







Rear Adm J G Crace


Depot ships - KATTABUL at Sydney, PENGUIN (Cdre G C Muirhead-Gould DSC) at Sydney, PLATYPUS (Cdr H T Bennett DSO RAN Emgcy) at Darwin


Heavy cruiser - AUSTRALIA (Capt R R Stewart) dep Sydney 28 Jun


Light cruisers - ADELAIDE (Capt H A Showers ADC) dep Sydney 28 Jun, HOBART (Crace, Capt H L Howden OBE) dep Fremantle 26 Jun, SYDNEY (Capt J A Collins CB) at Fremantle


Armed merchant cruisers - MANOORA (Actg Capt A H Spurgeon RAN) arr Grociosa Bay 25 Jun, WESTRALIA (Capt H V Hudson OBE RAN Emgcy) arr Sydney 29 Jun


Minelayer - BUNGEREE (Cdr N K Calder RAN) arr Port Phillip Bay 22 Jun


Armed boarding vessel - VIGILANT (Lt Cdr G D Tancred RAN) at Darwin


20th Minesweeping Squadron - sloops SWAN (Lt Cdr A J Travis RAN) arr Hobart 9 Jun, WARREGO (Cdr R V Wheatley RAN) at Sydney, minesweepers BURNIE (Ty Lt G E Gough RANR (S)) dep Thursday Island 30 Jun, GOULBURN (Lt B Paul RANR (S)) dep Thursday Island 30 Jun, ORARA (Lt J G S Fyfe RANR (S)) at Sydney


Minesweeping Group 21 - minesweepers BENDIGO (Lt Cdr J A R Patrick RANR (S)) at Sydney, LITHGOW (Cdr A V Knight DSC RANR (S)) arr Port Phillip 29 Jun, MARYBOROUGH (Lt Cdr G L Cant RAN) arr Sydney


Anti-submarine patrol vessels - escort sloop MORESBY (Cdr W H Martin RAN) at Port Moresby, anti-submarine patrol vessels BINGERA Lt T S Marington RANR (S)), BONTHORPE (Lt Cdr F W Blaydon RANR), both at Fremantle


Auxiliary anti-submarine vessels - tugs HEROS (Ty Lt C H Brown RANR (S)), ST GILES Ty Lt H A Litchfield RANR (S)), both at Sydney, coasters KYBRA (Lt Cdr J M Little RANR (S)) at Sydney, WYRALLAH (Lt Cdr E W Livingstone RANR (S)) at Fremantle, YANDRA (Lt J A Tapin RANR (S))


Trawlers - ALFIE CAM (Lt Cdr N J Trace RANR) at Fremantle, BERYL II (Pbty Ty WO J D Lawrie RANR (S)) at Melbourne, COOLEBAR (Lt Cdr R A Nettlefold RANR) at Adelaide, DURRAWEEN (Lt Cdr C W J Patterson RANR) at Melbourne, GOOLGWAI (SO Group 50, Lt Cdr J P Tonkin Emgcy) at Sydney, GOONAMBEE (Lt Cdr E W Andrewartha RANR) at Brisbane, KOROWA (Ty Com Off from WO rank J H Reynolds DSC RANR (S)) at Melbourne, OLIVE CAM (Ty Com Off from WO rank S Armstrong RANR (S)) at Fremantle, SAMUEL BENBOW (Lt Cdr K M Levy RANR) at Sydney, TONGKOL (Ty WO W J Edmonds RANR (S)) at Sydney, TOORIE (Lt R A Roake RANR (S)) at Melbourne, UKI (Ty Lt M Boys RANR (S)) at Sydney


Boom defence vessels - KANGAROO (Pbty Ty Lt L C Parnell RANR (S)) at Sydney, KIARA (Lt H C Brown RANVR), KOALA (Btswn E D Willder), KOOKABURRA (LTH R Gaskill RANVR), all but one at Darwin


Examination Service vessel - ADELE (Ty P J Sullivan RANR (S)) at Darwin, KING BAY (Ty Lt N O R Hodgkinson RANR (S)) at Fremantle, SOUTHERN CROSS (Lt Cdr C F Symonds RAN Emgcy) at Sydney





Base depot ships - PROTECTOR (CO not listed) at Sydney, NS, NADEN (Capt V G Brodeur RCN) at Esquimalt, STADACONA (Capt H E Reid RCN) at Halifax


Corvettes - ALGOMA (Lt J Harding RNCR from 11 Jul) at Port Arthur, AMHERST (Lt Cdr A K Young RCNR from 5 Aug) at St John, NB, ARVIDA (Lt A I MacKay RCNR) at Sorel, BADDECK (Lt A S Easton RCNR) at Quebec, BRANDON (Actg Lt Cdr J C Littler RCNR from 22 Jul) at Quebec, BUCTOUCHE (Lt W W Hackney RCNR from 6 Sep) at Quebec, DAWSON (Actg Lt Cdr A G H Storrs RCNR from 6 Oct) at Victoria, DUNVEGAN (Lt J A Tullis RCNR from 9 Sep) at Quebec, EDMUNDSTON (Actg Lt Cdr R D Barrett RCNR from 21 Oct) at Esquimalt, KENOGAMI (Lt Cdr R Jackson RCNVR) at Port Arthur, LETHBRIDGE (Lt W Mahan RCNR) at Montreal, PRESCOTT (Lt H A Russell RCNR) at Collingwood, ROSTHERN (Lt W Russell RCNR) at Port Arthur, SASKATOON (Lt J S Scott RCNR) at Montreal, SHEDIAC (Lt J E Clayton RCNR from 8 Jul) at Quebec, SOREL (Lt J W Dowling RCNR from 19 Aug) at Sorel


Anti-submarine yachts - ACADIA (Lt S Henderson RCNR), BEAVER (Lt Cdr G H Grifftiths RCN), CARIBOU (Lt A K Young RCNR), COUGAR (Ch Sk G F Cassidy RCNR), FRENCH (Lt D W Main RCNR), LYNX (Lt J A Levesque RCNR), MOOSE (Sk Lt L L Hughes RCNR), RACCOON (Lt N G Roberts RCNR), RENARD (Lt Cdr D G Jeffrey RCNR), SANS PEUR (Actg Lt Cdr W C Halliday RNCR), all at Halifax, WOLF (Ch Sk J M Richardson RCNR) at Esquimalt


Minesweeping vessels - minesweepers BURLINGTON (Lt Cdr W J Frickett RCN from 6 Sep) at Halifax, COMOX (Actg Lt T Gilmour RCNR) at Halifax, COWICHAN (Lt Ronald Jackson RNCR from 4 Jul) at Vancouver, FUNDY (Lt A Moorhourse RCNVR) at Halifax, GASPE (Lt R T Ingram RCNR) at Halifax, GEORGIAN (Actg Lt Cdr A G Stanley RCNR from 23 Sep) at Halifax, NIPIGON (Lt Cdr A T Morrell RCNR from 11 Aug) at Halifax, NOOTKA (Lt J P Fraser RCNR) at Halifax, WASAGA (Lt Cdr W Redford RCNR) at Vancouver, minesweeping trawlers ARRAS (Lt J Willis RCNR) at Halifax, RAYON D'OR (Actg Ty Lt T Gilmour RCNR) at Sydney, NS, VENOSTA (Actg Ty Lt W E S Briggs RCNR) at St John, NB, VIERNOE (Actg Ty Lt A Moorhouse RCNVR) at St John, NB


Auxiliary minesweeping trawlers - ALLEVERDY (Coxswain J Patterson RCNR), ARMENTIERS (Lt A H G Storrs RCNR), CAPE BEALE (Coxswain E J Arnet RCNR), all at Esquimalt, JOAN W II (CO not listed) at Prince Rupert, MITCHELL BAY (Coxswain R S Turner RCNR) at Esquimalt, SIGNAL (Coxswain J K Iversen RCNR) at Esquimalt, TAKLA (Coswain C Parkvold RCNR) at Prince Rupert


Armed yachts - REINDEER (Lt L G Cumming RCNVR), SKY (CO not listed), both at Halifax


Patrol vessel - LAURIER (Sk Lt D E Freeman RCNR) at Halifax


Motor Torpedo Boat - CMTB.1 at Halifax


Boom Defence Gate Vessel - FESTUBERT (CO not listed) at Halifax


Newfoundland Command


As of the 1 July 1941, the following ships were expected to make up the Newfoundland Command:


Base ship - AVALON (Capt C M R Schwerdt Rtd) allocated to St John's


British destroyers - HARVESTER (Lt Cdr M Thornton DSC) arr Iceland 28 Jun, HAVELOCK (Cdr E H Thomas DSC) arr Iceland 28 Jun, HESPERUS (Cdr A A Tait) arr Liverpool 21 Jun with defects, ex-US destroyers, BEVERLEY (Lt Cdr J Grant) arr Dartmouth 1 Jul, BRADFORD (Lt Cdr J N K Knight) at Chatham repairing to comp early Aug, BROADWATER (Lt Cdr W M L Astwood) dep Clyde 28 Jun, BURNHAM (Actg Cdr J Bostock) arr St John's 25 Jun, BURWELL (Lt Cdr S R J Woods RNR) dep Loch Ewe 28 Jun, BUXTON (Lt Cdr Earl Beatty Emgcy) arr St John's 2 Jul, CHESTERFIELD (Lt Cdr E Gleave RNR) at sea, CHURCHILL (Actg Cdr G R Cousins DSC) arr St John's 24 Jun, CLARE (Lt W M C Martin, Lt Cdr L H Landman from 21 Aug) at Plymouth repairing, NEWPORT (Lt Cdr A H P Noble) at Plymouth repairing to comp end of Jul, RAMSEY (Lt Cdr R B Stannard, VC RNR) arr Iceland 24 Jun, READING (Lt Cdr D V Clift) dep Liverpool 28 Jun, RICHMOND (Lt Cdr A F L Evans, Lt Cdr W A Moens Rtd from Aug) dep Iceland 30 Jun, RIPLEY (Lt Cdr J A Agnew) arr Iceland 29 Jun, ROCKINGHAM (Lt Cdr A H T Johns) at Southampton repairing to comp 3 Aug, SHERWOOD (Lt Cdr S W F Bennetts) arr Iceland 28 Jun with defects, STANLEY (Lt Cdr D B Shaw Rtd) at Plymouth repairing to comp end of Aug


Canadian destroyers - ASSINIBOINE (Actg Lt Cdr J H Stubbs RCN) arr Iceland 28 Jun, OTTAWA (Cdr E R Mainguy RCN, Actg Lt Cdr A G Boulton RCNVR from 21 Jul) arr Reykjavik 28 Jun, RESTIGOUCHE (Lt Cdr D W Piers RCN) arr Halifax 30 Jun, SAGUENAY (Lt P E Haddon RCN) dep Iceland 26 Jun, ST LAURENT (Lt H S Rayner DSC RCN) arr Halifax 26 Jun, SKEENA (Lt Cdr J C Hibbard RCN) arr Halifax 26 Jun, ex-US destroyers ANNAPOLIS (Lt Cdr F C Smith RCNR) arr Halifax 23 Jun, COLUMBIA (Lt Cdr S W Davis DSC RCN) at Halifax with defects, HAMILTON (Lt Cdr N V CLark RNCR from 7 Jul) at St Johns awaiting commissioned on 6 Jul, NIAGARA (Actg Cdr E L Armstrong RCN, Lt Cdr T P Ryan OBE RCN from 3 Jul) dep Iceland 26 Jun, ST CLAIR (Lt Cdr D C Wallace RCNR) arr Halifax 23 Jun, ST CROIX (Cdr H Kingsley RCN) arr Halifax 1 Jul, ST FRANCIS (Actg Cdr H F Pullen RCN, Lt C A Rutherford RCN from 26 Aug) dep Clyde 29 Jun


British and French corvettes - CAMELLIA (Lt Cdr A E Willmott RNR) dep Halifax 30 Jun, CANDYTUFT (Lt Cdr F B Collinson Rtd RNR) arr Iceland 24 Jun, CELANDINE (Ty Lt Cdr A Harrison RNR) arr Clyde 3 Jul, CONVOLVULUS (possibly Pbty Ty Lt R S Connell RNR) arr Liverpool 29 Jun, DAHLIA (Ty Lt M S Work RNR) at Greenock repairing, DIANTHUS (Lt Cdr C E Bridgeman RNR) arr Halifax 26 Jun, GLADIOLUS (Lt Cdr H M C Sanders DSO, DSC, RD RNR) arr Iceland 28 Jun, HONEYSUCKLE (Lt Cdr G W Gregorie RNR) dep Iceland 26 Jun, NASTURTIUM (Lt Cdr R C Freaker DSO RNR) arr Iceland 1 Jul, POLYANTHUS (Lt A Hague RNR) dep Reykjavik 30 Jun, PRIMROSE (Lt Cdr A Ayre Rtd RNR) dep St Johns 22 Jun, WALLFLOWER (Lt Cdr I J Tyson) dep Liverpool 25 Jun, French ALYSSUM (Lt Cdr R C Freaker RNR) arr Tobermory 21 Jun, LA MALOUINE (Cdr R W Keymer Rtd, Ty Lt V D H Bidwell RNR from 3 Jul) at Belfast, LOBELIA (Ty Lt the Hon W K Rous RNVR) to join when comp, MIMOSA (French crew) dep Clyde 26 Jun


Canadian corvettes - AGASSIZ (Lt Cdr B D L Johnson RCNR) arr Iceland 27 Jun, ALBERNI (Lt Cdr G O Baugh OBE RCNR) arr Iceland 27 Jun, ARROWHEAD (Cdr E G Skinner RCNR) dep Halifax 30 Jun, BARRIE (Lt R M Mosher RCNR) at sea, BITTERSWEET (Actg Lt Cdr J A Woods RCNR) dep Clyde 27 Jun, CAMROSE (Actg Lt Cdr L R Pavillard RCNR) at Halifax, CHAMBLEY (Cdr J D Prentice RCN) arr Iceland 28 Jun, CHICOUTIMI (Lt W Black RCNR) arr Halifax 30 Jun, CHILLIWACK (Actg Lt Cdr L F Foxall RCNR) arr Halifax 19 Jun, COBALT (Lt C J Angus RCNR) dep Iceland 30 Jun, COLLINGWOOD (Actg Lt Cdr W Woods RCNR) arr Iceland 28 Jun, DAUPHIN (Lt Cdr R A S McNeil OBE RCNR) arr Sydney, NS 27 Jun, EYEBRIGHT (Lt Cdr H C R Davis RCNR) dep Halifax 30 Jun, FENNEL (Lt Cdr J N Smith RCNR) dep Clyde 27 Jun, GALT (Lt A D Landles RCNR) at Halifax, HEPATICA (Lt C Copelin RCNR) dep St Johns 23 Jun, KAMLOOPS (Lt J M Gillison RCNR) arr Halifax 19 Jun, LEVIS (Lt G W Gilding RCNR) at Halifax, MATAPEDIA (Lt R J Herman RCNR) at sea, MAYFLOWER (Actg Lt Cdr G H Stephen RCNR) dep Halifax 30 Jun, NANAIMO (Lt Cdr H C C Daubney RCNR) arr Halifax 27 Jun, NAPANEE (Lt Cdr A H Dobson RCNR) arr Sydney, NS 27 Jun, ORILLIA (Actg Lt Cdr W E S Briggs RCNR) arr Iceland 28 Jun, PICTOU (Lt Cdr J L Diver RCNR, Actg Lt Cdr R B Campbell RNCR from 18 Aug) dep Iceland 26 Jun, QUESNEL (Lt J A Gow RCNR) at Halifax, RIMOUSKI (Lt J W Bonner RCNVR) dep Iceland 26 Jun, SHERBROOKE (Lt Cdr E C M Donald RCN) at Halifax, SNOWBERRY (Lt R S Kelly RCNR) arr Halifax 23 Jun, SPIKENARD (Lt Cdr H G Shadforth RCNR) arr Halifax 26 Jun, TRAIL (Lt G S Hall RCNR) arr Halifax 27 Jun, TRILLIUM (Lt Cdr R F Harris DSC RCNVR) dep St Johns 22 Jun, WETASKIWIN (Lt Cdr G Windeyer RCNR) dep Iceland 20 Jun, WINDFLOWER (Actg Lt Cdr J H S Macdonald RCNR) dep St Johns 22 Jun


British sloops - ABERDEEN (Lt Cdr S G Rivers-Smith) dep St Johns 23 Jun, EGRET (Cdr E M Haes) at London repairing to comp 20 Jul, FLEETWOOD (Cdr D T M Williams RD RNR) arr Reykjavik 28 Jun, FOLKESTONE (Lt Cdr C F H Churchill, Lt Cdr D E G Wemyss from 12 Jul) dep Gibraltar 24 Jun, LEITH (Lt Cdr E C Hulton) at sea, LONDONDERRY (Cdr J S Dalison) at sea, SANDWICH (Lt Cdr R C Gervers Emgcy) dep St Johns 23 Jun, WESTON (Cdr J G Sutton Rtd) at Liverpool repairing to comp 12 Jul


Armed yacht - PHILANTE (Capt H S Bowlby Rtd) dep Sydney, NS 1 Jul




Ships attached to East Indies Station


Depot ship - DALHOUSIE (Cdr A R Rattray RIN) at Bombay


Training ship - DUFFERIN at Bombay


Survey ship - INVESTIGATOR (Cdr H C Beauchamp RIN) at Khor Kuwai


Trawlers - MADRAS (S/Lt R Williams RIN), NAUTILUS (Lt A M Robinson RIN), both at Bombay


Ships requisitioned for Indian Local Defence duties - accommodation ship PANSY (Lt H Harrison RINR) at Calcutta, paddle ship GANGA (Pbty Ty S/Lt R Sawhny RINVR) location not known, coasters BADORA (Pbty Ty Lt H Lee RINR) at Madras, BHADRAVATI (Lt A T Bond RIN) at Karachi, DIPAVATI (Lt A B Goord RIN) at Bombay, HAIDERI (Lt S Gill RINR) at Cochin, HASHEMI (Lt M G Collins RIN) at Karachi, HIRAVATI (Lt P Munday RINVR) at Karachi, IRRIWADDI (Lt H J D Hamilton RIN) at Bombay, KALAVATI (Ty S/Lt E C Wrigley RINVR) at Calcutta, NULCHIRA Lt Cdr J E N Coope RIN) at Vizagapatan, OOSTACAPPALLE (Pbty Ty Lt C H Potten RINR) at Calcutta, PADMAVATI (Pbty Ty  Lt D M Stafford RINVR) at Bombay, PRABHAVATI (Lt W J G Hughes RIN) at Bombay, RAMDAS (Lt Cdr St J A D Garniss RIN) at Madras,


continued - SANDIP Lt H A Tod RINVR) at Madras, SANDOWAY (Lt J B F Henfrey RINR) at Madras, SATYAVATI (Pbty Ty Lt S K Kumarhia RINR) at Karachi, SONAVATI (Lt M B Hall RIN) at Calcutta, SOPHIE MARIE Lt E G Dyke RINR) at Cochin, tug GUTHIE RUSSEL (CO not listed) location not known, trawlers CHANDBALI (Pbty Ty Lt W J Wilson RINR) at Calcutta, KUTUBTARI (Pbty Lt S J Gellett RINR) at Vizagapatam, LAXMI (Lt D G C Courtenay RINVR) at Shatt el Arab, LADY CRADDOCK (Lt W H Dunster RINR) at Calcutta, LILAVATI (Lt M J Gahan RINR) at Shatt el Arab, RUKMAVATI (Lt G W Barnes RINVR) at Bombay, ST ANTHONY (Lt E M O Bryan RINR) at Madras, SELAMA (Lt H Morland RIN) at Vizagapatam, SITAKHOOND (Pbty Ty Lt T R V Bird RINR) at Madras, drifters SALERNA (CO not listed) at Madras, SITA (S/Lt H J Duggan RINVR) location not known, VICTORIA MARIE (Lt D A McDonald RIN) at Calcutta, vessel VIVA (CO not listed) location not known





Depot and Training Ship - PHILOMEL (Capt E Rotherham) at Auckland repairing to comp end of Jun


Light cruiser - ACHILLES (Capt H M Barnes) dep Wellington 27 Jun


Armed merchant cruiser - MONOWAI (Actg Capt H V P McClintock) dep Wellington 29 Jun


25th Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers GALE (Ty Lt C McLeod NZRNR), MATAI (SO, Cdr A D Holden NZRNR), MURITAI (Ty S/Lt R Matheson NZRNR), RATA (Lt Cdr N L Mackie Rtd NZRNR), all at Auckland


HM Fijian Ship - VITI (CO not listed) at Suva


Auxiliary minesweepers

Group 1 (Auckland) - DUCHESS (CO not listed), HUMPHREY (Ty Lt J Holt NZRNR), WAKAKURA (Actg Cdr A D Holden NZRNR), all at Auckland

Group 2 (Wellington) - FUTURIST (Ty Lt D Horn NZRNR), SOUTH SEAS (Ty Lt P E Bradley NZRNR), both at Wellington

Group 3 (Lyttelton) - JAMES COSGROVE (Lt Cdr H W Jones NZRNR), THOMAS CURREL (Ty Lt A G Nilsson NZRNR), both at Lyttelton


Examination Vessels - AWANUI, IKATESE, JAOIE SEDDON, JOHN ANDERSON (no COs listed), all at Auckland





Local Defence Force


Auxiliary anti-submarine trawlers - BLOMVLEI (Lt H E Fougstedt RNVR (SA)), MOOIVLEI (Lt M R Terry Lloyd RNVR (SA)), RONDEVLEI (Lt R P Dryden Dymond RNVR (SA)), SMALVLEI (Lt J Leask SDF), all at Simonstown


Patrol whalers - POL I, POL V (no COs listed), both at Simonstown


Anti-submarine whalers - BLAAUWBERG (Lt O R D Stephen SDF) at Simonstown, CEDARBERG (Eng S/Lt H Ronaasen SDF) at Simonstown, ODBERG (Lt Cdr D L Mackinnon SDF) at Simonstown, SYDOSTLANDET (Lt A S Bowyer RANVR (SA)) at Simonstown


Unassigned - whalers TERJE 6 (renamed TERJE Mar 1941, Lt H G Amor SDF) at Simonstown, TERJE 7 (renamed PROTEA Jun 1941, Lt R P D Dymond RNVR (SA)) at Simonstown, dep Durban 9 Aug as replacement for whaler SOUTHERN FLOE, 22nd Anti-Submarine Group, lost 11 Feb


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