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  British and Other Navies in World War 2 Day-by-Day
by Don Kindell

NAVAL EVENTS, JUNE 1940 (Part 1 of 4)
Saturday 1st – Friday 7th

HMS Glorious, aircraft carrier (Navy Photos, click to enlarge)

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Background Events - June 1940

 Evacuation of Dunkirk ends, Italy at war, Action at sea in the Mediterranean, France falls






Saturday, 1 June


Anti-aircraft cruiser CALCUTTA departed Sheerness late on 31 May escorted by patrol sloops MALLARD and SHEARWATER and operated off Dunkirk near Bray.


Destroyer IVANHOE was badly damaged at 0805 by German bombing at Dunkirk.  Destroyer HAVANT and minesweeper SPEEDWELL took off her wounded and part of the crew, and Tug PERSIA (165grt) towed IVANHOE back to England. Twenty six ratings were killed. She repaired at Chatham completing on 24 August.


Destroyer KEITH was damaged by the near miss of an air bomb at Dunkirk. Later, before leaving Dunkirk, she was bombed again by German aircraft at 0915 and sunk. Lt (E) W. H. Kenward, Acting Gunner (T) C. J. Brown, Surgeon Lt R. H.A. Turner, MRCS, LRCP Rtd, thirty three ratings were lost, and Captain E. L. Berthon and Lt Cdr R. S.Miller RNR, wounded. The survivors, seven officers and one hundred and twenty three ratings were picked up by tugs ST ABBS, VINCIA, SERVIA and Dutch steamer HILDA. Minesweeper SALAMANDER rescued seven ratings.


Tug ST ABBS was lost later on the 1st with the survivors still on board and one hundred navy and army personnel were lost in the tug.


Destroyer HAVANT was badly damaged at 0905 in German bombing off Dunkirk. She was taken in tow, but sank five miles from West Buoy. Lt (E) E. S.Stribley MBE Rtd and seven ratings were lost. Minesweeper SALTASH scuttled her after taking off the crew.


Destroyer BASILISK was immobilised by near misses from German bombing at 0800. She was then badly damaged by German bombing at Dunkirk at 1258. Gunner (T) E. G. Francis Rtd and eight ratings were lost. Six officers and seventy one ratings were picked up by small French trawler LE JOLIE MASCOTTE. Destroyer WHITEHALL picked up two officers and fifty two ratings, while other survivors got away in the motor boat and a whaler. The surviving officers were Cdr M.Richmond, Lt Cdr W. G. Boaks, Lt (E) C. W. Treweeks, Probationary Lt J. M.Sowry RNVR, S/Lt P. B. de B. Jeayes, S/Lt W. H.Ellis, S/Lt W. B. G. Galbraith, Temporary Surgeon A. W. Lt McHaffie MB, CHB RNVR, Probationary Midshipman I. McEvoy RNR.  BASILISK was later scuttled by destroyer WHITEHALL, which was damaged herself by near misses.


Destroyer WHITEHALL departed Dover at 2308/1st for Plymouth. The destroyer was repaired and reboilered at Plymouth, not returning to service until 26 August.


Minesweeper SKIPJACK of the 6th Minesweeping Flotilla was sunk by five direct hits from German bombing at Dunkirk.  She had two hundred and seventy five men on board her at this time, most of whom were below decks and lost.  Probationary Temporary S/Lt Cowley RNVR, was lost.


French destroyer FOUDROYANT, which departed Dover at 0800/1st, was sunk in German air bombing off Dunkirk. One hundred and fifty survivors were picked up by French trawler BERNADETTE (302grt), and patrol trawler GAVA (256grt) and motor yacht NAIAD ERRANT also rescued a number of survivors. A total of one hundred and thirty seven crew and eighty three soldiers were rescued.


Minesweeper HEBE was damaged by the near miss of German air bombs at Dunkirk, but was not put out of action. She departed Dover at 0925/3rd for Portsmouth.


Minesweeper HALCYON was machine gunned by a German aircraft at Dunkirk. Lt N. V. B. Thurston was mortally wounded.


Gunboat MOSQUITO was badly damaged at 1030 by German bombing off Dunkirk, and was scuttled by gunboat LOCUST on the 3rd. Lt A. H. Manwaring and a number of ratings were lost; Lt D. H.P. Gardiner and S/Lt E. S.Flint RNR, were wounded.


Patrol sloop KINGFISHER was damaged by the near miss of German air bombs at Dunkirk.


Destroyer WORCESTER was badly damaged by German bombing at Dunkirk. S/Lt N. L.Humphreys, Warrant Engineer T. Smillie, and a number of ratings were lost, and Acting Gunner E. F. Wheeler wounded.  Returning to Dover, she was damaged in a collision with steamer MAID OF ORLEANS (2386grt) which was badly damaged. WORCESTER departed Dover at 1404/3rd for Tilbury, and was repaired at London, returning to service on 11 July.


Destroyer HARVESTER was damaged by near misses of air bombs and forced to return to Sheerness. At 1409/3rd, she departed Dover for Chatham for repairs to her furnace.


Destroyers VENOMOUS, VIMY, VIVACIOUS and minesweeper SALAMANDER were damaged were damaged by German bombing at Dunkirk. Destroyers VENOMOUS, VIMY, VIVACIOUS were all repaired at Portsmouth completing on the 13th, within a week, on the 11th, respectively.


Destroyer VENOMOUS also damaged her stern at 0040/1st when she collided with the harbour wall.


Destroyer VIVACIOUS was temporarily repaired at Chatham in time for port blocking operations on 2/3 June at Dunkirk.


Minesweeper SALAMANDER departed Dover on the 2nd for Sheerness.


Destroyer SHIKARI was damaged by German bombing at Dunkirk.


Destroyer SHIKARI departed Dover at 1140 with destroyer CODRINGTON. The destroyer was taken to Plymouth for repairs completed on the 18th.


Motor torpedo boat MTB.100 was damaged by the near miss of air bombs at Dunkirk.


Auxiliary minesweeper BRIGHTON QUEEN (Temporary Lt A. Stubbs RNR) of the 7th Minesweeping Flotilla was sunk by German shore guns at Dunkirk.


The minesweeper's survivors were rescued by minesweeper SALTASH.


French auxiliary minesweepers DENIS PAPIN (309grt), LA MOUSSAILLON (38grt), VENUS (264grt) were sunk by German bombing at Dunkirk.


Destroyers ICARUS, VANQUISHER, WINDSOR evacuated three thousand troops from Dunkirk on this date.


Minesweeper SPEEDWELL grounded west of La Panne and embarked troops until towed off by minesweeper ALBURY.


Destroyers WHITSHED, repaired of her damage from the Boulogne evacuation, ESK, MALCOLM, CODRINGTON, SABRE, WINCHELSEA were also at Dunkirk to lift troops.


Off the Bray, destroyer SABRE embarked 451 troops and minesweeper NIGER embarked 310 troops.


British steamer SCOTIA (3454grt) was sunk at 1300 by German bombing off Dunkirk in 51‑07N, 02‑10E.


Thirty two crew members and two to three hundred troops were lost on the steamer SCOTIA.


Her survivors were picked up by destroyer ESK and drifters FISHER BOY, FIDGET, JAKETA.


British troopship ORFORD (20,043grt) was badly damaged by German bombing at Marseilles.


The troopship was set afire and beached.


Four crew died on the troopship and ten were missing.


Belgian tug ELBE (150grt) was sunk by German bombing at Dunkirk.


Anti-submarine trawler ARGYLLSHIRE (540grt, S/Lt J. S.Weddle RNR, SO ) of the 11th Anti-Submarine Striking Force and minesweeping trawlers LORD MELCHETT (347grt) and STELLA RIGEL (358grt)were on patrol together near Dunkirk.


Anti-submarine trawlers ARGYLLSHIRE and STELLA DORADO (550grt, Skipper W. H.Burgess RNR) which was a unit of the 10th Anti-Submarine Striking Force were sunk by German motor torpedo boat S 34 near Dunkirk in the North Sea at 0245 and 0430, respectively.


S/Lt Weddle and four other survivors from trawler ARGLLSHIRE were picked up by trawler MALABAR.


Patrol sloop WIDGEON near South Falls reported she was attacked by a German motor torpedo boat, but no damage was done.


Yacht AMULREE (89grt) was sunk at 0200 in a collision with destroyer VIMY in the Dover Strait.


Destroyer VIMY was out of action.


The destroyer departed Dover at 0610/2nd for Cardiff for repairs.


Hospital ship ST DAVID, at anchor off Dover, was damaged at 0845/1st by the spontaneous explosion of a mine.


Yacht GRIVE (687grt, Captain the Hon. L.J. O. Lambart DSO Rtd) was sunk in German bombing at Dunkirk Roads at 2355.


Captain Lambart, Temporary Lt (E) T. Graham RNR, S/Lt H.B. M.Marr RNVR, Lt M.R. Branwell, which was a Fleet Air Arm passenger,were lost in the yacht. S/Lt J. K. B. Miles RNVR, was wounded in the yacht.


Drifter FAIR BREEZE (92grt) was sunk after a collision with a wreck in Dunkirk harbour.


Drifter LORD CAVAN (96grt, SO Cdr A. J. Cubison Rtd, mine Recovery Flotilla) was sunk by German shore guns at Dunkirk.


Her entire crew were rescued by a destroyer.


Tugs ST ABBS (550grt), with destroyer KEITH survivors aboard, ST FAGAN (550grt) were sunk by German bombing at Dunkirk.


Lt T. E. Brooker Rtd and eighteen ratings were lost on tug ST ABBS in addition to eighty six passengers. Thirty crew and passengers, including Captain E. L.Berthon were rescued. Lt Cdr G. H.Warren MBE, Boatswain D. G. Brown, who was wounded, six ratings of ST FAGAN were rescued by tug TANGA. The rest of the crew of twenty five were lost.


British sail barges DUCHESS (72grt) and LADY ROSEBERRY (109grt) were lost three miles east of Dunkirk when the tug they were alongside was blown up on a mine.


The entire crew of the barge DUCHESS was rescued. One crewman was lost on the LADY ROSEBERRY.


British sailing barges LARK (67grt) and ROYALTY (101grt) were beached and abandoned at Dunkirk and Malo les Bains, respectively.


Three crew and six soldiers were rescued from barge ROYALTY.


British sailing barge DORIS (83grt) were sunk on mines three miles east of Dunkirk.


British sailing barges BARBARA JEAN (144grt) and ETHEL EVERAND (190grt) were blown up and abandoned at Dunkirk. Sailing barge AIDIE was blown up and abandoned between Dunkirk and La Panne. Sailing barge ETHEL EVERAND was blown up and abandoned at La Panne.


Three crew were saved from barge BARBARA JEAN, the entire crew was saved from AIDIE, the entire crew was saved from ETHEL EVERAND.


In the tow of two tugs, British fishing vessel RENOWN (9grt) was sunk on a mine near Sandettie Light Vessel.


Four crew were lost on the fishing vessel.


British steamer PRAGUE (4220grt) was damaged at 0927 by German bombing 13 miles 115° from North Foreland.


Steamer PRAGUE was assisted by destroyer SHIKARI, sloop SHEARWATER, auxiliary minesweeper QUEEN OF THANET. The steamer was towed in and beached on Sandwich Flats.


Steamer PRAGUE was refloated and anchored in the Downs on the 6th to await tugs to take her to London.


On 1 June, 64,429 troops were evacuated from Dunkirk.



Destroyer TARTAR (D.6) departed Liverpool for Scapa Flow where she arrived at 1700/2nd.



Destroyer FORESTER arrived at Scapa Flow at 1600. She soon departed with destroyer MAORI for Aberdeen to escort two troopships to Lerwick and then return to Scapa Flow.


At 0510 on 2 May, destroyer MAORI dropped depth charges on a contact in 59-10N, 1-10W of Lerwick. Destroyer FORESTER proceeded on to Lerwick with the convoy.


At 1150, destroyer FORESTER was ordered to rejoin MAORI to hunt the submarine.


Both destroyers arrived at Scapa Flow after this operation at 0400/3rd.



Destroyer AMAZON arrived in the Clyde at 2130 after being relieved by destroyer WREN in the destroyer ESKIMO escort.



Sloop FLEETWOOD, which had only arrived at 0425, departed Scapa Flow for Rosyth at 1400 after destroyer ESKIMO escort duty.



British oiler BRITISH GOVERNOR arrived at Scapa Flow at 0415 from Harstad.



British steamers CYPRIAN PRINCE, RUTLAND, GUNVOR MAERSK, escorted by anti-submarine trawlers INDIAN STAR and ANGLE, arrived at Scapa Flow from the Narvik area.



Submarine NARWHAL arrived at Immingham and departed the same day for minelaying mission FD.16 on the 3rd off Jaederens.



Submarine TRUANT arrived at Rosyth after patrol.



Submarines TRITON, TRIDENT, SALMON, SNAPPER, SEALION, SUNFISH departed patrol areas to return to base.



Submarines TRIAD, SEAWOLF, STURGEON were still at sea.


Polish submarine ORZEL (already lost) was ordered to relieve submarine TRIDENT's billet.



Submarine L.26 departed Harwich for Sheerness arriving later the same day.


Submarine L.26 was docked the next day.



British troopships ORMONDE and ORAMA departed Scapa Flow at 2100 for Harstad escorted by destroyer FOXHOUND. When this group met the troopships departing the Clyde on 31 May off Cape Wrath, destroyer FOXHOUND returned to Scapa Flow where she arrived at 1230/2nd.



Destroyer WHIRLWIND escorting British troopship ROYAL SCOTSMAN (3244grt) departed Harstad at 0400 for Scapa Flow where they arrived at 2350/3rd.



British repair ship VINDICTIVE departed Scapa Flow at 2116 for the Harstad area.



U.48 badly damaged chartered boom carrier ASTRONOMER (8401grt), en route from Rosyth to Scapa Flow, escorted by anti-submarine trawlers STOKE CITY and LEINCESTER CITY, in 58‑01N, 02‑12W. A mine was suspected.


The report of the damage to the boom carrier was received at 0100/2nd. Destroyer KELVIN was sent from Scapa Flow.


Destroyer MASHONA departed Scapa Flow at 0215/2nd to assist destroyer KELVIN.


Anti-submarine trawlers PETER HENDRICKS and PAUL RYKENS were ordered to the area and tug ST MELLONS departed Scapa Flow to assist, but returned on the 2nd when the ship was lost.


Destroyer KELVIN reported a second explosion on the boom carrier ASTRONOMER at 0345 and ASTRONOMER sank soon thereafter.


Anti-submarine trawler LEINCESTER CITY (422grt) reported a submarine contact in the vicinity at about the time of the second explosion on ASTRONOMER.


Four crew were lost on the boom carrier. Trawler LEINCESTER CITY picked up fifty five survivors and trawler STOKE CITY rescued fifty four survivors. The survivors were taken to Aberdeen, arriving on the 2nd.


Anti-submarine trawler STOKE CITY dropped depth charges on a contact without result.


At 0640, an aircraft bombed a submarine contact in 57-25N, 0-56W, twenty five miles south of ASTRONOMER's position. Destroyers MASHONA and KELVIN set off to search, but were unsuccessful.


At 1100/2nd, destroyers ENCOUNTER and ATHERSTONE departed Rosyth.


Destroyer ATHERSTONE proceeded to Scapa Flow where she later arrived at 2200/2nd.


Destroyer ENCOUNTER was to join the search for the submarine contact near ASTRONOMER.


At 1800/2nd, destroyer ATHERSTONE, still en route to Scapa Flow, reported a line of mines near where boom carrier ASTRONOMER sank.


Boom defense vessel BARBICAN, escorted by anti-submarine trawler ELM, proceeded to the area. They recovered the mooring buoys, covered by destroyers MASHONA and ENCOUNTER, took them to Scapa Flow arriving on the 3rd.


Destroyer KELVIN arrived at Scapa Flow at 0315/3rd.


Destroyers MASHONA and ENCOUNTER arrived at Scapa Flow at 1127/3rd.



British trawler SLASHER (195grt) was sunk by German bombing seventy miles northeast, one half mile east of the Spurn Light Vessel in 54-35N, 1-16E.


One crewman was killed on the British trawler.



Convoy OA.159 departed Southend escorted by corvette CLARKIA.



Convoy OB.159 departed Liverpool escorted by sloop SANDWICH from 1 to 4 June. The sloop was detached to convoy HX.45.



Convoy MT.79 departed Methil, escorted by sloop LONDONDERRY. The convoy arrived in the Tyne later that day.



Convoy FS.185 departed the Tyne, escorted by sloop LONDONDERRY. The convoy arrived at Southend on the 3rd.



Armed merchant cruisers CARINTHIA and ASTURIAS departed Gibraltar to return to England. Armed merchant cruiser DERBYSHIRE on patrol off the Spanish ports was ordered to leave her patrol area and return to the Clyde.


Armed merchant cruiser PATROCLUS was ordered to depart Casablanca and patrol in the Teneriffe area.



U.37 sank Greek steamer IOANNA (950grt) 120 miles off Cape Finisterre.


The entire crew was landed at Vigo by Spanish steamer CABO RAZO (2879grt).



Sunday, 2 June


British Force K was formed for the final operations off Dunkirk.


The destroyers were sent to Dunkirk to embark troops in pairs.


Destroyer WINDSOR embarked 493 troops on her first trip and destroyer ICARUS embarked 677 troops. Destroyer ICARUS was returned on the return part.


At 0400, destroyer ICARUS was in a collision with a trawler or a drifter at Dunkirk. The destroyer was damaged, but was not taken out of service.


Destroyer CODRINGTON embarked 878 troops and destroyer SABRE embarked 756 troops.


Destroyer SHIKARI embarked 470 troops. Destroyer ESK was to have accompanied her, but was unable to sail due to having been in continuous duty since 27 May.


The next pair was destroyers WINCHELSEA and WHITSHED.


Destroyer WINDSOR on her second trip embarked 624 troops.


French destroyers EPERVIER and LEOPARD operated on the patrol line, but withdrew when German bombing began at 1035.


Between X and Y buoy, off Bray, anti-aircraft cruiser CALCUTTA fought off three different air attacks. She was slightly damaged by near misses.


The cruiser was ordered to Sheerness at 1442.


Destroyer MALCOLM at 1651 damaged her bow and propellers in a collision at Dunkirk.


Destroyers VENOMOUS, WINDSOR, WINCHELSEA, among others lifted troops from Dunkirk on the 2nd.


Destroyer WHITSHED was damaged in a collision with Tug JAVA (128grt) at Dover as she was setting out at 1435/2nd.


The destroyer was able to continue.


Destroyer WHITSHED departed Dover at 1300/4th for Portsmouth. The destroyer was repaired of her collision damage at Portsmouth completing on the 12th.


Anti-submarine trawler SPURS (399grt) of the 10th Anti-Submarine Group was badly damaged in German bombing off Dunkirk.


Trawler SPURS was assisted and escorted back to Dover to destroyer VANQUISHER.


Early on the 3rd, these destroyers arrived at Dover - CODRINGTON with 44 troops, ESK with 500 troops, SABRE with 500 troops, SHIKARI with 700 troops, VANQUISHER with 37 troops, VENOMOUS with 1500 troops, WHITSHED with 82 troops, WINCHELSEA with 152 troops, WINDSOR with 1022 troops, EXPRESS was not able to embark troops and arrived at Dover. Gunboat LOCUST arrived with 800.


Anti-submarine trawlers AMETHYST and KINGSTON PERIDOT were damaged by German bombing at Dunkirk and out of action.

Tug FOSSA (105grt) was stranded and abandoned at Bruyne Sands at Dunkirk.


She was later salved by German forces for their own use.


Belgian fishing vessels ONZE LIEVE VROUW VAN VLAANDEREN (39grt), GETUIGT VOR CHRISTUS (39grt), ANNA LEOPOLD (52grt) were lost at Dunkirk.


Fishing vessel GETUIGT VOR CHRISTUS was sunk by a German patrol boat.


Anti-submarine trawler BLACKBURN ROVERS (422grt, Skipper W. Martin RNR, of the 21st Anti-Submarine Group (SO Cdr R. W. English DSO Rtd on board) was sunk at 1618 in mining twenty four miles east by south of North Foreland.


Skipper W. Martin RNR, was wounded in the trawler.


Anti-submarine trawler WESTELLA (550grt, Chief Skipper A. Gove RNR) of the 10th Anti-submarine Group, rescuing the survivors of trawler BLACKBURN ROVERS was also sunk by a mine at 1639.


Anti-submarine trawler SAON rescued thirty six men from the two trawlers.


Hospital ship PARIS (1790grt), on passage to Dunkirk, was badly damaged at 1915 by German bombing near Dunkirk in 51‑11N, 02‑07E. Two crew were killed. PARIS sank on the 3rd.


British steamer MONA'S ISLE was damaged by the near miss of German bombing at Dunkirk.


Hospital ship WORTHING (2294grt) was damaged by German bombing at 1442 at Dunkirk. Patrol sloop MALLARD from the cruiser CALCUTTA screen stood by, and she was taken to Newhaven.


On 2 June, 26,256 troops were evacuated from Dunkirk.


Destroyer VIVACIOUS with MTB.107 and MA/SB 7 took blockships EDV. NISSEN (2062grt), WESTCOVE (2735grt), HOLLAND (1251grt) from Dover to Dunkirk late on the 2nd. A fourth blockship did not arrive.


At 0300/3 June, the blockships were sunk at Dunkirk, but the channel was not completely blocked.



Minesweeping trawler MILFORD QUEEN (280grt) of the 10th Minesweeping Group, JAMES LAY (278grt) of the 11th Minesweeping Group,CAPE MELVILLE (342grt) and MILFORD PRINCESS (301grt) of the 12th Minesweeping Group and unattached CLOTILDE (289grt), escorted by Sloop WESTON, departed the Tyne to cut the cables between Newbiggin and Peterhead to Scandinavia in Operation QUIDNUNC.


After the operation, the ships proceeded to Yarmouth.



French trawler EMMA (255grt) and Finnish steamer HEBE (686grt) collided two miles east, southwest of South Foreland light House.


The French trawler sank.



British trawler GREYNIGHT (96grt) was sunk by German bombing off the Humber in 54‑40N, 01‑30E.


The Master of the trawler was lost.



French steamer CHELLA (8920grt) was badly damaged by German bombing at Marseilles.


The vessel was moved to the Roads where it was sunk by gunfire from coastal batteries.



Egyptian steamer EL NID (7690grt) and Greek steamer AENOS (3554grt) were damaged by German bombing at Marseilles.



Convoy OA.160 departed Southend escorted by corvette ARABIS from 2 to 5 June. The corvette was detached to convoy SL.33.



Convoy OB.160 departed Liverpool escorted by sloop SCARBOROUGH from 2 to 4 June.



Convoy OG.32F was formed from convoys OA.158GF, which departed Southend on 30 May escorted by corvette GLADIOLUS, OB.158GF, which departed Liverpool on 30 May escorted by sloop DEPTFORD, of forty one ships.


Sloop DEPTFORD escorted the convoy from 2 to 5 June.


Destroyer DOUGLAS joined the convoy on the 6th. The convoy arrived at Gibraltar on the 7th.



Convoy FN.186 departed Southend, escorted by destroyer VIVIEN. The convoy arrived at the Tyne on the 4th.



Convoy MT.80 departed Methil, escorted by sloop HASTINGS. The convoy arrived in the Tyne later that day.



Convoy FS.186 departed the Tyne, escorted by sloop HASTINGS. The convoy arrived at Southend on the 4th.



U.101 sank British steamer POLYKARP (3577grt) in 49‑19N, 05‑35W.


The crew from the British steamer was rescued by French steamer ESPIGUETTE (1109grt) and was landed at Penzance.


Sloops ABERDEEN, ENCHANTRESS, ROCHESTER were hunting for the submarine.



Aircraft carriers ARK ROYAL and GLORIOUS arrived off Harstad to provide air cover for the evacuation of the Narvik area.


Aircraft carrier GLORIOUS was carrying a reduced aircraft complement in order to embark the surviving Gladiators of the 263 Squadron.



Aircraft carrier ILLUSTRIOUS departed the Clyde at 0600 for Devonport escorted by destroyers WARWICK, WESTCOTT, WITCH, AMAZON.


Destroyer WESTCOTT arrived at Devonport at 0700/3rd.


After the aircraft carrier was safely delivered, the rest of the destroyers went on to Portsmouth, arriving at 1710 to escort the Battleship NELSON.


After outfitting and some modifications from 3 to 21 June, at Plymouth, the aircraft carrier ILLUSTRIOUS went to the West Indies for working up in the Caribbean.


Aircraft carrier ILLUSTRIOUS, escorted by destroyer IMOGEN, departed Plymouth on the 21st and was damaged by weather en route. She returned to England on 23 July when she arrived at Greenock.



British oiler ALDERSDALE, escorted by anti-submarine trawler ELM, arrived at Scapa Flow from Glasgow.



Submarine SUNFISH arrived at Rosyth after patrol.



Convoy AB 2, consisting of British steamers LYCAON (7350grt, Commodore Creighton), BELLEROPHON (9019grt), DORSET COAST (646grt) and escorted by anti-submarine trawlers NOTTS COUNTY (541grt) and NORWICH CITY (541grt), departed Reykavik for the Clyde.


Steamer SICILIAN PRINCE was delayed and did not sail with the convoy.


The convoy arrived in the Clyde on the 6th.



British steamer CONCH (8376grt) arrived at Andenes from Scapa Flow escorted by anti-submarine trawlers JUNIPER (530grt) and WHITETHORN (530grt) of the 19th Anti-submarine Striking Force.


Trawler WHITETHORN returned to Scapa Flow.



Dutch light cruiser SUMATRA departed Milford Haven carrying HRH Princess Juliana and her daughters to Canada.


The cruiser was joined on the 7th by Dutch light cruiser HEEMSKERCK and both arrived at Halifax on the 11th.



French liner PASTEUR (30,447grt) had departed Brest on 30 May for St Nazaire. She departed on 31 May, carrying French gold, arrived back at Brest on the 1st. The liner departed Brest on the 2nd for Halifax, escorted by destroyer GERFAUT until 3 June. The destroyer arrived back at Brest on the 5th. The liner safely arrived at Halifax on the 8th.



Convoy HX.47 departed Halifax at 0900 escorted by Canadian destroyer SAGUENAY and patrol vessel ACADIA, which were detached on the 3rd.


The ocean escort for the convoy was Armed merchant cruiser ESPERANCE BAY which took over the convoy at 2130/2nd. The armed merchant cruiser was detached on the 15th.


On 14 June, sloops FOWEY and SANDWICH joined the convoy and escorted it to Liverpool, arriving on the 17th.



Monday, 3 June


Destroyers ESK embarked 611 troops at Dunkirk, WHITSHED embarked 444, VENOMOUS embarked 1200, VANQUISHER embarked 414, MALCOLM embarked 736, SABRE embarked 592, SHIKARI embarked 383, minesweepers KELLET embarked 30, ALBURY embarked 400, HALCYON embarked 501, LEDA embarked 500, patrol sloop GUILLEMOT embarked 460, gunboat LOCUST embarked 196.


Destroyer ESK was damaged by the near miss of a German air bomb at Dunkirk.


The destroyer departed Dover at 1300/4th for repairs at Portsmouth completing in eight days.

Destroyer SABRE ran aground leaving Dunkirk and lost her asdic dome.


After the operation, destroyer SABRE departed Dover at 1300/4th for repairs at Portsmouth.


Destroyers MALCOLM, VENOMOUS, VANQUISHER departed Dover at 1300/4th for repairs at Portsmouth.


Gunboat LOCUST departed Dover at 1621/4th for Sheerness.


Minesweeper KELLET ran aground at the western breakwater and was too damaged to embark more than thirty troops.


British steamer ROYAL DIAFFODIL (2060grt) was damaged by German bombing at 0131 off Dunkirk in 51‑13N, 02‑00E.


Steamer ROYAL DIAFFODIL was further damaged at 0600 in a collision.


British steamer BEN MY CHREE was damaged in a collision at 0600 as she was setting out for Dunkirk.


Patrol sloop KINGFISHER was damaged in a collision with a French fishing vessel at 0014/4th.


Sloop KINGFISHER had embarked 200 troops at Dunkirk. The troops were transferred to a trawler off Dunkirk.


Sloop KINGFISHER also collided with British steamer KING GEORGE V (801grt) at Margate.


Patrol sloop KINGFISHER was repaired at Lowestoft completing on 8 July.


French Amirals Jean Abrial, Charles Platon, Marcel LeClerc and General Marie B. A. Fagalde departed Dunkirk on French motor torpedo boats VTB.25 and VTB.26 early on the 4th.



French trawler MARECHAL FOCH (103grt) was sunk in a collision with minesweeper LEDA off Dunkirk at 0429/4th.


Minesweeper LEDA sustained damage to her stem. Minesweeper ALBURY stood by to assist.


French motor torpedo boat VTB.25 damaged her propellers rescuing MARECHAL FOCH's survivors and was towed to Dover by destroyer MALCOLM.


The minesweeper was involved in another collision at 0454 one mile from North Goodwin Buoy with a skoot.


The minesweeper was repaired at Sheerness from 6 to 12 June.


S/Lt W. B. L.Tower on loan from destroyer SOMALI, under repair, on yacht ROSAURA was lost on the 3rd.


Destroyer SHIKARI,motor torpedo boat MTB.107, anti-submarine motor boat MA/SB 10 left the Downs with blockships GOURKO (1975grt), MOYLE (1791grt), PACIFICO (687grt) to complete the Dunkirk channel blocking in Operation CK.


En route, blockship GOURKO was sunk in a collision with a French personnel ship off Dunkirk and MTB.107 picked up seven crew and MA/SB 10 picked ten.


Blockship PACIFICO (Lt Cdr G. H.F. Owles in charge of the operation) was sunk in place at 0340/4 June and the port of Dunkirk was blocked.


Destroyer SHIKARI was the last allied ship to leave Dunkirk.


Destroyer SHIKARI arrived at Dover later on the 4th, but departed at 1140/4th for Portsmouth.


At 0615/4th, French auxiliary minesweeper EMIL DESCHAMPS (348grt) was sunk on a mine five miles east, northeast of Foreness, three miles 336°from Elbow Buoy in 51-24N, 1-1-29E, with five hundred French troops from Dunkirk on board.


The survivors were picked up by minesweeper ALBURY and French auxiliary minesweepers SAINTE ELISABETH (39grt) and MARIE ANNE (51grt).

During the night of 3/4 June, the last day of DYNAMO, 26,175 troops were evacuated.



At the completion of DYNAMO, of ninety four destroyers in Home Waters, only forty three were in service.


A certain amount of restructuring was under taken in the Destroyer Flotillas.


On 27 May as a result of DYNAMO operations and transfers to the Mediterranean Fleet, the 5th and 7th Destroyer Flotillas were merged into the 5th Destroyer Flotilla.


The 15th Destroyer Flotilla was disbanded and with various units completing repairs and unattached destroyers were formed into the 21st and 22nd Destroyer Flotillas.



Destroyers WANDERER, VESPER, VEGA, repairs completed, arrived at Dover at 2230 for operations.



Drifter OCEAN LASSIE (96grt) was sunk on a mine 2¾ cables 55° from Outer Ridge Buoy, Harwich. Six crew were lost and three rescued.



French patrol boat PURFINA (603grt) was sunk on a mine in LeHavre Roads.



Greek steamer PERRAKIS L.CAMBANIS (3584grt) was sunk by German bombing at Dieppe.


Steamer PERRAKIS L.CAMBANIS was later salved by German forces and renamed HERTA ENGELINE FRITZEN for German service.



The British Home Fleet units at Scapa Flow available on this date were battleships VALIANT and RODNEY, battlecruisers RENOWN and REPULSE, heavy cruiser SUSSEX, light cruiser NEWCASTLE, destroyers TARTAR, MASHONA, BEDOUIN, ASHANTI, MAORI, ZULU, FORESTER, FOXHOUND, KELVIN, INGLEFIELD, ELECTRA, ENCOUNTER, ESCORT.


The other units were either repairing or detached for duty elsewhere:a number of ships were operating in the Harstad area and destroyers FORTUNE, FORESIGHT, FURY of the 8th Flotilla had been detached on 28 May to reinforce the Nore Command and operate under the command of the 18th Cruiser Squadron.



Light cruiser NEWCASTLE arrived at Scapa Flow from Rosyth at 2035.



Destroyer FIREDRAKE embarked troops at Ballangen and took them to Andfjord for evacuation to England.



Destroyers BEDOUIN and ASHANTI departed Scapa Flow at 1800 for Rosyth.


The destroyers with steamers ST MAGNUS and ALSTER arrived at Rosyth during the forenoon of 4 June.



British steamers DROMORE CASTLE and JACINTH and French steamer ALBERT LE BOURGNE, escorted by anti-submarine trawlers LADY ELSA and ST KEENAN arrived at Scapa Flow from the Narvik area.



British troopship ROYAL SCOTSMAN (3244grt) escorted by destroyer WHIRLWIND arrived at Scapa Flow at 2350 from Harstad.



British trawler MARGARET (260grt) departed Narvik in the tow of British trawler BEN ROSSAL (260grt) and escorted by minesweeping trawlers NEWHAVEN (193grt) and STRATHDERRY (193grt).


The trawlers, less MARGARET scuttled in bad weather, arrived safely at Thorshavn on the 9th.



British steamers MARINA (5088grt), BLACKHEATH (4637grt), OLIGARCH (6897grt), HARMATTAN (4558grt), escorted by destroyer CAMPBELL, arrived at Harstad at 1730.



Anti-submarine trawler CAPE PORTLAND departed Scapa Flow towing anti-submarine trawler GUAVA to Belfast for repairs.



Submarine NARWHAL completed minefield FD.16 at 1937 off the Jaederens in 58‑46N, 05-25E.


German minesweeper M.11 was sunk on the 5th on this minefield.


German steamer PALIME (2863grt) was damaged on this minefield on the 5th. The steamer was run aground a total loss at Jaederens.


On 28 September, German steamer CLARA L.M. RUSS (1600grt) was damaged on this minefield.



Submarine SPEARFISH departed Blyth on patrol.



Submarines SALMON, SEALION, SNAPPER arrived at Rosyth after patrol.



Submarine tender WARRIOR II (1266grt) departed Portsmouth escorting submarines H.34, H.49, H.50, H.44 to Harwich.



Submarine tender WHITE BEAR (1822grt) departed Portsmouth escorting submarines H.28, H.31, O 13 for Blyth and Dundee.



Convoy FN.187 departed Southend, escorted by destroyer WALPOLE. Dutch warships NAUTILUS and JAN VAN BRAKEL were in the convoy. When the convoy was delayed by fog, sloop BLACK SWAN relieved destroyer WALPOLE on the 4th. The convoy arrived at the Tyne on the 5th.



Convoy MT.81 departed Methil, escorted by destroyer WALLACE. The convoy arrived in the Tyne later that day.



Convoy FS.187 departed the Tyne, escorted by destroyer WALLACE. The convoy arrived at Southend on the 5th.



U.37 sank Finnish steamer SNABB (2317grt) three hundred miles off Cape Finisterre.


One crew was killed on the steamer. Greek steamer KYRIAKOULA (4340grt) picked up the crew and landed them at Queenstown.



Light cruiser LIVERPOOL departed Aden and arrived at Alexandria on the 10th for duty with the Mediterranean Fleet.



Tuesday, 4 June


The French 10th Submarine Flotilla at Dundee with depot ship JULES VERNE and submarines CASABIANCA, SFAX, SYBILLE, ANTIOPE, AMAZONE, THETIS, CIRCE, CALYPSO, which had been recalled to Brest for transfer to the Mediterranean, departed Dundee escorted by destroyers BEDOUIN and ASHANTI as far as the Butt of Lewis.



U.8, which departed Wilhelmshaven on patrol on 19 May, was attacked by aircraft in 58-06N, 1-45W. The submarine's commanding officer was severely wounded.


Destroyer ESCORT departed Scapa Flow at 0600 to investigate this contact off Moray Firth.


Destroyer ENCOUNTER was dispatched at 0915.


Destroyers TARTAR and MASHONA departed Scapa Flow at 1300 to join.


Destroyer FORESTER departed Scapa Flow at 1415 and destroyer ELECTRA departed Scapa Flow at 1635.


However, no further contacts were made.



Battleship VALIANT with destroyers ZULU, MAORI, FOXHOUND departed Scapa Flow for firings west of the Orkneys. The battleship returned to Scapa Flow at 1345 and the destroyers joined heavy cruiser SUSSEX.



Heavy cruiser SUSSEX departed Scapa Flow for firings est of the Orkneys. She was joined by destroyers ZULU, MAORI, FOXHOUND. All three arrived back at Scapa Flow at 1815.



Battleship RESOLUTION departed Scapa Flow at 1312 for Gibraltar escorted by destroyers WOLVERINE, WITHERINGTON, VISCOUNT.


The destroyers escorted the battleship to 13W and then returned to Scapa Flow, arriving at 1501/6th.


Destroyer VELOX departed Gibraltar on the 5th with convoy HG.33F and joined battleship RESOLUTION on the 8th.


On 7 June, destroyer ACTIVE departed Gibraltar and met the battleship and destroyer VELOX.


The ships arrived at Gibraltar on the 10th.



Anti-submarine trawlers LE TIGER and ELM departed Scapa Flow escorting oilers ATHELSULTAN and BRITISH GOVERNOR to the Clyde and Birkenhead, respectively.



Hospital ship ABA arrived at Scapa Flow from the Narvik area.



Destroyer KEPPEL departed Gibraltar to act as additional escort for aircraft carrier ARGUS, which departed Toulon on the 4th and Hyeres on the 5th for Gibraltar.


On departing Hyeres, the aircraft carrier flew off her Swordfish of 767 Squadron to Polyvestre for operations. On 17 June, eighteen Swordfish departed Polyvestre for Bone in Algeria. On 20 June, twelve Swordfish flew,via Medjez el Bab in Tunisia for refuelling, to Malta, arriving on the 22nd. The remaining Swordfish proceeded to Gibraltar for duty in aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL.


The aircraft carrier arrived at Gibraltar on the 7th, escorted by destroyers STURDY and KEPPEL.



Light cruiser FIJI, which was completed on 17 May 1940, departed the Clyde for working up in the Caribbean.


Cruiser FIJI arrived at Bermuda on the 10th. On completion of her working up, she arrived back at Greenock on 23 July.



For operation JUNO, German forces under Admiral Marschall departed Kiel to operate off Harstad with battleships SCHARNHORST and GNEISENAU, heavy cruiser ADMIRAL HIPPER, destroyers LODY, STEINBRINCK, SCHOEMANN, GALSTER. This force was screened through the Kattegat by German torpedo boats JAGUAR and FALKE, barrage breaker SPERRBRECHER 4 (steamer OAKLAND: 6757grt), tender HAI, some R boats. The torpedo boats remained with the force through the Skagerrak.



A Convoy, consisting of British steamers ARBROATH (553grt), NGAKOA (507grt), YEWMOUNT (869grt), Norwegian steamer MARITA (1931grt) arrived off Vestfjord, escorted by destroyer VETERAN. The convoy was ordered to Tromso, arriving on the 5th, destroyer VETERAN was ordered to Harstad.



For the Narvik evacuation, Operation ALPHABET, aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL with destroyers ARDENT and ACASTA which were relieved by DIANA and ACHERON and aircraft carrier GLORIOUS with destroyer HIGHLANDER operated to seaward to support the evacuation.


Destroyers HAVELOCK, BEAGLE, CAMPBELL, DELIGHT, ECHO, FIREDRAKE, FAME, ARROW, WALKER, VANOC, VETERAN operated in an around the Harstad area for the protection of the anchorage and to ferry troops to the troopships.


One hundred and eighty miles from the Norwegian coast, fifteen British troopships went to one of two designated rendezvous. There they were met by anti-aircraft cruiser COVENTRY and given instructions.


British Group I for the evacuation of Narvik was troopships MONARCH OF BERMUDA (22,424grt), BATORY (14,287grt), SOBIESKI (11,030grt), FRANCONIA (20,175grt), LANCASTRIA (16,243grt), GEORGIC (27,759grt).


Destroyers WREN and VOLUNTEER, which had been involved in escorting these troopships to Harstad, had been detached and arrived in the Clyde on the 5th.


The troopships arrived in turn at Andfjord over the next three nights covered by aircraft from aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL.


On 4 June 4700 troops were embarked, on the 5th 4900 were embarked, on the 6th 5100 troops were embarked on Group I troopships.


As the troopships completed embarkation, they were escorted by destroyer ARROW and sloop STORK to the ocean rendezvous where they were met by repair ship VINDICTIVE. When the last ship of Group I arrived at the ocean rendezvous, repair ship VINDICTIVE gave them ocean escort to the Clyde.


En route they were joined on the 8th by destroyers VISCOUNT, WITHERINGTON, WOLVERINE, ANTELOPE, ATHERSTONE which came out from Scapa Flow. The destroyers raised steam to join the convoy at 1800/7th. This was cancelled and status reverted to one hour's notice until 2300/7th when they departed Scapa Flow.



Submarines TRIDENT and TRITON arrived at Rosyth after patrol.



Submarine CLYDE departed the Rosyth for patrol off Stadlandet to relived submarine SEVERN on patrol off Stadlandet.



Submarine PORPOISE was docked at Rosyth for repairs to her anti-submarine installation.



Minesweeper SPEEDWELL was damaged in a collision off Dover.


The minesweeper was repaired at Devonport from 7 June to 20 June.



Convoy FN.188 departed Southend, escorted by sloops LONDONDERRY and EGRET. The convoy arrived at the Tyne on the 6th.



German motor torpedo boats attacked Patrol sloops of the 1st Anti-submarine Flotilla near West Hinder early on the 4th.



Italian submarine MICCA departed La Spezia to lay mines off Alexandria's approaches on the first night of the war between Italy and England.


All submarine minelaying by the Italian Navy during the war netted most insignificant results.



Wednesday, 5 June


Battleship RODNEY with destroyers ZULU, MAORI, FOXHOUND departed Scapa Flow for firings at 0645. The ships arrived back at 1800.



Destroyers ESCORT, FORESTER, ENCOUNTER arrived at Scapa Flow from anti-submarine patrol at 1645.



Special services ship CAPE HOWE, disguised as RFA PRUNELLA, reported sighting at 1630 two unidentified warships northwest of Norway in 64-45N, 00-24W making for Iceland on course 265 at 20 knots.


Admiral Forbes ordered the Home Fleet to intercept. Battlecruisers RENOWN and REPULSE, heavy cruiser SUSSEX, light cruiser NEWCASTLE, destroyers MAORI, FORESTER, FOXHOUND, ZULU, KELVIN departed Scapa Flow at 2130 to intercept.


Destroyers MASHONA, ASHANTI, BEDOUIN, ELECTRA were recalled to Scapa Flow.


Destroyers MASHONA and ELECTRA arrived at Scapa Flow at 2030 from anti-submarine operations in Moray Firth.


Destroyers BEDOUIN and ASHANTI arrived at Scapa Flow at 1920 from escorting the French submarines.


Destroyer TARTAR (D.6) arrived at Scapa Flow at 1600 after anti-submarine patrol and repairs.


A rumour was received on the 7th that a large German force had landed at Seidisfjord. Vice Admiral Battlecruisers and the Northern Patrol were ordered to investigate.


Light cruiser NEWCASTLE arrived off Iceland on the 7th.


Battlecruiser RENOWN and REPULSE with four destroyers were to have covered the first group evacuating Narvik with a close screen of five destroyers.


After the sortie towards Iceland, only battleships RODNEY (Flagship Forbes) and VALIANT with destroyers TARTAR, MASHONA, BEDOUIN, ASHANTI were available for operations.

Destroyer ELECTRA was ordered at 1400/7th to search for a suspicious steamer identified as British steamer BLAIRESK (3300grt), which had been boarded by armed boarding vessel KINGSTON JACINTH in 59-48N, 4-38W.


The steamer was visually sighted by battleship RODNEY's aircraft and escorted to Noup Head.


Destroyer ELECTRA contacted the ship and found her to be CAPE HOWE. She proceeded to Kirkwall and anchored off Kirkwall in thick fog at 1420/8th.


The destroyer arrived at Scapa Flow at 2117/8th from Kirkwall.


Admiral Forbes was not aware of CAPE HOWE's deployment.



Convoy "Greek," consisting of British steamers HERON (2374grt), MARINA (5088grt), BALTEAKO (1328grt) and French steamers ENSEIGNE MAURICE PRECHAC (4578grt), VULCAIN (4362grt), PAUL EMILE JAVARY (2471grt) and escorted by anti-submarine trawlers ST ELSTAN (564grt) and WASTWATER (560grt), departed Harstad.


Steamer VULCAIN arrived at Scapa Flow at 2220/7th. Steamer PAUL EMILE JAVARY also arrived on the 7th. The convoy arrived safely at Scapa Flow at 1740/10th with the two trawlers and steamers HERON, BALTEAKO, MARINA, DALLINGTON COURT, ENSEIGN MAURICE PRECHAC.



During the night of 5/6 June, destroyers GALLANT and WALPOLE, on patrol off Lowestoft, engaged German motor torpedo boats laying mines.



Destroyer WANDERER, armed yacht GULZAR, some small motor craft departed Dover at 1800 for operation MH.


This operation was to embark stragglers near Boulogne.


No allied troops were location.


The operation was repeated the next night by the same ships and only one British officer was picked up.



Destroyer CODRINGTON, after DYNAMO operations, was under repair at Dover from 5 to 8 June.


On completion of repairs, the destroyer sailed for Portsmouth.



Minesweepers NIGER, SUTTON, PANGBOURNE, FITZROY, DUNDALK departed Dover at 1130 for the Humber.


Minesweeper SPEEDWALL departed Dover at 1240 for Devonport.


The 10th Mine Sweeping Flotilla departed Dover at 1315 for Portsmouth for reorganisation.



Minesweeper HALCYON was damaged by German bombing.


The minesweeper was under repair at Devonport from 8 to 14 June.



Light cruiser EMERALD departed Halifax with British troopship EMPRESS OF AUSTRALIA (19,665grt), which was carrying troops for the Iceland garrison.


After safely delivering the troopship, light cruiser EMERALD proceeded to the Clyde on the 16th and the troopship returned to Halifax.


Light cruiser EMERALD arrived in the Clyde on the 18th.



Submarine TRIBUNE arrived Rosyth after patrol.



Submarine TETRARCH departed Rosyth on patrol.



Submarine NARWHAL arrived Blyth after patrol.



Submarine SWORDFISH departed Blyth on patrol.


The next day, submarine SWORDFISH was attack by friendly aircraft in the North Sea. No damage was done to the submarine.



German forces attacked Dunkirk after the lull that permitted the allies to evacuate many of their troops.


French large destroyers EPERVIER and LEOPARD and sloop SAVORGNAN DE BRAZZA supplied support to the ground forces around Dunkirk.


French battleship PARIS was employed off Le Havre and was damaged by German bombing on the 11th.


Battleship PARIS was taken to Brest, then on to Plymouth arriving on the 19th.



British steamer CAPABLE (216grt) was sunk on a mine 2.8 miles 131° from Horsesand Fort, Spithead.


The entire crew of five men and two Territorial guards were all lost on the steamer.



British sludge vessel SWEEP II (145grt) was sunk on a mine 1. 4 miles 138° from Landguard Point near Felixstone.


Two crew were lost on the vessel.



U.48 sank British steamer STANCOR (798grt) in 58‑48N, 08‑45W.


The entire crew from the British steamer was rescued. One lifeboat landed at Stornoway on the 7th.



German minesweeper M.11 struck a mine and was sunk off Jaederens. German steamer PALIME (2863grt) struck a mine near Jaederens and was run aground a total loss.



Convoy OA.162 departed Southend escorted by sloop ENCHANTRESS from 5 to 7 June.



Convoy OB.162 departed Liverpool escorted by anti-submarine trawler ARSENAL from 5 to 6 June.



Convoy OG.32 was formed from convoys OA.161G, which departed Southend on the 3rd escorted by sloop ABERDEEN, OB.161G, escorted by sloop FOLKESTONE from 3 to 5 June, with thirty nine ships.


Sloop FOLKESTONE escorted the convoy from 5 to 6 June, being detached to convoy HG.32.


On 4 June, sloop FOLKESTONE had collided with British coastal steamer RIVER HUMBER (351grt) seven miles 218° from the Skerries. The coaster sank.


Following this convoy duty, the sloop arrived at Cardiff on the 10th for repairs, completed on the 29th.


Sloop ABERDEEN escorted the convoy from 3 to 9 June until being detached to convoy HG.33.


Destroyers DOUGLAS and VIDETTE joined on the 10th. Destroyer VIDETTE was detached prior to arriving at Gibraltar. The convoy arrived at Gibraltar on the 11th, escorted by destroyer DOUGLAS.



Convoy FN.189 departed Southend, escorted by destroyer VIMIERA and sloop HASTINGS. Submarine L.23 was in the convoy for passage. Off the Tyne, destroyer VIMIERA escorted submarine L.23 to Dundee. The convoy arrived at the Tyne on the 7th with sloop HASTINGS.



Convoy MT.82 departed Methil, escorted by destroyer VALOROUS. The convoy arrived in the Tyne later that day.



Convoy FS.188 departed the Tyne, escorted by destroyer VALOROUS. The convoy arrived at Southend on the 7th.



Convoy HG.33F with forty one ships departed Gibraltar. The convoy was escorted by destroyer DOUGLAS from 5 to 6 June.


Destroyer VELOX escorted the convoy from 5 to 8 June when she was detached to escort battleship RESOLUTION approaching Gibraltar.


Sloop DEPTFORD escorted the convoy from 5 to 14 June.


Corvette PERIWINKLE from convoy OG.33F escorted the convoy from 12 to 14 June. The convoy arrived at Liverpool on the 14th.



Convoy HX.48 departed Halifax at 0900 escorted by Canadian destroyer SAGUENAY and auxiliary patrol vessel ACADIA.


Auxiliary patrol vessel ACADIA was detached at 2145/5th. The destroyer was detached on the 6th


The ocean escort for the convoy was Armed merchant cruiser RANPURA, which was detached on the 16th.


On 16 June, destroyer VOLUNTEER joined the convoy and on the 17th, corvette GLADIOLUS. The destroyer was detached on the 19th. The corvette escorted the convoy to Liverpool arriving on the 20th.



Italian submarines FAA d'BRUNO, MOROSINI, PROVANA, DANDOLO, MARCELLO departed Naples for operations off Oran at the outset of the war.


Italian submarines FINZI and CAPPELLINI departed Cagliari for operations in the Atlantic.



6 June, Thursday


U.46 torpedoed armed merchant cruiser CARINTHIA (Captain J. F. B. Barrett Rtd) at 1312 west of Ireland in 53‑13N, 10‑40W.


Temporary Lt (E) R. Yeates RNR, Temporary S/Lt (E) J. D. Linklater RNR, were lost on the cruiser.


Destroyers VOLUNTEER, which departed the Clyde at 0115 for Scapa Flow, WREN, from the Clyde, escort vessel GLEANER, tugs BRIGAND and MARAUDER were sent to assist her. Destroyer BERKELEY, just completed, was sent from the Western Approaches.


The destroyers reached the armed merchant cruiser CARINTHIA at 0400/7th.


Tug MARAUDER took CARINTHIA in tow, but the armed merchant cruiser sank at 1900/7th.


Destroyer VOLUNTEER arrived at Scapa Flow at 2150/8th.


Destroyer WREN arrived in the Clyde at 1830/8th.



Battleship NELSON, escorted by destroyers WARWICK, AMAZON, WITCH departed Portsmouth at 1700 for the Clyde, arriving at 1115/8th.



After receiving orders at 1645, battleship VALIANT and destroyers MASHONA, TARTAR (D.6), BEDOUIN, ASHANTI departed Scapa Flow at 2130 to escort convoys evacuating Harstad.



Destroyers WOLVERINE, WITHERINGTON, VISCOUNT arrived off Scapa Flow at 0800. They anchored off Cantick Head in thick fog.


Destroyers WOLVERINE and VISCOUNT entered harbour at 1500 during a temporary fog clearance.


Destroyer WITHERINGTON arrived at Scapa Flow at 1900.



Destroyer VERITY was damaged in a collision with mine tender NIGHTINGALE at Portsmouth.


The destroyer was repaired to complete on the 15th.



Escort destroyer BERKELEY was completed. She was sent on this day to assist damaged armed merchant cruiser CARINTHIA and later torpedoed steamer EROS. Two days later, she departed Cammell Laird yard at Birkenhead and arrived at Milford Haven for working up on the 9th.


Following working up, destroyer BERKELEY was attached to the Home Fleet.



Submarine SEVERN reported a U-boat sixty miles west, northwest of Aandalsnes.



Submarine STURGEON departed Blyth on patrol.



Norwegian submarine B.3 departed Harstad for the Tromso area. En route, a battery explosion crippled the submarine. Unable to make the passage to England, B.3 was scuttled on 9/10 June in Gavlfjord near Tromso.



French minelayer POLLUX arrived at Dover at 1345/6th for minelaying operation MI.


On6/7 June, French minelayer POLLUX escorted by French torpedo boat MELPOMENE and destroyer VEGA laid mines in the Channel to Cherbourg in 51-20-24N, 02-02E.


On 13/14 June, French minelayer POLLUX and auxiliary minelayers INGENIEUR CACHIN (1310grt) and ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE (1256grt) escorted by torpedo boat BRANLEBAS and auxiliary sloop ASIE extended this minefield.



Convoy FN.190 departed Southend, escorted by destroyer WALLACE. The convoy arrived at the Tyne on the 8th.



Convoy MT.83 departed Methil, escorted by destroyer VIVIEN. The convoy arrived at the Tyne later that day.



Convoy FN.189 departed the Tyne, escorted by destroyer VIVIEN. The convoy arrived at Southend on the 8th.



Late on the 6th and into early 7 June, German Admiral Marschall reaching the latitude of Harstad refuelled his heavy cruiser ADMIRAL HIPPER and destroyers from German tanker DITHMARSCHEN (10,816grt).



German armed merchant cruiser WIDDER refuelled from German steamer KONIGSBERG (6466grt) at 26N, 46W.


WIDDER had already fuelled twice from German tanker NORDMARK (10,845grt) in the North Atlantic since sailing on 6 May.



German armed merchant cruiser THOR departed Kiel to raid in the Central and South Atlantic, via the Denmark Strait. She was escorted through the Skagerrak by torpedo boats JAGUAR and FALKE and arrived at Sorgulenfjord near Skudesnes where she remained until 11 June.



British steamer HARCALO (5081grt), formerly in convoy HG.32F, was sunk on a mine in 51‑19N, 01‑32E, near Goodwin Knoll Buoy.


Three crew were lost on the British steamer.


The steamer was beached three cables northwest of Gull Buoy. Tug LADY BRASSEY investigated the steamer, but found her beyond salvage.



Anti-submarine trawler KINGSTON OLIVINE (378grt) at 0715 made an attack on a submarine contact off Dungeness. The contact was later found to be a wreck.



Anti-submarine trawler KINGSTON ANDALUSITE (415grt) at 1925 attacked a submarine contact two miles 177° from Port War Signal Station. The contact was later found to be a wreck.



British trawler LAPWING (217grt) was sunk on a British defensive minefield in 54‑00N, 01‑10E.


The entire crew was rescued.



Destroyer VORTIGERN, after escort duty with convoy HG.32, arrived at Gibraltar and was taken in hand for refitting.



Italian submarines BARBARIGO and NANI departed Naples for patrol off Algiers.


Italian submarines SALPA, GUILIANA, BAGNOLINI, TARANTINI departed Taranto for patrol south of Crete.


Italian submarines SETTIMO and UEBI SCEBI departed Taranto for patrol to the south of the Otranto Strait and off Cerigo, respectively.



Convoy BC of steamers ASKA, KARANJA, KENYA, RAJULA, ROHNA, TALAMBA departed 6 June from Bombay and arriving 19 June at Durban, escorted by heavy cruiser KENT.


On 20 June, steamers ASKA, KARANJA, KENYA departed Durban escorted by heavy cruiser CORNWALL. They arrived at Capetown on the 23rd.


Liners REINA DEL PACIFICO and ORION departed Durban on the 22nd, escorted by light cruiser DRAGON, arrived at Capetown the next day.


Heavy cruiser CORNWALL departed Capetown on the 24th with steamers ASKA, KARANJA, KENYA. They arrived at Takoradi 1 July. They departed Takoradi on 2 July with CORNWALL and arrived at Freetown 5 July.


Escorted by heavy cruiser AUSTRALIA, the convoy of REINA DEL PACIFICO, ORION, STRATHEDEN departed on the 24th and arrived at Freetown on 3 July.


Convoy BC.of troopships REINA DEL PACIFICO, ORION, STRATHEDEN, KENYA, KARANJA, ASKA departed Freetown 6 July, escorted by CORNWALL. The convoy was joined on 11 July by heavy cruiser AUSTRALIA and on 15 July by destroyers HAVELOCK, ST LAURENT, WALKER, WESTCOTT.


The heavy cruisers arrived at Liverpool late on 16 July and the convoy and the destroyers arrived at 0700 on 17 July.



Friday, 7 June


Destroyer VEGA departed Chatham and called at Dover before proceeding to Le Havre with the XD.H (Cdr R. W. Stirling-Hamilton) Dieppe demolition party.


Off Le Havre, the XD.H party was transferred to a French trawler because the port was closed.


The party travelled overland to Dieppe.


On her return to Dover, destroyer VEGA was ordered to Portsmouth to pick up the CP (Dieppe) blockships.



French large destroyer GERFAUT departed Brest escorting steamers KONINGIN EMMA and PRINCESS BEATRIX to Plymouth, arriving on the 8th. On return, the destroyer departed on the 8th escorting steamers GENERAL METZINGER and MEKNES, joined by torpedo boat L'IMPETUEUSE. They arrived at Brest on the 9th.



Destroyer FEARLESS departed Middlesborough at 1030 for Rosyth en route to Scapa Flow.


At 1300, destroyer FEARLESS reported the breakdown of both feed pumps. The destroyer returned to Middlesborough for repairs.


At 1900 0n 10 June, the destroyer departed for Sullom Voe.



Destroyer ENCOUNTER departed Scapa Flow at 2100/7th to search for a German seaplane down in the sea 43° from Wick.


Destroyer ENCOUNTER was later recalled. Attempting to enter harbour at 0300/8th, the destroyer went ashore on Cantick Head.


The destroyer was later refloated with only slight damage. She arrived at Scapa Flow at 1245/8th.


Destroyer ENCOUNTER departed Scapa Flow at 0300/14th escorting British steamer FOSS BECK (4876grt) and tanker BRITISH LADY (6098grt) to Rosyth, arriving on the 14th.


Destroyer ENCOUNTER departed Rosyth on the 16th in convoy MT.89, escorted by escort ship WOOLSTON and sloop FLAMINGO, arrived on the 17th in the Tyne.


The destroyer departed the Tyne on the 17th in convoy FS.97 with escort ship WOOLSTON and sloop FLEETWOOD.


Destroyer ENCOUNTER arrived at Chatham where she was under repair and refit until 20 July.



Anti-submarine trawlers LE TIGRE (516grt) and ELM (530grt) arrived at Scapa Flow escorting British oiler INVERSHANNON (9154grt) and steamers KIRKWOOD and ST CLAIR (1637grt).



British steamer REDCAR arrived at Scapa Flow from Harstad.



French tanker SALOME (13,291grt) was lost at Dunkirk to unknown causes. She was later salved by German forces and renamed BREISGAU.



Convoy MT.84 departed Methil, escorted by sloops LOWESTOFT and HASTINGS. The convoy arrived at the Tyne later that day.



Convoy FS.190 departed the Tyne, escorted by sloops LOWESTOFT and HASTINGS. The convoy arrived at Southend on the 9th.



U.48 sank British steamer FRANCIS MASSEY (4212grt) and damaged British steamer EROS (5888grt) 14 to 15 miles 52° of Tory Island in 55‑33N, 08‑26W.


Destroyer VOLUNTEER and tug BANDIT was detached from the armed merchant cruiser CARINTHIA mission.


The only survivour from steamer FRANCIS MASSEY was the Master of the vessel, rescued by destroyer VOLUNTEER. The destroyer was guided to the raft by aircraft. After picking up steamer FRANCIS MASSEY's survivour, destroyer VOLUNTEER proceeded to assist steamer EROS.


Destroyer BERKELEY took steamer EROS in tow. Anti-submarine trawler PAYNTER (472grt) took the survivors off EROS, which was later beached at 2230 on Tory Island, assisted by tug BANDIT.


After this operation, destroyer VOLUNTEER arrived at Scapa Flow at 2145/8th and secured alongside depot ship WOOLWICH.


Destroyer BERKELEY was sent off on other duties.



Aircraft carrier ARGUS and her attendant destroyer STURDY, escorted by destroyer KEPPEL arrived from the Gulf of Lyons at Gibraltar en route to the United Kingdom.



Submarine SEVERN arrived at Rosyth after patrol.



Early on the 7th, Troopship Group I units leaving Harstad after evacuating allied troops were sighted by one of Admiral Marschall's scouting planes. However, Marschall, at first, gave them no attention thinking them to be empty troopships returning to England.


Later on the 7th, German aircraft sighted and reported units of Troopship Group II at the entrance to Andfjord escorted by anti-aircraft cruiser COVENTRY (Flagship Vivian, Rear Admiral 1st AntiAirCraft Squadron) and destroyers WALKER and FIREDRAKE.


Group II was composed of troopships ORONSAY (20,043grt), ORMONDE (14,982grt), ARANDORA STAR (15,501grt), DUCHESS OF YORK (20,021grt), ROYAL ULSTERMAN (3244grt), ULSTER PRINCE (3791grt), ULSTER MONARCH (3791grt).


Troopship DUCHESS OF YORK was not in the group leaving the Clyde on 31 May. On 1 June, she departed Liverpool and joined the group en route.


Troopship ORAMA (19,840grt) had arrived at the ocean rendezvous for the evacuation, but was short of fuel and fresh water. Since sufficient accomodation was already at hand, ORAMA was sent home with hospital ship ATLANTIS.


Armed boarding vessel VANDYCK remained at sea at the ocean rendezvous in case she was required while the troopships embarked the troops.


Group II troopships arrived at Andfjord in turn and embarked 5200 troops on the 7th and 4600 troops on the 8th.


Aircraft carrier GLORIOUS and destroyers ARDENT and ACASTA departed the Narvik area at 0300/8th.


Group II leaving the ocean rendezvous was escorted at sea by aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL with destroyers ACHERON, DIANA, HIGHLANDER, light cruiser SOUTHAMPTON (Lord Cork's Flagship), anti-aircraft cruiser COVENTRY, destroyers FIREDRAKE, HAVELOCK, FAME, BEAGLE, CAMPBELL, DELIGHT, ECHO.


A convoy of slow auxiliaries departed Harstad late on the 7th. This group consisted of British BLACKHEATH (4637grt), OLIGARCH (6897grt), HARMATTAN (4558grt), CROMARTY FIRTH (538grt), THESEUS (6527grt), ACRITY (403grt), COXWOLD (1124grt), CONCH (8376grt) escorted by anti-submarine trawlers ST CATHAN (565grt) and LOCH MONTEITH (531grt) of the 18th Anti-submarine Striking Force. The convoy was joined by destroyer ARROW, sloop STORK, trawlers STRATHDEVON (212grt), STRATHDERRY (193grt), ELDORADO (180grt), SHANDWICK (166grt), NEWHAVEN (182grt) after they had completed assisting Group II during embarkation.


Destroyers VETERAN and VANOC escorted the convoy away from the coast and then were detached to join the escort for aircraft carrier GLORIOUS, but the aircraft carrier was lost before they could join the escort.


Destroyer VETERAN, short of fuel, was ordered to Sullom Voe at 1115/9th. Destroyers VETERAN and VANOC arrived at Sullom Voe at 2350/9th.


This convoy was under German air attack from 2345/9th to 0100 by six aircraft in 67-55N, 2-10E. There was no damage.


Destroyer CAMPBELL was ordered at 1900/8th to join the convoy but could not locate it until 1730/10th. Then, she was too low on fuel and had to proceed independently, later accompanied by destroyer MASHONA, to Sullom Voe, arriving at 0745/12th.


Destroyer WALKER did successfully locate and join the convoy.


Destroyers FIREDRAKE, FAME, BEAGLE, WALKER all sustained minor damage from near misses of air bombing on the 12th.


Destroyer FIREDRAKE arrived in the Clyde on the 13th and was out of service one week.


Destroyer FAME arrived in the Clyde on the 12th and was out of service on week.


Destroyer BEAGLE arrived at Greenock on the 12th was out of service four days.


Destroyer WALKER arrived at Scapa Flow on the 14th with the starboard dynamo out of action. She departed Scapa Flow on the 15th for the Clyde. She arrived at Glasgow for repairs completed on the 28th.


At 0500/14th, the convoy with heavy cruiser SUSSEX, light cruiser NEWCASTLE, destroyers ARROW and WALKER, sloop STORK safely arrived at Scapa Flow.


A convoy departed Tromso at 1700/7th with British tankers OIL PIONEER (5666grt) and YEWMOUNT (859grt) and ammunition ships ARBROATH (553grt) and NGAKOA (507grt) escorted by anti-submarine trawler JUNIPER (530grt).


Destroyers CAMPBELL and WALKER and anti-submarine whalers ELLESMERE and THIRLMERE were to rendezvous with the Tromso units.


The whalers met YEWMOUNT, ARBROATH, NGAKOA later on the 7th.


On the 10th, destroyer CAMPBELL reported she was a serious fuel loss and was returning to Sullom Voe.


On the 12th, whalers ELLESMERE and THIRLMERE were relieved by destroyer VISCOUNT.


The whalers took ammunition ship NGAKAO with engine troubles into Scapa Flow.


Destroyer VISCOUNT arrived at Scapa Flow at 0400/14th with the Narvik store ships.


Anti-submarine trawler NORTHERN GEM departed Lodigen escorting Norwegian steamer RANEN (463grt), which was being used as HMS RAVEN (Cdr Sir Geoffrey Congreve).


British trawlers departing Norway at this time were LILAC, SYCAMORE, HAWTHORN, WILLOW of Minesweeping Group 1, ULLSWATER of the 10th Anti-Submarine Striking Force, NORTHERN SPRAY, NORTHERN DAWN, NORTHERN WAVE of the 12th Anti-Submarine Striking Force, KING SOL of the 18th Anti-Submarine Striking Force, MAN O' WAR of the 21st Anti-Submarine Group, PRESTON NORTH END and LINCOLN CITY of the 30th Anti-Submarine Group.


Anti-submarine whalers ELLESMERE and THIRLMERE of the 10th Anti-submarine Striking Force transferred 435 men and twenty six women to heavy cruiser DEVONSHIRE at Tromso.


Heavy cruiser DEVONSHIRE departed Tromso with the King of Norway, his government, allied legations. She was accompanied by Norwegian submarine B 1, fishery protection vessels NORDKAPP and FRIDTJOF NANSEN, armed auxiliaries SYRIAN (298grt), THOROOD (422grt), NORDHAV II (425grt), HVAL V (248grt), BORTIND (328grt) and captured German trawler HONNINGSVAAG (487 tons: ex German MALANGEN captured on 13 April).


Heavy cruiser DEVONSHIRE arrived in the Clyde on the 10th.


Destroyer VETERAN departed Thorshavn at 0600/16th with submarine B 1, fishery protection vessel FRIDTJOF NANSEN, five minor warships through Pentland Firth for Rosyth.


Destroyer KELVIN was ordered at 2349/16th by Rear Admiral, destroyers, to join destroyer VETERAN and the Norwegian ships.


The Norwegian ships escorted by destroyers KELVIN and VETERAN and two trawlers arrived at Rosyth on the 18th.


Both destroyers proceeded to Commander in Chief, Nore, on completion of the escort duty.



French light cruiser EMILE BERTIN departed Halifax to return to Brest for another gold evacuation mission.



French submarine ARCHIMEDE, which had come from Brest, via Casablanca, arrived at Gibraltar escorted by sloop ELAN. The submarine sailed later that day escorted by sloop ANNAMITE and arrived at Toulon on the 11th.


Submarines ARCHIMEDE and BEVEZIERS departed Brest on the 1st in convoy 47 BF, escorted by sloop ELAN. The convoy arrived at Casablanca on the 5th.



New Zealand light cruiser LEANDER departed Port Sudan to patrol off that port. On 8 June, she joined sloop GRIMSBY escorting Italian liner UMBRIA (9349grt) to Port Sudan.


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