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1945-2008 - Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy and Dominion Navies
Researched & compiled by Don Kindell


MAY-AUGUST 1946 - in date, ship/unit & name order

HMS Anson, battleship (CyberHeritage, click to enlarge)

on to September-December 1946



(1) Casualty information in order - Surname, First name, Initial(s), Rank and part of the Service other than RN (RNR, RNVR, RFR etc), Service Number (ratings only, also if Dominion or Indian Navies), (on the books of another ship/shore establishment, O/P on passage), Fate

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Wednesday, 1 May 1946


Anson, illness

 WILLCOX, Francis, Plumber 1c, C/MX 52627, died



 LAIDLAW, John A, Leading Stoker, C/KX 115847, killed


Royal Navy

 GOODFIELD, Albert, Able Seaman, D/J 19861, died



 RAWORTH, Seymour, Able Seaman, P/JX 275171, died



Thursday, 2 May 1946


Daedalus, illness

 HOLLETT, William S, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, died



 WOODS, Stanley C, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 384073, died


Leeuwin (RAN), accident

 HARDMAN, John A, Leading Steward, 22273 (RAN), killed


Royal Navy

 CROMWELL, Richard, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 330107, died

 PETTITT, William J, Leading Stoker, D/KX 144821, died


Venerable, lost overboard

 ATKINSON, William A, Stoker Petty Officer, D/KX 86180, MPK



 MILLAR, Edward C, Leading Writer, P/MX 65302, DOWS



Friday, 3 May 1946


Afrikander, drowning

 SWART, Michael D, Able Seaman, P/JX 703274 (ex-Illustrious), died



 COULTHARD, Steven J, Cadet, died


Drake, illness

 ROSS, George McL, Lieutenant, died



 HILL, Horace A, Petty Officer, P/MX 54432, died


RM Portsmouth Division, illness

 SUMMERS, Elizabeth M, WRNS, N/WRNS 103159, died


Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service

 NEAL, Winnifred L, WRNS, W/4657 (WRCNS), died



Saturday, 4 May 1946



 DUDDY, Henry, Able Seaman, P/JX 282787, died


Braganza, road accident

 IVES, Howard D, Able Seaman, P/JX 678720, died


Burma RNVR

 RAVI, Ba, Able Seaman, 922 (Burma RNVR), died



 TOMLINSON, Frank, Stores Assistant, P/MX 751814, died


Ness, drowning

 DAWSON, Albert A A, Stoker 1c, C/KX 154704, died


Northmark, drowning

 WALKER, Edward, Stoker 1c, D/KX 153047, died


Peregrine, illness

 NICHOLLS, Edward W, Petty Officer Photographer, L/MX 58529, died


Royal Navy

 MCKAY, John J, Able Seaman, P/JX 322921, died


South African Naval Force

 KEET, H (initial only) M T, Able Seaman, 586028 (SANF), died



Sunday, 5 May 1946


Drake, illness

 CUMMINGS, John D, Sick Berth Chief Petty Officer, D/M 3455, died


Gosling, road accident

 RAWNSLEY, Gerald R, Radio Mechanic 2c, P/MX 794882, died


South African Naval Force

 FLANAGAN, Terrence D, Able Seaman, 587088 (SANF), died



 LE MESURIER, John L, Lieutenant (S), died



Monday, 6 May 1946


Drake, in UK

 KELLY, Henry A, Able Seaman, D/JX 188454 (ex-Exeter POW), DOWS


Gosling, road accident

 BALL, Ivan, Radio Mechanic, P/MX 794813, killed



Tuesday, 7 May 1946


Cochrane, road accident

 ELLIOTT, Joseph W, Leading Cinema Operator, P/MX 620219, killed

 HOLLINS, Peter T, Sub Lieutenant (E), RNVR, killed

 POTTER, Robert W, Leading Stoker, C/KX 133835, killed

 WILSON, Joseph M, Stoker 1c, C/KX 143932, killed


Dido, illness

 FOSTER, Richard J, Petty Officer Telegraphist, C/SSX 24989, died



 BUCHAN, Walter G, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, died



Wednesday, 8 May 1946


Philomel, illness

 SANDILANDS, George V, Lieutenant (A), RNZNVR, died



 JONES, Victor C, Stoker 1c, D/KX 89348, died



Thursday, 9 May 1946


Drake, illness

 TARLTON, Leonard F, Leading Seaman, D/JX 150550, died


Ringtail, illness

 REDWIN, Edward, Steward, L/LX 695741, died


Royal Navy

 BARBER, Raymond, Able Seaman, D/J 44646, died



Friday, 10 May 1946


Oribi, accident

 JENNINGS, Albert J, Telegraphist, P/JX 610823, died


Wakeful, accident

 SANDERS, James M L, Able Seaman, D/JX 563414, died


Warramunga (RAN), accident

 DEVES, Charles G, Leading Signalman, 22721 (RAN), killed



Saturday, 11 May 1946


Jamaica, accident

 STUDD, Dennis C, Able Seaman, D/JX 717155, died


RM Band

 BAILEY, Albert, Musician, RMB/X 161, died


Royal Navy

 GOW, John, Able Seaman, C/JX 425037, died



Monday, 13 May 1946


Victory X, road accident

 PATTEN, George H, Able Seaman, P/JX 307672, killed



Tuesday, 14 May 1946


Illustrious, illness

 SPALDING, Alexander B, Stoker 1c, D/KX 555724, died


South African Naval Force

 ISAACS, N (initial only), Able Seaman, CN/584368 V (SANF), died


Vulture, road accident

 SMITH, Leslie E, Able Seaman, D/JX 567102, died



Wednesday, 15 May 1946


Hare, drowning

 KING, Raymond J, Steward, P/LX 572408, died



 GIBSON, Albert, Able Seaman, P/JX 627481, MPK


RM 45 Commando, illness

 CULLEN, Michael, Marine, CH/X 115442, died


Royal Navy

 RANSOM, Thomas W G, Able Seaman, P/J 98453, died


Terror, illness

 FYNN, William L, Stoker 1c, C/KX 598460, died



Thursday, 16 May 1946


LST.408, illness

 PENN-SYMONS, John S, Lieutenant Commander, RNVR, died


Norfolk, accident

 BICKFORD, Norman E, Able Seaman, D/JX 126341, killed


Seruwa, road accident

 HALL, Peter R, Leading Radio Mechanic, L/FX 732503, died

 HONOUR, Kenneth, Air Fitter (A), L/FX 691960, died

 SNELL, Sydney M, Air Fitter, L/FX 100192, died



Friday, 17 May 1946



 HOPE, John F, Able Seaman, P/J 37187, died



 CURRY, John, Stoker 1c, D/KX 306796, died


Merganser, illness

 ALLTON, Vincent J, Air Mechanic (E) 1c, L/FX 685398, died


Monck, illness

 MCALINDEN, James, Able Seaman, C/JX 125045, died



 SQUIRES, Peter H, Able Seaman, P/JX 386977, died



Saturday, 18 May 1946


President III, illness

 WILLIAMS, Kenneth H, Able Seaman, D/JX 651237, died



 CHAFE, Robert, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 200110, died



Sunday, 19 May 1946


Bambara, illness

 DUNCAN, Roy MacA, Engine Room Artificer 5c, P/MX 102126, died


Drake, illness

 JOLLIFFE, William A, Commander Surgeon, died


Fencer, illness

 DOXFORD, Harry, Cook (O), P/MX 553442, died


Kenya RNVR

 MWANGI, Mbuthia, Driver, KN 167 (Kenya RNVR), died


Melville (RAN), drowning

 ARKLAY, John E, Able Seaman, PM 8268 (RANR), died


MFV.1007, illness

 RITCHIE, James P, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 626570, died


Royal Naval Reserve

 MAUNDER, Harold, Chief Skipper, RNR, died



Monday, 20 May 1946


Chinkara, illness

 HEMMINGS, David W G, Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, died


Cricket, road accident

 BARR, Norman F, Marine, PLY/X 104580, killed



 WILSON, James, Able Seaman, D/JX 348771, died



Tuesday, 21 May 1946


Griffon (RCN)

 BELL, John T, Air Mechanic 2c, 22559 (RCN), died



 MARTIN, Geoffrey, Wireman, P/MX 503754, MPK



Wednesday, 22 May 1946



 KEENAN, Robert O G, Greaser, NAP R 157281, died


RM Plymouth Division, illness

 WICKS, William J, Marine, PLY/10223, died


Tamar, illness

 COLDWELL, Frederick R, Able Seaman, C/JX 159896, died



Thursday, 23 May 1946


LCF.32, accident

 FREEGARD, Dennis V, Able Seaman, D/JX 420047, died


Mayina, illness

 KING, Henry D, Ordinary Telegraphist, D/JX 671596, died


Merlin, accident

 WILSON, Alexander W, Telegraphist, C/JX 571375, died


Pembroke, illness

 HURTON, John M, Sick Berth Attendant, C/MX 536546, died


Royal Navy

 KING, Frederick W, Leading Steward, P/LX 634403, died


St Angelo, road accident

 WOODS, Frederick G, Lieutenant Commander, killed



Friday, 24 May 1946


Braganza, illness

 JAMES, Leonard, Leading Stores Assistant, D/MX 85646 (ex-Badsworth), died


Kongoni, illness

 CLEMENTS, James S, Petty Officer, D/J 103805, died



 ATKINSON, Albert, Stoker 1c, P/KX 120690, died



Saturday, 25 May 1946


Bullhead, illness

 HILL, Paul, Chief Steward, CSP R/319427, died


Highflyer, road accident

 HODGSON, John, Electrical Artificer 4c, P/MX 717126, died


Royal Arthur

 ADAMS, Nathaniel, Leading Stoker, D/KX 133458, died



Sunday, 26 May 1946


Mayina, illness

 URQUHART, Donald, Leading Writer, D/MX 738220, died


President, illness

 KENNEDY-PURVIS, Sir Charles E, Admiral, died


RM Plymouth Division, illness

 WARREN, Robert A, Marine, PLY/X 114965, died



 (ex-Abercrombie), LENNON, Robert, Able Seaman, D/JX 570842, died



Monday, 27 May 1946



 FLAVIN, Thomas, Able Seaman, D/235148, died


Eaglet, illness

 MARSH, Thomas, Chief Petty Officer, D/J 3000, died


Excellent, illness

 LIGHTFOOT, Henri G, Warrant Ordnance Officer, died



Tuesday, 28 May 1946


Indefatigable, illness

 HOLLANDS, Frederick G, Stoker 1c, P/KX 600769, died


Pluto, illness

 ROBINSON, Frank E, Stoker 1c, C/KX 143539, died


Royal Navy

 GRAINGER, Benjamin S, Warrant Mechanician, died



Wednesday, 29 May 1946


Hecla, accident

 JAMES, Thomas, Petty Officer Steward, D/LX 20886, killed



 SMITH, William, Electrical Mechanic, P/MX 96000, died



 BARTLETT, Percival L, Chief Petty Officer Steward, P/L 8434, died



 GRIFFITHS, William D, Able Seaman, P/JX 323381, died



 FLETCHER, Ludovic B, Warrant Engineer, died



Thursday, 30 May 1946


Eskimo, illness

 PALMER, Frederick L, Able Seaman, C/JX 543206, died


FAA, 736 Sqn, Vulture, air crash

 ROBERTS, George W, Lieutenant (A), killed



Friday, 31 May 1946


Oakham Castle, illness

 COPE, Desmond H, Lieutenant, RNR, died



Saturday, 1 June 1946


Gould, road accident

 WILLIAMS, William F, Leading Seaman, L/JX 149260, died


Indefatigable, road accident

 YOUNG, George, Stoker 1c, P/KX 527703, died


RM Portsmouth Division, illness

 WAGSTAFFE, Eric, Sergeant, RM, PO/X 2843, died


Royal Navy

 DILLON, George C, Captain, died


Sultan, illness

 PHILLIPS, Anthony B, Able Seaman, P/JX 421591, died


Taciturn, road accident

 WILD, Samuel M, Engine Room Artificer 3c, P/MX 503261, died



Sunday, 2 June 1946


Drake, boat accident

 HARWOOD, Sidney W, Midshipman (E) (RNEC), died



Monday, 3 June 1946


Highflyer, road accident

 BREEN, John P, Stoker 1c, C/KX 611201, killed


Lonsdale (RAN), illness

 TATTERSON, Jack C, Able Seaman, PM 4083 (RANR), died


Royal Navy

 TETLEY, Albert J, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 187977, died



Tuesday, 4 June 1946



 ANDREWS, George F, Able Seaman, C/SSX 17039, died


President III, illness

 HUGHES, R (initial only) A, Able Seaman, D/JX 339050, died


Victory X

 WEAVER, Norman E, Signalman, P/JX 272965, died



Wednesday, 5 June 1946


Braganza, train accident

 YUSUF, Sheil O S, Seaman, T 124 89387, killed


Condor, illness

 ANDREWS, Emily, WRNS, N/WRNS 78934 (WRNS), died


Lochinvar, drowning

 PALMER, Frank, Leading Stoker, P/KX 136948, died


Royal Navy

 TOON, Ernest J, Leading Signalman, C/JX 361031, died


Skipjack, illness

 DELANEY, Dennis, Able Seaman, D/JX 604738, died



Thursday, 6 June 1946


Colombo, illness

 BRAZEL, Trevor, Stoker 1c, D/KX 734640, died


Fullerton, illness

 YOUNG, William G, Stoker 1c, P/KX 123584, died


Seruwa, drowning

 THOMAS, Raymond T, Air Mechanic (E) 2c, L/FX 762609, died



Friday, 7 June 1946



 ROBINSON, John G, Able Seaman, C/JX 548068, MPK



 WALLER, George R J, Chief Stoker, C/K 58138, died



Saturday, 8 June 1946



 WATTS, George L, Ordinary Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 315307, died


Lanka, illness

 KIRIBANDA, Ranatatepelage, Assistant Steward, G/LCX 4314, died


Nonsuch (RCN)

 DWAN, Warren T, Able Seaman, V/59375 (RCNVR), died


RM 44 Commando, illness

 WATTS, E (initial only) J, Marine, PLY/X 112206, died


Royal Navy

 RICHARDS, Robert H, Chief Engine Room Artificer, C/MX 52444, died


South African Naval Force

 FULLFORD, Watton, Chief Petty Officer, 69711 (SANF), died


Trodday, accident

 ALLAN, William, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 723499, killed



Sunday, 9 June 1946


Goldcrest, RNAS, Pembrokeshire, Wales, drowning

 BELLCHAMBER, Kenneth E, Photographer, L/MX 669317, died


Jackdaw, illness

 BITTLESTON, Kenneth G, Lieutenant (Sp), RNVR, died



 MULLEY, John H, Petty Officer, C/213050, died


RM 1st RM Battalion, illness

 FLEETHAM, Robert, Marine, PO/X 117290, died



Monday, 10 June 1946


FAA, 812 Sqn, Ukussa, air crash

 SMITH, Eric S, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A) RNVR, MPK


Gosling, road accident

 GRUMMIT, Roy D, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


Peacock, lost overboard

 ARMSTRONG, George, Able Seaman, C/JX 707196, MPK


Pembroke, illness

 DAVIES, Ernest V, Lieutenant, died


Pembroke, drowning

 WHITEFIELD, Michael J, Ordinary Telegraphist, C/JX 675320, died



Tuesday, 11 June 1946



 LILL, John C, 2nd Hand, RNPS, LT/JX 180100, died


FAA, 766 Sqn, Godwit, air crash

 GABB, John D, Lieutenant (E), killed


Pembroke, illness

 COTTEE, Alexander, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 196100, died


Royal Naval Patrol Service

 MACPHAIL, Thomas, Engineman, RNPS, LT/KX 100352, died


Royal Naval Reserve

 SCOBLE, Thomas R, Leading Seaman, RNR (PS), LT/X 21317 A, died



Wednesday, 12 June 1946



 CRICKARD, James H, Chief Petty Officer Writer, C/MX 54742, died


Royal Navy

 HANLAN, Angus G, Able Seaman, P/MX 95657, died



Thursday, 13 June 1946


Burma RNVR

 SAW, Moses, Signalman, 1992 (Burma RNVR), died



 FOWLER, Fred, Able Seaman, D/JX 650547, killed


Royal Navy

 WOOLLEY, Ronald, Able Seaman, D/JX 286414, died



Friday, 14 June 1946


Defiance, illness

 THOMSON, Edward J, Chief Petty Officer, D/J 21547, died


Moreton (RAN), illness

 BEATTIE, Ronald J, Stoker, B 5522 (RANR), died



 WALLACE, Francis P, Able Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 277192, died


Verulam, illness

 VINCE, Leonard R, Lieutenant (E), died



Saturday, 15 June 1946


Phoebe, illness

 CAUNTER, Albert S C, Able Seaman, C/SSX 32567, died


Raleigh, drowning

 SERGEANT, Harry, Air Apprentice, L/FXC 669820, died



Sunday, 16 June 1946


Burma RNVR

 D'SOUZA, H (initial only), Petty Officer, 900 (Burma RNVR), died



 GOOCH, William, Signalman, P/JX 252598, died


Jervis, illness

 SUTTON, Percy J, Able Seaman, C/JX379509, died


MFV.1574, accident

 TRIPP, Thomas R, Skipper, RNR, died


Victory IV

 ADAMS, Denis P, Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, died



Monday, 17 June 1946



 GOODCHILD, Albert J, Petty Officer, C/J 8342, died


Victory X, road accident

 HOUGHTON, Alfred E, Able Seaman, P/JX 322244, died



Tuesday, 18 June 1946


Blackcap, road accident

 BUTTLER, Samuel A, Air Mechanic 1c, L/FX 677460, died



 TYRIE, Jack M, Able Seaman, P/JX 720301, MPK


FAA, 837 Sqn, Glory, air crash

 LAWSON, James A B, Lieutenant (A), MPK



 BRETT, Austin C, Air Mechanic 2c, L/FX 684246, died



 BURT, Ronald A, Leading Stores Assistant, C/MX 121996, killed



Wednesday, 19 June 1946



 SHEPLEY, Frank A, Able Seaman, C/JX 548890, MPK


Liverpool, drowning

 HODKINSON, Walter, Stoker 2c, P/KX 750656, died


Peewit, illness

 DRAPER, John E, Assistant Steward, P/LX 781932, died


Star (RCN)

 LOGUE, John, Plumber 1c, V/58849 (RCNVR), died



Thursday, 20 June 1946



 ELLIOTT, Graham W, Midshipman, RNVR, died



 BILTON, Isaac, Chief Stoker, P/K 10184, died



Friday, 21 June 1946



 ROBERTSON, O (initial only), Ordinary Seaman, 67797 (SANF), died


Barspear, illness

 ANDERSON, James A, Chief Skipper, RNR, (St Angelo, O/P), died


Drake, illness

 KITE, Denis B, Leading Wireman, D/MX 509226, died


FAA, 728 Sqn, Falcon, air crash

 BRITTON, Edwin M, Act/Lieutenant Commander (A), DOI


Royal Navy

 MANVILLE, Joseph, Able Seaman, P/JX 273773, killed



Saturday, 22 June 1946


Lonsdale (RAN), accident

 GRIFFIN, John F, Ordinary Seaman, 30101 (RAN), killed


Naden (RCN)

 MAGRI, John, Able Seaman, FR/748 (RCNVR), died



Sunday, 23 June 1946


Gould, illness

 RATTLEY, Lennard S, Petty Officer Steward, P/LX 22243, died


President III

 CROSS, Jack, Able Seaman, D/JX 306402, died


Royal Navy

 CONNELL, Joseph G, Air Mechanic 1c, L/FX 109382, died



Monday, 24 June 1946



 TAYLOR, Ronald, Signalman, RNPS, LT/JX 713477, died



 COPEMAN, Cyril J, 2nd Hand, RNPS, LT/JX 200833, died

 STEVENS, Daniel F, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 125011, died


RM School of Music, illness

 SILLENCE, Albert W, Musician, RMB/X 467, died


Royal Navy

 BELL, Sidney T, Able Seaman, C/JX 544347, died



Tuesday, 25 June 1946



 MCILWANE, Alexander, Petty Officer, D/M 35507, died


Lonsdale (RAN), accident

 CUMMINS, Albert E, Ordinary Seaman, 30021 (RAN), killed


Peacock, road accident

 AYLMORE, Ernest V, Gunner, died


RM Plymouth Division, accident

 BOURKE, Bernard D, Marine, PLY/X 115536, killed


RM Portsmouth Division, accident

 SKIDMORE, Maurice E T, Marine, PO/X 5794, killed


Tecumseh (RCN)

 WHEATLEY, Joseph S, Petty Officer, V/57235 (RCNVR), died



Wednesday, 26 June 1946



 WILSON, Arthur G, Able Seaman, C/JX375539, died


Burma RNVR

 JOHNNY, Tin, Motor Mechanic, 3651 (Burma RNVR), died


MMS.1048, drowning

 SIM, John, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 529327, died


President I, illness

 DONNELLAN, Leslie C, Lieutenant, RNVR, (ex-Fancy), died


Victory II, illness

 BOND, James W, Leading Wireman, P/MX 71978, died



Thursday, 27 June 1946


Bonaventure, illness

 FISHER, Derek Q, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 727299, died


Godwit, air crash

 PAYNE, Albert E, Lieutenant (A), killed



 ARNEY, Charles J H, Able Seaman, P/JX 252324, died



Friday, 28 June 1946



 HARTLEY, Horace A, Lieutenant, RNR, died


Royal Navy

 HODGE, Robert L, Master at Arms, P/M 39792, died


South African Naval Force

 NORTMAN, Willem, Stoker, 590608 V (SANF), died



Saturday, 29 June 1946


Donnacona (RCN)

 BOUFFARD, Margaret L, WRNS, W/6621 (WRCNS), died



 ETHERIDGE, James W, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 153769, died



Sunday, 30 June 1946


Drake, illness

 FOSTER, Roland G, Petty Officer Motor Mechanic, D/MX 543405, died



 MULSHAW, Frank F, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 642314, died


Mercury, illness

 FLACK, Leslie A, Leading Radio Mechanic, P/MX 712158, died


RM Portsmouth Division, explosion

 BREADON, Alexander M, Marine, PO/X 125095, killed


Royal Navy

 FAIRBRASS, Albert E, Telegraphist, C/SSX 26201, died


St Angelo

 MICALLEF, Raffaele, Leading Cook (O), E/L 9905, killed



Monday, 1 July 1946


Gosling, drowning

 SLANEY, Denis H, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, died


Highflyer, illness

 COOMES, Roy N, Able Seaman, P/JX 626323, died

 WOODHEAD, Tom B, Coder, D/JX 618929, died


Royal Naval Reserve

 DUNBAR, George L, Captain, RNR, died



Tuesday, 2 July 1946


Fullerton, illness

 MACDONALD, Catherine M, Leading WRNS, N/WRNS 53088, died


Mersey, illness

 LINDSAY, Alexander, Sub Lieutenant (E), RNVR (ex-Trumpeter), died


RM Commando, accident

 POLLITT, John K, 2nd Lieutenant, RM, died



Wednesday, 3 July 1946


731st LCT Flotilla, road accident

 PAGETT, Albert P, Steward, P/LX 726467, died


Colossus, illness

 ELLIS, Peter M W, Ty/Lieutenant (A), RNVR, died


Royal Navy

 CHRISTIE, John H, Petty Officer, D/J 104487, died



Thursday, 4 July 1946


RN Naval Party 1749, accident

 SCOTT, Charles F, Major, RM, (Royal Albert), died


Godwit, road accident

 THORPE, Cyril C, Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, died



 WYATT, Ernest A, Telegraphist, C/J 107638, died


Platypus (RAN), drowning

 BLIGHT, Charles W J, Steward, PM 7255 (RANR), died


RM London Duty, illness

 GATES, Henry J, Marine, PO/X 3330, died


RM Plymouth Division

 BURSTON, Christopher, Sergeant, RM, PLY/X 413, died


Royal Corps of Naval Constructors

 KING, Denis R, Lieutenant Commander, died


Victory, illness

 TOWNSEND, Ivor E, Petty Officer Stoker, P/KX 82391, died


York (RCN)

 KRUYFF, Dirk J, Engine Room Artificer 4c, V/27875 (RCNVR), died



Friday, 5 July 1946


Princess Augusta, illness

 STEWART-ROSS, James A, Lieutenant, RNVR, died


RM Band

 BUNTING, Paul L, Musician, RMB/X 2312, killed


RM Plymouth Division

 PICKLES, Charles R H, Marine, PLY/X 103096, died



Saturday, 6 July 1946


Daedalus, accident

 HEAPS, Robert S, Petty Officer Radio Mechanic, L/FX 617512, killed



 MILNE, James N, Able Seaman, D/JX 134707, died


Golden Hind, illness

 GREENWOOD, Gerald H, Coder, D/JX 250831, died


Royal Navy

 BROWN, Thomas, Able Seaman, P/JX 187585, died

 CROWTHER, Frank J, Chief Engine Room Artificer, D/MX 57322, died



Sunday, 7 July 1946


Copra, road accident

 KINGHORN, John A, Petty Officer Motor Mechanic, C/MX 500356, died


Pembroke, accident

 GOODIER, Peter H, Able Seaman, C/JX 375632, killed



 ROSS, John R, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 406775, died


RM 3rd Heavy AA Regt

 WILDBLOOD, Bernard, Marine, CH/X 103264, died


RM 45 Commando, drowning

 PILCHER, Joseph H, Marine, CH/X 116874, died


Victory, road accident

 DICK, William H, Stoker 1c, P/KX 147933, killed



Monday, 8 July 1946


Chaplet, illness

 LOEBELL, Brian V, Leading Radio Mechanic, P/MX 545605, died


Drake, illness

 CARTWRIGHT, William, Able Seaman, D/JX 419174, died


Glasgow, accident

 REYNOLDS, David T, Chief Shipwright, P/MX 52868, died



 SNOWDON, George, Chief Petty Officer, C/J 30721, died


RM Chatham Division

 DEMPSTER, John B, Marine, CH/X 108862, killed


RM School of Music, road accident

 MONTGOMERY, Charles W, Musician, RMB 1913, died


St Angelo, illness

 ELLUL, Dominico, Leading Cook (O), E/LX 20340, died



Tuesday, 9 July 1946


FAA, 807 Sqn, Daedalus, air crash

 BARLOW, Frank K, Sub Lieutenant (A), killed


Royal Navy

 FOSTER, Thomas G, Joiner 3c, D/MX 74673, died

 FREEMAN, Jesse, Petty Officer, D/JX 138539, died


St George, accident

 CURRAN, Michael, Sick Berth Attendant, P/MX 701967, killed



 BRAYSHER, Edward, Chief Petty Officer Cook, P/M 3383, died



Wednesday, 10 July 1946



 WILLIAMSON, Herbert M J, Leading Steward, P/LX 25216, died


Pembroke, illness

 MACDONALD, Duncan, Petty Officer, RNPS, LT/JX 179791, died


RM Portsmouth Division, illness

 LEE, Thomas J, Marine, PO/X 107939, died


South African Naval Force

 VAN GRAAN, A (initial only), Able Seaman, CNN/957 (SANF), died



Thursday, 11 July 1946


Bambara, illness

 MILLINGTON, John, Able Seaman, C/JX 542170, died



 ANDERSON, John R, Leading Stoker, D/DKX 97554, died


Heron, road accident

 CONIBEAR, Graham V, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed

 FORBES, Leslie K, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, DOI


Illustrious, drowning

 JEFFERY, Royston E, Petty Officer Radio Mechanic, L/FX 607161, died


Mercury, illness

 FORD, Frederic B, Coder, P/JX 571342, died


Nonsuch (RCN)

 BROWN, John E, Petty Officer, V/35977 (RCNVR), died


Pembroke, illness

 FARMER, Harry I, Lieutenant, died


RM Portsmouth Division, accident

 NILE, John D, Marine, PO/X 2147, died



Friday, 12 July 1946


Blackcap, air crash

 BYRES, James W, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


Daedalus, illness

 SNAITH, William E N, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, died



 PONSFORD, Williams H, Chief Petty Officer, D/J 98431, died


Drake, illness

 TWOMEY, John F, Leading Writer, D/MX 55446, died


Euryalus, road accident

 FAIRWEATHER, George A, Corporal, RM, CH/X 2243, killed


Royal Navy

 GIBBS, Walter J, Telegraphist, P/JX 324661, died


Talent, accident

 COAKLEY, Thomas, Leading Stoker, D/KX 95534, killed



Saturday, 13 July 1946



 BEST, Robert G, Chief Engine Room Artificer, P/MX 51244, MPK


Pembroke, illness

 SMELLIE, James, Cook, RNPS, LT/MX 535958, died


RM Plymouth Division, accident

 BOURN, Thomas, Marine, CH/16140, died



 WRIGHT, David, Corporal, RM, PLY/X 4319, died



Sunday, 14 July 1946


BYMS.2025, drowning

 EVANS, Eric, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 540779, died


Royal Navy

 WATNEY, Gilbert J, Commander (S), died



Monday, 15 July 1946



 HEADLAND, Thomas H, Chief Petty Officer, D/J 89587, died



Tuesday, 16 July 1946


Daedalus, road accident

 HERBERSON, Peter D, Leading Canteen Assistant, C/NX 717738, died



 PARKES, Albert W J, Leading Stoker, P/KX 77015, died


Godwit, illness

 JONES, Frederick E, Able Seaman, P/JX 297570, died


Resource, illness

 HALLIWELL, James E, Cook (S), P/MX 538295, died


York (RCN)

 TOWERS, John R, Signalman, 4215 (RCN), died



Wednesday, 17 July 1946


Hopetoun, illness

 KELLY, Richard, Sick Berth Attendant, D/MX 83706, died



 SMITH, John, Able Seaman, P/JX 190380, died


Royal Navy, Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), TAIT, Sir William E C, Admiral, died


Vulture, drowning

 BRADFORD, Donald E, Petty Officer Radio Mechanic, L/FX 519386, died



Thursday, 18 July 1946



 CLANCY, Patrick M, Chief Petty Officer, D/J 96736, died


Dolphin, illness

 STUART, Rev James F, Chaplain, died


Pembroke, illness

 PORTER, Cecil G J, Chief Shipwright, C/MX 47263, died


Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve

 KESTLE, William E, Able Seaman, V/43696 (RCNVR), died


Royal Navy

 ROWLAND, Bernard F, Able Seaman, C/JX 160859, died



Friday, 19 July 1946



 DAVIES, William J, Able Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 193118, died


FAA, 728 Sqn, Daedalus, air crash

 PEARSON, Randolph B, Act/Lieutenant Commander (A), killed



 GATWARD, Edgar H, Lieutenant, RNR, died



Saturday, 20 July 1946


Daedalus, illness

 SULLIVAN, Thomas, Naval Airman 1c, L/FX 93732, died


Minstrel, illness

 BAKER, Thomas N, Ty/Act/Lieutenant Commander, RNR, died


Nigeria, illness

 STOTT, Eric, Stoker 2c, D/KX 742271, died


Tamar, road accident

 HOOTON, Charles P, Leading Patrolman, C/MX 767058, died



 ASHLEY, Alroy A, Able Seaman, RNVR, D/BD/X 1807, died



Sunday, 21 July 1946


Glory, illness

 GREEN, William H, Naval Airman 1c, L/FX 591095 (ex-Glory), died


Royal Navy

 MIDLANE, Wallace McK, Warrant Engineer, died


South African Naval Force

 SWANEPOEL, S (initial only), Cook, 7112 (SANF), died



Monday, 22 July 1946


Drake, illness

 HERBERT, Gordon R E, Blacksmith 4c, D/MX 508004, died


Drake, illness

 SHADE, Robert J, Mechanician 1c, D/KX 93168, died


Heron, air crash

 MORTIMER, Edward G, Ty/Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK



Tuesday, 23 July 1946


FAA, 771 Sqn, Daedalus, air crash

 STRICKLAND, Kenneth, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


FAA, 771 Sqn, Humming Bird, air crash

 BUXTON, Charles H, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


Pembroke, illness

 MOORE, George H, Able Seaman, C/JX 294307, died

 THOMAS, Rev DAVID J, Chaplain, died


Royal Navy

 RANDALL-JONES, Robert I, Lieutenant Commander, died



Wednesday, 24 July 1946


Daedalus, illness

 DENMAN, Frank, Engine Room Artificer 4c, L/FX 527086, died



 TELFORD, Malcolm A, Marine, PO/X 4485, died


RM Plymouth Division, road accident

 HAMILTON, Thomas McD S, Marine, PLY/X 115791, killed



Friday, 26 July 1946


President, illness

 BOLDEN, Albert C W, Ty/Act/Lieutenant Commander, RNVR, died



Saturday, 27 July 1946


Leeuwin, drowning

 MAEERS, Robert H, Constable, NDP, 859 (NDP), died


Pioneer, drowning

 LINDSAY, Geoffrey G, Able Seaman, C/JX 596028, died


Royal Navy

 SIMON, John G, Chief Engine Room Artificer, P/M 4607, died



Sunday, 28 July 1946



 WRIGHT, Henry, Petty Officer, D/J 4459, died



 SEAGO, Alfred J, Able Seaman, C/J 90815, died



Monday, 29 July 1946


Circe, natural causes

 MACDONALD, Alexander J, Sick Berth Attendant, C/MX 774032, died in hospital ship


Pembroke, illness

 GILROY, Francis, Shipwright 4c, C/MX 97904, died


Pomona, illness

 DICKINSON, George H, Commissioned Gunner, died


Tamar, illness

 BUTTRICK, Geoffrey, Leading Writer, P/MX 749707, died


Taragau (RAN), Base Depot, Dredger Harbour, New Guinea, accident

 CROCKER, William H, Ordinary Seaman, 28760 (RAN), killed



Tuesday, 30 July 1946


Afrikander, illness

 HIGGS, Frederick J, Marine, CH/X 1586 (ex-London), died


Pheasant, illness

 WILLETT, Francis W, Lieutenant, died


Royal Navy

 GAIT, Albert F, Petty Officer, 226072, died

 HERRIOTT, Thomas A, Lieutenant Commander, died

 WOOD, James, Petty Officer, D/JX 176966, died


St Angelo, illness

 TABONE, Salvatore, Canteen Manager, C/NX 1816, died



Wednesday, 31 July 1946


Drake, illness

 ADCOCK, Jack, Telegraphist, D/JX 360621, died


Royal Navy

 HARVEY, Victor E N, Joiner 3c, C/MX 506916, died



Thursday, 1 August 1946


Anson, illness

 DENT, James L, Ordinary Signalman, D/JX 518828, died



 STRADLING, Percival E, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 218267, died



Friday, 2 August 1946



 BARKER, Kenneth S, Petty Officer Air Fitter, L/105994, died


Royal Navy

 LANG, Hugh, Able Seaman, P/JX 231390, died



Saturday, 3 August 1946



 GLADWELL, Arthur F W, Petty Officer, C/JX 153107, died


RM Plymouth Division, illness

 GIBSON, James H P, Marine, PLY/X 100691, died


Tudor, drowning

 MILLWARD, Philip R, Act/Stoker 1c, C/KX 602620, died



Sunday, 4 August 1946



 FUSCO, Ralph, Able Seaman, D/JX 1664, died (presumably long term illness or injuries)



 NEVES, Edward G, Able Seaman, C/JX 165527, died



Monday, 5 August 1946


Pembroke, illness

 RAVEN, Maurice G, Petty Officer, C/JX 184699, died


RM Engineers Depot, accident

 MARKS, Reginald, Marine, RME 16429, died


Royal Navy

 COMYN, Kenneth C, Able Seaman, P/JX 330904, died



Tuesday, 6 August 1946


Dundonald, illness

 POTTER, Ruby, WRNS, 105582 (WRNS), died


Venerable, illness

 FOSTER, Charles, Stoker 1c, D/KX 725586, died



Wednesday, 7 August 1946


Drake IV, road accident

 DODRIDGE, Hugh, Lieutenant, RNVR (ex-Urania), died



 DALBY, Frank L, Telegraphist, RNPS, LT/JX 557564, died


Pioneer, drowning

 PICKETT, Robert, Master at Arms, C/M 40180, died


Ringtail, illness

 PRINCE, Albert H, Air Mechanic (A) 2c, L/FX 764310, died


RM Plymouth Division, accident

 WELLS, Leonard B, Sergeant, RM, PLY/X 1010, died


Royal Navy

 CARTER, Henry, Stoker 1c, D/KX 114119, died


Scotia, illness

 FREER, William N, Leading Signalman, C/JX 614535, died



Thursday, 8 August 1946


RM Chatham Division, illness

 GRIERSON, Reginald, Marine, CH/X 3195, died


Victory, illness

 GARLAND, Raymond E, Leading Seaman, P/SSX 24571, died



Friday, 9 August 1946



 MILLER, Brian S, Petty Officer Radio Mechanic, P/MX 732841, MPK



 MOUNTSEER, John H, Ordinary Telegraphist, RNPS, LT/JX 613445, killed


St James, accident

 MILNE, James R, Able Seaman, D/SSX 33999, died


Victory, illness

 TAYLOR, John W, Able Seaman, P/JX 314854, died



Saturday, 10 August 1946


RN Naval Party 1742, road accident

 SMITH, Neville A, Stores Assistant, P/MX 735272, (Royal Harold), died



Sunday, 11 August 1946


Burma RNVR

 DARANAKARTIA, (first name not listed), Cook (S), 2320 (Burma RNVR), killed

 RENCONTRE, R (initial only), Stoker, 1382 (Burma RNVR), died



 NEWMAN, Edward W, Able Seaman, P/JX 149670, died



 PALMER, George D, Leading Seaman, D/J 113409, died


Royal Navy

 JENKINS, William H, Leading Stoker, D/K 66091, died


Royal Navy

 WOOD, Albert J, Chief Petty Officer, P/JX 154270, died



Monday, 12 August 1946


Excalibur, illness

 ROBINSON, Ronald, Air Mechanic 2c, L/SFX 816415, died



 COMLEY, Thomas M, Leading Stoker, P/KX 78093, died



 BUSH, George H, Able Seaman, D/JX 142404, died

 LUTTON, William J K, Able Seaman, D/JX 707600,  accident, died


Kaluga, road accident

 FARRER, Alfred, Air Mechanic (A) 1c, L/FX 87132, killed



 WALSH, Jack, Stoker 1c, D/KX 118498, died



Tuesday, 13 August 1946



 KERR, Douglas H, Able Seaman, C/JX 165558, died


Wave, illness

 COX, John B S, Able Seaman, P/JX 723031, died


Welfare, accident

 JENNISON, Benjamin, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 783053, died



Wednesday, 14 August 1946


Obedient, accident

 COOKE, Ernest F J, Able Seaman, C/JX 548762, killed



Thursday, 15 August 1946


Royal Navy

 NOBLE, Edwin T, Chief Petty Officer, C/J 221927, died

 WILLIAMS, Archie, Leading Stoker, P/KX 61904, died


Tarangau (RAN)

 FOURTE, William, Shipwright, 16829 (RAN), killed


Victory III, illness

 ELLIS, James B, Ordinary Telegraphist, P/JX 716944, died



Friday, 16 August 1946


President, illness

 WOODS, Leslie R, Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, (ex-Braganza), died



Saturday, 17 August 1946



 BREWER, Cecil D, Ordinary Signalman, C/JX 201060, died


Royal Navy

 JONES, David L, Able Seaman, C/JX 12513, died



Sunday, 18 August 1946


Queen Elizabeth

 TOULSTER, John W, Leading Cook (S), P/MX 59303, died


Royal Navy

 WILSON, George, Commissioned Gunner, died



Monday, 19 August 1946


Drake, illness

 HICK, Walter E L, Telegraphist, D/JX 618439, died


Moreton (RAN)

 CLOAK, Norman J, Ordinary Seaman, PA 5531 (RANR), killed


Royal Naval Reserve

 SYMONS, Ernest E, Lieutenant, RNR, died


Victory, illness

 EAGER, Alfred E, Petty Officer, P/JX 147429, died


Victory IV, illness

 COLLINS, John E T, Ty/Lieutenant (E), RNR, died



Tuesday, 20 August 1946



 SWAIN, William R, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 549816, died



 DUFF, Robert, Leading Stoker, D/KX 94612, died



Wednesday, 21 August 1946


Arethusa, illness

 FISHER, Sydney, Petty Officer, C/JX 162939, died



 O'NEIL, Hugh I, Petty Officer Radio Mechanic, P/MX 572905, died



 BROOKS, James, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 185813, died


Pembroke, accident

 MORRISON, John, Stoker 1c, C/KX 141492, killed



Thursday, 22 August 1946



 BROOKE, Philip H, Lieutenant Commander, RNVR, died



Friday, 23 August 1946


Fareham, illness

 MARTIN, Herbert J, Ty/Act/Commissioned Gunner (T), died



Saturday, 24 August 1946


Terror, drowning

 FENNER, David, Able Seaman, P/JX 698455, died



Sunday, 25 August 1946


Camperdown, illness

 MCCONNELL, Patrick, Able Seaman, D/JX 286780, died


Royal Navy

 FIVEASH, Richard, Able Seaman, C/JX 640340, died



Monday, 26 August 1946


Daedalus, accident

 MOORE, Ronald J, Air Mechanic 1c, L/FX 684435, died


President, illness

 JOHN, Henry B, Commander (S), died



Tuesday, 27 August 1946


Drake, illness

 CLARKE, Robert, Ty/Act/Lieutenant Commander, RNVR, died

 MCLENNAN, John A, Seaman, RNR, D/X 19885 A, died



 MILNE, George, Engineer, RNPS, LT/KX 109769, died


Peewit, illness

 EGAN, Agnes, WRNS, 105568 (WRNS), died


RM Portsmouth Division

 SPURGING, Roy, Corporal, RM, PO/X 118745, died


Royal Navy

 DENBURY, Leslie J, Petty Officer, D/MX 49917, died



 LOMAX, Norman, Able Seaman, D/JX 657739, died



Wednesday, 28 August 1946


Fieldfare, RNAS, Ross-shire, Scotland, drowning

 HAMMONDS, William F, Air Mechanic (A) 2c, L/FX 777215, died

 HENDERSON, Frank, Air Mechanic 2c, L/FX 776393, died

 MCVEIGH, Andrew J, Air Mechanic 2c, L/FX 778650, MPK

 RAWLINSON, John, Air Mechanic 2c, L/FX 783412, died

 BRAIN, Cyril, Able Seaman, D/JX 570092, died



Friday, 30 August 1946


RN Sick Quarters Greenock, illness

 ALLWRIGHT, Charles R, Ty/Act/Commissioned Wardmaster, (Orlando), died


FAA, 752 Sqn, Merlin, air crash

 KILSBY, Sydney K, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


Merlin, air crash

 CLARK, Harold, Chief Petty Officer Airman, L/KX 82398, died

 WATKINSON, Leslie H, Sick Berth Attendant, C/MX 782148, died



 GWYNNE-JONES, William T, Commander Surgeon, killed


Pembroke, illness

 CREMINS, James T, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 271163, died



 GLOVER, Harold, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 368775, died


Royal Navy

 MACDONALD, John M, Chief Petty Officer, D/J 25869, killed



Saturday, 31 August 1946



 ANDERSON, George W, Chief Petty Officer, D/JX 777522, died  


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