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Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy and Dominion Navies, World War 2
Researched & compiled by Don Kindell, all rights reserved


15th - 31st MARCH 1942 -  in date, ship/unit & name order


Edited by Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net


HMS Cleopatra, AA cruiser
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on to April 1942



(1) Casualty information in order - Surname, First name, Initial(s), Rank and part of the Service other than RN (RNR, RNVR, RFR etc), Service Number (ratings only, also if Dominion or Indian Navies), (on the books of another ship/shore establishment, O/P on passage), Fate

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Background Events - March-May 1942
Russian convoys, Raid on St Nazaire, Battle of Sirte Gulf, SE Asia & SW Pacific occupied, British landings on Madagascar




15 March 1942


Bacchante, drowning

YOUNG, Edgar J, Ordinary Telegraphist, C/JX 262899, died



WHITE, Leonard S, Seaman, RNR, D/X 17923 A, DOW


Manaqui, steamship

BOWTELL, Edward J, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 291009, (President III, O/P), MPK

COULSTOCK, Basil H, Lance Bombardier, RA, 6343179, (5/3 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

DAVIS, Eric G, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 215140, (President III, O/P), MPK

HASTINGS, Charles, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 289572, (President III, O/P), MPK

MITCHELL, Albert E, Gunner, RA, 6400109, (5/3 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

TYRELL, Arthur C, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 268360, (President III, O/P), MPK


Pelandok, as POW

MUHAMMAD, Sham B M D, Ordinary Seaman, MN 1327 (Malay Section), died


Sultan, as POW

EVANS, Ronald A C, Act/Petty Officer, P/J 113226, died



LAWRENCE, Ernest H W, Leading Sick Berth Attendant, P/MX 57480, died


Vortigern, ship loss

ALLEN, Gordon H, Able Seaman, P/JX 219292, MPK

ALVES, Thomas, Stoker Petty Officer (Pens), P/K 59736, MPK

ANDREW, Peter Le M, Sub Lieutenant, RNR, MPK

ANDREWS, Leslie W, Ordinary Coder, P/JX 220449, MPK

AULD, Robert L, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 322905, MPK

AYRE, George, Stoker 1c, P/KX 98008, MPK

BALMER, John H, Able Seaman, P/SSX 25712, MPK

BARBER, John F, Able Seaman, P/J 101533, DOW

BENNETT, Percy, Stoker 2c, P/KX 121708, MPK

BIGGS, Frederick N, Able Seaman, P/SSX 17372, MPK

BINDERMAN, Sidney L, Py/Ty/Surgeon Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

BLACKHALL, Harold A, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

BLUNDELL, Frank H, Petty Officer, P/JX 129088, killed

BOSCHIN, Gilbert L, Able Seaman, D/JX 191756, MPK

BRICKLEY, Leonard R, Cook (O), P/MX 66219, MPK

BROMFIELD, Sidney G, Able Seaman, P/SSX 17938, MPK

BROOM, John A, Able Seaman, P/JX 206648, MPK

BROWN, John L, Leading Seaman (Pens), P/J 35303, MPK

BRYANT, Sidney F, Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 59313, MPK

BURKE, William, Stoker 1c, P/JX 220898, MPK

BUSS, Sydney J H, Able Seaman, P/JX 192307, MPK

CAPLEN, Arthur J, Stoker 1c, P/KX 115234, MPK

CARLIN, William T, Able Seaman, RNVR, P/CD/X 2921, MPK

CHELSON, Walter, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 297381, MPK

CLARIDGE, Alwyn, Telegraphist, P/JX 161685, MPK

CLARK, Arthur H C, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 278762, MPK

COATES, Leslie H, Able Seaman, P/JX 195397, MPK

COLLINGS, Ralph R, Signalman, P/SSX 29499, MPK

CROUCHER, Christopher D C, Able Seaman, P/SSX 23562, MPK

DAVIDSON, George T, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 63098, MPK

DAVIES, Donald P S, Signalman, P/JX 151534, MPK

DAWSON, Robert, Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 93282, MPK

DEACON, William R, Act/Petty Officer, RFR, P/J 99797, MPK

DUNCAN, George, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 261016, MPK

ELFORD, Gerald J, Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 90482, MPK

ENGLAND, Eric T, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 274155, MPK

FARROW, Harry, Able Seaman, P/JX 217280, killed

FLYNN, John, Able Seaman, P/SSX 15989, killed

FOX, Alexander, Act/Leading Seaman, RFR, P/J 85383, MPK

FROST, John T, Able Seaman, P/JX 217293, MPK

GARDINER, Maurice, Able Seaman, D/SSX 33792, MPK

GARRAD, Walter S, Stoker 2c, P/KX 121533, MPK

GEORGE, Edgar T, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 85467, MPK

GERMAIN, Robert W, Able Seaman, P/JX 192314, MPK

GIBBONS, Edward D, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 81479, MPK

GILMOUR, James, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

GIRLING, Benjamin A, Able Seaman, P/JX 217613, MPK

GLENDINNING, John W, Able Seaman, P/JX 211953, MPK

GOBLE, Edward J, Able Seaman, RFR, P/JX 166090, MPK

GOODALL, John H, Stoker 1c, P/KX 106311, MPK

GORMAN, Thomas, Able Seaman, RNVR, P/CD/X 2866, MPK

GRACE, Leonard W, Able Seaman, P/JX 130673, killed

GREENWELL, John A, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 252147, MPK

GRIFFITHS, Arthur L, Able Seaman (Pens), P/J 52600, MPK

GWYNN, Leonard G, Stoker 1c, P/KX 97415, MPK

HALL, Frederick, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 239740, MPK

HALL, Ronald C, Act/Leading Stoker, RFR, P/K 62498, MPK

HARRIS, John W, Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 61998, MPK

HENBURY, Leonard W, Chief Petty Officer Stoker (Pens), P/K 21778, MPK

HEYWORTH, James, Able Seaman, RFR, P/JX 166151, MPK

HOLSER, John V, Act/Leading Telegraphist, P/SSX 30191, MPK

HORRY, Jack, Yeoman of Signals, P/JX 135826, MPK

HORTON, Frederick E, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 278821, MPK

HOWLETT, Ronald S, Lieutenant Commander, killed

IRELAND, William E, Able Seaman, P/JX 212167, MPK

JOHNSON, John, Able Seaman, P/JX 184757, MPK

JOHNSON, John S, Stoker 1c, RFR, P/KX 75835, MPK

JOHNSON, Lesley A, Leading Steward (Pens), P/L 7576, MPK

JOHNSTON, George, Ordinary Signalman, P/JX 226247, MPK

JONES, Jack H, Able Seaman, P/JX 184284, killed

JONES, William H G, Lieutenant, MPK

KNIGHT, Sidney, Cook (S), P/MX 54806, MPK

LANGFORD, Victor, Ordnance Mechanic, P/MX 89470, MPK

LAWRENCE, Ernest V, Able Seaman, P/JX 192319, MPK

LEE, Robert E, Able Seaman, P/JX 192334, MPK

LEIGH, James R, Able Seaman, P/JX 192320, killed

LIDDLE, James, Canteen Manager, NAAFI, MPK

MACDIARMID, Duncan, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 286924, MPK

MACFARLANE, Duncan A, Able Seaman, RNVR, P/CD/X 3070, MPK

MACLEOD, Donald, Seaman, RNR, P/X 19152 A, killed

MARSHALL, Harry, Able Seaman, RFR, P/SS 8277, MPK

MARTIN, William P, Able Seaman, P/JX 184015, MPK

MAYNARD, Horace, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 298761, MPK

MCCAFFERY, Thomas, Telegraphist, P/SSX 25729, MPK

MCGRATH, Patrick E, Stoker 2c, P/KX 114405, MPK

MCINNES, Ernest, Chief Engine Room Artificer (Pens), P/M 30203, MPK

MEAD, Edward, Able Seaman, P/JX 189585, MPK

MELLING, Daniel J, Able Seaman, P/JX 169585, MPK

MILBURN, Richard D, Engine Room Artificer 3c, RNR, P/X 2922 EA, MPK

MILLER, James C, Able Seaman, P/SSX 21273, MPK

MILLS, Sidney H, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 206142, MPK

MITCHELL, Augustine W, Steward, P/LX 27341, MPK

MORRIS, Edward W, Sick Berth Attendant, P/MX 84410, MPK

MUIR, John, Able Seaman, P/SSX 32368, killed

NAPPER, Joseph A, Stoker 1c, RFR, P/SS 124369, MPK

NEWING, John G, Ordinary Telegraphist, P/JX 205789, MPK

NORTHEAST, Frederick T, Able Seaman, RFR, P/J 91533, MPK

NUTT, Robert C, Wireman (L), P/MX 72102, killed

OLDFIELD, William P, Leading Seaman (Pens), P/J 12587, MPK

OLIVE, George W, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 236393, MPK

ORCHARD, William B, Able Seaman, P/JX 169588, MPK

OSBORNE, Herbert G M, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 252843, MPK

OSMAN, William J, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 85551, MPK

PALMER, Ronald F, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 178799, MPK

PARKINSON, John, Able Seaman, RFR, P/JX 140752, MPK

PEET, Norman, Leading Supply Assistant, P/MX 67574, MPK

PENFOLD, Stephen, Stoker 1c, P/KX 114310, MPK

PEOPLE, Dennis W, Able Seaman (Pens), P/J 16609, MPK

PIKE, Charles E, Able Seaman, P/JX 192324, MPK

POWELL, Patrick A B, Lieutenant, killed

POWIS, Alfred E, Able Seaman, P/SSX 21714, MPK

ROBERTS, Donald T A, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 298763, MPK

ROBERTS, Evan T, Stoker 1c, P/K 66382, MPK

ROBERTS, Ronald W, Petty Officer (Pens), P/J 47004, MPK

ROBINSON, Frederick V, Able Seaman, P/JX 169590, MPK

ROBINSON, Patrick, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 272893, MPK

ROYDEN, Charles H, Able Seaman, P/JX 169592, MPK

SELLERS, William, Able Seaman, RFR, P/SSX 31715, MPK

SHEPPARD, William, Act/Petty Officer Telegraphist, P/JX 137677, MPK

SINCLAIR, John L, Able Seaman, P/JX 192399, MPK

SINCLAIR, John T, Telegraphist, RFR, P/J 69355, MPK

SMITH, Henry, Able Seaman, P/JX 178198, killed

SMITH, Stanley, Able Seaman, P/SSX 24925, MPK

STEER, Gordon B, Coder, P/JX 174792, MPK

STEWART, John L, Able Seaman, P/JX 192401, killed

TARRANT, William H, Leading Seaman (Pens), P/J 19647, MPK

TEMPLE, Charles W A, Act/Able Seaman, P/SSX 33766, MPK

THACKERAY, William M, Petty Officer, P/J 111772, MPK

THOMSON, William J A, Able Seaman, P/JX 169340, MPK

THORN, Ronald L, Stoker 1c, P/KX 114869, MPK

TOWELL, William H, Stoker 2c, P/KX 227727, MPK

TRAVERS, Harry, Stoker Petty Officer (Pens), P/K 15261, MPK

TURVEY, William, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 322145, MPK

TWEEDY, Thomas W C, Stoker 1c, RFR, P/KX 77368, MPK

UNWIN, Frederick W, Stoker 1c, RFR, P/SS 121788, MPK

VALLELY, Francis J, Able Seaman, P/JX 212026, MPK

WALKER, Eric, Stoker 2c, P/KX 115621, MPK

WARD, Leslie, Act/Leading Seaman, P/SSX 19733, DOW

WATSON, John, Able Seaman, P/JX 169334, killed

WATT, David A, Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 82886, MPK

WEBB, Arthur E, Chief Petty Officer (Pens), P/J 59378, MPK

WIGFIELD, Luther, Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 86433, MPK

WILKES, Frank C, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 298762, MPK

WILKS, Harry, Able Seaman, P/JX 192335, MPK

WILSON, Ernest H, Able Seaman, RFR, P/J 99204, MPK

WOODS, George A, Petty Officer Cook (S), P/MX 49004, MPK

WYNN, Edward W T, Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 78521, MPK

YETTON, Frederick C, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 284960, MPK



16 March 1942


3/2 Maritime Regt, RA

TAYLOR, John, Gunner, RA, 4385260, killed

YOUNGSON, William J, Gunner, RA, 2816490, killed


5/3 Maritime Regt, RA

CAIRNS, Robert H, Gunner, RA, 1631842, killed

CRASKE, George A, Gunner, RA, 2066350, killed


Baron Newlands, steamship

DRABBLE, Leonard, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 238918, (President III, O/P), MPK

THOMSON, James, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 286916, (President III, O/P), MPK

WALLIS, Harold G, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 216595, (President III, O/P), MPK


Pelandok, Singapore evacuation

ABDUL, Jamal B M S, Ordinary Signalman, MN 1398 (Malay Section), MPK


Stangarth, steamship

BEECH, Norman, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 217098, (President III, O/P), MPK

DENHOLM, George R, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 237304, (President III, O/P), MPK

PARKES, Eric J, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 235823, (President III, O/P), MPK



17 March 1942


Chiddingfold, lost overboard

BENNETT, Albert, Stoker 1c, P/K 60230, killed


FAA, 830 Sqn, St Angelo, air operations

HILLARY, Guyer L, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


RN Engineering College Keyham (Drake), illness

GODDARD, Edward T, Commander (E), died


San Demetrio, steamship

LUDLOW, Bramwel C, Gunner, RA, 1628692, (4 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

MADDEN, William L, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 163778, (President III, O/P), MPK

O'CONNOR, Martin, Gunner, RA, 1512731, (4 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed



18 March 1942


4/2 Maritime Regt, RA

HALFORD, William, Lance Bombardier, RA, 1821406, killed


Clare Lilley, steamship

BOND, Charles E, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 248507, (President III, O/P), killed

HAITHWAITE, Vincent, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 311822, (President III, O/P), killed


FAA, 805 Sqn, Grebe, air crash

SCOTT, Douglas M, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK


FAA, 830 Sqn, St Angelo, air operations

SHUTE, Cyril V, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


Fowey, illness

FINLINSON, Eric, Stoker 2c, P/KX 134714, died



RICE, Henry T, Supply Chief Petty Officer, P/M 2556, died


Nancy Moller, steamship

CARR, James M, Act/Able Seaman (DEMS), P/JX 335731, (President III, O/P), MPK


Nubian, illness

FORTY, George W, Stoker 1c, P/KX 105412, died


Pembroke, illness

SMITH, Frederick W, Leading Steward, C/LX 26189, died


RAF, No.3 Radio School, air crash 17 March 1942

HOGG, Graham A, Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, DOW


Sultan, as POW

WOODIER, Eric R, Able Seaman, D/SSX 35721, (ex-Repulse), died



19 March 1942


Anking, ship loss

HAMBLETT, Kenneth T, Sub Lieutenant, RANVR DOW


Egret, illness

NISBET, Edward G, Able Seaman, RNVR, P/CD/X 2821, died



ALEXANDER, William G, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 217777, DOWS


Haro (RCN)

CAIRNS, Leonard M, Ordinary Seaman, V/11609 (RCNVR), died


Lynx, accident

WORTHINGTON, William G, Ty/Lieutenant, RNVR, killed


Melville (RAN)

PATCHING, Alan A, Stores Assistant, PM 3145 (RANR), killed


Rodney, accident

GEE, Frank, Able Seaman, D/JX 238265, DOWS



20 March 1942


Heythrop, ship loss

BECKETT, George R, Able Seaman, C/SSX 23115, killed

BLABY, Frederick G, Able Seaman, C/JX 262446, killed

CANTY, Leonard S, Leading Seaman, C/SSX 15729, MPK

CONNOR, Arthur, Able Seaman, C/JX 262386, MPK

COUSINS, Thomas P, Able Seaman, C/JX 262459, MPK

COWELL, Albert E, Able Seaman, RNVR, C/LD/X 3648, MPK

DAVISON, George, Supply Assistant, C/MX 81709, MPK

GALLACHER, James, Able Seaman, D/JX 223113, killed

HANCOCK, George T, Ty/Leading Seaman, C/JX 154438, killed

JOHNSTON, Arthur E, Able Seaman, RFR, C/SS 9564, MPK

KENNEDY, Thomas J, Canteen Manager, NAAFI, MPK

KING, David, Able Seaman, C/JX 230144, MPK

RICHARDSON, William H, Able Seaman, RFR, C/J 110954, killed

SANDFORD, Basil W W, Able Seaman, C/JX 129070, MPK

SLOCOMBE, John, Able Seaman, C/SSX 25694, MPK

WALKER, John H, Able Seaman, C/JX 174228, killed


Saunders, road accident

HORE, Frank L, Warrant Shipwright, killed


Victory, illness

CLAYDON, Thomas, Stoker Petty Officer, P/306153, died

KITCHEN, Frank W, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 267977, died



21 March 1942


Anking, as POW

CROSS, Geoffrey S, Ty/Surgeon Lieutenant, Malayan RNVR, died


Circassia, illness

MARSHALL, Cyrus A, Ty/Act/Gunner, died


ML.129, ship loss

COTTRELL, Roy P, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

DAVIES, Harry, Able Seaman, D/JX 177870, MPK

EWINS, John, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 234663, DOW

LAWES, Percy, Stoker 1c, P/KX 96859, MPK

WATSON, Brian J, Motor Mechanic, C/MX 67522, MPK

WHITEHOUSE, Clifford, Able Seaman, D/JX 192089, DOW

TOWNEND, Edwin R, Stoker 2c, C/KX 127382, DOW



22 March 1942


Cleopatra, (right - NavyPhotos) 2nd Battle of Sirte

COOMBER, Charles N, Able Seaman, C/JX 201599, killed

GARDE, Dermot V, Lieutenant Commander, killed

GILL, David J, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 300642, killed

KENNY, Thomas M H, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 290646, DOW

WILSON, Allan R S, Able Seaman, C/SSX 20962, DOW

MANLEY, John, Telegraphist, D/JX 155056, killed

MCGONEGAL, Gerald A, Ordinary Signalman, D/JX 162139, DOW

MCLAUGHLIN, Joseph, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 299923, killed

PIKE, Arthur, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 315587, killed

ROPER, Thomas, Able Seaman, P/SSX 21502, killed

THORPE, Frederick H, Yeoman of Signals, C/J 110249, killed

VARLOW, Arthur L, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 234318, DOW

WAUGHMAN, Charles A R, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 300197, killed

WHEELER, Sidney M, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 299639, killed

WHITEWAY, William J, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 299644, killed


Havock, 2nd Battle of Sirte

BROWN, Claude R, Ordinary Signalman, P/JX 236869, DOW

CRANE, Arthur C G, Ordinary Signalman, P/JX 247329, killed

GIMBLETT, Alexander E S, Supply Assistant, P/MX 69199, MPK

HULME, James, Able Seaman, D/JX 214908, killed

ORPEN, Walter D, Sub Lieutenant, killed

REID, Frederick A, Able Seaman, RFR, C/J 72621, MPK

THOMPSON, James W, Gunner (T), lost overboard, MPK


Kelvin, 2nd Battle of Sirte

MURPHY, Thomas B, Able Seaman, D/JX 194229, MPK


Kingston, 2nd Battle of Sirte

ADAWAY, Arthur W, Able Seaman, C/JX 227258, DOW

BROWN, Hugh, Able Seaman, RNVR, P/CD/X 2905, killed

DYER, William A, Able Seaman, C/JX 258426, killed

FERRIS, Daniel, Able Seaman, P/SSX 28002, killed

JENKINSON, Albert E, Able Seaman, C/JX 277531, killed

JORDAN, John W, Able Seaman, D/SSX 23971, killed

NEUSCHAFFER, Henry F J, Ty/Act/Leading Stoker, C/KX 91120, killed

PETERS, John J, Stoker 1c, C/KX 104630, killed

QUERSTRET, George H, Able Seaman, P/JX 143251, DOW

REES, Reginald, Able Seaman, C/JX 253486, killed

REYLAND, George A, Able Seaman, RFR, C/J 91062, killed

SHAW, Donald, Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 72084, killed

STRANGE, Joseph S, Leading Stoker, P/K 65637, DOW

TUTTLEBURY, Norman A, Able Seaman, D/JX 240019, killed


ML.129, ship loss

DOWER, Garnett I B, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 208634, MPK


Thurso Bank, steamship

CLAWSON, Samuel A, Gunner, RA, 3393194, (1/1 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

MUSTARD, Charles R, Gunner, RA, 1720355, (1/1 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

REEVES, William H, Gunner, RA, 4807054, (3/2 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

SHEPHARD, Harold, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 311592, (President III, O/P), MPK

WALLACE, Walter D, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 193242, (President III, O/P), MPK

WHEELER, Charles C, Gunner, RA, 4269528, (3/2 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

WOOLHOUSE, Cyril, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 311472, (President III, O/P), MPK



23 March 1942


Beaufort, bombing

MCLEOD, Norman R, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 272165, killed


Carlisle, bombing

BLUE, John R M, Act/Petty Officer, D/JX 144189, killed


Clan Campbell, steamship

AYLES, Patrick, Act/Yeoman of Signals, P/JX 144708, (President III, O/P), MPK

BRINDLE, Mark, Stoker Petty Officer, D/KX 77474, (President III, O/P), MPK

CONNOR, Joseph, Stoker 1c, D/KX 95730, (President III, O/P), MPK

FISK, Bertie G, Marine, CH/24324, (President III, O/P), killed

HANNA, Edward G, Seaman, RNR, D/X 17690 A, (President III, O/P), MPK

HARD, Sidney D, Stoker 1c, P/KX 106322, (President III, O/P), MPK

HARRISON, Frank, Gunner, RA, 3861955, (4/2 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

HATCH, Charles H, Gunner, RA, 913754, (7/4 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

HEYWOOD, Thomas, Leading Signalman, C/J 107448, (President III, O/P), MPK

HOBBS, Leonard H J, Act/Leading Signalman, P/JX 152214, (President III, O/P), MPK

HOLDSWORTH, Clarence A, Ty/Act/Petty Officer, C/JX 147573, (President III, O/P), MPK

JOHNSON, George, Seaman, RNR, D/X 18938, (President III, O/P), MPK

LEWIS, Dennis B, Able Seaman, C/SSX 32400, (President III, O/P), MPK

MACDONALD, Allen, Seaman, RNR, D/X 19331 A, (President III, O/P), MPK

MARSAY, Francis, Steward, P/LX 23815, (President III, O/P), MPK

MCDAVID, Joseph G, Stoker 2c, P/KX 131874, (President III, O/P), MPK

NASH, Arthur, Stoker 2c, C/KX 116678, (President III, O/P), MPK

NAYLOR, Percy, Ordinary Signalman, D/JX 262955, (President III, O/P), MPK

ROBINSON, Robert, Stoker 1c, C/KX 93955, (President III, O/P), MPK

SPOTSWOOD, George H, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 279481, (President III, O/P), MPK

URQUHART, Robert J, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 267897, (President III, O/P), MPK

WORRALL, Charles T, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, D/KX 63465, (President III, O/P), MPK


Empire Hail, steamship

JOHNSTONE, Hugh, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 239069, (President III, O/P), MPK


FAA, 828 Sqn, St Angelo, air crash

RIVERS, Basil W R, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK

TUTTLE, William P, Ty/Act/Leading Airman, FFA/FX 79518, MPK


Forward II

JOHNSON, Harold J, Act/Ordnance Artificer 4c, P/MX 78928, killed


Kingston, surface action

CARTER, John E N, Act/Sub Lieutenant, RNR DOW


Naden (RCN)

MACNEILL, Philip G C, Motor Mechanic, FR/437 (RCNVR), died


Nelson, rail accident

GRIFFITHS, Eric G, Able Seaman, P/JX 152487, killed


President, illness

BAKER, Maurice E T, Engineer Captain, died



24 March 1942


Cerberus (RAN), illness

PETTERSON, Leslie O, Chief Ordnance Artificer, 1021 (RAN), died


Dulverton, bombing

SMAILES, George K, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 285201, DOW

YANDLE, Joseph, Able Seaman, D/JX 257824, DOW



GILLAM, Stanley G, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 202140, DOW

MACKAY, Norman, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 166034, DOW


Empire Steel, steamship

FAKE, Colin, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 255299, (President III, O/P), MPK

MASKELL, Jack, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 184306, (President III, O/P), MPK

SEWRY, Leslie E, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 312263, (President III, O/P), MPK

WRIGHT, Andrew McK, Gunner, RA, 3129102, (2/1 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed


FAA, 832 Sqn, Victorious, air crash

BEARDWELL, Walter A, Ty/Act/Leading Airman, FAA/FX 237077, killed

BEER, George R, Lieutenant, RNR, killed

DAVIS, Denys W, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


Lonsdale (RAN), illness

SCOBIE, John H, Leading Signalman, PM 496 (RANR), died


Royal New Zealand Navy

KOPU, Richard, Leading Steward, 1689 (RNZN), died


Southwold, ship loss

BROWN, George S, Stoker 1c, P/KX 111269, killed

HARVEY, Arthur C, Commissioned Engineer, killed

HICKEY, Albert F, Chief Engine Room Artificer, P/M 39369, killed

LOWER, Frederick H, Leading Stoker, P/KX 86808, killed

POINGDESTRE, John M, Engine Room Artificer 2c, P/MX 46956, killed


St Angelo, bombing

HONEY, George P, Air Mechanic (A) 1c, FAA/FX 77047, MPK

KERSHAW, John A, Air Mechanic (A) 1c, FAA/FX 75943, MPK



25 March 1942


FAA, 829 Sqn, Illustrious, air crash

BEGG, James D, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed

HARDWIDGE, John V, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed

LOMAN, George, Act/Leading Airman, FAA/FX 82145, missing


Narragansett or Tredinnick, steamship

BLACKBURN, Richard, Gunner, RA, 3459075, (4/2 Maritime Regt, RA), killed

COLLIER, Harold, Gunner, RA, 1738711, (3/2 Maritime Regt, RA), killed

COTTER, Ronald F, Gunner, RA, 4754429, (3/2 Maritime Regt, RA), killed

FOSKER, Frederick F, Gunner, RA, 1446773, (5/3 Maritime Regt, RA), killed

USHER, Howard, Lance Bombardier, RA, 6102882, (6/3 Maritime Regt, RA), killed


Narragansett, steamship

FOWLER, Charles T, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 234944, (President III, O/P), MPK

GREGORY, Stanley D, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 289719, (President III, O/P), MPK

HANAWAY, William, Ty/Act/Corporal, RM (DEMS), PO/22517, (President III, O/P), MPK

HARDY, Leslie, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 200425, (President III, O/P), MPK


President III, illness

MIDGLEY, Ronald, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 234836, died


Sulla, ship loss

ARNFIELD, Norman, Ordinary Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 299857, MPK

BLAGDON, Hubert, Ordinary Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 315743, MPK

BRANTON, George N, Ordinary Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 315668, MPK

CHALLIS, William C, 2nd Hand, RNPS, LT/JX 185847, MPK

FOSTER, Frederick J, Ordinary Signalman, C/JX 234253, MPK

GRUITT, David E, Stoker 1c, D/KX 92607, MPK

HAVERON, Charles W W, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 176737, MPK

HAYES, John, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 176562, MPK

HAYES, William, Leading Wireman, C/MX 63280, MPK

HOLLAND, Vincent, Ordinary Telegraphist, P/JX 214505, MPK

HOSIE, Alexander C, Stoker, RNSR, LT/SR 50451, MPK

KUFAAS, Lars J, Engineman, RNPS, LT/JX 124551, MPK

LEACH, Thomas H, Cook, RNPS, LT/MX 83280, MPK

MADSEN, Jakob, Engineman, RNPS, LT/KX 112792, MPK

MCCARTNEY, Robert, Stoker, RNR (PS), LT/X 10261 S, MPK

MCCREATH, James, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 148264, MPK

MEADOWS, Thomas, Ty/Skipper, RNR, MPK

MYHRE, Hans K, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (E), RNR, MPK


WIGGINS, William, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 218217, MPK

WILSON, Walter, Leading Seaman, RNPS, LT/JS 242336, MPK


Tredinnick, steamship

BETTS, Eric, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 291796, (President III, O/P), MPK

HARVEY, Sydney G, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 187558, (President III, O/P), MPK

ROBINSON, John, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 204443, (President III, O/P), MPK

WHITE, Harry, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 239917, (President III, O/P), MPK



26 March 1942


Avon Vale, bombing

WHITTY, Ivor F D, Able Seaman, D/JX 158566, killed

BOWMAN, Albert E, Able Seaman, D/J 93835, killed

KEYLOCK, Alfred R, Able Seaman, P/J 97691, killed

LYNCH, Ernest, Able Seaman, D/JX 204438, killed


Breconshire, bombing, ship loss

MCCULLOUGH, Matthew, Greaser, T.124 X, MPK

MCGUIRE, Henry M, Fireman, T.124 X, killed


Jaguar, ship loss

ALLWOOD, Ernest E L, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 276174, MPK

ANKIN, William F L, Able Seaman, P/JX 172175, MPK

ARKLEY, Stephen, Stoker 1c, D/KX 97551, MPK

ASHBY, Hilary J, Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

ASHTON, Elliott O, Engine Room Artificer 4c, C/MX 60305, MPK

BAILEY, Robert S, Able Seaman, D/JX 183855, MPK

BARKER, Joseph, Able Seaman, D/SSX 33898, MPK

BENNETT, John, Able Seaman, D/SSX 25175, MPK

BLACKBURN, Jack, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 273123, MPK

BLACKER, William H, Stoker Petty Officer, D/KX 81364, MPK

BLACKMORE, Frederick, Stoker 2c, D/KX 118145, MPK

BOULDEN, Kenneth A, Ordinary Seaman, C/SSX 34141, MPK

BOYD, Alfred, Able Seaman, D/SSX 22232, MPK

BRINDLE, James H, Able Seaman, P/JX 177955, MPK

BROWN, Arthur F, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 238488, MPK

BRUCE, George W, Cook (S), C/MX 71292, MPK

BUCKLER, Cecil C, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 254842, MPK

BURBERRY, John A K, Able Seaman, C/SSX 33447, MPK

BUTLER, Albert D, Canteen Assistant, NAAFI, MPK

CAMPBELL, Charles S J, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 226965, MPK

CANTLE, Robert S, Able Seaman, D/JX 152309, MPK

CHEESEMAN, Charles A T, Shipwright 4c, D/MX 64403, MPK

COLE, Frederick J, Petty Officer, D/JX 110727, MPK

COLEMAN, Lacey, Able Seaman, C/JX 228487, MPK

COOTE, Ronald R, Engine Room Artificer 5c, D/MX 53933, MPK

COWLEY, Eric J, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 78479, MPK

CRICHTON, Andrew, Able Seaman, RNVR, D/CD/X 887, MPK

CROCKER, Victor H F, Leading Seaman, D/JX 146881, MPK

CROWELL, Charles W J, Act/Leading Stoker, D/KX 95987, MPK

DAVIES, Hubert G, Able Seaman, D/SSX 19465, MPK

DOBIE, James C, Stoker 1c, P/KX 92521, MPK

DOWNING, Robert, Act/Ordnance Artificer 4c, P/MX 64958, MPK

DRYDEN, Thomas F, Act/Leading Stoker, D/KX 90904, MPK

DUNNE, Joseph T, Signalman, P/JX 226722, MPK

EDWARDS, James, Able Seaman, D/SSX 33902, MPK

ENGLAND, Percy J, Supply Assistant, RNVR, D/DX 123, MPK

EVANS, George H, Leading Cook (S), P/MX 68392, MPK

EVANS, John H H, Able Seaman, C/JX 168157, MPK

FARNES, Rowland J, Able Seaman, C/JX 151302, MPK

FERGUSON, Frederick D, Stoker 1c, P/KX 119160, MPK

FIELD, Richard W, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 264097, MPK

FITZGERALD, Thomas, Petty Officer, D/JX 108132, MPK

FLAHERTY, Stanley, Able Seaman, D/JX 134437, MPK

FLEMING, Horace V, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 238469, MPK

FLETCHER, Frederick G, Leading Seaman, C/J 115545, MPK

FORD, John H, Able Seaman, D/SSX 26252, MPK

FRANCIS, Frederick J, Stoker 1c, P/KX 120600, MPK

GARTSIDE, Harry, Able Seaman, D/JX 227834, MPK

GIDDY, Harold G, Engine Room Artificer 4c, D/MX 49505, MPK

GODBOLD, Leonard, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX162783, MPK

GOGGIN, Cornelius, Act/Leading Seaman, D/JX 146857, MPK

GRANGE, James, Stoker 2c, D/KX 113076, MPK

GRAY, John G, Ordinary Signalman, C/JX 225331, MPK

GREEN, James McN, Able Seaman, P/JX 175165, MPK

GREGORY, Anthony G, Py/Ty/Surgeon Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

GRIST, Leslie D, Stoker 2c, P/KX 137333, MPK

GROVES, Ernest, Leading Seaman, D/JX 137786, MPK

HALL, George W, Able Seaman, P/JX 149080, MPK

HALL, Norman, Stoker 2c, C/SKX 1596, MPK

HAMILTON, Charles H T, Able Seaman, D/JX 182722, MPK

HAMPSON, Ernest, Stoker 2c, D/KX 122493, MPK

HARKINS, James, Able Seaman, P/JX 236814, MPK

HARRIS, Albert, Yeoman of Signals, D/J 105961, MPK

HARRIS, Frederick G, Petty Officer Telegraphist, D/JX 134497, MPK

HEDGER, Richard H, Able Seaman, D/JX 182606, MPK

HICKMAN, Richard, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 265836, MPK

HILL, James, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 258811, MPK

HOILE, Leslie C S, Stoker Petty Officer, D/KX 80511, MPK

HOLLAND, Anthony D J, Stoker 2c, P/KX 135414, MPK

HOSKINS, Henry A, Able Seaman, C/JX 157779, MPK

HOWE, Sidney F, Able Seaman, P/JX 228396, MPK

HUGHES, George, Petty Officer, D/JX 134933, MPK

HUGHES, Norman, Able Seaman, C/SSX 20396, MPK

HULL, Allen, Ty/Leading Stoker, C/KX 90650, MPK

HUNTER, Peter, Act/Leading Seaman, D/JX 150137, MPK

HUNTLEY, James, Ordinary Telegraphist, D/JX 185560, MPK

INGLETT, Edward H, Able Seaman, D/JX 156508, MPK

JACKSON, Roy T, Ty/Act/Leading Telegraphist, C/JX 152125, MPK

JENKINS, George J, Able Seaman, D/JX 57942, MPK

JOHNSON, Edward J, Stoker 1c, P/KX 120926, MPK

JOHNSON, George L, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 264842, MPK

JONES, Arthur M, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 239901, MPK

JONES, Henry J, Sick Berth Attendant, D/MX 80956, MPK

KEAST, Rutland, Able Seaman, D/J 111080, MPK

KELLY, Joseph, Stoker 2c, D/KX 122435, MPK

KENNY, Mathew, Act/Leading Stoker, D/KX 96019, MPK

KIDD, James, Able Seaman, D/SSX 13321, MPK

LAMB, Henry, Stoker 2c, C/KX 126868, MPK

LAMBERT, John H, Able Seaman, D/JX 155053, MPK

LAMONT, Allan, Able Seaman, D/SSX 17853, MPK

LEE, Alfred A W, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 162763, MPK

LETTING, Harry, Ordinary Signalman, P/JX 214617, MPK

LEWINGTON, Robert F, Petty Officer, D/JX 134715, MPK

LISSAMAN, James E, Act/Leading Stoker, D/KX 85514, MPK

LOCK, Alfred H, Act/Petty Officer, P/JX 152602, MPK

LOCKWOOD, Harold L, Able Seaman, P/JX 192511, MPK

LONG, Thomas H, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 260554, MPK

LOVELL, William J, Supply Petty Officer, D/MX 52763, MPK

LUKE, David, Telegraphist, P/JX 158173, MPK

MANGLES, Norman H, Act/Leading Stoker, D/KX 102537, MPK

MANNING, Kenrick J, Able Seaman, D/JX 154810, MPK

MARLEY, William G H, Leading Stoker, D/K 66461, MPK

MARSHALL, Frank, Chief Engine Room Artificer, D/M 35610, MPK

MARTIN, Thomas P, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, D/KX 77706, MPK

MATTHEWS, Sydney H, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 208606, MPK

MCGOURTY, Michael C, Stoker 1c, P/KX 92292, MPK

MCLAREN, George W, Able Seaman, P/JX 147745, MPK

MCMASTER, William, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 171063, MPK

MILNE, John H, Able Seaman, D/JX 156133, MPK

MILTON, Arthur E, Stoker 1c, P/KX 120274, MPK

MORGAN, Thomas, Stoker Petty Officer, D/KX 159012, MPK

MORTON, Hugh, Ordnance Artificer 5c, P/MX 79336, MPK

MOSS, George W, Able Seaman, P/JX 212065, MPK

MURPHY, James T, Able Seaman, C/JX 189492, MPK

NELSON, John W, Coder, P/JX 205076, MPK

NEWHAM, James G, Able Seaman, D/JX 146803, MPK

NEWTON, Percival F, Act/Leading Stoker, D/KX 93594, MPK

NEWTON, William E, Able Seaman, C/SSX 30071, MPK

NOAKES, Frederick D, Able Seaman, P/JX 149110, MPK

PASSMORE, Ronald S, Petty Officer, D/JX 133557, MPK

PATIENCE, Leonard, Stoker 2c, D/SKX 411, MPK

PAXTON, John O, Act/Leading Stoker, D/KX 97599, MPK

PHILLIPS, Cecil, Able Seaman, D/JX 156393, MPK

POLLARD, Albert E F, Stoker 2c, P/KX 137301, MPK

POOLMAN, Richard, Stoker 2c, P/KX 137304, MPK

POWELL, George H, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 190345, MPK

POWELL, Walter J, Petty Officer, D/JX 128808, MPK

PRESTON, Ernest, Chief Petty Officer, D/JX 103329, MPK

PRICE, Thomas, Stoker Petty Officer, RFR, D/KX 75229, MPK

RALPH, Frederick C, Leading Stoker, D/KX 76920, MPK

RANDALL, Alfred D, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 162572, MPK

RANSOM, Bernard G, Able Seaman, C/JX 192491, MPK

REED, Percy R, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 166874, MPK

REID, Andrew, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 78140, MPK

REID, Joseph, Able Seaman, D/JX 168851, MPK

REID, William, Able Seaman, P/JX 228407, MPK

RICHARDS, Henry W, Able Seaman, P/JX 156682, MPK

ROBBINS, George H, Able Seaman, D/JX 134250, MPK

ROBERTS, Edward, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 256695, MPK

ROWELL, William T P, Chief Ordnance Artificer, D/M 37951, MPK

ROWLANDS, Harold, Able Seaman, D/JX 87396, MPK

RUMBELOW, Harold O C, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, D/KX 85168, MPK

RUSS, John S, Canteen Manager, NAAFI, MPK

RYAN, Francis, Able Seaman, P/SSX 25138, MPK

SALTER, Henry, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 276570, MPK

SANDIFORD, James W, Ordinary Signalman, D/JX 210341, MPK

SCOTT, Clifford, Ordinary Telegraphist, 66973 (SANF), MPK

SHARP, Peter, Able Seaman, RFR, D/JX 99317, MPK

SHEPPARD, Morris F, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 253740, MPK

SINGLETON, Richard, Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 78020, MPK

SLEIGHT, Edward, Able Seaman, D/SSX 15749, MPK

SMITH, Edward, Act/Petty Officer, D/JX 107404, MPK

SOWDEN, John K, Act/Petty Officer, D/JX 134301, MPK

SPRATT, Joseph, Act/Leading Signalman, D/JX 135189, MPK

STEPHENSON, James, Ordinary Signalman, C/JX 159611, MPK

STEVENS, Albert E, Able Seaman, D/JX 156501, MPK

STONE, Harry, Coder, P/JX 223809, MPK

STOTHARD, Harry, Stoker 1c, D/KX 108683, MPK

SULLIVAN, Kevin A, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 288077, MPK

SUTHERS, Wilbert, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 257457, MPK

TAPLIN, William R, Able Seaman, D/JX 147550, MPK

TATE, Thomas E, Writer, P/MX 70043, MPK

TAYLOR, Frederick, Stoker 1c, C/KX 94276, MPK

TAYLOR, Reginald A, Able Seaman, C/JX 159238, MPK

TETT, George E F, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 275433, MPK

TOMLIN, Edward L, Stoker 1c, D/KX 105961, MPK

TOUT, Ernest S, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, D/KX 85415, MPK

TOWN, Robert, Able Seaman, D/JX 204265, MPK

TOWNSEND, Norman G, Stoker Petty Officer, D/KX 63924, MPK

TURNER, Arthur J, Able Seaman, RFR (Pens), D/J 40398, MPK

TYRWHITT, Lionel R K, Lieutenant Commander, MPK

UNDERY, Jack C, Electrical Artificer 3c, P/MX 54883, MPK

WAFER, Richard, Petty Officer, D/JX 113654, MPK

WAIN, George R, Ordinary Seaman (served as George R Nelson), P/JX 272662, MPK

WALLEN, George H V, Petty Officer Cook (S), D/M 39095, MPK

WARBURTON, Harold, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 188040, MPK

WATSON, James C, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 288070, MPK

WELCH, Lawrence, Able Seaman, C/SSX 25384, MPK

WELSH, Robert, Able Seaman, C/SSX 16624, MPK

WHELAN, Ernest J, Able Seaman, C/SSX 33578, MPK

WHICHELOW, Harold S, Stoker 2c, D/KX 116857, MPK

WHIPPS, William M, Stoker 1c, D/KX 52454, MPK

WHITE, William G, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 171728, MPK

WHITEHEAD, Stanley, Act/Leading Stoker, D/KX 95756, MPK

WILKINSON, John P, Stoker 2c, C/KX 123603, MPK

WILLIAMS, Frederick, Able Seaman, P/JX 212445, MPK

WILLIAMS, George H, Able Seaman, C/SSX 33577, MPK

WILLIS, James H, Able Seaman, C/SSX 33531, MPK

WILLOCK, Robert, Leading Seaman, C/JX 125092, MPK

WILSON, George, Able Seaman, P/JX 145065, MPK

WOOD, James, Able Seaman, D/JX 240025, MPK

WOODS, Kenneth L, Act/Able Seaman, F 3262 (RAN), MPK

YEOELL, Henry, Able Seaman, D/JX 102036, MPK

YORK, Stanley W, Able Seaman, D/JX 253421, MPK


Kestrel, air crash

LENNARD, Paul L, Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


Legion, bombing

BELL, Frederick W, Leading Stoker, D/KX 81781, killed

CORDERY, Harold, Able Seaman, C/JX 138929, killed

GRAY, Alfred G, Stoker 1c, C/KX 107257, killed

HOLMSHAW, Robert, Act/Leading Seaman, C/JX 141969, killed

LEWIS, Frederick, Able Seaman, C/JX 262388, killed

MAIR, Alexander G, Able Seaman, C/JX 258834, killed

MAXWELL, Walter C, Act/Leading Telegraphist, P/JX 149986, killed

POWLING, Reginald A, Stoker 1c (Pens), C/KX 52210, killed

PROPERT, Frederick G, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, C/JX 142987, killed

STOCKBRIDGE, Edward G, Ty/Act/Stoker Petty Officer, C/KX 79768, killed

WARWICK, James I, Able Seaman, C/JX 151041, DOW



KNOTT, Frederick J, Able Seaman, C/JX 243261, DOW


RM 1st AA Regt, illness

SPERRING, John A, Ty/Act/Corporal, RM, EX/1608, DOWS


Salisbury, illness

EDMONDS, Henry I, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, D/KX 76550, died


St Angelo, bombing

BOUSTED, James H, Able Seaman, D/JX 193774, MPK



27 March 1942


Boreas, accident

OWEN, Robert, Able Seaman, P/SSX 24460, killed


Drake, illness

RUSS, Norman J, Able Seaman, RNVR, D/BD/X 1613, died


Engadine, illness

GATES, James, Chief Cook 2c, NAP 691409, died


Formidable, accident

BRADSHAW, Richard, Leading Seaman, P/JX 132418, killed


Jupiter, as POW

PETHICK, Francis A, Writer, RNVR, D/DX 77, died


President, illness

BAILEY, Sir Sidney R, Admiral, Rtd, died


Victory, illness

FRIEC, Ernest, Stoker 1c, P/K 09272, died



28 March 1942


7/4 Maritime Regt, RA

EVERY, Ronald E H, Gunner, RA, 1679371, killed


Campbeltown, Raid on St Nazaire, ship loss

BAILEY, Ronald J, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 150587, MPK

BAKER, Alfred, Able Seaman, RNVR, P/SD/X 1287, MPK

BERRY, William H, Leading Stoker, P/KX 92564, MPK

BOOTH, Henry P, Petty Officer, 673 (NZD), MPK

BOTT, Harold E, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 276923, MPK

BOWMAN, Douglas F, Able Seaman, P/JX 167793, MPK

BRENTON, William C, Leading Stoker, P/KX 91674, killed

FINDLAY, Thomas, Able Seaman, P/SSX 32325, MPK

FINDLEY, William R, Able Seaman, D/SSX 19545, MPK

GILES, Samuel W, Able Seaman, P/JX 143517, MPK

GOUGH, Christopher H C, Lieutenant, killed

HARGREAVES, Harold, Ty/Act/Gunner (T), killed

HODDER, Reginald J, Stoker Petty Officer, P/K 66784, killed

HOWARD, Victor, Able Seaman, D/JX 142239, MPK

KEMP, Leslie, Ty/Act/Petty Officer, P/JX 140210, killed

LOVE, Albert, Petty Officer Steward, P/LX 20640, MPK

MAWBY, Peter, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 145116, MPK

MILLER, Joseph, Able Seaman, RNVR, P/CD/X 2949, MPK

NELSON, Harry E, Able Seaman, P/JX 172374, MPK

NELSON, Richard R, Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 59887, MPK

PURVER, John W, Act/Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 82598, MPK

REVILLE, James B, Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 95152, MPK

ROLLIN, Allenby, Able Seaman, P/SR 16558, MPK

ROSS, Alexander, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 294635, killed

SCOTT, Harry B, Petty Officer Telegraphist, P/JX 128854, MPK

SMITH, James, Able Seaman, D/JX 129993, MPK

TIBBITTS, Nigel T B, Lieutenant, killed

VYALL, David M, Stoker 2c, D/KX 117366, MPK

WADE, Albert T F, Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 75027, MPK

WELLSTED, Albert P, Act/Chief Petty Officer, P/J 98586, MPK

WESTWELL, Albert, Signalman, P/JX 199563, killed

WINTHROPE, William J, Ty/Surgeon Lieutenant, RCNVR, killed


Columbia (RCN)

CARTER, George F, Able Seaman, V/18016 (RCNVR), MPK


Exeter, as POW

CHISHOLM, Frederick N, Signalman, D/SSX 31770, died


Gentian, illness

WOOTON, Walter, Leading Stoker, P/KX 83451, died


Hero, bombing

ROGERS, Albert J, Able Seaman, C/JX 174132, killed

WYLLIE, Andrew N, Able Seaman, D/JX 182525, killed


King George V

SEYMOUR, Ronald, Ordnance Artificer 4c, P/MX 53227, died


MGB.314, Raid on St Nazaire, shore fire, lost

SAVAGE, William A, Able Seaman, C/JX 173910, killed, awarded posthumous Victoria Cross

STEPHENS, Albert R C, Able Seaman, P/JX 131369, killed


ML.177, Raid on St Nazaire, ship loss

BROWN, John, Able Seaman, P/JX 274917, missing

HEXTALL, John G, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 291896, missing

PITT, Kenneth K S, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 311777, missing

RODIER, Mark F, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

TOY, Arthur J, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (E), RNVR, killed


ML.192 Raid on St Nazaire, ship loss

HALE, Angus E, Ordinary Signalman, D/JX 216489, missing

HALLETT, George H, Ordinary Seaman, C/SSX 33257, missing

LITTLE, Hugh W, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 286577, missing

SNOWBALL, George, Motor Mechanic, C/MX 76456, missing


ML.262 Raid on St Nazaire,, ship loss

GOUGH, Ronald G, Motor Mechanic, C/MX 76180, missing

HILLS, Kenneth I, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

HOLLANDS, Frederick R W, Stoker 1c, C/KX 120816, missing

JONES, George J, Able Seaman, D/JX 175349, missing

MARTIN, William J, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 273919, missing

MCKEOWN, Stafford, Leading Seaman, D/SSX 26259, missing

WALKER, James D, Able Seaman, C/JX 238901, missing


ML.267 Raid on St Nazaire,, ship loss

BARTLETT, Arthur, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 303020, missing

BELL, Gordon, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 302132, killed

CHICK, Edward J, Leading Stoker, RFR, P/KX 77967, missing

KENNINGTON, Eric E, Motor Mechanic, C/MX 92453, missing

LEECH, John, Able Seaman, C/JX 172643, missing

OLIPHANT, William, Stoker 1c, P/KX 104974, missing

ROOTS, Sidney W, Motor Mechanic, C/MX 77022, missing

SHEPPHARD, Albert, Able Seaman, P/JX 176878, missing

STEELE, David N, Ordinary Telegraphist, C/JX 251459, missing

WESTCOTT, Harold, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 255867, missing


ML.268 Raid on St Nazaire,, ship loss

BACHELOR, Kenneth, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

GARNHAM, Douglas A, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

HOWARD, Albert, Motor Mechanic, C/MX 72041, missing

KIRKUP, Kenneth C, Leading Seaman, D/JX 272122, missing

NICHOLSON, James W, Able Seaman, C/JX 152805, missing

RAKUSEN, Montague, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 278468, missing

SMITH, John W, Able Seaman, P/SSX 25139, missing

WALLACE, Lawrence F, Motor Mechanic, C/MX 68875, missing


ML.298, Raid on St Nazaire, ship loss

BARBER, Leonard, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 285011, missing

CLEAR, Douglas, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 276552, missing

DODD, Edwin, Able Seaman, D/SSX 181869, missing

MARSDEN, Ernest B, Act/Chief Motor Mechanic, C/MX 77551, missing

MATHERS, James R, Stoker 1c, P/KX 127354, missing

RAMSAY, Robert, Act/Chief Motor Mechanic, C/MX 77462, missing

SMITH, Leslie C, Stoker 2c, P/KX 127178, missing

SPRAGGON, Arthur, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

SWANN, Gilbert, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 275608, missing

VARDON-PATTON, Peter H D, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, killed


ML.306, Raid on St Nazaire, ship loss

BENNETT, Alexander L, Motor Mechanic, C/MX 77401, missing

GARNER, Thomas N, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 274947, missing

HENDERSON, Ian B H, Ty/Act/Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

SARGENT, Walter G, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 283330, missing


ML.447, Raid on St Nazaire, shore fire, ship loss

BAKER, Graham McN, Ty/Lieutenant, RCNVR, killed

BROOME, David, Stoker 1c, C/KX 120120, missing

CHAMBERS, Herbert S, Ty/Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

DRAPPER, Harold G, Able Seaman, C/SSX 18282, missing

PARKER, Thomas G, Motor Mechanic, C/MX 77799, killed


ML.457, Raid on St Nazaire, ship loss

BARBER, Edwin C, Stoker 2c, C/KX 121341, missing

BREARLEY, George, Able Seaman, C/JX 214729, missing

COLLIER, Thomas A M, Ty/Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

DICKSON, Leith S, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 287185, missing

HAMPSHIRE, Kenneth G, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

JONES, Albert H, Ordinary Telegraphist, D/JX 233791, missing

MOONEY, Peter, Motor Mechanic, C/MX 76288, missing

ONSORGE, Slavof J, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 277938, missing

PARSONS, Joseph, Able Seaman, RFR, C/SSX 12587, missing


MTB.74, Raid on St Nazaire, ship loss

BOWYER, Daniel, Telegraphist, P/JX 155912, missing

HARGREAVES, Eric, Able Seaman, D/JX 164512, missing

LIDDEL, Charles W, Able Seaman, C/JX 142792, missing

O'CONNOR, Athol F, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNZNVR, killed

SIMMONDS, Harold, Act/Leading Stoker, D/KX 79831, missing

WARD, Raymond R, Petty Officer, P/JX 132189, missing


RM Lympstone, illness

NICHOLLS, Percy S, Marine, CH/X 21971, died


VN.1 D8A, USN Training Unit VN.1, flying N3N training biplane, air crash at Pensacola, Florida

THEVENARD, Theodore D, Act/Leading Airman, FAA/FX 88610, killed



29 March 1942


3/2 Maritime Regt, RA

WADDY, Richard H, Bombardier, RA, 4348625, killed


Clotilde, illness

LOWER, Edward H, 2nd Hand, RNPS, LT/JX 221514, died


Eclipse, surface action

ROBINSON, James G, Stoker 1c, D/KX 89416, DOW


Eland, road accident

VELLA, Joseph, Petty Officer Steward, E/LX 20226, killed



SEERS, Arthur J, Air Fitter (A), FAA/FX 79528, killed



FOSTER, Richard E, Leading Air Fitter (A), FAA/FX 75316, died


Sin Aik Lee, as POW

FREEMAN, Cyril, Cook, P/MX 65023, (O/P Sultan), died


Trinidad (right - NavyPhotos), torpedoed

BALLANCE, Ivor H, Electrical Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

BATES, Geoffrey, Engine Room Artificer 5c, D/MX 74682, MPK

BENNETT, Stanley B, Musician, RMB/X 228, MPK

BLENKEY, George W, Petty Officer Telegraphist, D/JX 137309, MPK

BOND, William W, Telegraphist, D/JX 163774, MPK

BONFIELD, Leonard, Musician, RMB/X 310, MPK

BREWER, Ronald G S, Musician, RMB/X 1015, MPK

BUNCLARK, Duncan, Stoker 2c, D/KX 132666, MPK

BURRIDGE, Charles H, Boy 1c, D/JX 183644, MPK

CANDY, Douglas W, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, D/K 66270, MPK

COLLINGE, Wilfred, Musician, RMB/X 1557, MPK

COULTON, Edgar F, Ty/Warrant Ordnance Officer, MPK

COX, Ivor J, Electrical Artificer 1c, D/M 36069, MPK

CROCKER, Harold G, Shipwright 2c, D/MX 47383, MPK

DAVIS, Harold A, Bandmaster, RMB/2978, MPK

DICK, Andrew C, Ordinary Seaman, 3228 (NZD), MPK

EVANS, Arthur W, Writer, D/MX 67157, MPK

FIELD, Albert E W, Musician, RMB/X 493, MPK

GILTROW, Robert, Leading Stoker, D/X 22569, MPK

GLASS, Arthur E, Musician, RMB/X 985, MPK

GOULD, Frederick J, Commissioned Gunner, MPK

HAYLOR, George E, Leading Seaman, P/J 91633, MPK

HEARNE, George, Leading Stoker, D/K 31464, MPK

MASON, Cecil H, Musician, RMB/X 1577, MPK

MASON, Robert E, Lieutenant (E), MPK

MILLAR, Lindsay J, Sub Lieutenant (E), RNVR, MPK

RIGGS, Charles T, Chief Petty Officer Supply, D/M 37497, MPK

SIMMONS, Nigel E T, Midshipman, MPK

SULLIVAN, Charley J H, Musician, RMB/X 269, MPK

WILLIAMS, Stanley G, Stoker 2c, D/KX 11837, DOW

WINSTONE, William T, Stoker 1c, D/KX 115280, MPK



30 March 1942


Beaver II

PRIESTLEY, Edward O, Commander, Rtd, died



LYNCH, John J, Able Seaman, RNVR, D/MD/X 2641, died


Europa, illness

PHILLIPS, John V, Stoker 1c, RNPS, LT/KX 105223, died



JOHNSON, Alfred, Marine, PO/X 104059, killed


Illustrious, fire

DYER, Charles P, Able Seaman, D/JX 159296, killed

HALLETT, Stanley, Able Seaman, D/JX 152291, killed

HUNT, Frank, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 284061, killed

NORRIS, William K, Able Seaman, D/SSX 22945, killed


Induna, steamship

ALMOND, Clifford A W, Lance Bombardier, RA, 1601602, (7/4 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

CARTER, Ernest G, Gunner, RA, 323129, (7/4 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

HOPE, Albert T, Gunner, RA, 5875548, (7/4 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

JONES, Denis B, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 291810, (President III, O/P), MPK

KELLY, Bernard, Act/Able Seaman, D/SR 8479, (President III, O/P), MPK

WALSH, William, Gunner, RA, 1631681, (7/4 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed


Kinsman, illness

GISBY, Henry C, 2nd Hand, RNPS, LT/JX 206626, died


Lochinvar, illness

CHAPPLE, Frank C, Chief Petty Officer, D/224415, died


ML.267, ship loss

BEART, Eric H, Ty/Lieutenant, RNVR DOW


Muncaster Castle, steamship

DEGRUCHY, Jack F V, Marine, PLY/X 1391, (President III, O/P), killed

ROSEN, Philip, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 223529, (President III, O/P), MPK


RN Hospital, Plymouth, illness

FOSTER, Kenneth, Py/Sick Berth Attendant, D/MX 94935, died



31 March 1942



RUSSELL, Desmond J, Py/Writer, 2363 (NZD), MPK


Eastmoor, steamship

BOAL, Neil, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 311709, (President III, O/P), MPK

DICK, Robert, Gunner, RA, 1550103, (7/4 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed

GWENNITT-SHARP, Nigel J, Bombardier, RA, 1431594, (7/4 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed


Hero, bombing

BUTLER, Eric W C, Able Seaman, D/JX 223575, DOW


Jerantut, ship loss

FAIRLEM, Walter H, Sub Lieutenant (E), RNR, missing


Klias, Singapore evacuation

SIMPSON, David, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (E), RNR, missing


ML.310, ship loss

FLOWER, Robert W, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 204280, DOW

HORNBY, Edward, Sergeant, PLY/X 1301, died

KEELING, Ralph, Act/Petty Officer, D/JX 135907, DOWS

SULLY, Samuel T W, Marine, PLY/X 3755, (ex-Repulse), DOWS


Pembroke, evacuation of Dutch East Indies

HUGHES, Thomas J, Able Seaman, C/SSX 21975, MPK


Perth (RAN), as POW

CADGE, Frank W G, Petty Officer Cook (O), 18324 (RAN), died



CROFTS, Harold C, Engine Room Artificer 3c, D/MX 55476, killed


San Gerardo, steamship

COLE, Harold, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 268134, (President III, O/P), MPK

WINHALL, Alfred R, Gunner, RA, 1579129, (1/1 Maritime Regt, RA, O/P), killed


Sultan, as POW

BALE, Arthur J, Stoker Petty Officer, 780 (NZD), DOWS


Sultan, during Singapore evacuation, lost in various ships and circumstances

ALDERSON, Stanley T, Able Seaman, D/SSX 17215, (ex-Prince of Wales), MPK

ALEXANDER, Thomas S, Able Seaman, C/XX 25590, MPK

ASHFIELD, Robert, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, C/MX 76845, MPK

ATKINS, Stanley W, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 239610, MPK

BENNETT, Alan, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 300562, MPK

BIRCH, Peter R, Signalman, D/JX 184048, MPK

BRYANT, Ronald G, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 284605, MPK

BURROWS, William C, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 276455, MPK

FIELD, Donald, Stoker 2c, D/KX 127094, MPK

FREEMANTLE, Gerald V, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 273060, MPK

HAINES, George, Stoker 1c, D/KX 107616, MPK

LEITH, Douglas W, Leading Stoker, C/KX 89126, MPK

MCAULAY, John, Able Seaman, D/J 24663, MPK

MCHUGH, Daniel B, Ordinary Signalman, 2397 (NZD), (ex-Tenedos), MPK

O'BRIEN, John P, Stoker 2c, D/KX 127949, MPK

POYNTING, Herbert J, Act/Leading Telegraphist, D/JX 139313, MPK

RAMSBOTTOM, Jesse, Stoker 2c, P/KX 133841, MPK

ROBINSON, Alfred E, Able Seaman, C/JX 192363, DOWS

RUSCOE, Thomas L, Stoker 2c, D/KX 114962, MPK

SCAMMELL, Leonard S, Stoker 2c, D/KX 126814, died

SCOTT, Richard D, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, D/JX 143599, MPK

SELF, Noel, Stoker 2c, C/KX 129896, MPK

WALKER, Robert W, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, C/MX 76320, MPK

WALSH, William, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 286059, MPK

WATSON, James H, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 299243, MPK

WILDE, Eric, Ordinary Seaman, D/SSX 20700, MPK


on to April 1942

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