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World War 1 - Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy and Dominion Navies
Researched & compiled by Don Kindell

4th - 31st AUGUST 1914
in date, ship/unit & name order

HMS Amphion, light cruiser, sinking, 6 August 1914 (Navy Photos/Bruce Constable,

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on to September 1914



(1) Casualty information in order - Surname, First name, Initial(s), Rank and part of the Service other than RN (RNR, RNVR, RFR, RMLI etc), Service Number (ratings only, also if Dominion or Indian Navies), (on the books of another ship/shore establishment, O/P – on passage), Fate

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Tuesday, 4 August 1914


RMLI, Chatham Division

 DAVIES, George, Private, RMLI, 8671 (Ch), illness in UK


Royal Navy

 SAVAGE, John J W, Lieutenant (ret), illness in UK


Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 BRACKLEY, Ernest A, Boy Servant, L 4914, illness



Wednesday, 5 August 1914



 GREENER, Leslie F, Able Seaman, J 22050, drowned

 WILSON, Stanley G, Leading Seaman, 225242, drowned



Thursday, 6 August 1914


AMPHION, light cruiser, mined and sunk in North Sea (survivor list included)

 ADAMS, Carl H B, Shipwright 2c, 343427 (Dev)

 ARUNDEL, Norman Mc K, Leading Telegraphist, 240182 (Dev)

 ASHTON, Robert, Stoker 1c, K 16724 (Dev)

 AUSTIN, Albert V, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 268597 (Dev)

 BEARNE, George, Leading Signalman, 214872 (Dev)

 BENNETT, Henry J, Engine Room Artificer 1c, 269426 (Dev)

 BIRKIN, James W, Stoker 1c, SS 113017 (Dev)

 BOND, John, Master at Arms, 173919 (Dev)

 BOWEN, William, Act/Chief Stoker, 276237 (Dev)

 BRETT, William, Stoker 2c, K 21240 (Dev)

 BURNS, Robert, Private, RMLI, 10749 (Ply)

 BURT, Benjamin J, Armourer, 176523 (Dev)

 CALLAGHAN, Owen, Stoker 1c, 281419 (Dev)

 CANN, Jerome, Private, RMLI, 15899 (Ply)

 CARTER, William A, Private, RMLI, 12300 (Ply)

 CHARLES, Ernest E, Engine Room Artificer 4c, 272430 (Dev)

 CHRISTIE, George, Joiner, 345261 (Dev)

 CLARK, Thomas H, Ordinary Seaman, J 17252 (Dev)

 CLARKE, William, Able Seaman, 234789 (Dev)

 COKER, Fred, Stoker 1c, K 16433 (Dev)

 COLLINS, Andrew, Leading Stoker, 278171 (Dev)

 COOK, Frank A, 2nd Sick Berth Steward, 351449 (Dev)

 COOMBES, Edwin, Stoker 1c, 305945 (Dev)

 COPLAND, Henry, Leading Stoker, 303658 (Dev), DOW that day

 COWLEY, Albert, Able Seaman, SS 4209 (Dev)

 CRAIG, David, Leading Seaman, 161407 (Dev)

 CRIDDLE, William J, Petty Officer, 222300 (Dev)

 CROCKER, Samuel E, Chief Ship's Cook, 172624 (Dev)

 DAVENPORT, Raymond T, Able Seaman, J 6320 (Dev)

 DAWE, Samuel H, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 185605 (Dev)

 DEACON, James W, Blacksmith, 344245 (Dev)

 DENCH, John W, Ordinary Signalman, J 4384 (Dev)

 DICK, William, Stoker 2c, K 16460 (Dev), DOW that day

 DONOVAN, Denis G, Stoker 2c, K 21698 (Dev)

 DOUGLAS, William J, Stoker 2c, K 21257 (Dev)

 EDGCOMBE, Walter, Stoker 2c, K 21246 (Dev)

 ELLIOTT, Claude H, Shipwright 3c, M 636 (Dev)

 ELLIS, William J R, Ship's Steward Assistant, M 1440 (Dev)

 FIELDHOUSE, Ernest, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 4081 (Dev)

 FISHER, Frank L, Stoker Petty Officer, 286049 (Dev)

 FLACK, Robert W, Private, RMLI, 14261 (Ply)

 FLEET, Frederick E, Leading Seaman, 253544 (Ch)

 FOSTER, Jesse, Stoker 1c, SS 110914 (Dev)

 FREEMAN, Cecil A T, Ordinary Seaman, J 17239 (Dev)

 FROST, Thomas N, Officer's Steward 3c, L 4236 (Dev)

 GEDGE, Joseph T, Staff Paymaster

 GRANGER, Charles, Act/Leading Stoker, K 10332 (Dev)

 GRISWOOD, Albert E, Stoker 1c, K 14185 (Dev)

 GROVES, Charles H, Private, RMLI, 15423 (Ply)

 GUNN, James, Stoker 1c, K 16742 (Dev)

 HAMLIN, Joseph, Leading Seaman, 225563 (Dev)

 HAMLIN, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 9443 (Dev)

 HARRADINE, Albert L, Ordinary Seaman, J 17259 (Dev)

 HENDER, Charles R, Able Seaman, J 13098 (Dev)

 HICKS, William E, Signal Boy, J 19679 (Dev)

 HILLIER, Douglas R, Able Seaman, J 17842 (Dev)

 HOCKING, Thomas J, Leading Seaman, 166857 (Dev)

 HOLWILL, Thomas S, Leading Seaman, 206973 (Dev)

 HORRIDGE, Frank V, Stoker 2c, K 18475 (Dev)

 HORTON, William E, Stoker 2c, K 21263 (Dev)

 HOURIHAN, Timothy, Able Seaman, 183389 (Dev)

 HUGHES, William J, Leading Stoker, 286027 (Dev)

 HULL, Richard E, Private, RMLI, 10859 (Ply)

 HUNT, James W, Able Seaman, J 12346 (Dev)

 JARVIS, George, Stoker 1c, K 16725 (Dev)

 JENNINGS, George, Canteen Server, Admiralty civilian

 JONES, George, Stoker Petty Officer, 280967 (Dev)

 JONES, Richard G, Ordinary Seaman, J 17235 (Dev)

 JORDAN, Maurice P, Cooper's Crew, 346494 (Dev)

 JUBB, Ernest W, Able Seaman, J 1686 (Dev)

 JULIAN, William, Leading Stoker, 310631 (Dev)

 KELLYN, Irvine, Private, RMLI, 13479 (Ply)

 KERSWILL, Ernest R, Able Seaman, 183459 (Dev)

 KINGHAM, Lionel F, Signalman, J 14783 (Dev)

 KINSMAN, Arthur W, Signal Boy, J 20961 (Dev)

 KNIGHT, William J, Stoker 2c, K 21305 (Dev)

 LAMBELL, Peter J, Boy 1c, J 17268 (Dev)

 LANE, Albert E, Able Seaman, J 7723 (Dev)

 LANE, William J, Stoker 1c, SS 110795 (Dev)

 LAVERACK, Francis W, Able Seaman, J 12812 (Dev)

 LENNON, Herbert, Stoker 2c, SS 114649 (Dev)

 LOVELL, Henry, Able Seaman, J 9550 (Dev)

 LUXTON, Alfred J, Stoker 2c, K 21250 (Dev)

 LYNCH, Joseph, Petty Officer 2c, 160591 (Dev)

 LYONS, Lawrence, Stoker 1c, K 7126 (Dev)

 MACEY, Robert H G, Ship's Corporal, 1c, 190135 (Dev)

 MAIR, William C, Leading Telegraphist, J 1160 (Dev)

 MARTIN, Albert, Stoker 1c, K 9641 (Dev)

 MAXWELL, John, Signal Boy, J 21875 (Dev)

 MCCONACHY, Charles G, Able Seaman, 234602 (Dev)

 MCDOWALL, John, Corporal, RMLI, 10409 (Ply)

 MCKEY, Victor J, Able Seaman, J 5420 (Dev)

 MERRETT, John E, Petty Officer 1c, 167481 (Dev)

 MICHELL, Frederick C, Stoker 2c, K 14325 (Dev)

 MINIHANE, Jeremiah, Able Seaman, 224383 (Dev)

 MOLES, Albert E, Able Seaman, J 5955 (Dev)

 MORRIS, Frederick, Stoker 1c, K 3098 (Dev)

 MORRISON, Frank, Stoker 1c, SS 112553 (Dev)

 MULLEN, William, Leading Stoker, 307070 (Dev)

 MUNNELLY, Martin, Chief Stoker, 177092 (Dev)

 MURPHY, Joseph P, Signalman, J 3606 (Dev)

 NICHOLAS, William, Able Seaman, 223403 (Dev)

 OLVER, Charles H, Stoker Petty Officer, 307131 (Dev)

 PARSLOW, Samuel, Stoker 1c, K 324 (Dev)

 PELLOW, James, Engine Room Artificer 2c, 271627 (Dev)

 PENDRY, George F, Stoker 1c, K 10818 (Dev)

 PENGELLY, Albert G, Engine Room Artificer 4c, 272228 (Dev)

 PINNOCK, Percy J, Stoker 2c, K 22223 (Dev)

 POUND, Frederick W, Stoker 1c, K 18451 (Dev)

 PRESS, Sidney L, Able Seaman, J 715 (Dev)

 REDFORD, Frank, Stoker 1c, K 8790 (Dev)

 REILLY, John, Act/Leading Stoker, K 6687 (Dev)

 RICE, James W, Leading Signalman, 223011 (Dev)

 ROUTLEDGE, Charles, Private, RMLI, 15421 (Ply)

 RUNDLE, Nicholas W, Able Seaman, 217035 (Dev)

 SCOTT, James E, Sergeant, RMLI, 11440 (Ply)

 SHEPHARD, Archibald T, Stoker 1c, K 5770 (Dev)

 SIMMONDS, Alfred, Stoker Petty Officer, 289127 (Dev)

 SKIDMORE, Walter H H, Ordinary Seaman, J 16034 (Dev)

 SKYRME, James H, Stoker 1c, 296150 (Dev)

 SMITH, Gustave A C, Lance Corporal, RMLI, 11924 (Ply)

 SPURDLE, Albert F, Boy 1c, J 17240 (Dev)

 STANLAKE, Henry T, Stoker 1c, K 1460 (Dev)

 STEVENSON, Joseph, Able Seaman, 231943 (Dev)

 STOKES, George, Private, RMLI, 7715 (Ply)

 STREET, Herbert J, Stoker 1c, SS 112915 (Dev)

 SWEETMAN, Reginald H, Officer's Cook 3c, L 5004 (Ch)

 SYDENHAM, John W, Able Seaman, J 6052 (Dev)

 TANCOCK, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 4556 (Dev)

 TENNENT, John, Private, RMLI, 13224 (Ply)

 THOMAS, Robert J, Petty Officer, 181934 (Dev)

 THOMAS, William H, Stoker 2c, SS 113561 (Dev)

 TICKELL, Nicholas, Able Seaman, 177970 (Dev)

 TOLCHER, William J, Leading Seaman, 174873 (Dev)

 TOOKEY, Frederick G, Stoker 2c, K 21241 (Dev)

 TOWILLIS, John D, Petty Officer, 200627 (Dev)

 TUCKER, Reginald P, Act/Leading Stoker, K 5285 (Dev)

 VIDLER, William H, Private, RMLI, 15189 (Ch)

 VYVYAN, Francis A, Able Seaman, J 12788 (Dev)

 WALLER, Harold, Stoker 2c, K 21274 (Dev)

 WARREN, John W, Carpenter's Crew, M 5431 (Dev)

 WARSAW, Eli W, Able Seaman, 183751 (Dev)

 WELTON, William, Stoker 1c, K 16747 (Dev)

 WHITE, Thomas M, Stoker 1c, K 16743 (Dev)

 WILLIAMS, Edward A K, Shipwright 2c, 346324 (Dev)

 WILLS, Frederick W, Stoker 1c, 306479 (Dev)

 WOODHOUSE, Abraham, Leading Seaman, 232675 (Dev)

 YATES, Frederick J, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 5151 (Dev)


 Alexander, Robert, Signal Boatswain

 Alford, Lambert Frank, Stoker 1c, K 14327

 Attwood, William Thomas, Officer's Steward 2c, L 2073

 Balls, Alfred William, Yeoman of Signals, 220241, severe burns

 Baskett, William George Henry Daniel, Leading Stoker, K 486

 Batten, John Henry, Leading Stoker, 298267

 Bennett, Harold Percy, Shipwright, 344929, injured

 Bond, Francis Norris, Leading Cook's Mate, M 978

 Bowen, William, Stoker Petty Officer, 291526

 Bowman, Robert, Officer's Cook 1c, L 393

 Brice, Arthur Sidney, Stoker 2c, K 21249

 Brind, Maurice A, Sub Lieutenant

 Burnell, James, Private, Ch 16695

 Carpenter, Leopold, Officer's Cook 1c, 358909

 Carroll, James, Stoker 1c, 302679

 Cash, William Henry, Telegraphist, J 10966

 Cashman, Joseph, Stoker 2c, K 21267

 Chubb, John Charles, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 5152

 Clayton, John W, Lieutenant

 Clements, George Edward, Leading Stoker, 311882

 Cole, Wallace George, Able Seaman, J 13959

 Cole, William Henry, Third Writer, M 5332

 Coles, James Henry, Painter 2c, 214406

 Collier, Samuel John, Stoker 2c, K 16749

 Comley, William Charles, Able Seaman, 206101

 Connell, John, Boy 1c, J 23944, severe burns

 Coombes, William Edward, Stoker 1c, K 11210, severe burns

 Cornish, William Harry, Private, Ply 15883, severe burns

 Cowell, Henry Lewis, Stoker 2c, K 21247, severe burns

 Critchley, William Henry Charles, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 271284

 Crocker, Ernest Samuel, Plumber, 344142

 Damerell, James Joseph William, Stoker 1c, K 16728

 Davey, Courtney Alfred, Ordinary Signalman, J 19587

 Davey, Richard John, Stoker 1c, SS 111621

 Davies, Austin Horrie, Stoker 2c, K 21256

 Denny, Herbert R H, Staff Surgeon

 Dunn, Edward, Chief Petty Officer, 165750

 Dunne, Patrick, Leading Stoker, K 180

 Edgar, Ernest James, Able Seaman, 197993, severe burns

 Edgecombe, Colin Galbraith, Leading Seaman, 213378

 Edwards, Thomas, Stoker 1c, 302230

 Eldridge, Harry, Ship's Cook, 344659

 Emerson, Harry Bernard, Able Seaman, J 14283

 Evans, Daniel, Stoker 1c, K 16732, burns

 Fegen, Edward S, Lieutenant

 Flavell, Albert Harold, Able Seaman, J 13002, severe burns

 Ford, George James, Able Seaman, 223054

 Foss, Lewis, Stoker 2c, K 21259

 Fox, Cecil D, Captain, Captain 3rd Destroyer Flotilla

 Fox, Harold, Stoker 2c, K 21273

 Gill, Reginald, Able Seaman, J 7832, burns

 Gollop, Frank, Able Seaman, 227843

 Gould, John N Ordinary, Gunner

 Green, David, Stoker Petty Officer, 302209

 Gridley, Charles Arthur, Leading Stoker, 302573

 Griffiths, James P K, Artificer Engineer

 Gulley, Samuel George, Leading Stoker, 310638

 Haddley, Patrick, Stoker 1c, SS 110807, suffering from lyddite fumes

 Hale, George Henry Ernest, Stoker 2c, SS 114765

 Hancock, William Henry, Stoker 1c, 174218

 Hanley, Charles, Stoker Petty Officer, 297514

 Harper, Thomas, Stoker 1c, 302012, suffering from lyddite fumes

 Harper, William, Stoker 2c, SS 113579

 Harrop, Richard, Stoker 1c, K 9608

 Hayes, William, Stoker 1c, 303145

 Henry, Michael, Stoker 1c, 307662

 Hine, Charles Clement, Stoker 1c, K 4215

 Hobbs, Arthur Edward, Private, Ply 12481

 Hobbs, Reginald Francis, Stoker 1c, K 16744

 Horsman, Rupert Charles, Stoker 2c, K 21272

 Howard, Edwin George, Stoker 2c, K 20984

 Howe, Kingsley G, Lieutenant, RNR (Act)

 Hughes, George Burton, Able Seaman, J 9114, burns

 Hunter, Alexander, Stoker 2c, SS 113545

 Hyde, James Harold Sydney, Signal Boy, J 20934, severe burns

 Jamieson, James, Stoker 2c, SS114978

 Jones, Amaziah, Stoker 1c, K 920

 Jowett, Arthur, Stoker 1c, K 16462

 Kendell, Edward Clarence, Signalman, J 6239

 Kerslake, John Lawrence, Leading Seaman, 201568, burns

 Kidd, William John, Cook's Mate, M 4850

 King, John Brown, Private, Ply 14467

 Kirby, Michael, Stoker 1c, 173352, burns

 Kitchin, Reginald H, Clerk

 Knight, Reginald, Leading Stoker, K 173

 Lambert, James Frederick, Private, Ply 15088

 Legge, William, Officers' Steward 2c, L 2804

 Lillicrap, Herbert R, Carpenter

 Lindsey, Leonard W, Artificer Engineer

 Lovett, George, Officers' Steward 1c, 362405

 Luscombe, Adams, 198182

 Luxton, George William, Stoker 2c, SS 113601, slight injuries

 Lynas, James, Stoker 2c, K 21252

 Magri, Carmelo, Officers' Cook 2c, 167662

 Matthews, Percival George, Stoker 1c, 306687

 Mcauliffe, Patrick Joseph, Able Seaman, 233889

 Mcmurran, Joseph, Able Seaman, 226048

 Melhuish, William, Able Seaman, J 13974, severe burns

 Miller, William Charles, Leading Seaman, 238595

 Milne, William Deane, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 270815

 Morgan, Reginald William, Leading Stoker, 302207, severe burns

 Morgan, John, Stoker 1c, SS 109833

 Morris, John, Acting Leading Stoker, K 21608

 Nile, Frederick George, Able Seaman, 214366

 Ogborn, Ernest, Able Seaman, J 12364, severe burns

 Oldfield, Stephen George Ernest, Stoker Petty Officer, 297897

 Palmer, Henry Michael, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 1277

 Papworth, George, Officers' Steward 1c, 357989

 Pawley, John Thomas, Stoker Petty Officer, 279644

 Pengelly, John, Leading Seaman, 171708, shock

 Pengelly, Alfred John, Stoker 1c, K 5162, severe injury

 Perry, Albert, Stoker Petty Officer, 309861

 Pierce, Ernest, Electrical Artficer 4c, 342185

 Pinder, Fred, Able Seaman, J 16140

 Pritchard, John, Stoker 2c, K 21265

 Pym, Albert, Chief Stoker, 169300

 Quick, Richard H, Gunner

 Quick, Sydney Andrew, Private, Ply 11804

 Rafferty, James Cuthbert, Stoker 2c, K 21253

 Rawlings, Ernest, Able Seaman, 218316

 Reynolds, Thomas Henry, Stoker 1c, K 16741

 Roberts, Frederick George, Stoker 1c, K 5796

 Robinson, Frederick, Able Seaman, 188249

 Robinson, William Edward, Stoker 2c, SS 114338

 Rockey, William Frederick, Able Seaman, 154461

 Roskruge, Richard Nathaniel, Engine Room Artificer 2c, 271370

 Ruby, William, Ordinary Signalman, J 15976, severe burns

 Scant, George, Stoker 2c, K 21271

 Sear, Frederick, Leading Stoker, K 16382

 Searle, John, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 268620

 Secretan, Frederick Bernard, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 7079

 Sellick, George Edward, Ordinary Seaman, J 17106

 Shannon, Michael, Leading Stoker, 285696

 Sheridan, Ernest, Stoker 2c, K 21242

 Sherrell, Joseph, Canteen Manager, slight burns

 Sims, William John, Cook's Mate, M 5636

 Sothcott, George Oliver, Leading Signalman, 211645, severe burns

 Stacey, John, Stoker 1c, K 5807

 Stamp, Robert, Stoker 1c, K 10965

 Stapleton, Albert George, Stoker 2c, K 21275

 Stedman, John Alfred, Acting Chief Stoker, 291463

 Stewart, Alan Alexander Howling, Able Seaman, J 10099

 Sullivan, Humphrey, Able Seaman, 187412

 Sutton, Christopher, Private, Ch 16242

 Taylor, William Henry, Chief Writer, 172619

 Thomas, Thomas Barkle, Armourer's Mate, 344783

 Thomas, Alfred, Stoker 1c, K 5809

 Tidball, Frederick James Hyde, Stoker Petty Officer, 302692

 Tovey, John C, Lieutenant Commander

 Trewin, George S, AssistantPaymaster

 Ware, Charles G, Engineer Commander

 Watt, Francis, Stoker 1c, K 3539

 Webb, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 109103

 Webster, Henry Hugh, Acting Leading Cook's Mate, 347765

 Welch, Charles, Leading Stoker, 276243

 Wilkins, Roy Stanley, Ship's Steward, 343810

 Willcocks, Ernest Alfred, Leading Stoker, 306465

 Woodman, Walter John, Stoker Petty Officer, 176715

 Wormell, Howard, Engineer Lieutenant

 Xerri, Guiseppi, Officers' Cook 3c, L 4982


Hussar, minesweeper, ex-torpedo gunboat

 LACY, William T, Private, RMLI, 17226 (Ch), illness in Malta


Medical Department of The Navy

 CRAIG, William M, Surgeon General, died in UK


RM Depot, Deal

 BATES, Frederick, Private, RMLI, 18478 (Ch), illness



Friday, 7 August 1914


Glory, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 CALLEJA, Guiseppe, Cook, 141345 (Dev), illness


Royal Navy

 LUCAS, Charles D, Rear Admiral (ret), died in UK



Saturday, 8 August 1914


Royal Navy

 JOHNSON, Richard, Lieutenant (ret), died in UK


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 FRITH, Albert, Stoker 1c, 299388 (Dev), illness



Sunday, 9 August 1914


Suffolk, cruiser

 GALE, Harold W, Leading Seaman, 310927, illness




Monday, 10 August 1914


RMLI, Chatham Division

 ARGENT, Charles, Private, RMLI, 7676 (Ch), died in UK


Tyneside Division, RNVR, Commander

 MIDDLETON, Hugh J, Lieutenant (ret) (Commander, RNVR), illness in UK


Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 PADBURY, George, Stoker 2C, SS 115751, died in UK



Tuesday, 11 August 1914


Royal Navy

 BRUCE, George H, Lieutenant (ret), died in UK



Wednesday, 12 August 1914


Dartmouth, light cruiser

 COCKREM, William H, Sergeant, RMLI, 9784 (Ply), illness

 HEALEY, James B, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 1432, illness


Europa, old cruiser

 SHARP, James W, Able Seaman (RFR Po B 6978), SS 2923, died in UK


Royal Naval Reserve

 CARTWRIGHT, Harry, Assistant Engineer, RNR, died in UK



Thursday, 13 August 1914


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 CORBITT, Albert M, Seaman, RNR, C 3458, illness


Royal Navy

 SHERBROOKE, William, Commander (ret), died in UK



Friday, 14 August 1914


Leander, hired trawler, minesweeper, later Leandros

 HOGG, Thomas H, Able Seaman, 235639, died in UK


Mars, pre-Dreadnought battleship, guardship, Humber

 WILLIAMS, Percy, Able Seaman, 209502, died in UK


Monmouth, cruiser

 CONNORTON, Thomas, Private, RMLI, 7225 (Ply), illness


Royal Navy

 GATAKER, Frank A, Lieutenant (ret), died in UK



Saturday, 15 August 1914


Bullfinch, old destroyer, damaged in collision in British waters

 BAILEY, Frederick T, Stoker 1c, K 18414 (Dev)

 BOOTH, John J, Stoker 2c, SS 115149

 CONGDON, Richard H, Stoker 1c, K 17179

 RONAYNE, John, Stoker 1c, 302322 (Dev)


Carnarvon, cruiser

 GRIBBLE, William, Stoker 2c, K 22254, drowned off Cape Verde Islands


Dartmouth, light cruiser

 TYLER, Arthur J, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 271473, illness in Yemen


St George, depot ship, ex-cruiser

 BICKERS, Allen A, Stoker 2c, K 21004, illness



Sunday, 16 August 1914


HM Coast Guard Station Johnshaven

 BOTTING, Hugh H, Leading Boatman, 163797, died in UK


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 SHARMAN, John, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 148565 (Dev), illness




Monday, 17 August 1914


Royal Navy

 JACKSON, Thomas P, Engineer Lieutenant (ret), died in UK



Tuesday, 18 August 1914


Berwick, cruiser

 BROOKSHAW, James J, Stoker 1c, K 13532, drowned in Jamaica


London, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 HISCOCK, Stephen J, Leading Stoker, 233196, died in UK


New Zealand, battlecruiser

 HIGGINS, James, Stoker 2c, SS 114640, illness


RN Hospital Haslar

 BIDDLECOMBE, James A, Py/Sick Berth Attendant, RNASBR, M 6872, died


Royal Navy

 DAUBENY, Hugh F, Captain (ret), died in UK



Wednesday, 19 August 1914


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 NEVIN, William, Musician, 115863, illness



Thursday, 20 August 1914


Lion, battlecruiser

 GORDON, Samuel, Stoker 1c, SS 113752, died in UK


Theseus, old cruiser

 LITTLEJOHNS, John H, Stoker 1c (RFR Dev. B 1871), 279853, illness



Friday, 21 August 1914


Princess Royal, battlecruiser   

 MANCHESTER, Richard R, Stoker 1c, SS 110633, died in UK


RN Hospital Chatham

 AWFORD, Albert B, Able Seaman, J 4333, died in UK


RNAS, Naval Wing, Royal Flying Corps

 STATHAM, Charles E, Air Mechanic 1c, 219512, died in Belgium



Saturday, 22 August 1914


Kennet, old destroyer, damaged in action with German destroyer in Yellow Sea (most sources give the date of action as the 23rd, but the Admiralty Communiqué confirms the 22nd), one rating died of wounds on 25th (official account lists a second man died of wounds, but not in the Navy List)

 ARMSTRONG, John, Able Seaman, J 3996 (Ch)

 JAMES, David, Petty Officer, 183045 (Dev)

 RYAN, John J, Able Seaman, SS 3609 (Ch)


Tamar, Hong Kong

 CHAN, Chun, Petty Officer (no service number given), illness in Hong Kong


Torch, old sloop

 BAIN, George, Leading Stoker, 277245, illness in New Zealand



Sunday, 23 August 1914


Amphion, light cruiser, lost on 6th

 BROWN-KING, John L McC, Private, RMLI, 14467 (Ply), DOW in Shotley Barracks


Illustrious, pre-Dreadnought battleship, guardship, Tyne

 REID, Maurice, Petty Officer, 130355, died in UK


Swiftsure, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 HENSELEIT, Henry C, Ship's Cook, 343386, died in India


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 ROSEVERE, William H, Chief Petty Officer, 126623 (Dev), illness



Monday, 24 August 1914


Collingwood, Dreadnought battleship

 MCCOURT, Bernard, Leading Seaman, 213672, died in UK


Hogue, cruiser

 SCOTT, David E, Seaman, RNR, D 1251, drowned

 SLOANE, Albert, Seaman, RNR, B 5284, died in sick quarters Sheerness



Tuesday, 25 August 1914


Africa, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 PASCO, Thomas H, Able Seaman, J 2315, drowned


Kennet, old destroyer, damaged on 22nd

 SHUTE, Alfred, Stoker 1c, K 8282 (Ch), DOW


Mars, pre-Dreadnought battleship, guardship, Humber

 SPAIN, Alfred, Able Seaman, 198647, accident in UK


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 COX, William P L, Able Seaman, 202849, illness in UK



Wednesday, 26 August 1914


Faulknor, flotilla leader

 BENTLEY, George T, Chief Petty Officer, 154411 (Ch), drowned


Good Hope, cruiser

 TURLEY, James D, Stoker 1c, SS 10406 (Po), accident


Highflyer, old light cruiser, damaged in action with German auxiliary cruiser (sunk) off NW Africa

 LOBB, Richard J, Leading Carpenter's Crew, M 2882 (Dev)


Royal Navy

 LEGH, Edwin C, Engineer (ret), died in UK




Thursday, 27 August 1914

BELGIUM - Royal Marine Brigade arrived in Ostend, withdrawn on 31st




CRAITHIE, hired trawler, minesweeper

 DUNBAR, Francis G, Deck Hand, Trawler Section, RNR, DA 533

 NOBLE, Thomas, Fireman, Trawler Section, RNR, TS 392


THOMAS W IRVIN, hired trawler, minesweeper

 MILLWARD, Henry W, Deck Hand, Trawler Section, RNR, DA 365

 NORRIS, George C, Deck Hand, Trawler Section, RNR, DA 207

 SADLER, Robert H, Trimmer, Trawler Section, RNR, TS 92



Royal Marines

 CROCKER, Herbert J, Major, RM, died in UK


Royal Navy

 EASTON, William C, Lieutenant (ret), died in UK



Friday, 28 August 1914




Arethusa, light cruiser, damaged

 BARNES, Sydney J, Boy 1c, J 24950 (Ch)

 COKE, Frederick, Able Seaman, 239092 (Dev)

 DALE, James W, Able Seaman, J 1782 (Ch)

 DENYER, Charles P, Chief Petty Officer, 186636 (Ch)

 DUNN, Frank, Leading Seaman, 200087 (Ch)

 NUNN, Fred W, Leading Cook's Mate, 347626 (Ch)

 REARDON, George H, Able Seaman, 236287 (Ch)

 WESTMACOTT, Eric W P, Lieutenant

 WHITFIELD, Thomas N, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 1752 (Ch)

 WINWOOD, George, Able Seaman, J 2550 (Ch)


 Batchelor, George Stanley, Leading Seaman, 223465 (Ch)

 Charnley, Frank, Painter 1c, 193378 (Ch)

 Clark, Joseph George, Able Seaman, 234558 (Ch)

 Cullen, Robert James, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 789 (Ch)

 Haile, John George, Stoker 1c, K 4165 (Ch)

 Jeremy, William George Ircham, Ordinary Seaman, J 26950 (Ch)

 Marner, Robert, Chief Ship's Cook, 168247 (Ch), seriously

 Potterveld, Henry William Frederick, Able Seaman, 232220 (Ch), seriously

 Robinson, Richard, Stirling, Lieutenant

 Rose, Alfred, Boy 1c, J 23959 (Ch)

 Samson, Frank, Able Seaman, 221468 (Ch)

 Sheldrick, Albert Edward, Able Seaman, J 4341 (Ch)

 Smith, Ernest Charles, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4913 (Ch)

 Spencer, Edward James, Stoker 1c, SS 106998 (Ch)

 Teuma, Giovanni, Officers' Steward 3c, 356340 (Ch), died of wounds

 Thornhill, Albert, Officers' Cook, L 4806 (Ch), seriously


Druid, destroyer


 Tanner, Edward Frederick, Able Seaman, 237200 (Ch)


Fearless, light cruiser


 Chapman, Arthur George, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 119 (Po)

 Davis, Walter Henry, Chief Stoker, 281134 (Po)

 Denton, Henry, Ordinary Seaman, J 11831 (Po)

 Harris, W J, Leading Seaman, 253351 (Po)

 Heywood, John William, Stoker 1c, K 17751 (Po)

 Keen, George, Able Seaman, 239184 (Po)

 Leven, Bernard, Stoker 1c, K 11579 (Po)

 Miller, Albert Joseph, Boy Telegraphist, J 19598 (Po)


Laertes, destroyer, damaged

 BRAZIER, Walter E, Stoker 1c, 311704 (Ch)

 TAYLOR, Ernest E, Stoker Petty Officer, 295559 (Ch)


 Faulkner, George Haines, Sub Lieutenant

 Kemp, Herbert William Henry, Stoker 1c, K 2629 (Ch)

 McArdle, James, Stoker Petty Officer, 289222 (Ch)

 O'Brien, Eugene, Stoker 1c, K 6567 (Ch)

 Orme, James, Stoker 1c, K 14806 (Ch)

 Richardson, William George, Stoker 1c, 312450 (Ch)

 Southby, George Robert, Able Seaman, 230947 (Ch)

 Way, George William Calicutt, Stoker Petty Officer, K 11448 (Ch)

 Whyte, Peter, Leading Seaman, 172941 (Ch)


Laurel, destroyer, damaged

 ALLCHIN, Albert G, Able Seaman, J 4333 (Ch), DOW

 CARLTON, George E, Able Seaman, 228168 (Ch)

 EYRE, Ernest E (real name, but served as George Weaver), Stoker 1c, 312062 (Ch)

 GREGORY, Bert W, Able Seaman, J 699 (Ch)

 INGRAM, Walter, Stoker 1c, 293088 (Ch)

 MARTIN, Herbert E, Able Seaman, J 11840 (Ch)

 RADCLIFFE, Samuel, Gunner

 THORPE, Cyril K, Able Seaman, J 7169 (Ch)

 WADKINS, William F, Able Seaman, J 3223 (Ch)

 WALLER, James, Able Seaman, J 8360 (Ch)

 WOODHOUSE, George, Able Seaman, J 10624 (Ch)


 Cox, Charles, Stoker Petty Officer, 290888 (Ch), dangerously

 Fielder, Cyril Hawksley, Able Seaman, J 6283 (Ch), seriously

 Fromson, John, Able Seaman, J 73 (Ch), dangerously

 Palmer, Samuel, Leading Seaman, 179529 (Ch)

 Riches, George, Able Seaman, 227682 (Ch), seriously

 Rose, Frank Forester, Commander, seriously

 Sellens, Albert Edmund, Able Seaman, 217245 (Ch)

 Springgay, Herbert, Stoker 1c, k 12234 (Ch), slightly

 Sturdy, George Henry, Chief Stoker, 285547 (Ch), seriously

 Williams, Charles Francis, Able Seaman, 239222 (Ch), seriously

 Windsor, William James, Signalman, J 2710 (Ch), slightly


Liberty, destroyer, damaged

 BARTTELOT, Nigel K W, Lieutenant Commander, commanding officer

 BUTCHER, William, Signalman, J 6825 (Ch)

 CHAWNER, John H, Able Seaman, J 5865 (Ch)

 DEXTER, George H, Stoker 1c, 309475 (Ch)

 EADE, Harold, Able Seaman, 219145 (Ch)

 FLOWERDAY, Samuel, Able Seaman, 219736 (Ch), DOW

 JENNINGS, Richard L, Able Seaman, 213174 (Ch)

 ROBERTS, William C, Leading Seaman, 222351 (Ch)


 Anderson, William James, Able Seaman, J2624 (Ch), seriously

 Beadle, James Samuel, Act/Chief Petty Officer, 171733 (Ch)

 Carte, Albert Edward, Stoker 1c, K 4051 (Ch)

 Fletcher, William George, Ordinary Seaman, J 25678 (Ch), seriously

 Hart, William Henry, Stoker 1c, K 7706 (Ch), seriously

 Hillman, Albert Alsop, Ordinary Seaman, J 26251 (Ch), seriously

 Holmes, Charles Arthur, Chief Stoker, 283549 (Ch), dangerously

 Morrow, William George, Able Seaman, 239525 (Ch), slightly

 Raven, William, Stoker 1c, K 12136 (Ch), slightly

 Short, James, Leading Seaman, 188794 (Ch), slightly

 Whitehair, William, Stoker 1c, 299890 (Ch), seriously


Phoenix, destroyer


 Pottle, Charles Wesley, Able Seaman, 234350 (Ch)




Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 GASKIN, Thomas, Petty Officer Stoker, 298849 (Po), ex-King George V, died in UK

 PIKE, Samuel, Petty Officer 2c, 139742, died in RN Hospital Haslar


Victory, Dockyard Portsmouth

 MORLEY, Alfred J, Chief Carpenter, died in UK


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 HAKE, Sidney J, Stoker 2c, K 19514, illness



Saturday, 29 August 1914


Arethusa, light cruiser, damaged on 28th

 TEUMA, Giovanni, Officer's Steward 1c, 356340 (Ch), DOW


President, Headquarters Ship, London, Engineer in Chief's Department

 HOCKEN, William T, Engineer Rear Admiral, died in UK



Sunday, 30 August 1914


Gibraltar, old cruiser

 THORNE, Albert E, Private, RMLI, 12386 (Ply), died in UK


Oomala, Motor Boat No.24, Motor Boat Reserve

 KINGSLAKE, William J, Motor Boatman, MB 6, drowned


RMLI, Portsmouth Division

 COLLINGS, George, Colour Sergeant, RMLI, 3589 (Po), illness in UK



Monday, 31 August 1914


Dartmouth, light cruiser

 EVANS, Richard, Stoker 1c, K 18872, illness in India


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 WISEMAN, Frederick G, Petty Officer 1c (RFR B 839), 116160, died


Topaze, light cruiser

 WILLIAMS, Thomas, Petty Officer Stoker, 309689, died in UK


Victory II, RN Camp, Deal

 GARGAN, Michael, Stoker 1c, 175882, illness in UK


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