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...... and FLEET AIRCRAFT CARRIER HMS INDOMITABLE in the INDIAN and PACIFIC OCEANS, 1944-1945, part 4 of 4

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The US Invasion of Okinawa  - British Pacific Fleet and Operation Iceberg

(Australian, British and New Zealand Navies in the Pacific - Campaign Summary)


 April 1945



Damaged in KAMIKAZE attack during operations off Sakashima Gunto group. 14 men were killed and 16 wounded. Extensive damage to Island structure and some fires were started. Flight deck was cleared and fires extinguished with an hour.




Flying operations transferred to targets in Formosa (Operation ICEBERG OOLONG).




With HMS INDEFATIGABLE carried attacks on Schinchiku and Matsugama.




Transferred with TF57 to renew attacks on airfields in Ishigaki and Miyako in Sakishimas.




Returned to Leyte.




Sailed from Leyte to resume attacks on Sakishima Gunto group.




After replenishing with ships of TG57 launched first of a series of air attacks with HMS VICTORIOUS and HMS FORMIDABLE on airfields at Hiara, Nobara, Miyako and Ishigaki.




Hit by KAMIKAZE aircraft but remained operational.




Damaged in another KAMIKAZE attack but continued flying operations with gaps for replenishment until 23rd May.




In collision with HM Destroyer QUILLIAM which was seriously damaged.




Sailed for Manus on completion of operation requirement for TF57.

Possibly April/May 1945 -  bombs on deck

Results of airfield and runway attacks, possibly on Ishigaki Island,  Sakishima Gunto, southernmost of the three island groups making up the Okinawa archipelago

Avenger returns from Sakishima Gunto with u/c (undercarriage) shot up, approaching for emergency landing - "steady"

..... "catches" safe on deck - "one more night of work"

Hellcat back from combat but only just

Pilot badly injured, undercarriage damaged

Twin 4.5's in action during Kamikaze attack on Indomitable. Japanese suicide aircraft dived, hit deck and "bounced" off

"HMS Indefatigable under attack" - and following
(Identity is uncertain and the following photographs are all believed to be of HMS Formidable)

Corsair fighter


possibly Corsair

Another Corsair


 June 1945



Relieved by HM Aircraft Carrier IMPLACABLE and refitted in Sydney.




 On completion remained at Sydney.




Transferred to RN control after Japan surrendered.




Took passage to Subic Bay, Philippines with HM Aircraft Carrier VENERABLE, HM Cruisers EURYALUS and SWIFTSURE screened by three Fleet Destroyers




Sailed with HMS VENERABLE, HMS SWIFTSURE, HMS BLACK PRINCE, HMS EURYALUS screened by HM Destroyers KEMPENFELT, URSA, QUADRANT and WHIRLWIND as Task Group 111.2 to re-occupy Hong Kong.




Met HM Battleship ANSON and HM Aircraft Carrier VENGEANCE prior to entry into the Colony of Hong Kong after minesweeping completed.




Carried out air attacks with HMS VENERABLE on Japanese explosive boats in Lamma Bay. Entered Hong Kong on completion.

HMS INDOMITABLE was deployed with the BPF in the Far East until 12th November 1945 and returned to the United Kingdom on 12th December. The ship was reduced to Reserve in 1946.

Photograph taken on Okinawa by one of the crew of an Avenger from Indomitable while the fighting for Okinawa was still in progress - possibly June 1945

US Skymasters on Okinawa - possibly June 1945

around June/July 1945 - Newspaper clipping

Michael Stupid, Indomitable - elated!


Card, front

"signed" rear of card - "Yours with love, Navy "Indomitable", Michael Stupid

Sydney, Hong Kong and Home

Entering Captain Cook Dock, Woolloomaloo

Sydney Harbour, Garden Island Naval Base including Captain Cook Dry Dock in foreground, Indomitable  or one of her sisters in centre

Sydney Harbour from Kirribilli with Garden Island on the right

10.00 hours, Monday 22 October 1945 - homeward-bound with Sydney Bridge astern

HMS Anson in Hong Kong

Possibly Indefatigable in Hong Kong 

Aerial view of Hong Kong city and harbour, China in background

Sunset in Hong Kong

Close-up of Pagoda

The Peak, Hong Kong 

Looking inland from shoreline, the "Tiger Palace" pagoda

Hong Kong from harbour

Possibly HMS Indomitable at Cape Town, homeward-bound

Possibly HMS Indomitable at Cape Town, homeward-bound

Carrying gifts

Maurice Whiteing, June 2007
Died 7 February 2009

his wife
Kit Whiteing, also June 2007,
who served in the Women's Land Army in the war

Kit's lapel badge

and recently-received Certificate of
Appreciation from the Government

HMS Indomitable pennant

A fascinating paper knife fashioned from bits and pieces of aircraft and Kamikaze's in the carrier's workshops

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