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 Avengers over Sumatra (click to enlarge)  

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(Indian Ocean Campaign Summary)

HMS Indomitable - "Abominable"

HMS Victorious in a fast turn

1944 or 45 -
Dido-class cruiser. (Either Euryalus or Argonaut as both had 4 twin 5.25in and 3 quad 2-pounders by the end of the war, but not Phoebe or Cleopatra which had quad 40mm Bofors instead of the 2-pounders - thanks to Tim Stoneman, with more comments following)

Indomitable, looking aft from islands -
twin 4.5's firing

"the other half" - see next image

Aircraft (Hellcat) missed arrester wires, hit gun turret and broke in half, throwing the tail unit "aft". The pilot broke his wrist but was otherwise un hurt when jumped off the wing

A "pasty mess"

Indomitable, (Hellcat) Fight Squadron 1839 - Maurice Whiteing possibly below prop

early 1945

 January 1945



Joined Task Force 63.




Deployed with HMS INDEFATIGABLE and HMS VICTORIOUS, H M Cruisers SUFFOLK, CEYLON, ARGONAUT and BLACK PRINCE screened by HM Destroyers KEMPENFELT, WHELP, GRENVILLE, WAGER, URANIA, UNDAUNTED, UNDINE and URSA for air attacks on oil refineries at Pangkalang Brandan, Sumatra (Operation LENTIL).

(Note: The unsuitability of SEAFIRE aircraft for sustained carrier operations was mentioned in the report on this operation).




Sailed from Trincomalee with TF63 for offensive sweep in Indian Ocean prior to transfer of British Pacific Fleet for service in Pacific area.




With HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, HMS INDEFATIGABLE and HMS VICTORIOUS, carried out air attacks on the oil refinery at Pladjoe, Sumatra. Cover was provided by HM Battleship KING GEORGE V, HMS ARGONAUT, HMS EURYALUS and HMS BLACK PRINCE screened by Fleet Destroyers. (Operation MERIDIAN ONE)




With same aircraft carriers launched raids on Soengi Gerong oil refineries and airfields at Lembak and Tanglangbetoetoe (Operation MERIDIAN TWO).

(Note: These attacks were marred by various problems. All seven KAMIKAZE aircraft which attacked Fleet in retaliation were destroyed but 16 RN aircraft were lost in action and another 14 by deck landing accidents. 9 pilots captured after baling out were executed by the Japanese in August 1945. (Operation MERIDIAN TWO).




Arrived Fremantle with British Pacific Fleet.




Arrived at Sydney to prepare for operational service as TF113 with US Navy.



Re-designated as part of Task Force 57.




Joined Task Force 57, BPF element of US 5th Fleet, at Manus




Sailed from Ulithi to take part in combined RN/USN carrier operations in support of US landings on Okinawa until 7th April (Operation ICEBERG).

1945 - Avenger circles Indomitable - Hellcats and Avengers
ranged for take-off

Indomitable flight deck aft of island. Aircraft "ranged" ready to take off
with Firefly overhead, Operation Palembang, January 1945

A casualty from  raid on Pankalan Brandon oil refineries,
Sumatra 4 Jan 1945 - Barracuda?

Avengers over Pankalan Brandon, Sumatra,
bombs right on target

Possibly January 1945 - Hellcat fighter

Possibly January 1945  - "done it again" - more work (Hellcat -
presumably "more work" as a result of her hitting the barrier)

Possibly 1945

Oiler from BPF Fleet Train

Note: "During 1945, British and Dominion destroyers serving in the Pacific assumed temporary pendant numbers with flag D superior to bring them into near conformity with their American counterparts ...." "British and Empire Warships of the Second World War" by H T Lenton

Oiling at sea - destroyer R.4?
(Could be Undine (R42) or Tenacious (R45). The only other War Emergency destroyers whose pennant numbers began with R4 were Wrangler (R48), which had different fire control and Volage (R41) which had a quad 2-pounder and not the Hazemeyer twin Bofors shown. Of the two, I suspect she is  HMS Undine as I think I can see three funnel bands, thus 25th Destroyer Flotilla - 'U' class, rather than the two bands worn by the 24th DF - 'T' class - thanks to Tim).

Destroyer D.46
(HMS Tenacious wearing her BPF 
pennant number D46 - thanks to Tim)

Destroyer D.17
(HMAS Quadrant wearing her BPF
pennant number D17 - thanks to Tim)

Mail coming aboard from destroyer G.39 (
I believe this is HMS Obdurate. It is certainly one of the four minelaying "O" class as the
  mine-rails are visible and G39 was her pennant number - thanks to Tim).

"Day of days", destroyer steams alongside to transfer mail at sea during rest days, Formosa 1945. (She
may possibly be HMS Wager again, based on the configuration and the shape of the stain on the ship's side below the bridge (oil stain) which looks very similar to one on the photo in Part 1 - thanks to Tim).


Another mail boat - River-class frigate Parret, possibly May 1945

Parret's Hedgehog A/S mortar forward

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