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  Battle Atlas of the Falklands War 1982


Part 1 - People, Places, Events, Part 2 - Argentine & British Air, Land & Sea Forces

HMS Arrow

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Aircraft and helicopter losses in summary, Argentine
Ajax Bay, landings at,
Anaya, Adm Jorge
- Geography and history
- Diplomatic responses
- Armed forces
- Air attacks on British forces
- Air attack on neutral ship

Argue, Maj M H,
- Geography and history
- Task Force base and staging post
- Defense of
- RAF operations involving
- Ships arriving and departing
- Arrival and departure of 3 Commando Bde
- Aircraft staging flights to

Astiz, Lt-Cdr Alfredo

Bailey, Cpl I P
Bases, Argentine
Batt, Lt-Cdr G W J
Bicain, Lt-Cdr
"Black Buck", Operations, 45; No 1, No 2, No 3, No 4, No 5, No 6, No 7
Bluff Cove, (see Fitzroy)
Britain and British Government
- Diplomatic and political responses
- Military response
- Falklands defence policy

British Antarctic Survey
British Task Force
- Land, sea and air forces taking part
- Departures for South Atlantic
- Planning and command decisions
- Forces returning to UK,
- Advanced Group of ships
- Amphibious Task Group (3 Cdo Bde)
- Ascension Island, British Forces Support Unit
- "Bristol" Group of ships
- Carrier Battle Group (CVBG)
- LSL Group of ships
- South Georgia Task Group
- 5th Infantry Bde transports

Busser, Rear-Adm Carlos

Casualties, Argentine
Casualties, British
Chaundler, Lt-Col D R
Chile, British helicopter incident
Clapp, Cdre M C
Collins, Sgt M
Commanders, Argentine
Commanders, British
"Corporate", Operation
Costa Mendez, Nicanor
Crosland, Maj J H 

Darwin, SAS raid on, Battle for
Davidoff, Constantino
Delves, Maj C N G
Dytor, Lt C I

Eccles, Cpl M
EEC, response to invasion
Ellerbeck, Lt-Cdr J A
Exocet missiles, attacks on British forces

Falkland Islands (and TEZ)
- Geography and history
- Argentine invasion and occupation of
- Argentine defences on
- Argentine supply operations around
- British ships and aircraft arriving
- British air and sea attacks on,
- Special forces and deception operations around
- 3 Commando Bde's landings
- 5th Infantry Bde arrives
- Surrender of Argentine forces

Fanning Head, SBS raid on
Fieldhouse, Adm Sir John
Fitzroy, British moves to, air attack on Welsh Guards at
Fox, Lt C
Fuller, Sgt D

Gallantry awards, British
Galtieri, Gen Leopoldo
Garcia, Lt Gen Osvaldo
Glover, Flt Lt J W
Goose Green, British attacks on, approach to and Battle for
Grytviken, S Georgia, Battle for 

Haig, Alexander, shuttle mission
Hamilton, Capt G J
Helicopter crash at sea, SAS
Henderson, Sir Nicholas
Hunt, Governor Rex 

Iveson, Sqn Ldr R D

Joffre, Maj-Gen Oscar
Johnston, CSgt B
Jolly, Surgeon Cdr R T
Jones, Lt-Col H

Keeble, Maj C P B

Lami Dozo, Brig-Gen Basilio
Lawrence, Lt R A D
Lewin, Adm of the Fleet Sir Terence
Libby, PO (Sonar) G J R
Lombardo, Vice-Adm Juan
Love, Cpl Aircrewman M D 

McKay, Sgt I J
McQueen, Capt R
Maritime Exclusion Zone (MEZ)
Menendez, Maj-Gen Mario
Mills, Lt K P
Moore, Maj-Gen J J
Morgan, Sub-Lt P T
Mortimer, Flt Lt I
Mount Challenger, British occupation of
Mount Estancia, British occupation of
Mount Harriet, British approach to and Battle for
Mount Kent, British occupation of
Mount Longdon, British approach to and Battle for
Mount William, British approach to and occupation of

Newland, Cpl S C
Niblett, Capt J P
Norman, Maj M J
North, Capt I H
Nunn, Capt C J
Nunn, Lt R J

Organisation of American States (OAS), response to invasion

Parada, Maj-Gen Omar
"Paraquet", Operation (see South Georgia, British recapture of)
Parsons, Sir Anthony
Pebble Island, SAS raid on
Pedroza, Gp Capt
Peron, Evita and Juan
Peruvian peace proposals
Pike, Lt-Col H W R
Pook, Sqn Ldr J J
Port Howard, SAS action near
Port San Carlos, landings at
Prescott, SSgt J
Prisoners-of-War, Argentine, British
Pym, Francis 

Radars, Argentine
Randall, WO1 R G
Reagan, Ronald
Reconnaissance flights, Argentine, British
Red Cross Box (RCB)
Reffell, Rear-Adm D
"Rosario", Operation (see also Falkland Islands, Argentine invasion of)
Rose, Lt-Col H M

Salt, Capt J F T G
San Carlos, landings at
San Carlos Water
- Preparations for landings at
- Landings at
- Air battles around and attacks on
- Defence and supply of
- As Operating base
Sapper Hill, British occupation of
Scott, Lt-Col M I E
Sheridan, Maj J M G
Ships, Argentine, lost or damaged
Ships, British, lost or damaged
South Atlantic, Argentine military operations in, British Task Force operations in,
Southby-Tailyour, Maj S E
Southern Thule, Argentine occupation and British reoccupation
South Georgia
- Argentine invasion of
- RAF recce missions to
- British recapture of
- As Task Force base
- Arrival of 5th Infantry Bde
South Sandwich Islands
"Springtrain", Operation
Stanley (see also Falkland Islands)
- British land and sea moves towards
- Plans for taking
- Civilian casualties in
- British reoccupation of
- Land and sea minefields around
Stanley, Lt-Cdr I
Stewart, Lt D J
Submarine operations, Argentine, British
"Sutton", Operation (see San Carlos Water, landings at)
Swan, Flt Lt A J
Swan Inlet House, 2 Paras move to

Thatcher, Margaret
Thompson, Brig J H
Time differences (including "Zulu" time)
Top Malo House, patrol action at
Total Exclusion Zone (TEZ)
Trombeta, Capt C
Tug, Repair and Logistic Area (TRALA)
Tumbledown Mountain, British approach to and Battle for,
Tuxford, Sqn Ldr R
Two Sisters, British approach to and Battle for

Unexploded bombs (UXB)
United Nations, Resolution 2065 (1965), Resolution 502 (1988)
United States, response to invasion, aid to Britain,

Vaux, Lt-Col N F

Ward, Cpl C N H
Wassel, Sgt J D
West, Cdr A W J
Whitehead, Lt-Col A F
Wideawake airfield, Ascension
Wilson, Brig M J A
Wireless Ridge, British approach to and Battle for
Woods, Cdr G A C
Woodward, Rear-Adm J F



Argentine Air Force (FAA)
Grupo 1 (Transport) Hercules and Boeing 707's,
Grupo 1 (Photo-Recce) Learjets
Grupo 2 Canberras
Grupo 3 Pucaras
Grupo 4 Skyhawks A-4C's
Grupo 5 Skyhawks A-4B's
Grupo 6 Daggers
Grupo 8 Mirages

Argentina Army
12th Inf Regt
25th Inf Regt

Argentine Army Aviation Command
CAB 601 Agusta, Chinook, Iroquois and Puma helicopters

Argentine Coastguard (PNA)
Puma and Skyvan aircraft
'Islas Malvinas'
'Rio Iguaza', disabled

Argentine Marines
2nd Marine Inf Btn

Argentine Naval Aviation Command (CANA)
1 Esc Aermacchis MB-339s
2 Esc Super Etendards
3 Esc Skyhawks
4 Esc Mentors
1 Esc (Helicopters) Alouettes and Lynx
2 Esc (Helicopters) Sea Kings

Argentine Navy and Merchant Navy (see also Argentine Marines and Argentine Naval Aviation Command)
Task Forces, TF20, TF40, TF60, TF79
Task Groups, TG40.1
'Alferez Sobral', damaged
'Almirante Irizar'
'Bahia Buen Suceso', disabled
'Bahia Paraiso'
'Cabo San Antonio'
'Comodoro Py'
'Comodoro Somellara'
'General Belgrano', sunk,
'Guerrico', damaged
'Hipolito Bouchard'
'Isla de los Estados', sunk
'Narwal', sunk
'Piedra Buena'
'Rio Carcarana', disabled, destroyed
'San Luis'
'Santa Fe', disabled
'Santisima Trinidad'
'25 de Mayo'
Buzos Tactico

Army Air Corps, British No 656 Sqn Gazelles and Scouts

British Army (see also Army Air Corps)
5th Infantry Bde
1st Welsh Guards, HQ Coy, 2 Coy
2nd Scots Guards, G Coy, Left Flank Coy, Right Flank Coy
2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment (2 Para), A Coy, B Coy, C Coy, D Coy
3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment (3 Para), A Coy, B Coy, C Coy, D Coy
1st Battalion, 7th Duke of Edinburgh's Own Gurkha Rifles, C Coy, D Coy
1st Battalion, The Queen's Own Highlanders
4 Field Regt, 29 Bty
12 Air Defence Regt, T Bty
29 Cdo Regt, No 7 Bty, No 8 Bty, No 79 Bty
59 Independent Cdo Sqn
Postal and Courier Regt
22 SAS Regt, D Sqn, G Sqn
B Sqn, The Blues and Royals, No 3 Troop, No 4 Troop
Royal Army Medical Corps, 16 Field Ambulance
Royal Corps of Transport
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Royal Signals

Commando Brigade Air Squadron, British; 3 CBAS Gazelles and Scouts

Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy
No 737 Wessex
No 800 Sea Harriers
No 801 Sea Harriers
No 809 Sea Harriers
No 815 Lynx
No 820 Sea Kings
No 824 Sea Kings
No 825 Sea Kings
No 826 Sea Kings
No 829 Wasps
No 845 Wessex
No 846 Sea Kings
No 847 Wessex
No 848 Wessex 

Merchant Navy, British Ships Taken Up From Trade,
'Anco Charger'
'Atlantic Causeway'
'Atlantic Conveyor', lost
'Avelona Star'
'Balder London'
'Baltic Ferry'
'British Avon'
'British Dart'
'British Enterprise III'
'British Esk'
'British Tamar'
'British Tay'
'British Test'
'British Trent'
'British Wye'
'Contender Bezant'
'Europic Ferry'
'Fort Toronto'
'G A Walker'
'Nordic Ferry'
'Queen Elizabeth 2',
'St Edmund'
'St Helena'
'Scottish Eagle'
'Stena Inspector'
'Stena Seaspread'
'Tor Caledonia'
'Wimpey Seahorse'

Royal Air Force
RAF Regiment; HQ Unit 3 Wing, Field Flight 15 Sqn
No 1(F) Harriers
No 10 VC10's
No 18 Chinooks
Nos 24, 30, 47 and 70 Hercules
No 29(F) Phantoms
No 42(TB) Nimrods
Nos 44, 50 and 101 Vulcans
Nos 55 and 57 Victors
Nos 120, 201 and 206 Nimrods
No 202 Sea King

Royal Fleet Auxiliary
'Blue Rover'
'Fort Austin'
'Fort Grange'
'Sir Bedivere', damaged
'Sir Galahad', damaged, lost
'Sir Geraint'
'Sir Lancelot', damaged,
'Sir Percivale'
'Sir Tristram', disabled

Royal Marines (see also Commando Brigade Air Squadron)
Naval Party 8901
3 Commando Bde
Brigade Maintenance Areas
40 Commando, A Coy, B Coy, C Coy
42 Commando, J Coy, K Coy, L Coy, M Coy
45 Commando, X Coy, Y Coy, Z Coy
Cdo Logistics Regt
Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre
Special Boat Squadron (SBS), No 2 Section

Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service

Royal Navy
11th MCMS
Naval Party 1222, Ascension
Royal Navy Surgical Support Teams
'Alacrity', damaged
'Antelope', damaged and sunk
'Antrim', damaged
'Ardent', lost
'Argonaut', damaged,
'Arrow', damaged
'Broadsword', damaged, damaged
'Coventry', sunk
'Dumbarton Castle'
'Fearless', LCU F4 lost
'Glamorgan', damaged, damaged
'Glasgow', damaged
'Leeds Castle'
'Plymouth', damaged
'Sheffield', lost

Ships, Falkland Islands and neutral
'Monsunen', damaged


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