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  Battle Atlas of the Falklands War 1982 by Land, Sea and Air

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Amphibious Assault: Falklands by M. Clapp, published 1996, Pen & Sword Books / Leo Cooper Hardcover

Amphibious Assault Falklands by Michael Clapp, Ewen Southby-Taylor, published 1997, Orion Paperbacks Paperback

Amphibious Assault Falklands: The Battle of San Carlos Water by Michael Clapp, et al. Hardcover, December 1996

Argentine Forces in the Falklands (Men-At-Arms, No. 250) by Nicholas Van Der Bijl, Osprey Publishing Paperback

Authors Take Sides on the Falklands: Two Questions on the Falklands Conflict Answered by More Than a Hundred Mainly British Authors by Cecil Woolf (Editor), Jean Moorcroft Wilson (Editor). Hardcover December 1983

Battles and Honours of the Royal Navy by David Thomas

The Battle for the Falklands by Max Hastings (Introduction), Simon Jenkins (Introduction), published 1997, Pan Paperback

The Battle for the Falklands by Max Hastings, Simon Jenkins, Paperback, September 1984

Battle for the Falklands: Land Forces (Men-At-Arms, No 133) Vol. 1 by William Fowler, Osprey Publishing Paperback

Battles of the Falklands War by Gordon Smith. Hardcover, September 1994

Call for Fire: Sea Combat in the Falklands and the Gulf War  by Christopher Craig, Sir Peter de la Billiere, published 1995, John Murray Hardcover

Companion to the Royal Navy by David Thomas, 1988

Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships 1947-1982, Conway Maritime Press, 1983

Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships, 1947-1995, Brassey's, Conway Maritime, 1994

Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships, 1947-1995, Naval Institute Press, 1996

C.Q.B. by Mike Curtis, published 1998, Corgi Paperback

Diplomacy, War, and Parliamentary Democracy: Further Lessons from the Falklands, Or, Advice from Academe (Benjamin H. Brown Award) by Robert A. Burns. Paperback

Domestic Sources of Foreign Policy: West European Reactions to the Falklands Conflict by Stelios Stavridis (Editor), Christopher Hill (Editor), January 1996, Berg Publishers Hardcover

The Falklands/Malvinas Campaign by Eugene Rasor, published 1991, Greenwood Press Hardcover

The Falklands Sting: Reagan, Thatcher, and Argentina's Bomb by Richard C. Thornton, Brassey's Inc Hardcover

The Falklands War: Britain Versus the Past in the South Atlantic by Daniel K. Gibran, published 1998, McFarland & Company Hardcover

The Falklands War: Myth and Countermyth by David Monaghan, published 1997, Macmillan Press Ltd Hardcover

The Falklands War by Michael Parsons, June 2000, Sutton Publishing Paperback

Falklands War: Lessons for Strategy, Diplomacy and International Law by Alberto R. Coll, Anthony C. Arend. Hardcover, June 1985

Framing the Falklands War : Nationhood, Culture and Identity by James Aulich(Editor). Paperback, December 1991

Framing the Falklands War : Nationhood, Culture and Identity by James Aulich(Editor). Hardcover, December 1991

Goose Green by Mark Adkin, published 1995, Orion Paperbacks Paperback

Her Majesty's Interrogator: Falklands by Guy Bransby, March 1997, Combined Books Hardcover

The History of the South Atlantic Conflict by Ruben O. Moro, published 1989, Praeger Publishers Hardcover

Jane's Fighting Ships on Microfiche, 1970-1979

Jane's Fighting Ships on Microfiche, 1980-1993

Journalists at War : The Dynamics of News Reporting During the Falklands Conflict by David E. Morrison, Howard Tumber. Hardcover, August 1988

Key to an Enigma by Angel M. Oliveri Lopez, published 1995, Lynne Rienner Publishers Hardcover

Legends of the Air 5: Vulcan, Boeing B-47 and B-52 by Stewart Wilson, Airlife Publishing Paperback 1997

The Lessons of Modern War: Volume 3 - the Afghan and Falklands Conflicts by Anthony H. Cordesman, Abraham R. Wagner, published 1989, Mansell Hardcove

National Identity in Times of Crises: The Scripts of the Falklands-Malvinas War by Nora A. Femenia. Hardcover, April 1996

Nine Battles to Stanley by Nick van der Bijl, Julia Thompson, published 1999, Pen & Sword Books / Leo Cooper Hardcover

One Hundred Days : The Memoirs of the Falklands Battle Group Commander (Bluejacket Books Series) by Sandy Woodward, et al. Paperback, November 1997

One Hundred Days by Admiral Sandy Woodward, et al, published 1992, HarperCollins Paperback

One of Our Ships Has Been Hit! by Lt Alan D. Rapkins (Illustrator), published 1996, Hedgehog Books Hardcover

On the Falklands War by Tony Benn, Spokesman Books Paperback

Our Falklands War by Geoffrey Underwood, published 1983, Maritime Books Paperback

Sea Harrier Over the Falklands by Sharkey Ward, published 1993, Orion Paperbacks Paperback

Sea Power in the Falklands, Hardcover, December 1983

Sea Power in the Falklands by Charles W. Koburger. Hardcover, December 1983

Secret War for the Falklands by Nigel West, published 1997, Little, Brown & Company Hardcover

Secret War for the Falklands  by Nigel West, published 1998, Warner Paperback

Secret War for the Falklands by Nigel West, Warner Paperback

Ships of the Royal Navy by J J Colledge, paperback, Vol 1 & 2, 1998

Ships of the Royal Navy by J J Colledge , hardback edition, 1989

Signals from the Falklands : The Navy in the Falklands Conflict, an Anthology of Personal Experience by John Winton, March 1997, Combined Books Hardcover

Signals of War : The Falklands Conflict of 1982  by Lawrence Freedman, Virginia Gamba-Stonehouse, April 1991, Princeton University Press Hardcover

A Soldier's Song by Ken Lukowiak, published 1999, Phoenix Press Paperback

Take That Hill! : Royal Marines in the Falklands War by Nick Vaux. Paperback, October 1990

Two Sides of Hell by Vince Bramley, published 1994, Bloomsbury Hardcover

Two Sides of Hell by Vince Bramley, published 1995, Bloomsbury Paperback

War in the Falklands (Mayfair Games), Paperback, August 1983

When Allies Differ : Anglo-American Relations During the Suez and Falklands Crises by Louise Richardson. Hardcover, March 1996

When the Fighting Is Over  by John Lawrence, Robert Lawrence, published 1997, Bloomsbury Paperback

The Winter War: The Falklands by Patrick and Witherow, John Bishop. Paperback, March 1983





Another story: women and the Falklands War by Jean Carr
Argentine Air Forces in the Falklands Conflict (Warbirds Illustrated, No 45) by Salvador Mafe Huertas, Jesus Romero Briasco
Britain and the Falklands War (Making Contemporary Britain) by Lawrence Freedman
Falklands Aftermath : Picking Up the Pieces by Edward Fursdon
The Falklands Conflict by Christopher Dobson
The Falklands Crisis by Peter Calvert
The Falklands: Politics and War by G. M. Dillon
Falklands, the Secret Plot by Oscar R. Cardoso
The Falklands War by Denys Blakeway
The Falklands War by Paul Eddy
The Falklands War: Background, Conflict, Aftermath : An Annotated Bibliography by Andrew Orgill
The Falklands/Malvinas War: A Model for North-South Crisis Prevention by Virginia Gamba
Falklands/Malvinas: Whose Crisis? by Martin Honeywell
Fight for the Falklands by John Laffin
The Fight for the 'Malvinas' : The Argentine Forces in the Falklands War by Martin Middlebrook
Gotcha! : The Media, the Government and the Falklands Crisis by Robert Harris
The Helicopter Story of the Falklands Campaign by John Hamilton
"I counted them all out and I counted them all back": the battle for the Falklands by Brian Hanrahan
The Land That Lost Its Heroes: The Falklands the Post-War and Alfonsin by Jimmy Burns
Mates and Muchachos : Unit Cohesion in the Falklands/Malvinas War by Nora Kinzer Stewart
The Media and the Falklands Campaign by Valerie Adams
Operation Corporate: The Falklands War 1982 by Martin Middlebrook
Our Falklands War: the Men of the Task Force tell their Story by Geoffrey Underwood
Reasons in Writing: A Commando's View of the Falklands War by Ewen Southby-Tailyour
Rejoice! : Media Freedom and the Falklands by Susan Greenberg
Sea Harrier over the Falklands: A Maverick at War by Sharkey, Commander Wardb
Sea power and South Africa: lessons of the Falklands and Arab-Israeli conflicts by R. K. Campbell
Speaking Out: Untold Stories from the Falklands War by Michael Bilton, Peter Kosminsky
War in the Falklands: the Campaign in Pictures
War in the Falklands: The Full Story by Linklater
War report: the War Correspondent's view of battle from Crimea to the Falklands by Trevor Royle




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Supplement to The London Gazette, 8th October 1982 - British gallantry awards


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